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TvTropes Mafia Thread
As a matter of fact, I discerned that MK was killed with cynicism flavor, while Imehal fell victim to the diabetes-inducing sweetness of sugar mafia.

Skeletons and Spaghetti
[Fiyori Senay, continued from Just Wants a Distraction

There were quite a few people who came to the cafeteria without actually eating any of the offered lunches. They did it for a bunch of different reasons. Some were vegetarians, or worse - vegans, who disliked the meat-heavy menu. There were other people, of course, who had allergies, and couldn't eat the food without dying. Perhaps there were even those whose reason was that they were flat-out too poor.

Fiyori, at least, belonged to the category of people who simply didn't like the food's quality. The young woman was a fairly decent cook. She could say that even the greatest catastrophe she ever produced would be more valuable than any of the cafeteria's food. Now, she wouldn't say that thing in particular. Would be kinda rude. And only like, 65 percent true.

There was someone else sitting at her table. Fiyori glanced at the girl's food from time to time, figuring out that she was one of the veggies. She was curious. Did the girl prepare these? Was it her mother? Or father? Regardless, would they taste good? Some veggies turn out to be decent cooks, what with this whole focus on food they have.

The girl finished eating. Fiyori continued with her own salad, but noticed that she took out a DS. There, interest piqued again. Now, Fiyori kinda hated that habit of some. This stupid thing where people wanna know what's happening on your screen and they lean real close over your shoulder. She didn't say she hated it though. 'Cause that'd be hypocritical. Fiyori stared over the girl, slowly munching salad. There it was, this dumb urge to see what she was playing.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Toben, I presumed that my ability is unblockable, and after talking to Vyse it appears that I was right with that.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Well, I suppose I would appreciate it if you are telling the truth,
but I actually did get two reports. You might have missed that, which is strange because I had no time to post much.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Frankly, I am simply surprised that anyone would call RC'S play "levelheaded". Grim and his assessments of people's disposition continues to baffle me.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
I am kinda on the phone, so I will give my results without fancy formatting.

I did not find a kill flavor on Deamon. I did find Cynicism on Frogue.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Well, I won't be around once the timer's up - so the dies gotta be cast and all


Good night, everyone.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
I am not very good at the whole logical aspect of Mafia, to be honest. This whole connecting of what A said to B at point Z to the action done at C... that's just something I'm not particularly good at. Or at least, not as good as some other players. Mostly I just look at how people talk... or rather, how they type. And then I try to latch on to that. I think Grim mentioned something earlier about that - actions vs behavior, and he said he was better at looking for actions. Well, all things considered, it's the opposite with me I guess.

That is the primary reason why I voted for Frogue. I've said enough about the specifics, but in general I got the similar feeling coming from Frogue as I had coming from Vyse last game - even if I didn't play myself. Still, Vyse turned out to be town, no? Basically, what I want to say is that I am not particularly targetting Frogue at the moment.

Still, I appreciate the info for future game reads.



Actually, I do hope a bit that I get NK'd this night phase. Best if both mafias targeted me. Knowing SotF, I suspect that my survival might trigger a useless discussion next phase about the validity of my claim. You know, stuff that might prevent a majority for lynch forming for quite a while. Besides, these discussions are always so super serious and that's just an headache.

Of course, aside from that I thank you for your quick answer.

I recall playing a town Mad Scientist once, so it is not without precedent. I am not in the mood to hunt for some statistical analysis, though.


I will be honest. I am unsure whom to exactly vote for at this point. I suppose it serves as solace that I'd be fine with almost every lynch bar Grim right now. Sorry, a bit scatter-brained due to personal stuff. I won't have a lot of time tomorrow, but once I return home in the evening, I'd be willing to fulfill a bandwagon as long as I am not enterly convinced of the target's innocence.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
All things aside, I am amused by how many of your wrote "cynacism". Pretty sure that wasn't what Vyse meant with Word of Mod being final.

If I understand you correctly, one of your chosen powers permits you to reveal your town status to a chosen player, yes? That sentence was hard to read, so I am unsure.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Thank you for answering. I'll end our particular conversation here though. We'd just move in circles otherwise and it's past midnight here anyway.

Besides, I would love to read the opinions of others in the morning. Especially of those who are quiet right now.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Oct 6 2015, 05:03 PM
:headdesk: Bikriki, why would you roleclaim? Sharing that info is worse than useless.
This is a pretty stupid question. To catch scum of course!

Two players including me have already resolved to cast a vote due to the consequences of this little play of mine. Frankly, saying that this is worse than useless is just making quite the oversight. Or insulting, but I presume you didn't mean that.

Besides, we must consider the implications of multiball again. Both scum teams would do good by getting rid of me, but they do not know if the other already targets me. Who knows how this will effect their decision process.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
I apology if I misphrased, but I will gladly repeat:

From my perspective, I know that Doc was killed by not-Sugar.
From your perspective, I am just someone claiming that Doc was killed by not-Sugar.

A little thought experiment - if instead of me, MK claimed to be the Coroner, going along the lines of "Well, I know Doc wasn't killed by Sugar because role" just as I did (!), would you believe him? If no, why?

Re.: Doc's Role - So how does the wiki claim of "commonly, Bookies gain a 1-shot kill" into we know that Doc's bookie role allowed for kills? But how does Deamon's claim of vigs being common not translate into "we know that there is a vig"?

Well, I suppose you can say that the wiki is unbiased and more trustworthy or something, and I can understand that. Just a thing to consider.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
You make some very bold assumptions. First you assume Doc's bookie bonus means an extra kill. This is nowhere confirmed.
Then you use above assumption to conclude (first paragraph) that Sugar Mafia also has an extra kill to balance this. If we are to conclude that MK's insistence on a vig is a sign of knowing more than usual, and hence being scum, what am I supposed to think of you - who so strongly insists that a vig is impossible due to the mathematical improbability presented by Doc's power?



Why would anyone assume Sugarmafia didn't kill Doc?

I do assume that.

And I have given my reasoning. From your perspective, I am a person who assumes someone else than Sugar Mafia has killed Doc. And from your further reasoning, that means I am most likely to be on the sugar mafia team. Yet, you appear to believe me this claim for the most part. I wonder, why don't you extend this charity to MK?


TvTropes Mafia Thread
I see.

You know, I do agree with one point. MK probably has information town does not have. In fact, so do I - because I am the Automatic Coroner, and I get about each NK'd victim one of three "kill flavours" (Cynacism [sic] Sugar and None). The one I got from Doc was "None".

Froggles, how does this change your opinion?

TvTropes Mafia Thread
MK himself stated that he found the chance of no vig exists more likely. You seemed to have ignored that.

Regardless, I want to ask you about what you believe MK could gain by misdirecting the town about the existance of a vig.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Please elaborate on your previously placed vote on MK. If you have done so already, I apology and ask you to please direct me to the post.

I don't think you did anything else but joke, but I still would like to hear the confirmation. If you meant the vote seriously, then I truly would like to see further reasoning than the one given.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Oct 4 2015, 04:15 PM
3. The Bookie role incentivizes Doc to be more like, proactive in setting up lynch targets than mafia otherwise might be. I thought that possibly him pushing against Prim's lynch might've been so he could then bet on it, and push it the next day, but again this is pretty purely speculative? There's really not a lot to go on at this stage.
Actually, you have to take into consideration scum daychat. I find it impossible to believe that Doc did not talk with his scum mates about aligning their tactics with his power. Alas, Doc produced only a few posts. One could argue that this is not enough to base anything on, but I do want keep any potential lynch pushes and set-ups done by him in mind, for later once we get new information.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
VOTE: DuckyB

Just to make sure he's dead. You never know...



Just kidding of course, a light joke at the morning. @Imehal, I didn't think it was particularly noteworthy, but I was somewhat amused by the fact.

Regarding RC, I presume he's making a joke as well, and I hope we don't have to insert cock pics everywhere to clarify that.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Well then, there's quite the action going on here now, eh? I don't actually have a lot to add, so this post'll be mostly clarifying my opinions on things - for whenever we backtrack later on.

Eitherway, my opinions - regarding Primrosette, I actually still believe them to be a newbie only who tries to grasp at how the game works. As in, being new and unfamilar with the game rules and cultures here, I find it believable to possess erratic behavior, just a sign of trying to fit in with things somehow. Besides, this whole thing of "getting-on-everyone's-side" and"being-apologetic-about-everything" kinda fit in with how I perceive Primrosette in chat,

Still, because Primrosette is easy to influence, I presume that - if they are scum - their actions will change on day two according to how their scum buddies advised Primrosette. I'll watch out for that.

I hoped that in the direct aftermath of Yugi's joke, we would be capable of finding some hasty and ill-advised scum trying to jump onto the chance of finding a quick victim. Which is why I now suspect Flare, even moreso as their further explaination does not deliver anything noteworthy. (As an aside, I am glad I managed not to rant about the value of fun in a game such as mafia.) Alas, Flare posted few else aside from further a failure at understanding jokes. Makes me uncomfortable to cast a direct vote in his direction, yet.

Regarding RC (who is indeed RemoteControll), I am... well, I usually abstain from forming any opinions on this guy because RC is confusing me. However, that attack left, just like with Slam, a bad taste. Adding it with the fact that they jumped on Yugi as well 'cause of that joke, I have concluded that this is the person I find most sketchy.

I feel uncomfortable casting a definite vote in either direction, however these three people are on my watchlist.

Aside that, I find it somewhat curious that Imehal has not mentioned me once in her post despite me answering one of her queries myself even.