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Guava Jelly
Some say, a good day feels like just a few minutes passed. However, David felt as if this day was months long. Either way, this day was a wondeful. He gained a prom date. Had fun. And although Aria seemed to be intimidated by him, David hoped that they will become friends in future.

Only one sad thought. His hair, it was time to say farewell to it...

[David Zimmer, continued in Dark Tony Hawk Is Born]

Guava Jelly
Just after Lahela made herself known via her voice, David noticed how she dived towards him. Her hands seperated the blonde curtain, and she suggested that David cut his hair. That was kind of icky for David. He really liked his hair, it took long to grow. On the other hand, Lahela would have liked it, and if it is satisfying her, it may have been a considerable option. So, what to do? Stick to the hair, or please the girl?

Water hit David in his face, Lahela noted how hot he would look with short hair. Decision made.

"Eh... sure thing! I'll cut it off!"

Silently, David hoped he wouldn't regret this.

Switching back to fun mode, he hit the surface, causing dozens of big and shiny water drops to fly towards Lahela.

Guava Jelly
Despite his words, Lahela insisted on helping David to wash him. He didn't mind, if she really wanted to do it, so he let her take his wrist. Somehow, they really got close to the edge of the pool. And with a quick movement, Lahela already surprised David by pushing him into the pool.

As he landed in the water, he registered that Lahela jumped after him. Somewhere, a not-so-tight hair band was floating in the water.

David reached the surface again, and then broke out in laughter. That's how you can wash him too and David was always in for a little wet joke. He tried to locate Lahela, but his hair, now loose, blocked most of his vision. With his great mood still audible, he turned his head around, trying to see Lahela through the little slits in his hairy face accessoire.

"Hahaha, where're you?"

Guava Jelly
Lahela definetly got the sign. Her ensuing seriousness, however, was rather disconcerning for David. The fact that she used his real name, didn't helped comforting him. A short moment of silence. David noticed what her eyes were looking at.

Looks like she Lahela is interested after all. Her light laughter, and the positive response confirmed it. David's lips formed to a smile, before he also chuckled. Things turned out better than expected.

"Well... that's great! Really!"

He watched her finishing the bread, before he heard that she had a request. This poked David's interest. He had no idea what she wanted, but he'll surely wanted to please her, so... the answer was already yes. Even before the request was formulated.

"Sure thing, wha- Attention!" Just as Lahela was about to give him his bread, she nearly fell due to the wet floor. Although Lahela seemed to keep her balance, he took a step towards her just to make sure that he could hold her if she falls. And then... his chest was hit. By the guava jelly bread. David briefly looked down. Sure, he was dirty, but they didn't hit any clothing, so he just could wash of the wasted food.

Ignoring the orange blob, he simply turned to Lahela again.

"Are you alright? Don't mind the jelly. That thing's easy washed off."

Single Handler Seeking Good Info
Hey Espional, I'm no staff member, but I'll try to answer your questions:

1. You can choose, or you can create a thread where you want. But please note that we have a thread limit.

2. If I remember correctly, bog effort spent on the community might ward you one. Staff's figuring this out, I suppose.

3. Realism is the key word. There are people who are like the ones you listed. Just listen to the mod giving you a critique, and you'll be fine (Also, since when is being gay a controversial topic? This board is like... full of gay people)

4. Yes, the post order can be also interrupted when you leave a thread (duh...), or when the guy before you takes to long (say 1 or two weeks, at least that's my preference). I am not sure what you mean with the last sentence. Character approval has little to do with post order.

5. In General, you're free to go. There are certain things you should avoid. Like creating characters to raise your chance to get a good weapon, and then let them "work together" a.k.a. "get the better weapon to your flagship". Also, you shouldn't forget that a RP is very suitable for writing with new people. In fact, that is one of the greatest charms of it, if my personal opinion matters here.

6. I am not sure here, so I won't answer

7. No, there are people in RL having these hobbies. :P Again, the key word is realism.

I hope this answers helped.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
Guess it is so silent because we have no straw to grasp on.

It seems that our strongest lead was Jimmy, and he isn't that strong as a suspect now, if I observe the mood correctly.

Well, we still have two days. And if it comes down do it, if we have no other option, we might lynch our best target, although I am not fully supporting it. Or we could lynch someone of the silent, if they refuse to speak up, maybe.

I don't know what brings the best information, so I am just going to throw these ideas in. Personally, I don't like lynching someone who wasn't that suspicious, but if it is more viable for the town, we should consider it, at least.

Come to think of it, we may should press Mara into saying something. His stance on the whole thing + his perspective from the thing last day phase is something I would like to hear.

Introduction Thread
Greetings, Izalaru! I am Bikriki, the resident... Bikriki. And I'll do the introduction.

You still have plenty of time to decide, as the game starts in January. You really should try to get to know the other handlers in chat

I am not going to doubt your reading abilites, but I'll conviently list the resources you really should consider to use:

- Rules and the changes
- Wiki, not to be confused with Vicky, who is, while very informative, not really useful for archive binging

If you have questions, you can ask the Moderators or the Admins. Their cool-looking names give them away.
Enjoy your stay!

Friends... FLOCK TO ME
Well... since Aileen is a very vocal member of the Video Game club, it should be clear for them to know each other.

Not sure on the detail? Rivals, maybe? One-sided rivals? Sworn blood enemies?... or friends, of course. I'm open for all, so you decide.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread

Basically, Jimmy had some troubl with p_a last day phase, now she's dead. When faced with accusation, he reacted with a very weird WIFOM explaination.

It is a mere feeling, and I also see no reason to vote Jimmy because of that, but you know, sometimes you have to trust your instinct in this game.

Someone else might be able to explain it better than me, but I think I got the basic outline covered.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
Bro's claim is for me pretty solid. The next likely moment he could have claimed would be after being investigated by a cop and then being revealed as a "mafia", which would be very suspicious. Understandable if he wanted to avoid that, and claim early. Given that I remember some guides advising to claim Miller on day 1, I fully believe that Bro's saying the truth with his claim.

Jimmy, however, is higher on my list. His excuse, while understandable, just fits too good for the situation. Additionally, I was tempted to use/used this excuse (excuse my poor memory), this apology if someone accused me this way last game. Of course, I am not going to base a vote on that since it is just my guts saying this. Maybe we'll find out more if we pressure Jimmy, but I have no idea how we should do that.

Lastly, we should remember that there are some silent players. While it is not the most likely scenario, it quite possible for one of these silent ones to kill p_a, essentially moving the attention to Jimmy. Fairly sure nobody really suspected Mimi to be the SK last game, 'cause she was mostly very silent.
So... I'd like to see some more comment from the players. Maybe it's just noise (Like mine), but even a fairly decent comment can be helpful in finding more straws.

V5 Final Applications are Open!
Don't forget, you still can apply more than one character when the time is approciate. In two weeks, you could apply a second character, and in four weeks, a third)

Sell Soul->Acquire friends
I would like to see Matt & Aileen as enemies. They both share a great interest in video games. Plus, Aileen believes her opinion to be always superior, and Matt is arrogant. Perfect match for rivals/enemies, don't you think?

Sports Team and Club Members (WAIT 48 HOURS AFTER APPROVAL TO POST HERE)
O my, I totally forgot to reply here for a while.

David Zimmer is member of the Swim Team, and the Soccer Team.

Aileen Aurora Abdallah is a member of the Video Game Club.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
VOTE: The Sickness

No, I won't deal with it >:-D

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
How dare you to joke-vote without me?




Anyway, are we all so dead serious already? Damn...

Free Samples with Purchase
[I am sorry for the wait, I forgot it is my turn to post]

How unpolite the youth today is.

A loud sound. Something fell on the floor.

And so clumsy....

Aileen was quite angry. At first, that guy shooed her away, just so he could have that girl's help alone for him. And now he even dared not to answer her question. He really needed someone to scold him in a memorable fashion. Then again, it is understable if he really wanted to know Aileen's name. Also, it's hard to say "no" to such a friendly smile. Taking her sun glasses off, Aileen began to spoke.

"Of course, my name is Aileen Aurora Abdallah. Visiting Aurora High School, senior grade. I am, humbly said, one of the greatest minds in school."

She stepped a few steps closer to the guy.

"It is a miracle you never heard of me. I am one of the best students this year, and... on of the hottest."

She put the sun glasses on.

"So, what are your names?"

Nox Mirabilis
The girl of the couple noticed Aileen and Cyrus and waved to them. Obviously, she was happy. Aileen slowly remembered the correct name of her, Cammy. Thinking to herself how good it is that she didn't talked with them yet, which would have been very embarrassing when using the wrong name, she waved back. "Heya Cammy and V...irgel?!"

Their dancing was mediocore at best, which relieved Aileen. This way, she won't be the only one failing at rocking the dance floor. Either way, Cyrus began to speak to her. Appearantly, he was just as unexperienced as Aileen. It didn't seemed to bother him, as he offered his hand to her. Looking at Cyrus, she thought about how ugly the waistcoat is. Gray clothing for prom? Really? She should have insisted in choosing his gardrobe, but alas, it's too late for that.

Taking his hand she leaned over to whisper into his ear, a smirk on her lips.

"Good Luck, my dear."

With this, they entered the dance floor, ready to show off their lack of dancing skill.

Survivor: The Cursed Islands - Shak-Ti Tribe Camp
David's attempt to raise the mood might have had good intentions, however, Joachim didn't felt like it was very approciate. He appearantly wasn't the only one with this opinion. Sharon and Francis clearly weren't in their best moods, and Sharon's glare at David said more than enough. Either way, Francis asked about the fire, but before Joachim could say anything, Sharon cut him short and offered to go and get some new wood. She quickly put one of these baskets into his hands, "asking" him to help her. Without hestitation, he followed her.

Why was she volunteering for this part? Why was she taking Joachim with her? Sure thing, she could have merely wanted to get some fire wood and some food, but for that, she should have taken someone better suited. It's not like Joachim was full of muscles. After some consideration, Joachim came to the conclusion that she was going to give him a piece of one's mind. After all, he was the one screwing everything up.

An akward tension filled the air. His little couraging speech wasn't really working. Well, that happens. Some people are grumpy. Can't do anything about it. Sharon's glare was a litte... discomforting, but she already seemed to be a rather bitchy fellow, so he didn't really minded. It is probably something she always does. Letting out a sigh after quickly finishing his snack, he heard how Francis asked the group to make a fire, and Sharon and Joachim leaving to get some new stuff.

Looking at Francis, he pointed at the little rest of wood they still had.

"Isn't it a litte pointless to make a fire before Sharon and Jo return? I mean, we could try to make a fire with the flint, uhm, and the rest of our wood. I am not sure how it works, but I think we'll figure it out."

Guilty Gear Mafia Signups
I got my role and understood it.

Survivor: The Cursed Islands - Shak-Ti Tribe Camp
[After the immunity challenge]

Despite the victory they had, Joachim felt uneasy when thinking back to the "boulder run". He already had a bad feeling the moment Jaquilyn read the tree mail, given that physical activity is something that Joachim is not good at. In light of these fact, the boy was surprised to score third with his tribe. Of course, being responsible for the thinking part helped. And probably having some athletic people in the team. His little slip-up at the end, the unability to get on the boulder, nearly costed them the third place. Shivers ran over Joachim's body as he realized what losing that challenge would have caused. They had to vote someone out... and they would probably choose the one who was to weak. And no alliance he made would have helped him.

David was full of excitement. They have not lost the challenge. Sure, one could say that being third place isn't something he should be happy about, but small victories count too, right? The most important part was that they didn't had to vote someone off, and that meant: No litte lies, no grudges, no scheming actions yet. Still happy about the victory (and the flint), he loudly said to the group:

"Good Job, everybody! We might not be the winner, BUT we have that wonderful flint! And immunity. That is far enough for us, isn't it?"

With that, he moved to the pile of food and grabbed a fruit. It was an exhausting challenge after all. The flint can be tested later.