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Big Stick Ideology
She turned to Owen - Aileen could have sworn he blushed earlier when he saw her - who wanted the gun purely for self-defense. That was, of course, a completely acceptable condition. Though, Aileen hoped that she would soon be able to defend herself. It'd be awful to win only to participate next year again because Aileen killed nobody. Then Naomi responded nad Aileen's head jerked back to her. Aileen did not realize the potential to get a gun with the help of the BKA. Of course, seeking to kill someone could hinder escape chances a tiny bit.

"Owen, I can assure you. I would kill nobody but in self-defense."

Naomi then started a little rant. She wondered why nobody has found them yet, especially because the island was quite unique in its features. Naomi and Aileen realized what that meant, but Naomi called it first. Aileen could only agree.

"To put such a revealation of despair into a different kind of words:

We're kinda fucked."

It was what she suspected. The terrorists played it smart. Nobody at home knew that their children were on Survival of the Fittest. Maybe they thought that the plane crashed or maybe they even believed that everyone was in Dis- no, nobody would be that stupid. Still, there was no one who knew of Aileen's and the other students' fate. And Aileen knew that the students needed outside help to escape, since there was only so much they could do.

Which meant that there was only one way out.

Aileen's eyes shifted towards Owen and she realized the full implications. Aileen's eyes returned to Naomi.

"Alright, what shall we do now, Miss Planning?"

The Fox, the Wolf, and the Lamb
Joachim was not certain whether he was completely correct, but Jaq did not seem to like being near Adonis' corpse. Actually, as he was looking at the pile of towels that formed due to Jaq, he realized that his observation was quite true. Jaq was... being mad, in some way. He watched her for a bit, putting his bag on, before he took some steps towards her.

"Why are you so... erratic?"

Joachim was not sure why she would be. She ordered the kills, didn't she? She should be completely content with putting some simple towels over the corpse she indirectly caused.

His eyes widened when another interpretation appeared in his head. Could it be that she truly felt just as much insecurities as he did? Did she really feel regret. Or guilt? Joachim dislikes, possibly feared this possibility. He needed her to be strong, to be stable, to be determined. Of course he knew that Jaq was troubled by the whole situation, but now... he felt worse about it, began shaking.

"Are you feeling bad about Adonis?"

The Fox, the Wolf, and the Lamb
Jaq agreed. Infection still was a concern. Additionally, she suggested going back to the living site, citing the clothes they had there. Come to think of it, they should have brought them to the clubhouse, but at least Joachim found it to be too bothersome to wear two bags, so the less important one had to be discarded.

Still, he knew that this was not the complete reason for her decision to move from the mansion. She likely connected a lot of bad memories with this place already. Pretending to be Carmina's friend, just to murder her. Killing Adonis, though at least they were honest about their intentions this time. Joachim could understand his ally.

"Right, so let's finish our business here and get back to the living site. Then you may get some hot shirtless Joachim action."

Goddamnit, I should restrain myself....

Then he moved on to get Adonis' dagger. It might be useful, and he did not need it, Joachim figured. Looting the corpse also had an awful lack of shivers traveling through his body. Joachim knew what this meant, and he was not very fond of that thought. Afterwards he slid to his bag to put the dagger in and went with his bag to the coach to pick up the ballistic knife.

"Could you please fetch a towel? Or blanket? Or, you know what I mean."

The Fox, the Wolf, and the Lamb
The mildest display of worry formed itself on Joachim's face as Jaq showed him the results from the thrown chair. He could not have her die so easily. Alas, Jaq's reassurements did not help much. It was always these little things that killed people. Like an infection, or a ruptured artery anywhere. And that would be too pathetic, too useless. It would make the killings of Adonis and Carmina so meaningless.

Jaq ripped him out of these thoughts by asking what exactly they should do with the body. Alright, back to business.

Joachim moved over to Adonis and tried to pull the blade out with his fingertips. It slipped the first time, the second time it was stuck a bit, but with the third try he managed to remove the bloody blade.

"We will place him somewhere outside of the mansion. Maybe place a blanket on him if we find a suitable one."

He then reattached the blade to the knife and threw it on the couch.

"By the way, do you think I should disinfect my wound?"

The Fox, the Wolf, and the Lamb
It slightly irritated Joachim that Jaq called him dorky. It seemed to be very unfitting for a killer. These people were not supposed to be... dorky, or awkward. At least serious was a good start. But then he raised his eyebrow in confusion when Jaq started laughing all of a sudden. Why... why was she laughing? They- He just killed a person, whose corpse is still freshly placed beneath his feet.

"Jaq, this is no time to..." As it turned out, keeping a serious face was not as easy as Joachim thought it would be. Jaq's laughing was, in some weird way, contagious, and a smile flashed over Joachim's face before he could recontinue his neutral mimics.

For exactly three seconds.

Joachim started laughing too, and oh good god. He was not supposed to do that. Yeah, it was a relieving situation, washing off the metaphorical (really?) burden from his mind. But he was not allowed to loose his composure. Adonis' body was still there, and needed to be placed somewhere else. Partly due to convenience reasons, partly because that was their due to the dead. With a sharp inhale, he ceased laughing.

"Very well. First, I am not dorky." Damnit, another smile. "And we need to get Adonis out."

The Things We Lost in the Fire
[Aileen Aurora Abdallah, continued from Eh, anything's fine]

Okay, fine. She admitted it. If there was one thing Aileen was not built for, it would be sprinting. Running over long distances? Cool, she had the stamina for that. Had been doing that as a hobby when things were normal. But fucking James reminded her that this was not normal anymore and how she had to deal with hard forest floors and hard apartement floors and cannibalistic Summer and crazy students and being out of breath and aches everywhere and being like she had not seen a shower for a few days BECAUSE SHE REALLY HAD NOT SEEN A FUCKING SHOWER FOR A TIME THAT SEEMED LIKE ETERNITY.

In moments like these, Aileen wished for the ability to breath fire.

Still, the good news were that both Aileen and Joe managed to escape the less than graceful death by collarsplosion. The bad news, no, worse news were that she had no idea where she was going. Consulting the map was not exactly Aileen's highest priority. Besides, it would not help her anyway, because every direction was 'Trees', 'More Trees' and 'Oh, look! Another Tree!'.

...well, and some green field somewhere in the not-so-distant area. Would probably be the best idea to go there. If it were not for the fact that she could hear some metallic noises from that direction. She might order Joe to form a protective shield in front of her. Just in case.

However, when she saw the head, buried in it's owner's hands, a change of plans was made.

A big, fat smile appeared on Aileen's face as she run towards the figure, certain in knowing who it was. For these seconds, all the unpleasant events, all the smell, the pain, the aches the exhaustion... everything was simply gone.

"O...Owen! Holy shit, I found you!"

The Fox, the Wolf, and the Lamb
Family? Joachim had to smile sincerly, but briefly, despite their rather miserable circumstances. He never really considered family to be an important part of his life. Sure, he liked his sister. But on the island, he realized that in the end, they were very low priority. Still, Jaq's comment warmed his heart a bit. It was great to know that there was this one person who in some way counted on him, needed him. Even if it was just for being a killer.

Jaq compared him to her brother, Don. He could not deny the wish to know more about him now. However, he had a hard time picturing why this would flatter Don. For that moment, Joachim could not think of a single positive trait within him.

"Why do I remind you of him?"

The Fox, the Wolf, and the Lamb
Joachim lifted his head and stared at Jaq as she asked him what would await them at home. He found the question interesting, but he also had a hard time to concentrate enough to form a coherent answer. His right hand went to his chest and picked up some of his blood. Then he held it in front of his face. Seeing a little drop of blood slowly descending from his middle finger to his palm was oddly calming. After a moment of silence, he tried to answer.


There was no we. There nevery would be. Espace was impossible. One of them dies, the other lives. But... maybe, it was okay to delude himself for a brief moment.

"I doubt that they'll have parades for killers such as us."

Joachim let out a soft, nervous chuckle. It was not really sincere. But it stopped abruptly when Joachim realized something. His gaze went back to Jaq.

"Or rather... a killer like me."

The Fox, the Wolf, and the Lamb
Joachim head remained on the same level after his blade penetrated Adonis. He did not dare to look down. He did not wish to look into the eyes of a dying human again. Or more specific, he did not want to look at the person he has killed. Instead, Joachim closed his eyes and slowly breathed in and out.


A few seconds passed, or were they minutes, hours? The only thing Joachim noticed was a growing and incredibly searing pain on his chest. Adonis' strike. The cut was not really deep, but it reached from short below his neck to two and a half inch above his navel. And goodness, the pain was something that Joachim never felt before. He had to restrain himself not to cuss out Jaq for just being near her while he was in pain.

She was talking.


Combatant? That was one way of seeing it.

Joachim opened his eyes and forcefully looked at the boy he just has slain. He won't run away in terror this time. Carmina did not deserve that, and neither would Adonis. The thought of being killed by a kid who cannot look at the corpses of his victims was unbearable. Fuck, he decided to be a killer, so he should behave like a proper one. That was what he decided, no?

Oddly enough, Adonis' body did not disturb him as greatly as the dying Carmina. Was it because he got used to being a savage killer? No no no no no no... This could not be the reason. This must not be the reason. It was because he killed a willing fighter, not a innocent girl, right? Yes, that was the reason. It had to be.

"...Jaq. I..." was not exactly sure what to say. "What now?"

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
I feel that speculating which character the lover is would be useless, firstly due to this:

Opening Post
Flavor is entirely for entertainment purposes. The only character names that are guaranteed to correspond to night actions are those of the player(s) killed. I WILL NOT be providing information on the source(s) of kill(s) in my write-ups.

And secondly because we will know who it is sooner or later. If we want information from the lover him/herself, they'd have to offer it themself or all we do is speculate, wasting valuable time.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Um... hi guys! Seems as if I was a bit too inactive last day for which I apology. A bit too confused at what exactly happened on day two, welp, so much for my mafia skills.

Anyway, my first thought here is that it might be possible for two mafia factions to exist, or at least that is how I interpret the descriptor "Vampire". Not sure exactly what this would imply, aside from the fact that fighting (and initiating fights) against mafia will not clear anyone's name.

Then I was surprised that DmBoogie was not a scum member. Go figure...

Not sure exactly why Sick bit the dust. He shared a list of reads, in which Deamon is considered a conflicted null, and DM is consdered scum. Additionally, he explained that he felt a bit odd about Naft in this post. I do not see strong accusations, or very scummy play here, so I am not certain about the motivations behind his death.

My thoughts regarding Persona are that he has 68 posts and I cannot be arsed to comb through them right now.

Eh, anything's fine
Aileen's first thought as she opened her eyes were about how good the sleep was. Especially in comparsion to the sleep she got in the forest last night. Then she realized that Joe fell asleep without waking her up. Not that she was particularly angry at him - nothing happened, after all - but Aileen would have so haunted the shit out of the island if some random wanna-be killer murdered her while she was sleeping. Or some real killer.

Regardless, Aileen slowly lifted herself, stretching and yawning, and enjoyed the light of the morning sun before deciding to wake Joe up. Aileen style, of course. Due to momentary respect for his physical health, she decided not to enact her first plan. That is, jump on him. Instead she slowly walked over to him, careful not to make a single noise, and then lowered her head until she was very close to Joe's ear.

"Greetings, my noble knight. Hath thy sleep been well? Thou mu-" All of a sudden, announcements. Aileen removed herself from Joe's ear. So the guy's name was called 'James', huh? The one who interrupted her quite epic speech to Joe. Although, why was he talking instead of Dan... uh oh.


Aileen let out a shrill, but short-lived scream. She was not sure afterwards whether to be relieved because it was a joke or angry because it was a joke. Certainly, this completely ruined her good mood. Not even the announcement of Lauren's death cheered her up, and most of the announcement was ignored in favor of a homicidal fantasy involving technicans.

She did notice that the place she was in was pronounced a danger zone. Aileen bolted towards her bag and hastily left the building.

"Joe, get your ass in gear and follow me."

First, she has to get out of the danger zone, then she could think about stuff like plans or strategy.

[Aileen Aurora Abdallah, continued in The Things We Lost In The Fire]

Big Stick Ideology
It always felt nice to get a compliment. At least that is how Aileen interpreted Owen's question on how she managed to be so calm. Indeed, she liked the idea of herself being like an unmoving stone in a bitter storm. It also had a hint of irony. Aileen being the calm one? That'll show everyone.

She did not get why it was so special though. Or to put it into other words, why being calm was extraordinary. They were alive, healthy, and had a good shelter at the moment. A shelter that was not a Dangerzone. Things were looking good, and Aileen was certain that it could only get better. All they needed were good weapons and other equipment. Then she'd be happy, then she'd be in charge. She could shoot Naomi, for example, if she decided to backstab Aileen and Owen.

"Thank you for the compliment, I suppose. I see no reason not to be calm, though."

Aileen moved over to her bag to get food and water. And her sun glasses, which she put them in there the day before. Naomi wanted to formulate a solid plan. That was a good idea.

"What we need..." Goodness, these bars tasted horribly. "...is a gun. No, we need a lot of guns." K.K. really got lucky. "Our minds won't be useful if they are full of lead." She poked at her head.

The question was, how would they get a gun? Surely someone was assigned a gun who was not ready to harm their classmates. Aileen could help them to relieve them of their burden. Or maybe some of the corpses still has useful weapons with them. That would be good.

One thing was for sure, Aileen decided. If they got a gun, she would get it.

The Fox, the Wolf, and the Lamb

He triggered the switch.

Hey, I got one for Main and one for Mini.

Sounds like a great deal for me.


The Fox, the Wolf, and the Lamb
As the two boys began to attack, Joachim's world seemed to flash like a lightning. All of a sudden, everything becamse blurry, everything came out of focus. Everything but Adonis.

A hot rush surged through Joachim as he aimed at Adonis' shoulder, followed by a cold shiver as Joachim realized he missed.

Then, briefly, he felt an explosion of pain across his chest. He saw the dagger coming, he managed to take a slight step backwards. It still hit him.

Yet that pain did not halt Joachim. No, it only intensified the heat of the battle.

Joachim regained proper posture and attempted to stab Adonis' from the left, into his chest.

This cute little thing can use a CRIMMUS hat:


Will size down myself if necessary.

Big Stick Ideology
Sven Olson. That name did ring some bells. Aileen knew who he was, vaguely, but she was not really close to him. Which is why she did not feel particulary sad about his demise. It was a bit eerie, though. That wound clearly indicated that he died a violent death. Unless he suddenly had a heart attack and somebody else just bashed his skull in for the amusement value. Aileen doubted that happened, though. Eitherway, there was at least on killer out there. At least one person who could stop Aileen from surviving. That meant that Aileen had to get better equipment soon.

Aileen looked at Sven's corpse for a while before taking her belongings and going inside.


Aileen spend her watch looking at her sleeping allies and their room at first. But that made her sleepy, so she decided to take a short walk. She walked around in the building with a slow pace, listening to the slight echo her boots made upon contact with the ground. She wondered what she could do if someone, like Sven's killer, just jumped out of a dark corner. If Aileen was lucky, the person would have a melee weapon. She was certain that she could deal with someone like that. But if that person had a gun, well, then Aileen would be powerless.

She hated not being in control.

Which is why she decided to get a gun as soon as possible next day. If she had a gun, then she would be a threat. Then she could grab what she wanted. Then she could command people, and if they did not comply, she would just shoot them. Not to kill, of course. Killing meant gaining attention and as much Aileen loved attention, being the goal of some revenge quest was not the kind of attention she would like to have. Still, if somebody attacked them, she could later claim that it was self-defense. An option she wanted to keep in mind.


The library of Aurora High seemed larger than Aileen remembered. It was also much emptier than she remembered. And apparently, the lights did not work either. Aileen walked to one of the shelves. She was not sure what she wanted to do, but she reached out for a book. When she touched the book, it suddenly bursted into flames. Aileen jolted back, but the flames jumped to the next book. And the next book, and the next book, untill the entire room was burning brightly. Aileen was fleeing the room, and as she dashed through the door, she found herself in the hospital. The place where she woke up. Aileen was confused for a moment, but then she noticed that this room was burning too, and the fire spread very quickly.


The first thing Aileen did when she woke up was checking her hands for burn marks, but she soon realized that she merely dreamed. She found Naomi sitting in the corner of the room. However, a loud voice filled the room before she could greet her. The announcements, most likely. Done by that surprisingly young Danya.

The first to die was David Russel. Who commited suicide, apparently. Likely sad in most circumstances, but for Aileen it meant one competitor less.

Theodore killed Gabriella, that very tall girl. Aileen was a bit surprised about Theodore. It seemed as if he murdered Gabriella even though she pleaded for mercy. He also had a gun. A person to avoid, for now.

Next killer was Hansel. Which did not surprise Aileen. Daniel Whitten was his victim and Aileen was a bit upset about this one, either because Hansel was the killer, or because she thought that Daniel was a cool guy. Mostly the former.

Theodore, now on Aileen's mental 'Danger List', killed Dan Liu. Which was unfortunate for Dan, she guessed.

Another surprisement, Joe Carrasco killed Jason Meyers. Aileen liked Joe, but as it seemed, he was betraying his friend. She looked over at Naomi and raised an eyebrow. Hm... she seemed rather erratic.

K.K. killed Kelly. Apparently with a scythe, and David Zimmer fell of a balcony. So many guys with D who died. Amusing, maybe, if it were not for circumstances.

Oh, Iselle Ovalle-Vanderthingydingy was the one who killed Sven. That was good to know, she guessed. K.K. got some prize for her kill - Aileen envied her a tiny bit - and some areas were declared Dangerzones. She was not in one of them.

"A good morning to you both. I hope you slept well."

Big Stick Ideology
[Aileen Aurora Abdallah, continued from First Page - Planning]

Naomi seemed exhausted. That after such a short distance. Then again, relieving to know that Aileen had more stamina than Naomi. She was getting tired too, though. Not exhausted, mind you. It was because it was getting dark, which meant that it was dawn, which meant that soon it will be night, which meant that it was time to sleep. Good thing that Naomi lead them to the apartment complexes.

Aileen thought about who should stay awake to guard them. It seemed like a good idea to let Aileen stay awake first, then somewhen around midnight she would wake Owen and then a few hours he could wake Naomi. Although, she did not trust Naomi completely. Maybe it'd be a better idea to only split the duty between Aileen and Owen. Yes, that is what she would do.

It was only due to Naomi's unfinished sentence that there was something nearby. It was a body, which was likely not sleeping here. She stepped closer to the body and tried to identify it. Sadly, she was not able to do that. Partly because the corpse had a nasty head wound, and partly because it was dark.

She poked it slightly with her boot.

If she had gasoline and a match, she would have burned it. Just in case. People can survive nasty things, and people also can be very angry when injured. Or she could just check whether it was still breathing. She did the 'head tilt - chin lift' manoeuvre and checked whether there was breath. There was none, good.

"I think we can safely assume this to be dead."

She returned to her allies and put her bag down next to her.

"One of us should stay awake to guard the others. I gladly offer myself to be the first one. I shall wake one of you up in a few hours to change positions, accord?"

The Fox, the Wolf, and the Lamb
He could not prevent a sinister smile on his face. Adonis did put up a fight. Good. Not running away scared like Carmina, but solving the problem directly. Joachim raised his knife and readied himself for physical confrontation. He knew nothing about how these kind of fights work, but he could hardly care for that at the moment. Adonis likely knew just as few, so they weere equals. Seemed like the honor thing will turn out well.

"Adonis, I'll be your opponent." He looked over to his ally. "Jaq, don't interfere." Back to his foe.

He took a step forward. He noticed his increased heartbeat, the sweat, the tension. And he did enjoy these sensations, in his own, twisted way.