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Metal of Honor
He laughed again. Aileen didn't get that angry now, maybe because she already heard it. Still, it was hurting her, but she managed to remain composed this time and merely watched him laughing. Eventually, he managed to say something. Aileen didn't paid much attention, but there was something about him lamenting that he just wanted to meet his friends. Aileen didn't care much about this anymore, he laughed at her, more than once. He might was right with the fact that Aileen attacked him, but she disagreed with it being out of nowhere.

Shouldn't have mocked me, so you had it coming...

Amy added something about peace and harmony, summing it up with doing a peace sign. Aileen shortly glanced at her, cocking her eye brows.She though that if there was one girl that was batshit, it wouldn't be herself. Travis then continued, talking about how he fighting her was unfair. Aileen rolled her eyes.

Of course... you pothead are already thinking of violence again. Of course you would do, you little misera-

...did he just called her fat? Aileen noticed that his eyes rested on her stomach, and him stating that she might weight a little more has a clear meaning. Amy added that this now warranted some violent response, and Aileen was tempted to slap him again, or at least try it, but then she got a better idea. She raised her finger in the air, focusing her gaze on Travis. Her expression showed that she was really pissed when she spoke.

"Okay, dipshit. Looks like you're too stupid to understan- Excuse me, I was saying: I see, wretched fool, that your ability to see the meaning of my word is.. er, now. Anyway, I never talked about violence. There are forms of dueling that can involve some non-harmful means, especially in the 21. century."

She took a deep breath and pointed now towards her breasts.

"Second, I indeed have some more extra weight, notably collected here. And you know what is even better? I have the ability to do something you can only dream of." Aileen poked at her breats a bit. "I can touch boobs as much as I want, when I want, where I want. See, just like this!"

An ugly laugh escaped her. She found this too amusing, no matter how inappropiate it was for her to behave like this.

Metal of Honor
Aileen expected a certain result of her physical result. Missing Travis was not the expected one. Her anger briefly transformed into surprise as her arm flailed at the air. Therefore, Aileen decided it was time to improvise. He laughed at her. For Aileen, this is a crime to be punished gravely.

She used the time she got by Travis response - there was the anger again - to think about how she should continue. Travis became snarky, sarcastically talking about how Aileen could've been hurting someone. Aileen smiled at that.

You got lucky, little scumbag.

This would've been hurtful if Travis didn't step back like a coward, or at least what looked to be cowardly. Aileen didn't care. There was just one important goal now, and that was not losing to Travis.

Then, Amy appeared. Aileen was slightly startled by her, but she didn't mind her much. She had to focus on Travis now. Actually, maybe she could use Amy somehow. The girl seemed to be amused at this. Anyway, Aileen figured something out. With a big smile on her face, and histronic gestures, she announced:

"Oh my, oh my. Here I invite you to a duel, like a gentlelady, and you reject me cowardly! It seems you know that you cannot hold up to me, in any way." She glanced towards Amy. "Wouldn't you agree? A waste that the young man here is too afraid for a fair duel."

Yes, I am a genius.

Welcome to New Staff
Congrats! I'm getting the virgins and the goats for the party~

Theo's point of the lighting may be fair, but Joachim didn't really care about it, still he listened to his explanation for courtesy's sake. Then he asked if Megan was here often. Joachim thought that it wasn't the case. If Theo and Megan were friends due to their love of books, they would know when they could meet each other in a library like this. Since Theo didn't know if Megan was coming here often, Joachim assumed that they didn't share a passion about books, and thus Megan wouldn't visit a library often.

Megan's reply didn't leave much for Joachim's assumption expect a little reminder that some people still buy the stuff they like. Either way, she was about to leave for an assignement, but before she got up and left for a computer, she gave the tarot book to Joachim, who quickly glanced over the page she opened for him.

"It appears I have found something to read... Would you like your spot back?"

The Alignment thread V5: Welcome to the Hive
...it is a curse. The curse of the German boy. You never remember him.

Metal of Honor
Travis seemed to be shocked, and Aileen liked that, clearly visible from her smile. But then Travis' face showed a smile, a grin, he began to chuckle. Aileen's face did the opposite. Her smile turned into a surprised mien, her jaw dropped slightly, her eyes focusing on the now laughing Travis. He regained some composure, before insulting Aileen again.

The grin he had on his face. It pissed Aileen off. It pissed her really off. And how he talked to her. How he rejected her command. How he called her a self-intitled bitch. Aileen's face now visibly tensed up. With each word he said, her face became grimmer and angrier. She clenched her fists. Her breath, loud and a staccato.


It was a yell, so loud, Aileen was hurt herself by it.

"Now! You shall face consequences."

Aileen ran towards the boy, her hand now open, it was very fast to move. It's destination? Travis' cheek.

Metal of Honor
Aileen liked that he was annoyed. She didn't like that he told her to go home herself. It was beyond Aileen how such a person could ever properly function. Didn't he ever heard of little neat rules like 'First comes - first serves' or 'Ladies first'? Likely not. Or else he would knew that he was terribly unpolite. Travis then mentioned that he wasn't here to smoke.

At least something...

Instead, he just wanted to meet some friends.

...even worse.

For Aileen, one trouble-maker like Travis was enough of a nuisance, but more of his kind? Unacceptable! Who knew what these people would do, probably something that completely ruins Aileen's day.

"...don't get your panties in a twist..."

Aileen folded her arms, took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Some seconds passed. She noticed that she was getting too angry, but fuck that. This guy needs some lessons in proper manners. Her arms still folded, her eyes still closed, she slowly spoke up.

"Who do you think... YOU ARE! Have you never heard of "Ladies first"? Or "First comes, first serves"? I was here before you, and if I decide you are a disturbance, you go away, you annoying brat. Especially when you don't know how to behave correctly."

Metal of Honor
Travis reaction certainly was not how you treat a lady. It angered her slightly how he yawned, how he looked at her. As if he doesn't even care who was before him. Then he just stood there, scratching his hair. Aileen was just about to say something, when Travis asked her "what's up". The way he said it irritated Aileen. He didn't seem to be bothered at all.

Aileen pulled her ear plugs out and stored them in her pockets. She thought a little about her reply, licking her lips in the process. Once she knew what she wanted to say, she scowled at Travis, waiting for a few, short moments before saying anything.

"I was just enjoying my time and frankly, I won't let you disturb me. If you want to smoke some weed, go to your home or wherever you ruin your brain."

Fucking pothead

David Zimmer
Name: David Zimmer
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Swim Team, Soccer Team, Gardening

Appearance: David's height is 5'7'' and he weighs 155 lbs. His physique can be described as naturally muscular, with a slightly being more top-heavy. He is moderately toned, and wouldn't be visible when he wears something loose. His skin is slightly tanned and his eyes are gray-blue. David's face is shaped like an oval, featuring thin lips, a big nose with narrow nostrils, small eyes and thin, strongly-arched eyebrows. It is surrounded by curly blond hair, which reaches to his neck on the sides and to his upper back on the backside.

David doesn't care a lot about his clothing, but he usually wears t-shirts and denim pants in the warmer months, with an additional pullover in the colder ones. At the day of abduction, he wore a white t-shirt, whose motif resembles the Puma logo, although the puma is substituted with a kitten, and the caption reads kitten. Additionally, he wore blue skinny denim pants, light-brown leather shoes, gray socks, and black retroshorts.

His inner left palm has a thumb-sized brown scar, which he acquired as a child.

Biography: David was born as the only child of Maria Zimmer (born Breyer), an unemployed mother who stayed at home to raise her child, and Nicolas Zimmer, the owner of a local bakery, on the 29th of April 1994 in Seattle. He was raised in the suburbs of Seattle and never moved, as the uncle of Nicolas, Pierce Zimmer, owned the house.

At the age of 2, he touched a hot cooking plate and burned his left hand, leaving a visible scar. Five years later, Pierce Zimmer, himself an avid swimmer in his youth, advised David to get more athletic by swimming regularly. David took up the advice and began to swim regularly in different locations in and around Seattle. He continued to be a passionate swimmer. His parents both approved his new found hobby and supported him with every possibility they had.

In 2000, Pierce Zimmer died, and Nicolas inherited the house. David, who has bonded with Pierce, was rather shocked by this, and his performance in elementary school dropped for a while. He eventually managed to overcome his grief, and became better in school.

On his tenth birthday, Nicolas Zimmer gave David a soccer ball, thinking it might be fascinating for the kid. When entering middle school, he joined the soccer club of his middle school since he thought that the concept is interesting. He still keeps a medium interest in soccer. David also joined the swimming club of said school.

In the next spring, Maria Zimmer began to create a garden in her yard. This caught David's interest as he was fascinated by the growth that plants are doing and he began tending the garden with her. Over the years, he learned much about this activity and became very good in nourishing a garden. Maria deeply appreciates his help.

When he began to attend Aurora High School, he joined the swimming club and the soccer club. His grades are either lower than average or higher than average. PE is his favorite subject and his enthusiasm usually earns him a A+. On the other side is English. It is his least favorite subject since he usually doesn't get any better than a D-. His father doesn't mind the English marks, but his mother regularly lectures David to learn. The continued failure hasn't resulted in any bigger consequences than that.

The most prominent traits David got from his parents are his friendliness and great optimism. Other defining character traits are his tidiness, his light ambition and his pacifistic nature. David is a very caring and protective individual, which earns him many friends across all age groups.

His circle of friends is rather big. A lot of younger children admire him for his protective attitude and some teenager in his age group are fond of his open mind. David can be rather obsessive with his behavior, insisting that people become friends with him, mostly people who are shy. He believes that he helps them to break out of a shell this way. While he has a lot of contacts, he doesn't have many people who are very close to him. This doesn't bother David too much since he believes that someday the right person will come.

Despite his socializing nature, he can be rather antagonizing towards people he deems as jerks. He never openly admits it, or disrespects these people, but he actively tries to avoid them as often as possible, as well as warning other people.

Despite the wishes of his mother, who wants David to get a job with a great income, David only wants to live a simple life. He doesn't know yet what he exactly wants, although he plays with the thought of some social job. Nicolas slightly urges David to take over his bakery someday, yet he accepts the wishes of his son.

He wants to have a girlfriend, yet his big nose makes him feel insecure in romantic matters. David usually doesn't like to talk about this topic. This resulted in some unrequited crushes in middle and high school. Often, if these crushed would demand anything from David, he would do them that favor.

Advantages: David's biggest advantage will be his athletic body. His experience with swimming might help him crossing obstacles on the island (for example, rivers) that are too difficult for other students. His friendly attitude might help him in finding allies.
Disadvantages: The biggest disadvantage will be his pacifism. It is very unlikely that David will actively pursue to hurt or kill someone.

Theo mispronounced Joachim's name two times, which made the latter roll his eyes.

"Yo-ah-keem. Sure, it's weird when you look at how it's written, but..." A shrug. "my mother insisted on that."

Joachim scratched his neck and looked at the ceiling. He heard Megan saying a flowery phrase, but he was concentrated on Theo's question. Long time ago, he'd come here monthly, but it somehow stopped. After all, he had the school library, which also was far easier to reach most of the time. Nowadays, he'd only go here when he is stressed.

"Well, I do not visit this place that often, what about you?"

Metal of Honor
Aileen opened her eyes, there had to be someone approaching the gazebo at this point. She was right, but she had needed a few seconds to figure out who it was.

Travis Fucking Webster.

There was something one could call antipathy if somebody wanted to describe Aileen's feeling towards him. Travis, a pothead, a jerkass, a trouble-maker... and his taste in girls was rather mediocre. To sum it up, Aileen felt that it was important for people like him to know their place. God knows what he would do once he reached the gazebo, probably smoking some weed and ruining Aileen's time of peace. She smiled a little, maybe she could shut him up. That'd be cool..

Aileen stood up, body fully erect. Her arm raised in front of her, with the full palm showing towards Travis direction. Her face now stern and focused.

"Hold! Hold I say!"

The boy's line of reasoning seemed logical for Joachim, although he was a bit insulted when the boy mentioned that the magician is a "default" card. It didn't show though, there was no reason to get upset. Also, associating humans with power in general wasn't something Joachim could greatly argue with. Then the boy proposed that Joachimc could tell more about himself, which might lead to a different card. Joachim pondered about if, and what, to say, but then Megan spoke up.

The boy's name was Theo. So Joachim was right, something with T, and Theo could be overzealous from time to time. Duly noted. Her explanation was far more coherent, and Joachim could actually grasp what Tarot meant this time. Megan added that Joachim could trust Theo's opinion.

Megan then introduced herself. Joachim already knew her name, but apparently she did not know his. Happens.

"Joachim Lovelace."

He offered his hand.

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Joachim Lovelace
"Rain, really heavy rain. I am not sure why, but I think it really looks beautiful when the streets fill with puddles and how it sounds when the drops clash against windows."

David Zimmer
"Shining sun, of course. I know you said we don't have to go outside, but who WANTS to stay inside when the sky is clear and bright?"

"I like it when the sky's clouded and the wind is strong. But I guess sun's also nice."

If you could wear the clothes of a gone age, which one would you choose?

Metal of Honor
It looked like rain today.

[Aileen Aurora Abdallah, continued from Free Samples with Purchase]

Sure, it's Seattle, where nearly everyday looked like rain, but at least the clouds had a nice pattern, as they quickly flew across the sky. Some people would call this calm. Aileen didn't. To be fair, she heard music, loud and guitar-heavy metal, through her ear plugs. Either way, Aileen was sitting in the Gazebo, with an absent mind, staring at the clouds.

She was able to leave class earlier than usual, by saying that she had an appointment. It was a lie, but Aileen really wanted to escape the mass of people in the school. They annoyed her today. Or maybe Aileen was just too tired to put up with them. Whatever the case was, she liked sitting there at the Gazebo.

Her eyes stopped fixating on the sky, and wandered around the place. She noticed people exiting school, so it probably was over. Aileen groaned when she realized that this would mean that some smoking idiots might come and disturb her time. She closed her eyes and told herself that she just had to shoo them off if it came down to it.

And this was exactly why speaking with people always turns out bad. Joachim only asked a question, maybe it wasn't that easy as he thought, but the spoken essay he got in response was overwhelming.

Joachim was fairly certain that he only asked about tarot cards, but instead the boy talked about that game called Persona. Which was fine at first. Maybe Joachim wouldn't understand anything if he didn't have some background knowledge. However, the more the boy talked on, the more confused Joachim got. Something about teddy bears and TV worlds and... Joachim's jaw slowly dropped, his eyes reflecting his giant confusement. He glanced at Megan, wondering if he should ask her on weither this was the boy's normal behaviour.

Finally, he got to the tarot cards. Apparently something involving future reading. He tried to keep track of the different kinds of Arcana, but he lost track just as fast as he did with the game summary. Joachim sunk his face into his palms, murmuring something incoherent in them. It was one of the moments in which Joachim really would have liked to tell the other person to shut up. Well, it's his fault, what does he have to ask in the first place?

In the end, it seems that tarot cards have some symbols attached with them. Attributes, so to say. The boy concluded that Joachim was a magician. Something about power and knowledge. Joachim cracked a slight smile. It was a little compliment for him, which person wouldn't like to be called powerful or smart? However, he still wondered why exactly he chose this Arcana, if he didn't know him that much. Maybe it was a subtle hint? Well, Joachim just claimed the boy's spot, so said one might reference the fact that Joachim seemed to be a person to use the opportunity.

"May I ask you why you think I am... about power and intelligence?"

The Alignment thread V5: Welcome to the Hive
Joachim Lovelace

I would place him in True Neutral, he isn't actively doing benevolent things nor selfish ones. Neither does he care much about rules, yet also doesn't really seek to break them.

David Zimmer

It was pretty clear that he is "good", but I wasn't exactly sure where to place him on the Chaos/Order slide. I am inclined to put him as Lawful, but for now, I feel like Neutral Good is the best choice here.

Aileen Aurora Abdallah

This one was fairly easy. Aileen may not be that malicious, but she sure is selfish. She for the most part only cares about herself (minus some exceptions), and other people are demoted to "Yes-Sayers". Plus, she doesn't give a flying coitus about any rules or stuctures. If they annoy here, she will challenge them. Clearly for me, a Chaotic Evil.

Tarot? Persona? Joachim wasn't sure what all these terms meant. Persona was some video game, that was what Joachim knew. But beyond that? Nothing. Whatever, the boy seemed rather euphoric about this conversation. Joachim felt that there will be a lot of terms he won't understand.

Social link. Tarot motif. Exactly, unknown terms for Joachim. He rolled his eyes, disappointed. There was no fun in listening to some people rambling about some obscure topic. The other boy replied to Megan's question with an explanation that motifs are more about the situation and not about the person. Major Arcana. Great, new words. Megan was apparently a hanged man or something. Someone passive, calm and all that. At this point, Joachim became curious. What... thing he would be? The both of them rambled on about magicians and hermits. Apparently tarot cards.

Unfortunately, they noticed that Joachim claimed the boy's place. He shouldn't be angry, after all: You snooze, you lose. The boy took a step forward, and Joachim reacted quickly.

"Hm.... I wonder what I would be in that... Tarot arcana... thing."

He cocked an eyebrow, hoping that this question will distract them.