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The Greatest Sideshow on Earth
Lucilly Peterson remained steadfast at the position she had chosen. The occupants of the interior, or the actions performed by those mattered little to her. Not due to the lack of any interest, but due to the mere fact that the wind howling around her ears numbed her bit by bit. That, and her vigilance in keeping her eyes focused on anything surrounding the Pub. On anything that could enter the perimeter, and pose to be either a new-found friend, or an - it was a thought Lucilly dared not to think through - an enemy.

No, no. Although the entirity of her own mind was spend on scanning what was outside, an urge rising in her guts made sure to mention. Made sure to mention that the insides of the pub were just as important as well.

Lucilly Peterson, for this one instance, chose not to act on her gut, but slipped away an inch from the door.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Whoever was outside slammed themselves once more. Once more, with feeling, against the door. It didn't budge, but the tables shifted ever so slightly. Fiyori paid the movement to heed, but then thought better of it and grew concerned. Slightly, a bit. Still, how much did it matter? Fiyori could believe in the sturdiness of the barricade, she could doubt it's stability, all the same it wasn't what was most important.

Fiyori entered the kitchen. Her eyes, her glorious clear-seeing eyes, rested on the shovel held in Georgia Lee's hands. Fiyori found it not too hard to guess what the purpose of it was. That aside, Georgia Lee was an enigma ever yet. A mystery, whose thoughts eluded Fiyori again and again. She would elude Fiyori once more, and very soon, but for the moment, Fiyori was focused on the now. She shifted her view and meant to stare into Georgia Lee's eyes.

She didn't look back. Instead, Georgia Lee burnt a hole into the ground.

For a moment, Fiyori allowed her mind to slip. She imagined something. Something terrible, horrible. Georgia Lee was alert, and thinking. But she wasn't looking at Fiyori, and she wouldn't notice. Not if Fiyori moved quickly, with decisive movement. She imagined herself leaping on the girl next to her. She imagined her teeth burrowing deep into her throat and she imagined herself ripping out her flesh. She could do it, Fiyori thought. She had eaten raw meat before. She had ripped it apart with the mere power of her mouth, so it was all a matter of mental fortitude.

Georgia Lee looked up. Met Fiyori's gaze for a moment. She let go of the thought.

No, now there was another thing. Something else going on. Georgia Lee tightened the grip on the shovel, on the bag. Then, she called out to whoever was standing out there. And in a moment of surprise, Fiyori nearly bit herself on the tongue.

There was the urge to reprimand her for what she just did. For alerting whoever was outside that there were indeed people inside. She wanted to do so, because Fiyori imagined that GLD would get upset over Fiyori doing it.

In the end she didn't say anything. She looked at the door. There was authority in her voice, as it is with Georgia Lee Day. It annoyed her, but unfortunately, even here and now Fiyori had to concede to it. There was a good chance the person outside followed Georgia Lee's orders. Or perhaps they won't. Perhaps they would call her bluff. Perhaps they would simply invade from another angle.

Then they would all die, but then Fiyori would also be vindicated. After all, that was all that mattered.

She smiled. And giggled. And gazed back to Georgia Lee.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
So here they were. All along, right below her nose. Fiyori had spotted her glasses. Her eyes locked on them quickly. Her mind, however, needed a few more seconds to process this revelation. When she crawled towards them, her first thoughts were doubts. That she was mistaken. That the thing she aimed for was something else. Something different. And the voice that told her so grew louder and louder the nearer she got. But, she knew. She knew when she reached for them, when she could feel the glasses and the frame and she could see the bright blue standing out even in the dark. She saw and noticed the tape, she yanked it off, and the glasses fell into her hand.

Even then, there was something in her, that told her that she was wrong. That this wasn't what she wanted.

Fiyori halted. A feeling not unlike bile in her mouth filled her. She swallowed, she coughed. And then, with a few more moments of hesitations passing, she put on her glasses.

It was clarity. Not one she could see with her eyes, as they were still looking at the shadow cast by the table. No, it was a clarity of the mind. Because Fiyori Senay always knew. And, if she was a fool to call it 'knowing', then she would call it the strongest hunch she ever had. Yet Fiyori grew blind, in a metaphorical sense. The feelings she felt towards Georgia Lee, those warm sentiments she had about the girl, they were still truthful. But they clouded her view, made her think Georgia Lee was worthy of her trust. Worthy of her kindness. Even, perhaps, worthy of her love.

But the truth was, and Fiyori Senay knew that once more, that only one person would leave the island alive.

And Fiyori knew, she would make sure it wasn't Georgia Lee Day who would be granted the honor.

Still, there was another problem. Fiyori heard no foot steps fading away, so the intruder, or would-be intruder, had yet to leave. Well that was just great shit now, wasn't it. The situation was dangerous, and Fiyori had to act correctly. And alas, all the words she wanted to throw at GLD, and all the feelings she yearned to unleash at her, they all had to wait.

She hurried over to where her belongings were. She briefly took in the view she had. If it were in a different situation, she was sure, she would have felt truly magical. There would be no time for that, unfortunately. That aside, Fiyori noticed that her bag had already been taken by Georgia Lee. A slight uncomfortable itch arose in her.

She moved towards the kitchen. She met Georgia Lee's eyes. Fiyori noticed herself glaring, snarling at her. But then she noticed that she couldn't see the right hand of hers. It caused her to pause for a moment. Georgia Lee was carrying something, Fiyori guessed. The shovel, she estimated, or worse, a yet-to-be-revealed weapon. Feeling kinda caught between two fronts, Fiyori reminded to cast away all the hostility for a moment, and put up the best smile she could muster. An inappropriate grimace, to be sure, but it was the best thing Fiyori could think of in that moment.

She held her breath until she met again with Georgia Lee, her eyes not leaving hers alone for a single second.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
What was Georgia Lee thinking? She had mouthed something at Fiyori, though she could not understand it at first. She got it when she pointed at the bags, asking - ordering really - Fiyori to fetch them.

Fiyori was, however, somewhat reluctant. She raised an eyebrow. Noticed it, but didn't bother to hide her bemusement and her bewilderment. No, that was just no the best idea. She could see it happening. Hear it happened, rather. She would crouch over, making the floorboards crack, hitting her head on the edges of the tables. Maybe she'd trip over the junk on the floor and fall over. Would make way too much noise. Practically a guarantee for whoever was outside that there was someone inside.

And that they saw fit to not answer, after all.

Georgia Lee wasn't deterred by Fiyori's unwillingness, because she was Georgia Lee. Fiyori had to admit, she was impressed when GLD managed to skip over to the bags, and managed to fetch all her stuff without any of it falling down. Well, she'd better not think of that too much, that would just be tempting fate.

She gestured for them to move to the kitchen - again, because she was Georgia Lee and Georgia Lee would not be halted by Fiyori's concerns, unvoiced or not.

Still, Fiyori agreed. Had to, she felt. She was unsure she would manage to move with as much grace as GLD did, but now she had to try.

She crouched. She crawled. And, much to her surprise, and if entirely in her own opinion. She managed to sneak better than Georgia Lee. More silent. Swifter, even.

That is, until she stopped. Her eyes wandered across their horizon, and stuck tightly under a table. Something that necessitated more attention. More than the intruder, more than her bags, and more than Georgia Lee.

Fiyori looked over to her. She waited. She mused. And then she went for her glasses.

The Greatest Sideshow on Earth
Lucilly had, she faintly recollected, once been determined to lead her friends to somewhere. Perhaps it would have been happiness and health, but she would not mind the prospect of shelter both warm and well-lit.

She had not, however, taken in that walking was actually difficult. Very difficult, in fact, if you did not do it in three days.

[Lucilly Peterson, continued from somewhere]

She had, as unfortunately as it was, fallen a bit behind on her companions. Not by anything that would be called a great distance. Yet some yards were there. Between her, and the others. Lucilly minded it, but she did not complain. She was, after all, to occupied to spend all her breath on walking.

It was admiration she found for all the others. For Amanda, and her resolute will shining on. For Jamie and her spirits. For Emma and how the death of her own kin haltered her in no way.

Lucilly, however, chose not to step into the pub. She heard a shriek, and she could hear what the other girls said. She, perhaps wise and perhaps cowardly, chose to spare her the image. She chose to wait, safe from the brutality within, and stood still by the frame of the door.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
And it was like that that she answered. And Fiyori could feel something. A tingling sensation in her nose. Something she knew had no physical origin. She would have said that she couldn't put her finger onto it. But then she put her finger on the tip of her nose. And the saying seemed nonsensical.

It was, essentially however, still true. She expected some sort of answer, because she had to. And she wasn't sure if she was to be happy or sad or even mad about it. A mix of all three, Fiyori guessed, scattered across the few moments she would still experience.

Fiyori was about to say something, but then a loud thud interrupted Georgia Lee. Her ally paced backwards, and Fiyori herself felt frozen for that moment. Listening, waiting for another, and louder thud. God forbid, perhaps to see who was behind the sound.

Georgia Lee moved to whisper in Fiyori's ear. She could not make out all of what she said, but she got the gist. Stay quiet, and wait. Wait till they, he or she or whatever, go away. Leave them alone. Fiyori felt that was idiotic. But then, she also felt kinda, in a very strange way, vindicated.

To simply wait, perhaps a good idea but not the best. She would need to cover. They would need to cover. Fiyori squatted down, and once closer to the ground, she gave a quick glance to GLD. If the barricade broke down, then it would be best if they didn't end up in the intruder's line of sight.

Notes from an Even Smaller Island
Lucilly had sought to find a direction. A direction for herself, found by herself. She realized that the great being who set the course of her fate - he was longing for direction just as much as she did! It was a thought of blasphemous character, but Lucilly could not help but to think it.

Jamie used a most improper word. Lucilly revolted internally. Yet when she did so, she knew that for once there was light rising in her.

[[Lucilly, continued elsewhere]]

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