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Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
Most of our days ended without a lynch, and we slowly reach a point that makes this unacceptable, as we have losed our most vital power roles. I am in favor of risky lynching by now.

My biggest suspects is Mimi, for following reasons. After being asked to deliver reasons for suspecting Toben, she merely tried to distract. It doesn't help that her suspicion turned out wrong. Then she voted Rocky on the basis that he stretched out her posts to justify suspicion, even if Rocky had good points. The last time someone tried to avoid answering questions, he turned out to be mafia. Also, some said that no Mafia would behave like this, and others have then wondered if this isn't a WIFOM, which makes sense to me.

Seeing this history, I conclude that Mimi is our best Target at the moment.


Night of Magic
In hindsight, Joachim would consider his action as an overreaction, but that's the problem. It'd be in hindsight. Then again, it was very unfriendly to just ignore people, so maybe Aria shares a little bit of fault. Either way, it was very exhausting for Joachim to keep Aria in his arms, physically and mentally. His fake smile turned to an even hollower grin, he realized that he was going to regret this moment.

All of a sudden, he heard Aria greeting some other people. Joachim looked through the room, confused where these people came from. Eventually, he found Rachel and Daniel coming to them, but before he could greet them, he felt Aria jolting him in the chest. Joachim glared at Aria for this, and eased his grip on him. Aria managed to free himself then.

Sweat drops formed on his forehead. The heat in the hall, the uncomfortable suit, and this little ongoing incident weren't really cooling him. Joachim nodded at Daniel and Rachel to finally greet them, then looked in Aria's and Stephanie's face respectively.

"...excuse me, but I need to get something cold first."

Joachim didn't plan on returning that soon. Going to prom really turned out to be a bad idea, after all.

[Joachim Lovelace, continued somewhere else]

Survivor: The Cursed Islands - Shak-Ti Tribe Camp
The past five days weren't something Joachim could describe as pleasant. He wasn't used to this situation, and he certainly began to feel unwavering contempt for the island, his clan mates and this godforsaken, dirty, cold, uncomfortable sand he has to sleep on.

Everything was gone. Okay, not really, but at least at the moment, he felt like a king.

He thought he would be the first one to fail the challenge, and he was one of the better ones in his tribe, maybe it was just luck, but it didn't matter. Not while the challenge was ongoing, nor after they returned to their island. It didn't even matter that absolutely seen, he was not that good. The feeling of immense satisfaction as his opponents, even his team mates, fell of the poles, was still ringing in his mind. After exiting the boat, he softly fell on the sand. And as he lied there, he enjoyed every ounce of this strange feeling.


David exited the boat in a good mood. Jaquilyn won the challenge for them, and he had to restrain himself from hugging her in euphoria. It helped that he was carrying the Hawaiian sling, mask, snorkel, and the flippers out of he boat. He ignored Joachim and went straight to their shelter, where he carefully placed the reward on the ground.

Then he turned around to the other people, his hand outstretched, attempting to high-five Jaquilyn.

"God job, girl!"

Free Samples with Purchase
Rejecting her offer to help? Aileen would have been offended by that, if not for the fact that she was still confused by... Peter and Charlotte. She watched after them as they moved to the cashier. Certainly, she had to watch out for them in the future, weird people as they are. Who treats their sibling so friendly?

Aileen's ponderings were cut short by an call. A terrible low-quality version of a JRPG song blared through the shop. The young lady fished her phone from her pocket, and quickly accepted the call. It was her brother.

"What is it?" ... "Your point is?" ... "I see."

After finishing the last sentence, she abruptly ended the call. No good-bye. no see you.

Aileen put the package she held on the nearest shelf. It turned out that there was no need to buy it, as her brother just found hair shampoo behind the wash maschine. Aileen wondered how it managed to get her as she left the shop, not paying attention to any customers remaining.

[Aileen Aurora Abdallah, continued in Metal of Honor]

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
Even in Germany, all teacher think the two weeks before x-mas break are the best time to write exams. So this partially explains why I am not so active in regards to Mafia.

Next, I seriously had no idea what to think, so I remained silent 'till I found something worthy to follow.

At the moment, I have Mimi on my radar. I don't see why she thinks that Toben is suspicious, and it doesn't help that it is only one line of accusation. This somehow irks me as scummy.

Therefore, I would like to hear from Mimi what exactly caused her to conclude that Toben is suspicious.

V5 Sneak Preview #2
Future handlers will look back on this and think of how stupid we were, that is, if Greynolds is not the guy in charge.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
As Flare and Laurels have more or less solid defences/explanations/whatevers, and we have only limited time now, I am afraid I shall


It doesn't help that his latest post is "Bandwagoning, ho!", which, in all honestly, may be a rather weak attempt to avoid being lynched.

How do you come up with your character names?
Joachim Lovelace

Well, he is partly German, and I thought a German name would be nice here. Fortunaly, I have the advantage of actually living in Germany, so I just choose my middle name. Unfortunaly, I realized too late that the "ch" in his name doesn't occur in the English language... thus the "Yo-Ah-Keem", which I believe to be sounding rather similiar.

I just though of some random name for his surname. For some reason, Lovelace popped into my mind. It appears I thought of Ada Lovelace, who is widely considered to be the first programmer ever. Random fact: It'd be her 197th birthday today.

David Zimmer

There was something special, but I have no idea what... I forget things too quickly.

Aileen Aurora Abdallah

She has Syrian and Spanish ancestors. I like alliterations. Picked some names. Finished. No regrets.

Amanda White

Amanda is a name I picked from thin air... and White refers to the fact that she is causasia-... okay, it was random too.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
Oh, so many people ninja'd me.

Dom, I reckon that Will isn't intending to be a hindrance. Discussion is important, even if we are in a dangerous situation.

Although... yeah, even I would prefer to lynch somebody as fast as possible.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
I would really like to hear something from Flare, who appears to have vanished from this game. The last thing he has done was arguing about the effect of joke voting at day 1. Which, as you may know, is quite old by now.

Also, dm and TDS voted Mara as their last action. Both did not offer much commentary to their votes. I don't know how much this means, but maybe it is a detail that might prove useful.

Free Samples with Purchase
So these guys were called Peter and Charlotte. They were sisters, and searched for a present for their mother. Not only that, but Peter also knew who Aileen was. Apparently he just had a black-out or so for a moment. Happens. Aileen suddenly felt very awkward. She maked a scene based on the false assumption that Peter was trying to steal a useful helping person, but instead they were siblings. In the unpleasant moment that followed their introduction, Aileen realized that maybe an apology was due.

Still... something felt off.

"S...sorry. I did not mean to... ehm... you know, I am kind of stressed. Am in a hurry, and back at home the devil's loose."

Rare were the times when Aileen didn't know what to say, a genuine apology was even rarer. It was true though, the Abdallah's were rather stressed at the moment. Aileen's grandparents, the parents of her father, were in Syria. Although Aileen's father insisted in organizing an temporarly shelter for them in America, they remained stubborn and wanted to stay in Syria. This was quite discomforting for Aileen and her family. Adding that to Aileen's rather angry personality... shit starts to hit the fan at the slightest disturbance.

Casting the family problems aside, Aileen's voice became more stable again. This time, however, she was also much calmer.

"So, if you want, I could help you with your mother's present."

Something was still wrong, Aileen just wasn't able to put her finger on it.

Dark Tony Hawk Is Born
Looked like a nice bunch of people were suddenly flooding in. Much to David's pleasure. He felt really good with so many people around. Mallory, the girl's soccer team captain, was not so pleased with Jamie's absence. David heard of the rather weak games they had recently thanks to her. She should be happy to have Jamie back, but alas, some people can't talk in a civil manner. Admittingly, David didn't expect anything else from her. Kat was... someone David didn't particulary like, but at that didn't matter at the moment. Maybe she was more than a popular bitch? Third addition was Alexander de... Gaulle. Some guy David wasn't familiar with. Time to change that. The last person coming to their group was Emily. He was happy to see her, and raised his invisible hat to greet her quietly, and then picked up her football.

After Jamie sorted things out with Mallory, she asked if something interesting happened. David knew for sure that whatever he knew, it wasn't interesting for the likes of Jamie and Kat, so he kept shut, and instead gave the ball he collected to Emily.

"Here you go." She probably didn't understand him anyway, with this loud music.

Emily Rose looking for friends, enemies and relationships
We talked 'bout this already. David and Emily are friends and shiz. Just dropping it here for a convinient place to have it noted.

Dark Tony Hawk Is Born
[David Zimmer, continued from Guava Jelly]

Some changes are difficult to adapt to. Sometimes it is mayor. Sometimes it is minor. This time, it definetly was minor. David once again gently touched his head. The long blonde hair, one of David's favorite physical aspects, were gone and replaced with a shorter one inch cut. What one has to do for a woman. It was overwhelming.

Anyway, given that David had nothing to do at that moment, he went to the lockers. Maybe he would find someone to talk there. Hearing a bang, David turned around the corner. Jamie Snicket stood at her locker. Seemed like she was the source. The boy was surprised to see her. Jamie was absent for... a month or so, David wasn't sure, because of something with her ribs. Good thing she was able to go to school now, even if David wasn't particulary fond of her or any of her friends.

He walked towards her, laconically raising his arm to great her.

"Hey Jamie! Long time no see. How're you doing?"