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Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
"You are right."

In hindsight, or perhaps had she been removed from the situation in any way, Fiyori would have revolted. Revolted to see how many times she had said those words. 'You are right'. She said them to Georgia Lee Day, and she said them so often. And often, she meant them. Even with the anger and the sheer hatred building up in her, Fiyori found herself agreeing with her.

And, Fiyori noticed, she wasn't even sure if she really did. Or if her voice just did what it was doing, and the rest of her followed suit.

Still, among all the emotions she felt. Among all the sensations she experienced, she could locate another feeling. No, actually it wasn't a feeling. Really, a mere motion of her body. A physical act. She could laugh, giggle, or chuckle. And she did so. After Georgia Lee's 'shovel' comment, Fiyori let out a light chuckle. She found it amusing, or perhaps she did not and just thought she did. She chuckled, though, and for some reason it made the insanity seem more normal. More acceptable, even if only for that moment.

Fiyori stopped. And when she did, she realized a little tidbit.

"So we'll stay together? Right? Yeah, you know... it's odd, but I am kinda glad about that. I've grown fond of ya."

She would have nearly said 'I wish it would have happened sooner'. But that would be a lie.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
And as such, Fiyori was defeated. It was not the string of rational points and logical explanations. It was the simple gesture - the simple touch of Georgia Lee's hand on Fiyori's arm. It was the name she chose to call her - Fi. Danny used it, probably the most out of everyone. He used it, but now Georgia Lee called her 'Fi'.

Georgia Lee stepped back, and Fiyori did not know how to react. She stood, as if frozen, eye's locked on Georgia Lee's scalp just slightly below her.

She felt an urge. An urge to reach out on her own. To grasp Georgia Lee's arm and do something. She didn't know what she thought of, but she wanted to do something to caress the young woman in front of her. Fiyori thought better, and restrained herself. She would not show any affection, not like that, towards Georgia Lee. It was neither time nor place for it, and Fiyori could hardly imagine the girl appreciating it.

An uncertain smile appeared on her lips. It was kinda scary to think about it. Georgia Lee become surprisingly friendly, all things considered. And deep down, behind all the hunches and guesses, behind the suspicion and tactics, Fiyori found herself feeling some sort of genuine joy from Georgia Lee's existence.

Indeed, very scary. Fiyori thought, that if she had to describe it, she would have described her blossoming fondness as a flaw. As the fatal flaw. It was trusting someone as caustic as Georgia Lee that would break her, and Fiyori knew. And Fiyori could do nothing. Not anymore.

"...right. Right, of course. Still, we need plans."

Plans were good. They might just as well go to hell whenever they would be needed, but nonetheless it was true: planning is important.

"What will we do when we'll have to flee? You heard them, these danger zone. If we're not careful, this might get... well, dangerous."

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
And for a moment, something snapped in Fiyori. Like a dry twig on her way to school. It was just there, and then she was just there. And then she got startled for a moment and then simply went her way.

No, that wasn't it. Something snapped in Fiyori and she could not ignore.

"Fuck my vote then, or what?" Fiyori barked at GLD. Her vote was truly fucked because what did it matter? Did her opinion matter at all anyway? It didn't, of course. Because she knew that, in the end, Fiyori did not matter. There was so much she wanted to do. So much she needed to. Danny was dead, and never coming back. Killed by fucking psycho and no matter how much Fiyori wanted to tear her to shreds she could not. She couldn't because she didn't have her glasses.

"I thought you were smarter than this." She approached her companion, but stopped a few inches before her face. Fuck, there was a tear in her face. "We can't stay put. We cannot afford to stay put."

Fiyori stared at Georgia Lee, but only for a short moment before she fixated on the barricaded door. She hurried towards it, patting the make-shift wall as she arrived.

"Just imagine, someone. Anyone!" Her heart's beat grew faster and faster. She spoke, but had trouble breathing. "Anyone barging in here with a real weapon. What the fuck are we going to do? Why, yes 'then we fight', but how?"

They were in danger of dehydrating. Fiyori was seeing little. GLD seemed to lose her spirits. They had a shovel and a set of lockpicks. Fiyori wanted to do anything to remedy this, and she could do nothing.

She remembered to breath. She was startled. She moved on.

"I... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have raised my voice."

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Georgia Lee answered, and she laughed too. Fiyori would have called it a surprise, but after the third morning it wasn't. They were done. She was done. She too, and no matter how good they were holding it together, a small sense of madness has been born in the two of them.

Fiyori continued to laugh with her, until her tongue moved a bit in the wrong way, and until she bit into it. She didn't start bleeding, but it hurt and she stopped abruptly.

Georgia Lee had said 'okay sure', and Fiyori's mind was sharp enough yet to realize the meaning behind her words. It felt like a lie. Isabel Ramirez had killed three people. From GLD's perspective, Fiyori presumed, it would be better to keep as much distance as possible from her. It was understandable, but Firyoi had a different perspective. A different perspective, even if she didn't factor her rage over Danny's murder in. Three names, she counted three names. Isabel killed three people in two days. If - when push came to shove, and they encountered Isabel, together or alone, they would simply be no escape but violent retaliation.

Well, it was purely speculative. But a speculation Fiyori considered realistic, so she did not bother to share her thoughts.

"Still," she continued anyway. "our equipment sucks. We have a shovel, a lock-picking set. Our water's running out. We need to get out and find something better."

Fiyori stared into GLD's eyes. Glared hatefully, she noticed. It came to a small shock to her when she realized. The image of Fiyori herself pinning down Isabel, putting her on the ground and the image of Fiyori using a knife to carve out muscle after muscle, bone after bone, from Isabel's face slowly crept up and stared to dominate Fiyori's vision. She made a conscious effort to smile warmly again.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Fiyori Senay had, in the end, just been an observer. It was raining outside, and she would just stand at her window, and watch.

The truth be told, the rain had long intensified. It had become a torrent in the last few months. In the last few months leading up to graduation, and – she hoped back then – the end of her own life. The rain became stronger and stronger, but the window kept stable. Even when she woke up to Georgia Lee above her on Survival of the Fittest, the gales of wind were not enough to break the window. It started to shake and quiver, but she was still safe. She was still watching, unaffected by the outside.

Now it was broken, and it's shards burrowed deep into Fiyori.

Fiyori opened her eyes. She felt her own breath again. It was slow, but deep, and accompanied by the fast beat of her heart. Her hands rested on the floor, her hair dangling somewhere near. Fiyori halted for a few moments more, but then slowly dared to rise.

She could see the sky. She could see the window blockaded by the furniture. It was all so blurry, but not due to any tears, but her inherent lack of clear vision. She took her hands and put them against her temples, and then pressed. Pressed harder and harder, as if trying to crush her own skull.

Danny was dead. Abby was dead. They all were dying. She pressed harder, harder, harder still and when the bone in her head would not yield she grabbed onto her hair and pulled on it.

And suddenly, she let go.

"Georgia Lee. I have a favor to ask of you."

Whether Georgia Lee planned to win the game, or whether she planned to escape nonetheless. It was still a mystery. Fiyori did not know, how GLD truly imagined the future to be.

"If you happen to get the chance, please kill Isabel Ramirez."

She began laughing. Softly. She turned around, and tried to gauge Georgia Lee's reaction. Yet she laughed, louder now. Less tenderly.

"And in case that sounds unreasonable, don't worry – I'll try too."

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Then they will have to fight.

Fiyori mouthed these words after Georgia Lee. To hear them out loud from her felt, in some weird and strange way, wrong. It had been an answer Fiyori guessed, or with hindsight could have guessed already. There were few options. Fewer still which were sensible. Flee or fight, that was it. Fleeing, however, simply meant to retreat to another place. Leaving their relative safe position. It would be a foolish action. They would be hunted down by yet another killer, Fiyori realized, but then possibly in a location more disadvantageous to them.

She found them disconcerting, Georgia Lee's words. It wasn't that the girl said it. It was the fact that Fiyori thought sincerely and carefully about the 'how' already. It was her 'fate' to die, and there she was thinking about not dying. It was indeed very bothersome.


The continued day proved to be fruitless, bar the usual incidents clouding their minds. Voices echoing somewhere in the distance, steps coming closer and leaving again. The island and it's people were so very near, so very clear, and yet the physical space of the cafeteria created a barrier, a bubble in which they rested. Only the cold was there, and the hell that was other people. Still, the barrier that was their location had received holes in it. Small cracks and rips slowly growing to tear the whole thing apart. It was not a matter of physical damage, but the emotional toll the reality of the announcements caused.

People were. People met. People killed. People died.

Fiyori knew it was mere luck – a coincidence of questionable fortunate character – that allowed the two girls to remain unseen and hidden from the violence. It didn't make her sleep very well. Or, perhaps to be more truthful, guard very well. She was thinking and thinking. Thinking about fighting, and dying as she always did, and injuring or killing another person.

If, she thought in the darkness of the room, someone came through the door to kill them, how could Fiyori ever possibly to stop them?

She could not.

She could not, and the fact ruined her sleep completely.


Another morning came. Another announcement. The second, in fact, and she dreaded it's arrival hours before it came.

The names. Of course, all those names. They all meant something to her. They meant she lost an acquaintance, either a friendly or unfriendly one, to either death or insanity. A name that had stuck out to her in particular was Bradley's. He died by the hands of Kimiko Kao.

She giggled. Improper, yeah. But she could imagine it. Kimiko appearing in front of Bradley and him making some dumb as shit comments until she snapped. It wasn't as if she was delighted at these news. Hearing of his death, however, felt as if she finally witness a foregone conclusion. And, Fiyori guessed, some girl would have speared him outside of Survival of the Fittest anyway. Sooner or later.

The little warmth she gained did not last long, however.

"Familiar face number three - Isabel Ramirez is beginning to be right at home in my little announcements, isn't she? This time, Danny Brooks managed to get onto her bad side. She introduced her weapon to Mr Brooks' bad side. She stabbed him, is what I'm saying. A lot. "

Everything stopped.

All of it, all that was her was drained of life in one very short moment. And, for that one very short moment, her heart stopped beating. The light of her eye vanished, fading to – not black but a form of sheer nothing. She could not hear. She could not feel. Everything that was Fiyori Senay's body seemed to detach from her, and isolated without senses Fiyori was held to feel nothing but despair.

Fiyori Senay knelt over, and fell to the floor. By that point, she did not notice. From a certain perspective, Fiyori Senay was dying. And if she knew that she was not, she would have cursed heaven to make her so.

Notes from an Even Smaller Island
Lucilly and Amanda and Emma and Jamie looked for the one who had lost already, but they lost any trail - had they picked one up in the first place - and in the stead of a wounded man they found nothing. They saw nothing. They saw nothing. They felt nothing permeating through the very space they occupied. They felt it echoing across time. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Just nothing.

As there was nothing but nothing, Lucilly found herself sleep. Another form of nothingness, perhaps. Advanced nothing. She slept uneasy. She slept all too far from what one would call 'well'. Oh, what was it, she wondered again and again, as Lucilly woke from slumber again and again. There was no, but there should be a 'be'. The nothing that she experienced was a wound, bearing witness to something being there, and yet something she was unable to find.

She called out to the 'nothing', she called out the 'be' from it. When silence replied, she realized.


Lucilly had been drained. She had been drained of the contents of her body. She had been drained of her tears. As she heard the names on the announcements, she was simply unable to shed any tears, as there was nothing she could still shed. Lucilly - oh poor Lucilly - truly drained from all that was life and that once filled. Her words, her feelings, her resolution. Even the very essence of her own time had been inevitably cast away as her terrible reality ate it all the same.

She was surprised when she woke to another announcement. Except she was not.

Words filled the room. They hung somewhere in the middle of the air. She would have understood them, at another time. Nonetheless she noticed them. She rose up from her stupor and realized from whence these words came from. Amanda talked. She talked, and talked more and looked at Lucilly and she looked at Emma and Jamie too. The exact nature, the exact meaning of her sayings was completely lost to Lucilly's ears, but the heard of them was not. She understood. She understood the sentiment, and for a moment she felt rejuvenated.

Grown, new, and excited perhaps. Enough to wake up, enough to stand up. Enough to walk, shuffle, across the room to meet next to Amanda. She would have said anything, though her own tongue was lost just as well. She hoped, the gesture would be clear to understand.