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I believe people can change, but only for the worse
That was a vague answer. Not too vague for Joachim to be unable to get any information out of it, but still something that would require some extra context. What he understood was that she did not wish to die as the consequence of someone's zealous - hence, 'crusade' - own path, but before Joachim could further try and interprete her answer, she hurled the question back at him.

Déjà vu? Yes, déjà vu. Just a few hours earlier, Rosemary asked something quite similar. He answered with what Jaq would said. Now, did he believe in it? That was probably was true to some extent. Of course, there was something bigger and by now Joachim realized that lying to himself further was futile. He enjoyed the killing, the thrills of the island. Any moral concerns he had about it were shed away, or at least in the process of being completely discarded. And that was fine. That is what he realized when he contemplated his fate on the island next to Grace's dead body. Ordinary values would not cut it in an extraordinary situation.

Still, without Jaq, there was something definitely missing. One could use a metaphor here. Say, Joachim was a chimney, and Jaq was the one igniting it. The fire would burn on it's own, but would, without someone to keep it running, eventually fade away.

"You know, my old life was boring and meaningless anyway. Then this happened and suddenly something caused me to be. ...And since I'll die anyway, I guess, well...

Answer two and three."

He scratched the stubble on his neck.

Turtle Draws Things
...alright, this is quite adorable.

May I get an adorable Miss Aurora?

The Things We Lost in the Fire

Aileen enjoyed that moment. Her head leaning against his shoulder, her hands wrapping around Owen, binding him to her. He didn't smell very nice, from an objective perspective. Probably. But for Aileen, his odor was comforting, welcoming and... enchanting?

At first, when Owen asked her about Summer, Aileen was surprised. To be honest, she found it difficult to actually be angry at that woman. Yes, the memory of seeing her eating bits of Naomi was, without doubt, there. And it was, without doubt, unpleasant. However, Summer seemed so irrelevant. Her main priority was Owen. Evading, or somehow handling insane women who eat their former classmates was less important than finding the person she trusted on this vile island.

Hm... and now she found Owen, so perhaps she should think about Summer now? Get angry? Again?

"I'm okay, takes more than Summer to harm me.

...but I do miss my sun glasses."

I believe people can change, but only for the worse

Two letters, one syllable, but still, few words could hold as much might as a 'No'. What was it that gave this word power? The sudden, unexpected denying of an outsider's influence on one's own life? Or maybe the, just as sudden and unexpected, invalidation of Joachim's worldview? Or perhaps because the ability to look at a decaying world - all the misery and violence and... fatalism - and simply say 'No' is one of the ultimate expressions of free will?

Joachim looked at the small animals hanging from Zoe's belongings.

Well, maybe it should not have been that unexpected.

One way or the other, Joachim's fleeting delusion of greatness went away as fast as it came. This time, though, an emptiness replaced these feelings. Joachim realized, bit by bit, that without Jaq, he had nothing. No motivation, no company... no guilt, no euphoria, no thrills, not even anger could provide not what he yearned for, and obviously... nor could pride.

All that was left was just dull stagnation, and the question 'What now?'.

Joachim stared at his conservation partner for a few seconds, contemplating his place and her place in this, small, violent world, before an answer to 'What now?' began to form within Joachim.

"Why do you kill? ...or why would you?"

I believe people can change, but only for the worse
"Yep, that's me."

Zoe Leverett. Yeah, definitely not the slightest clue about who she was. Didn't matter. What he found to be more noteworthy was her assertion of not being a problem. This meant that she, probably, was sane enough to realize that he was far to powerful for her to handle. Joachim could not help but smile a little at the thought of being dreaded. Actually, it just dawned on him in that moment what he kind of person he must be for his classmates. Multiple killer, with a knife, and worthy of a Best Kill Award.

Not that Joachim thought good of concepts like "glory", but... he could not deny that he enjoyed his reputation. He pondered, how will Rosemary's words - he was certain she'd tell people of him - influence that reputation?

Well, as enjoyable these ponderings where, he knew he had something else to focus on.


He should ask her about Jaquilyn. Use the information to locate his companion. But... back then, when he was alone with Grace's corpse, the revealations he had there... maybe... maybe... maybe...

"Do you fear me?"

The Things We Lost in the Fire
Aileen waved after Joe for a while.

"You'll need more luck than I do."

Well, good thing she managed to finally finish that chapter of her journey. Reunited with Owen, got cookies... yeah, that seems to be a good day.

Oh right, cookies.

She stretched out the arm holding the uneaten cookie towards Owen.

"This one is for you."

A smile, as warm as it was playful, appeared on her face.

"And then, maybe, a hug?"

Persy and Naft's Excellent Critique Adventure
Dec 27 2013, 05:42 PM
Could kindly please take a look at Amanda White and then give me a detailed list on what is wrong with her and why she is a symbol for the economic impact of Japanese robot tardigrades on the Polish Sausage Market?

That's a no good buddy. The cap is full, but you can try again when it isn't.
Whoops-a-daisy, sorry for that. Didn't see Rule 4, pro'lly need glasses.

Persy and Naft's Excellent Critique Adventure
Could kindly please take a look at Amanda White and then give me a detailed list on what is wrong with her and why she is a symbol for the economic impact of Japanese robot tardigrades on the Polish Sausage Market?

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Hm... well, the only thing I would have wanted to say has been said already by Doc. Which means I'll just stay quiet here in the corner.

However, I personally find this to be a very cool climax, and I'll just go ahead and vote decoy so that Gianni's word will be the final one.


Buffy Mafia Game Thread
...oh, hey Guys! Long time no see, which is mostly because I am looking at all the stuff you write and just nod because I don't understand a single bit. But I have finally something to say now!

First things first: I am Principal Snyder, Two-Shot Town Role Cop (I find this role pretty weird..., personally), but I have used my two shots already.

The first one was on Deamon, who was quite shady back then and I thought "eh, if I have to play I at least should use my power". Well, we know how that turned out, and I guess I should have prevented it somehow, but I just could not care enough. ...my apologies for that.

The second, this night, was on Decoy! I considered Doc first, but after some reasoning I figured that targeting Decoy might net more information. Which it did, because according to what I got, Decoy is the Villian Mafia Jailkeeper.

So yeah, fuck if I know whether Doc is mafia or not, because you all have pretty nice arguments and if I could find out who is right and who not I would actually enjoy playing mafia.

The Resolution Thread 2014
Getting a resolution ready for 2015, I suppose?

Merry Christmas SOTF!
I know I said it in RT, but...


I believe people can change, but only for the worse
[Joachim Lovelace, continued from Path of Pins - That is in the Southern Town, Overpass]

Something happened after Joachim left the bridge. Something that was very good at ruining his mood. To be more specific, he found the corpse of Grace, one of the people he robbed together with Jaq on the very first day. That was not the mood-ruining thing. The fact was that it was where he was supposed to meet up with Jaq again. Supposed to meet up, because Jaq was not there. Joachim was smart enough to know what happened.

And... strangely enough, it pissed him off. Oh, so very, very much. It was not really anger at being abandoned, but actually worry. Worry about Jaq, who was defenseless, and emotionally troubled. Well, he hoped she was, because that meant that she did not really mean to abandon him. No, wait. He should not hope she was because that would mean that she'd be better at surviving out there.

...ah, for fuck's sake.

Joachim at first thought about shooting the person he saw standing in the woods, before he realized that there was a fellow student near him. She seemed a bit distressed, but was not Jaq. Joachim readied the gun, but he made sure not to aim it at the girl as he approached her.

The face did not seem really familiar, probably one of the quieter students who didn't get much attention from everybody else. He noticed that she had a machete. But as far as he could see, there was- oh, there was blood on it. And were those little animals hanging from her bag? ...oh dear. Well, this'll prove interesting, at least.

"Hey, you there. Who're you?"

Path of Pins
"...ha...haha... A clock, of course."

In hindsight, it was obviously obvious. But something Joachim overlooked in the heat of the... battle. Oh dear, Jaq is so going to chew him out for this. But a deal is a deal, and to be honest, that game was definitely enjoyable enough. Made sense, not only the body was stimulated in SotF, but also the mind. Even if in a way that the creators did not intent, probably.

"Congrats, that was a nice one. Just promise me that you won't shoot me in the back, okay?"

Joachim went back to his belongings, pulled out his ration of the food and somehow stored it with the gun and the knife on his arms. He turned around to look at Rosemary one last time. It was nice to have solved matters so... civilized. Yeah, that was what he prided himself on all the time, no? He, Joachim, more refined, more civilized than most of the world's population. And even in a death game he proved himself to be a gentleman.

A magnificent feeling. A feeling of triumph. An emotional high that Joachim wished he could never let go.


[Joachim Lovelace, continued in I believe people can change, but only for the worse]

Path of Pins
...what has a face but never cries? Difficult, but one thing could be excluded. It was definitely not the simple head that animals possess. That was the thing with riddles, the listener is tricked into hanging unto the obvious meaning of a term. Because the listener is fixated on that certain definition, they are unable to find the true solution. In this case, "face" would equal "thing on head".

What else was described as a "face"?

There was only one thing that came to Joachim's mind. A "face", as in the sociological concept of prestige or image. It was often found in east asian countries, which made Joachim doubt whether this was the true answer to the, possibly western-based, riddle.

Time to gamble.

"The face as a sociological concept? As in, losing one's face and so on?"

Path of Pins
Alright, that was a new one. Required some thinking.

For the next minute, Joachim thought about the solution, broke down the riddle into its parts, defined these parts. What does "keep" mean? What can be "given"? It had to be something abstract, possibly containing more than one word. What kind of words? Composite nouns? Adjectives? Verbs? Pronouns? What required to be given in order to keep it? Love? Trust?

... "My word?"

Joachim smiled when Rosemary confirmed him.

"When do elephants have eight legs?"

Path of Pins
A mischievous smile formed on Joachim's face. Game of riddles. He heard these were quite popular in Norse mythology, but Joachim himself knew them from Tolkien. It was, in theory, an easy concept. Player A presents a riddle, player B presents the solution. Then, player B presents the riddle and A answers. The first one to fail is the loser, as Rosemary said.

"Excellent, I'll start.

What get's wet when drying?"

Path of Pins
"I'm sure that Maximiliam will choose to fight."

Which would not be that bad. Killing one of the, if not the most profilic players on the island had a certain, charming ring. Oh, and Joachim knew for sure that he wouldn't feel bad about killing Maximiliam.

...it would also be an opportunity to use the gun for good.

However, the prospect of fighting over the right to possess the gun with an alternate method was much for interesting. And such an opportunity would likely be lost if Rosemary died in a firefight between Maximiliam and Joachim.

"And he'll definitely kill you. Also, I think that... playing with you for the gun seems more fun than just killing you for it, no?"

Path of Pins
The tension within Joachim increased when Rosemary mentioned how he did it for himself. Perhaps there was some partial truth to that. ...okay, not perhaps. He was, without doubt, enjoying some parts of the island experience. For once, there was the fact that he loved the thrill that the kills gave him. The hunt of Carmina, and the battle against Adonis. Both physically and emotionally stimulating, whether it was pain or euphoria. Sensations, who regardless of whether there are positive or negative are a sign of being... alive.

His voice hardened a bit.

"Okay, fine. But maybe I am just a tool here for somebody else. Jaquilyn Locke came up with this idea, and I just try to fit in and this extraordinary situation. And besided, I am far away from being someone like Maximiliam.

Come to think of it..." Joachim pointed at the box. "There is enough food for us all, but only one gun.

Which means that I either kill you or we use another, perhaps fairer method to sort it out. Like a game, or a coin toss."

Joachim was not even shocked by how easily he said "kill you".

Path of Pins
"Let me get this clear, first. You tried to remove the collar of a dead student, but it did not work. So you concluded that it will work on a living student?"

Joachim shaked his head as he said that. Her group must not be very smart in that case. Well, fine with him. She asked a question. Joachim closed his eyes for a brief second to think about what Jaq would answer here.

"It's not about getting home, at least not for now. It's about survival. You know the rules. One day without a kill, and we're all done for. And somebody has to ensure that one person dies each day."

He removed some of the dirt under his thumbnail with his mouth - more to help himself focus than clean himself - before he took a step towards the girl.

"...I'm pretty sure you understand me, even if you seem pretty naive."