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NaNoWriMo 2016
I am going to count SotF for this

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
She didn't know why it would help. It was a harsh reality they were confronted with and there was simply no word that offered comfort. Why did she bother then, she wondered, and sighed.

It was another moment of stillness Fiyori endured before she even dared to think further. With the reveal - a reveal neither shocking nor surprising - she knew that some question had to be asked, and some answers to be found.

It took another, a further moment. Then she talked.

"What if these barricades fail? What if we have to fight? What do we do then?"

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Fiyori still did not know what to say. She didn't even know how to move, or how to gesticulate. Even the distortions of her face. All of it seemed to be so inappropriate when Fiyori observed herself. She figured she would say something. Figured again, but she kept looking after GLD. Kept watching her.

Georgia Lee was moving over to the desk. She took the blade of the scissor. And then she carved. A line. Then another line. Fiyori could hear the wood being scratched away, and for a moment it was deafening.


She hesitated. There was a bird somewhere, outside. She could hear it's song, she could hear it's flattering wings.

"I'm sorry."

Notes from an Even Smaller Island
There had been little to no, and in truth it was none at all, further talk between Amanda and Lucilly. With each step taken, the voices of their friends drew a bit closer and closer. Yet it felt as if Lucilly experienced a heavy and deafening silence, a muteness, pressing down on her and pressing down on Amanda.

Though, she knew, it was an image of her mind, a trick played by the residue of panic. There was no silence, but instead there were steps and there was chattering and there was still that small spot of blood.

Lucilly looked at it once. Once and only for a moment, and quickly enough, Lucilly looked away, looked at Amanda and watched Jamie and gazed back to Emma.

Project: Wiki
...now that the important things had been said, my opinion:

As long content is formatted as to per established rules, I am fine with putting everything on the wiki (because like MW I come from a Star Wars Wiki when it comes to personal experience with fan wikis, but anyway).

A wiki is not a measure of status, or a measure of worth, or even relevance. We don't have to pay money by the byte to keep it running, and it isn't like we can actually clutter it because we know how to properly use hyperlinks. There is no 'real estate', this is a webpage and I expect people here to know how the internet words.

A wiki's primary purpose is to offer a source of information on a given topic. A wiki that fails to deliver information a user might seek fails it's actual purpose.

Notes from an Even Smaller Island
"I am certain."

She said, uncertainly.

It was a lie, and to tell lies was what Lucilly was never taught, but it was a lie she made nevertheless, for it was with noble reasons she swindled, and it was her own person she swindled the most.

Putting aside the pondering of intent's meaning and the fulfilling action, Lucilly saw that Amanda had let go of her shoulder. There was a moment of hesitation, it seemed. A moment of hesitation in both Amanda and Lucilly, yet Amanda was who took the first step.

Yet hesitated again, so that she could beckon Lucilly to follow. Lucilly nodded and affirmed, and as Amanda walked back to their common companions, Lucilly followed one and a half step behind.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
A light sleeper. A-ha.

Fiyori stared at GLD for a few moments, trying to think about what she said. She would have liked to see the bewildered look on her own face, and she wondered how GLD would interpret that, too.

For a moment, Fiyori felt like retorting with a sarcastic remark, regardless of how GLD would take it. In the end she didn't, mostly for the reason that she didn't think of anything witty enough. Instead, she just nodded and gave her a quick and stout verbal affirmation.

Actually, she just thought of a thing she could say. Throw at her head, rather. If GLD tried to mess with Fiyori with statements like those, then Fiyori could very well turn the tables and attack her with a few well-chosen words.

Her gaze lingered on her ally, who had by now sat up properly. She was considering it. Considering it strongly, but just as she was to start, a sound echoing from somewhere startled her.

It had sounded like a PA system starting up, and Fiyori quickly understood that it was just that.

All of her attention that had been given to GLD moved to fixate on the voice of Danya. And though she did her best to listen to all he had to say, she found it difficult to really understand him. It wasn't a matter of audio quality at all, or something that had to do with her physical status. She heard him list all those names, all those familiar names of friends and acquaintances and people of her classes and people of other classes. She heard the victims, she heard the killers, she heard every joke he made at their expense.

It was a lot like rain. She would sit at her desk, or lie on her bed, and she would notice the rain drops drumming on her window. She'd grow curious, and move over to watch them. She'd notice all the single drops hitting the glass, and then sliding down slowly under her watch. She saw that it rained, she saw that the wind was carrying it towards her. And yet she never became wet. Danya's words were just like that. She understood that people were killed - people she cared for. She understood that people were killing. Yet she didn't become wet. There was no emotion stirred in Fiyori, and a few moments later, this fact would cause her discomfort.

Danya stopped, and Fiyori looked over to Georgia Lee again. Would it have been proper to comment on what they just heard? She didn't know, and even if it was, she wouldn't know what to say.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Fiyori drifted in a state of hazy drowsiness for a while, though she managed to keep awake. More importantly, she managed to look at the door, looking competent and alert. Or something along those lines. GLD's greeting startled her, though, but she managed not to show it.

"Ah, morning."

Fiyori looked to the side, moved her head towards GLD. She was sounding like someone who just woke up, and she was looking like it. Which was of course - as a matter of fact - just the simple truth, but GLD half-laying on the table combined with that husky voice caused a bemused smile on her face. Georgia Lee Day, always so prim and proper, but even she looked like shit on a morning.

Kinda petty to think about that, but it was what it was.

She yawned. She stretched her limbs, all four at once and then jumped up but walked towards GLD with a slow pace.

"I suppose a report is due."

Fiyori nodded her head forwards, letting all her hair fall loosely on her face. She yawned once more, she stretched once more, and then grabbed all the hair she could grab and shoved it back behind her ears. A little band slid from her fingers unto her scalp, and she tied her hair into a quick bun.

"Nothing happened."

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Fiyori Senay closed her eyes, and in the very next moment, she opened them again. It was at first as if no time had passed had all. Fiyori fell asleep, and she woke up. Just a blink, but then she felt it. The aching of her muscles, the cold sting in her feet. She shivered, and it took all the might her mind could muster of lift her body up.

She had opened her eyes, but everything was black. With due strain she could muster spots where it was less dark than in others, and she could notice spots in which it was darker still, all thanks due to the little light shining in from the outside. There was no moon outside, she noticed. That she could see at all bewildered her.

Georgia Lee had said something, or perhaps was in the process of saying something, and usually Fiyori would've acknowledged it. She would've turned her head a bit, or nodded or something. But she simply sat upright on the table. She waited a moment. She waited two, and she would have guessed that GLD would become irritated if she continued any longer. So she stood up. She took three steps forward, and yawned.


The basic conditions present in her situation weren't that unfamiliar for Fiyori. It was dark, and she had no glasses. Her vision was as good as non-existent, and yet she wandered around some room. Fiyori didn't sleep with glasses, of course. She put them aside from the night, and whenever she rose during a moment of wakefulness, she would walk through her flat with closed eyes. There were no problems with that. She knew her home. She knew every corner and edge. She knew where the doors were, which directions she would have to take. She knew about all the clutter on the ground and all the shelves on the wall and all the obstacles on her way. Yet it was all so obviously different. At home she could be blind, but in that forsaken cafeteria all was black.

It had been a few times when Fiyori paced around the room at a leisurely pace, and yet stumbled upon or bumped into a table or a bench or even the edge of wall. It made noise each time and each time she waited for GLD to stir and rise. She didn't. But Fiyori settled with sitting down anyway.

It was a mistake, she found out. She closed her eyes at first. Let them stay closed for a few seconds. And soon a few minutes. She told herself she was merely resting them, as she would not need them either way, but all of a sudden she could feel herself slipping into sleep.

And again, she could feel herself waking up.

How much time did pass in the end? Fiyori didn't know, and she didn't care. She wouldn't care to tell GLD about that either.

Sitting alone in the darkness gave ample opportunity to think about whatever one pleased to think, though what Fiyori thought was less than pleasant. It was a terrible situation she was in, and she searched for words which could grasp fully the contempt she felt for her circumstances. She thoughts about it harder, she thought about the aching in her head, she thought about the shivering of her toes, she thought of the howling wind and she thought of the nausea she felt rising. She thought harder, and dug deeper. Deeper still, but all she found was chaos and noise.

For a moment, Fiyori rested. And for a moment, she wished that God would send a beast to come. A beast to dug it's claws deep into her throat, to tear her flesh out piece by piece, to devour her whole until all was still and Fiyori Senay would be no more.

She laughed, then. Softly, but laughed nonetheless. It was said people found faith in the most dire circumstances. A ridiculous notion, Fiyori claimed so often, and yet she could finally understand.


Fiyori would have liked if there was a way to find out whether GLD really slept. It was likely, as her breathing was slow, but even. She moved little, turned to the left and turned to the right from time to time. Fiyori thought about touching her, to lay her hand on her neck and see if her pulse had been low enough. She decided against it. One time her father was caressing her neck, and the sensation of his hand on her woke Fiyori immediately. She figured it would be like this for GLD as well.

Fiyori trusted that GLD would be asleep. If she was not, she guessed, she would have to think of a justification soon enough.

She moved into the kitchen. Slowly, with grace even. Paying attention to every inch that came before her, so that a careless movement of her long limbs would not cause her to fall. It had become easier to see, as the sun had began to rise. Fiyori would have guessed the time, if she knew where she was. It could have been five, could've been six. Maybe four, or maybe three. She didn't know, but it was getting brighter. It was enough to see a bit, and to search a bit too.

First was the sink. A bit rusty, a bit moldy. Enough for Fiyori to hesitate, but she resolved to put her hand in anyway. There were a few cups and pots in the sink, and Fiyori lifted them up and inspected them all. Mostly to find nothing, barring a few insects here and there. She tried to hold onto the edges of the sink and lift it from the cupboard, but she didn't manage that. Then she continued with the cupboard and shelves, pausing every time she opened one to see if GLD had waken up and was standing right behind her. She paused longer when the boards were stuck, and she had to pull harder to move them. The abrupt motion caused their contents to slid across the wood, creating enough noise to wake people. GLD seemed to be undisturbed, but Fiyori grew doubtful.

When she didn't find what she wanted to find in the boards or in the sink, she moved to inspect the ovens. Yet she found nothing. She moved on to inspect the dishwasher, and yet again she found nothing. Fiyori thought that it would be acceptable for her to grow irritated. Most people would in her situation, she guessed, but still she reminded herself to remain cautious. It was the fridge she chose to inspect last, and she found it was with good reason she did so. The moment she pulled the handle towards her, a ghastly stench emancipated from whatever was in there. She closed it quick. Perhaps too quick, but in the moment the noise was worth the suffering she spared her nose.

Defeated, Fiyori returned to the dining hall. The sun had risen a bit more. Not enough to call it a proper morning. But good enough for Fiyori to feel a glimmer of...

She halted. She didn't know.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
It was an offer, a nice gesture Fiyori made. She wasn't sure whether she really looked forward to sharing the little bit of cloth she had, but it felt more polite to ask anyway. Not that she was feeling some sort of relief or anything. Georgia Lee was getting good at nonchalantly parrying all the suggestive shit Fiyori was throwing at her, and that was some sort of boring. Though maybe that was fatigue speaking for the both of them.

"Of course, you're right."

Georgia Lee proposed shift duty, to have on stay awake while the other slept. It was the rational thing to do, Fiyori realized. As she had no rational point to argue against it, she said nothing. Oh, but she really didn't feel like staying awake for hours, entirely in the dark and alone with her thoughts. Plus Georgia Lee Day, who was hopefully not snoring. Though, perhaps she could find amusement in that fact.

"Alright, no problems with that."

She'd amuse herself, somehow. Count a few sheep. Rifle through GLD's belongings. Sing a song without actually singing. Masturbate. Or maybe not, she forgot the cameras for a moment there. Maybe she could rifle through her belonging's once more, just in case. Who knew when else there would be a chance for Fiyori to take a good look.

Fiyori placed the poncho she had folded together at the head-end of a table. She moved herself on top of it, and laid down. The table was hard, and uncomfortable all around. It wasn't as cold as the floor, and that she figured was a blessing. She'd deal with the pressing feelings all over her body, and the pillow that really wasn't helping.

Her head turned over to GLD, hair falling all over in her face. There was something uneasy about the prospect, now that she was thinking about it. To fall asleep with her in the room seemed unwise. It wasn't a rational feeling, of course. Just a hunch, a bad grumbling in her stomach. Something to ponder about for hours without coming to a fruitful conclusion.

"Good night." She smiled, closed her eyes, and gone was she.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
It felt odd to sit in the cafeteria. It felt isolated, somehow. Fiyori would have said 'protected', but the word left a foul taste in her mouth. They were sitting all alone, removed from the reality of Survival of the Fittest by nothing but the walls and floors and barricaded windows. And yet, they could hear it. They could hear the ringing of a bell in the distance. They could hear the voices of young men and women far away and too close for comfort. Steps came, steps went. It happened, they knew. But they weren't part of it.

Not yet, at least.

The day came to an end. The gray sky turned dark entirely soon enough. Fiyori and Georgia Lee drank a bit. They ate a bit. They talked a lot. She wasn't sure what they talked all about, but they did, and it was comfortable and pleasing to chat. Still, Fiyori knew that Georgia Lee Day was dangerous. She guessed that it was the same Georgia Lee thought about Fiyori. An uneasy fact hanging above their relationship, but it was what it was.

Either way, Fiyori grew tired. Physically tired, which was a surprise as she did little but sit the entire day. She knew that this was sometimes the case. That people felt lethargic due to doing nothing, but Fiyori didn't feel like doing nothing. Georgia Lee was a partner that required constant attention and mental alertness. That mental alertness has seemingly transferred to a grogginess of the limbs. A yearning to just close the eyes and fall asleep.

"Sleeping while sitting's pretty unhealthy, though."

Fiyori lifted the poncho from her body, folded it a few times, so that the cloth was thick enough - or at least appeared thick enough - to serve as a pillow.

"If you don't mind we can share."

Notes from an Even Smaller Island
Ah, it felt terrible to hear Amanda's confirmation, no matter how much Lucilly knew it was true. She should not have, but she did, for reasons she should not have, but which she did have.

And still, Amanda blamed her not, for the place was - as she put it with much verbal elegance - a seventeen different kinds of messed up, a seventeen different kinds to drive a man or a young woman mad and madder.

Lucilly hang her head in shame, not ready to meet Amanda's eye, a few tears dropping from her face into the floor here and there.

Amanda wanted Lucilly to calm down. Lucilly wanted Lucilly to calm down. Yet she could not. She wanted to be courageous, she wanted to be helpful, she wanted to be useful. She wanted all that, all of that in spite of her fear and hear grief and the tears and the vomit and the pain in her stomach. Oh, why could it not be so easy to say 'I am brave' and simply be brave afterwards?

Lucilly raised her head, and she raised to meet Amanda on an equal level. She nodded, sniveling and with tears still, but she nodded to affirm that her body had calmed down a bit, and so did her mind.

She wanted to go to a comfy bed, or a bed at all, and to simply lie down and sleep. She had hoped it would give her comfort, and if she was particularly lucky, she would awake the next day in her own. She knew such were mere delusions, she knew as much, and so she did not voice her wants.

"I will try my best, I promise."

Ah, she said it like that, and yet she was unaware of her own word's meaning. How could she promise her best to Amanda, if her promises to herself are so easily broken?

"We should... we can go back if you want."

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
Alright, now that was a non-answer if Fiyori ever saw one. Figured that might happen, she guessed. After all, she was insinuating that Georgia Lee Day was familiar with drinking piss. Completely in jest, of course, but with a person like her you never quite knew how they took it.

Fiyori presumed that she took it not the right way, but oh well.

She tidied the surface of her seat - for no reason, at all, really it wasn't that dusty and the dirt that stuck wouldn't be just swept away - and sat down again.

Notes from an Even Smaller Island
A voice called out for her name a first time, and another voice called out for her name a second time. It insisted for her to wait, but Lucilly could not hear. Indeed, her ears were working without much error, but her mind had shut all doors.

Lucilly ran and ran but mostly fell to her knees (if only 'almost' each time) and it was only Amanda catching up to her that Lucilly looked aside from what she could see and Amanda.

And with that, Lucilly stopped dead in her tracks.

The shock was there, indeed and undoubtedly. Had one looked closely, they would have seen sweat on her face and tears in her eyes. A face filled with sheer white. Even if one had looked less than closely, they would have seen and felt and heart a girl with a trembling heart. A girl that breathed heavy, not only due to the physical stress she put herself under, yet also the emotional impact of the sight she beheld, and the realization of her own actions.

"My apologies! I should not have!"