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S'il vous plait, madame


Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread

Yes, generally.

Additionally, I understand your feelings on me, but I have an explanation that I hope will dispel these suspicions.

The problem is, I am not a very good mafia player. Yes, I have indeed played a lot of games with this board, but more often than not have I stopped posting after a while due to the game becoming too complicated for me to follow. This time, however, I want to try to prevent me burning out on the game by doing things slowly, carefully considerating single people instead of multiple lines of intrigue interweaving with each other.

Alas, as I have now noticed, this means I actually have formulated very little thought on most other people. Sure, I think Espi is scummy, but I did not know how to feel about anyone else yet, and thus felt very uncomfortable to cast a vote on someone if I had no reference material, so to say.

I'll try to work on this problem. Later this evening, since I just came from school.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread
I am not Naft, although I do have developed some thoughts in response to your reply, which have somewhat consolidated my suspicions about your association with scum factions. Allow me to explain my point of view.

It wasn't an attempt to appear to contribute, at the time I wanted to bring attention to something I thought seemed suspicious, since that's usually the goal this early in the game. ]

Please note the bolded part. I do not believe it. Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with the act of bringing attention to a fact itself. However, you must see that we are on day one, and yugi's claim was somewhat the first "real" trace appearing in the game. It is strange - perhaps even laughable - to think that such a claim would go unnoticed or be immediately accepted. As I mentioned, you should know better. You should know that we would pick up such a clue (joke or not) and discuss it. To say that you merely "wanted to bring attention to something" hence appears to be a flimsy excuse to me.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread

I wasn't sure what to make of it. It caught me by surprise and I wanted to hear other people's thoughts before jumping to conclusions, since there are so many reasons it could be true or false.

If you wish to listen to other thoughts first, then why do you post at all in the first place? Frankly, this is almost an perfect example for "Appearing to be contributing without actually doing it", which is very scummy behavior. (What baffles me is that you should know this, as this is not your first game)

Hence, I wish for you to explain why exactly you thought it would be a great idea to write the post which reeks of classical scum behavior.

Order Of The Stick Mafia Game Thread

I have been recently informed that lynching is not an acceptable form of welcome.

Bummer, I know

TurtleTyrant's Death Critiques
Aileen Abdallah, por favor

Order Of The Stick Mafia Sign-Ups
I shall participate

V6 Concept Flash Prompts
Fiyori Senay - Young woman at the age of 18 (?), child of two very well-educated Ethiopian immigrants and sister of an aspiring model. Some people leave their emo phase beyond when they grow up, Fiyori evolved into a nihilist, apathetic to matters such as ambition or life goals. Little appears to interest her, much to the anger of her parents who just cannot grasp how to reach out to her and give her a bit of a motivation boost. Unbeknownst to her, she suffers from Stargardt disease, which has already started to diminish her visual acuity of the center to 20/70. If SotF were not to exist, her central visual acuity would drop down to 20/200 in her early twenties.

Bring it.

V3 Read-A-Thon
Please put my character back on the list. I don't think I will be able to read him in the following week.

My apologies