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I think I'd like to play too.

Nox Mirabilis
[Aileen Aurora Abdallah, continued from Sin and Sacred Light]

There were dates that are just more important than other dates. Prom. Wedding. Funeral. But mostly, prom. For a teenager is prom one of the greated days of their lives, and must be celebrated as such. With a fine partner, and a fine dress. It would have been a terrible shame if Aileen went alone. Not like she cared much about what other people said, but her parents would have been very disappointed. Well, they were still very sceptic with Cyrus, someone they, and Aileen, barely knew, but they didn't disagreed. They barely do.

Aileen was dressed in a violet evening gown with a rather big decolletage. She was proud of her C-Cup and damnit, she wanted to show it. Oh, and her back too. And her legs, albeit her left one. On her right leg, one could have seen a black and blue mark. How fortunate for her that the gown covered that. The high-heels, shoe size 11, were a slight problem. Aileen wasn't familiar with these kind of shoes, and she already met the ground once that day.

But Beauty knows no pain. Aileen stepped into the hall in the most majestically way she can do with these shoes. The theme, Moonlight Serenade, was... pretty. Not Aileen's favorite, but it was bearable. Fixating her eyes on a pair that already went dancing, Vergil and Kami, if Aileen remembered right. They looked cute together, kind of. Still looking at the pair, she told Cyrus:

"I sincerly hope you are a better dancer than me. Wait, I also hope you have masochistic traits. These shoes are going to kill someone this evening."

I Hate Free Study
This embarrassing slip-up. So many people coming all of a sudden. Too much for Joachim. It's not like he was averted to being with so many people, but at the moment, it was too fast for him. Being tired didn't help. Well, at least he's fully awake after this. Joachim scolded himself quietly for not caring enough about his environment. If he had given attention to the place where he sat, he wouldn't be in this situation.

Fortunaly, Michael didn't seem to have hard feelings. No, he even asked Joachim if he was alright. However, before Joachim could enjoy his relief, Michael held the eye contact for a few moments, causing Joachim to tensen up. The moment Michael acknowledged the presence of his acquaintances, Joachim finally felt calmness returning to his mind. Carefully placing his stuff on the table, he looked at the newcomers through the corner of his eyes. None of these persons was familiar with Joachim. He remembered a face or a name, but that's it.

Michael assumed they were all bored, which caused Joachim to shake his head subconsciously. Bored was something that definetly didn't described Joachim right now. But that didn't matter at that moment, it was time to enjoy the horrible world of trigonometry. He just hoped nobody of the other people would mention this incident now, or worse, make fun of it.

Survivor: The Cursed Islands - Shak-Ti Tribe Camp
[I approve of this]

Introduction Thread
Greetings, Uncia!

Great thing you checked the guides and the lovely mini. In fact, you still can register a character for Version 5. Also, you may consider to check da Rulez and the recent changes. Maybe take a look into the FAQ. If you want to look into the older versions, you should check the wiki. Of course, you can first meet the other weird sickos handlers in our lovely chat.

If you have any questions, you can ask the Moderators or the Admins. You can spot them thanks to their fancy-colored names.

Enjoy your stay!

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
So it is finally done. I finished Milo after procastinating it for a very very very long time. Now, my thoughts.

Milo was... certainly unique. However, something always put me off. Maybe it was the clash of a comedic character with a serious setting. Eventually (meeting Rob Jenkins, to be specific), I was able to find him funny. Not in the classical comedic sense. I constantly thought "what an idiot", and this somehow managed to add to his charm. Upon meeting Aaron, he quickly faded into the background. Although I liked that he advanced Aaron's and Aileen's charactarization. I figure that is what makes a 'supporting character'.

Anyway, I found his death interesting, but unfortunaly, no feelings beside that were involved. I admit, the only time I felt pity for him was when he got shot in his genitals. You can probably guess why.

Roll me another one, please.

Free Samples with Purchase
Why is it so hard to find something as simple as hair shampoo. It's not like it is supposed to be some super secret cosmetic secret. Aileen swiftly scanned the shelves. Finally, after crossing the same one for the second time, she noticed a purple package with a strand of hair as a motive. Relief filled Aileen. For a moment, she regretted to go for herself, insteadt of sending her mother as usual, but now she managed to find what she wanted. Even without to ask a clerk.

Looking at the diverse packages, featuring exotic fruits, flowers and... moonlight? How does that even smell? Maybe it is a flowery description for the light emmited by butts? No, that's to silly. The brown-clad woman continued to think. It is probably something absolutely weird like freshly cut kittens. Out of curiousity, Aileen was about to take that one, but then noticed the little sentence fragment "for normal hair". Growling to show her disappointment, Aileen shifted her eyes around to find a version for thick hair. She eventually found it. It was near the normal version, just a few inches lower.

Just as she was picking the desired product, Aileen heard a voice nearby. Turning her head to check who it is. The guy seemed familiar, but Aileen wasn't able to put her finger on it. He spoke with himself, wondering what scent moonlight has. To answer him, Aileen shouted:

"Smells like freshly cut kitten!"

With that done, Aileen now looked at the girl she was asking for help again. The guy seemed to have the same proble- what a sly dog. Sending Aileen away so he can have the girl's help just for himself. How awfully rude. Obviously, he needed a lesson in proper behaviour. But not now, Aileen needed to plan something. Before that, she needed his name. It would be very practical.

"Hey, you both overthere." She yelled at them. "What're your names?"

Survivor: The Cursed Islands - Shak-Ti Tribe Camp
Heavy... so heavy...

The large piece of wood was surprisingly difficult to handle. Due to its weight, David only managed to drag it behind. It took minutes to transport it, but he eventually arrived at camp. He saw everyone minus Joachim standing there. It appeared that Jaquilyn and Sharon managed to collect enough food, maybe too much, and Francis and Jaquilyn were working on the first big trunk. David smiled. It looked like things were running well.

"I managed to find and bring back a lot of fruit, unlike some people."

Uh-Oh, not good.

There was one thing David certainly doesn't want. A bitch fight. It would be unproductive and would ruin the fun for everyone. For David, it was clear that he had to mediate soon, or else a serious fight could happen. As they both talked about making a fire, David put the log a few feet next to the first one and loudly greeted his tribe mates.

" 'lo everybody! Where's Joachim? Wasn't he supposed to build a shelter with you all?"

Sin and Sacred Light
...that went fast

A moment of surprise filled the room with an akward silence. Aileen heard various responses in the last weeks.

>Sorry, already with someone!<
>I am gay...<
>Heh? I like men, you dyke!<
>AGH! Go away!<
>...I AM 28!<

Cyrus' sudden and voiced willingness to go to prom with Aileen caused a burst of joy in her. Her plan was a huge success. She had a prom partner, that stupid clock was repaired and... well that's it. After Cyrus complimented her, she finally lost any self-restrain and hugged him, calling him a damned toady. To express her gratitude, of course. Even though Aileen barely knew Cyrus, she really didn't mind. Because damn, at least she got a date. The learning to know each other part can come later.

After finishing hugging Cyrus, she stepped a few inches back from him.

"So... my father and me will be here tomorrow at 6 o'clock. Dress finely. And feel amazed!"

With these words, she grabbed the clock and went out of Cyrus' room. Just being here for a few minutes, and already a comprehensive victory! Her parents would probably chide her for going to prom with someone she only knew for a few minutes, but as it said so beautyfully: Drastic situations requiere drastic measures

I am so fucking awesome

[Aileen Aurora Abdallah: Continued somewhere else]

Sin and Sacred Light
Not broken? That's also good. On Aileen' face a big smile of relief formed. She watched as Cyrus handled the screwdriver. Then...

"So, no date for prom yet?"

At this point, Aileen rubbed her hands a litte. It was a sign that she was thinking. Thinking on what she should say. The conversation moved surprisingly fast to this topic, and Aileen still had hope. For her, it was important to go with someone. It would look ridiculous if a wonderful person like her would go alone, as if she was some kind of loner. Of course, she could just say that nobody was worthy enough of her, but that would stretch the truth a little. Her mind was fixated on Cyrus again. A plan formed in her head.

1. Find out if Cyrus is without a partner
2. Make him her partner
3. Prom, here I come

"Yeaaaah..." The brunette woman began her answer with a long-drawn-out word. "Still have no prom partner. Isn't this so terrible? Just a little more than 24 hours 'till Prom, and I am still alone."

Aileen stepped nearer towards Cyrus, untill only three inches air seperated them.

Sin and Sacred Light
That's the purpose of having an open blouse, so you can SEE more things. Ah, well...

A few quick movements with her hands, and the blouse was fully buttoned again. Not a good idea to piss the guy who repairs the clock off.

Now... how did it brake? This is an uncomfortable question, and Aileen tapped with her toes a bit before answering.

"I just touched it, and then it fell down! Stupid Gravity, don't you agree?"

In other words, she knocked on it and the pegs wasn't fixated right. Due to the vibrations of the wood, it eventually fell out of the much to large hole in the wall.

"And when I shaked it, I could clearly hear the parts rattling." Also, the hour hands stopped moving. The other one too, but at least the wood frame seems to be somehow okay... Disregarding some scratchers and similiar.

Sin and Sacred Light
Aileen stood in the treshold for a while. It appears that Cyrus is not only good in repairing broken devices, but is also a soul doctor. And with that, Aileen's hope sank again. The chicks crave these nice guys, well, at least Aileen does. No way he is still without a partner. Her hand unbuttoned some of her blouse. Not to give up early. And who knows, maybe this guy knows some people who's whole desire is to have such a sexy woman as Aileen as a partner.

Following his hand gestures, she went inside. While walking behind him, she started to introduce herself.

"I am Aileen Abdallah, magnificent student of Aurora High. And I am here so you can fix this ugly clock." Beat. "Also, I am, as tragic as it is, still without a prom partner." Another beat. "To answer your questions."

Both arrived at Cyrus' room. Aileen spotted a desk full of tools. Putting the clock on said desk, she hummed an upbeat melody. Still humming, she turned around to Cyrus.

"And now~?"

Sin and Sacred Light
Damn. Just... damn.

There are certain things each person perceives as precious memories. Things like prom. Going to prom with a nice partner. Unfortunaly, nobody seemed to want to go to prom with Aileen. A strange thing. Maybe she wasn't active enough. Anyway, things looked bleak for Aileen. Prom is just one day away and she still hasn't found anyone suitable for her. But things were getting worse. Her parent's cuckoo clock was broken. It suddenly fell after Aileen touched it gently.

Two problems now stood before Aileen. For one, the broken clock, which had to be repaired before the Abdallah parents returned home the next day. And far worse, still no prom date. Fortunaly for her, Aileen heard of a young man in her grade, who was very passionate about repairing stuff.

She arrived at his house, walked to the door, knocked at the door and sincerly hoped that this guy is good in what he does.

The door opened. Cyrus stood before her. Aileen studied his body deeply while greeting him. Suddenly, a light of hope shimmered.

Please be single, please be single, please be single...

Survivor: The Cursed Islands - Shak-Ti Tribe Camp
[Excuse me for skipping you, pippin. I think it is important to keep the story going while you're away]

[Also,the time is 1130-ish, right? Yeah, will do]

The construction was surprisingly well-built, given that the only knowledge of building things like these Joachim had were from some stories Timothy told him. David went into the forest with a machete, and regularly returned with wood. At the moment, the shelter already had its four main pillars, supported by standing in a hole, aswell as being surrounded by stones. Nearby, one could find a large piece of wood, presumably a fallen tree. Joachim tried to cut it in two parts with the machete, but failed doing so. They were supposed to be the frame for the roof. Upon looking at the things they already had, he also noticed the growing amount of branches David brought along with him. He said they were for the floor, but Joachim was content with sleeping on the sand. Something probably more comfortable than this collection of wood.

"Hey boys, I brought back lunch! How is the fort coming along? You guys need any help?"

A female voice was heard. Joachim turned around to see who it was. Greeting back, he already thought about the next steps. Staring absent-mindly at the forest for a few seconds, Joachim realized that he'll need some leafs or something similiar as a roof. Knowing that he is useless at doing the hard work, he asked Jaquilyn:

"Do you see that big piece of wood over there? It is very long and thick, and if we cut it in half, we already have a good start for our rooftop."

The boy pointed at said wood, and then at the forest.

"While David is trying to find another one of this large things, could you please try and cut that one in two parts? In the meantime, I could find some vines. For fixating the frame work, and the rooftop."

Without waiting for her answer, Joachim stepped into the forest.

V4 Epilogue: OOC and Discussion (Epilogue is now complete!)
What have you done?! I am now forever trapped in an endless cycle of threads, each continuing elsewhere!

Survivor: The Cursed Islands - Shak-Ti Tribe Camp

Just after a few seconds, Joachim realized that he made a complete fool out of himself. A most unpleasant feeling arouse in him. It would have been a catastrophe if Joachim was the first one to be voted out. His concerns were disturbed the moment Sharon began to speak. Appearantly, she decided to be the leader. Just as she was finished with assigning tasks, Joachim got an idea.

Someone who is helpful will not be voted out, right?

For him, the course of action was clear. Play "passive", keep a low profile, and don't pose a threat. A quick glance on one of the girls faces quickly set this decision in stone, it appears that some people already have different targets.

"Alright then, let's get started. Guessin' we should go get some wood first, huh? 'S there an axe or something in one of those bags?"

"Yeah, sounds like a good plan." With steady feet, Joachim went to the green flag. Kneeling down, he touched the bag for a few seconds before attempting to open it.


Sharon claimed her role as the leader very quickly. This irritated David briefly, making him feel uncomfortable. Suddenly, a switch was pressed in his brain. That woman is probably going to cause conflict. Something David wanted to avoid on this early stage. Fortunaly for him, the other people seemed to be nicer. Including Joachim's stated passivness.

After Francis proposed to try and find axes in the bag, David went to the object along with Joachim. He seemed to struggle for a while, but before David could intervene, he already opened the bag.

"Oh my," Joachim said upon looking at the contents of the bag. The shorter boy leaned over Joachim to take a look too, and was not very pleases to see that the bag did not contained any axes.

Turning to Francis, he said:

"Hmm... look here, no axes. Seems like we're must find some lose wood."

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
There is no dignity in fighting a losing battle. (Isn't there a saying that goes like this? Probably not) And I lost the moment Flare bit the dust and the mass claiming started.

And more importantly, I play to have fun and not to win. Therefor, I think it is the best to bring this game to a good end as soon as possible. Frankly, I think Mass Claiming is bull shit, even moreso if the moderator is upset about it. But alas, some things can't be changed and at least, I take one with you..

So, my long awaited claim. Do you think that I would not try to have the last word?

I surrender, suckers

PS: Full lenght of my rant will be accesible in the Fall-Out thread. See you there.

Survivor: The Cursed Islands - Shak-Ti Tribe Camp
The tall boy nearly plumbed into the water as he exited the boat. Fortunaly, a blond young man came and helped him to exit safely. A quick expression of gratitude was heard, and both boys eventually stood on the island. They stood there for a few seconds, taking a look at the local scenery. One broke the silence.

"Our tribe's name is quite funny, considering the male-to-female ratio," Joachim said, taking a quick grasp at David's long hair before looking in his eyes. In this moment, he thought it was funny that he was nearly half a foot taller, but the other one looked much stronger.

David needed some moments to grasp what Joachim said. Tilting his head, he signalized his confusion. Fortunaly for him, Joachim explained his statement right away:

"You see, the Shakti is the so called female and ancient power in hinduistic mythology. One could say that every female goddess is an aspect of "Shakti"."

A sigh escaped the German boy. Walking a few feet towards the island, he muttered something and turned around. Taking a good look at his tribe, he began to express his hope:

"I am not one of these team-players. Nor am I good with this... "Survivor" thing. So I am just going to be the passive one and make what you say, eh?"

These words were understandable, David felt it was a good idea to let the guys familiar with this show running the tribe. With the face towards his tribe mates, he openly agreed with Joachim, and then asked who of the three people knew something about Survivor, hoping to find the one perfectly familiar with Survivor.

Free Samples with Purchase
Shifting her eyes from the girl, Aileen noticed a boy standing near. Aileen touched her sun glasses and moved them up a little to grasp a better view on tha t guy. Somewhere in her mind, Aileen knew who this guy was. London, Paris, Vienna, some capital as a given name. Ardennes, the surname, however, was still saved in her memories. Once he spoke, his words caused a chain of feeling within the loud woman.

"There's no need to yell, the shop is fairly small"

So what? I try to make myself clear.

"I can't be sure, but I don't think Rosemary works here."

She still can try to help me...

"I can tell by the look of you that you are very intelligent indeed"

...yes, indeed.

"So I know you'll see the logic where asking an employee might get you a faster and more accurate reply of course? If you're going to do something, you do it correctly. Don't you agree?"

Aileen put her glasses back on her eyes. It was true. The logic was correct. After thinking for a few seconds, scratching her back meanwhile, she pointed at the boy.

"Good point. But it's so tragic." Dramatic pause. "There are no employees around here" Disregarding the one standing two and a half dozen feet in front of Aileen. "And so I was forced to ask this girl." This time, her finger pointed at the girl she was yelling at.

Of course, Aileen was aware of the employees, but she didn't wanted to lose her face before the two teenagers. Not after the guy told her to look after a clerk. It would have looked to stupid to not do so. With a swift turn, she was not longer facing them both.

"Then I shall seek the product I am in need of"

Walking away to another shelf, Aileen chided herself. It was a shame for her to being put in her own place so easily.

V5 Character Themes
Puh, it was really difficult choose these songs, but I think I got them now:

Joachim Lovelace: Fettes Brot - An Tagen wie Diesen

While the lyrics are not fitting 100% (I, at least, don't remember him having a daughter), I feel like this song vaguely describes some character traits of Joachim. Namely, he is one part German. Second, the lyrics are about how people are receiving new stories, and third, they react with apathy. Well, I want some character developement here and make him a little more caring, and I feel like the lyrics cover that too as the singer laments his indifference. You find a translation here.

David Zimmer: None yet, I just can't find a fitting one. Eh, probably will change in the next months

Aileen Aurora Abdallah: Johannes Brahms - Ungarian Dance Nr. 5

This one is simple. The idea for Aileen came when I listened to this song. It's just so... fast-paced and energetic. Personally, when I listen to this song, I feel like I want to run through a place and shove the people out of my way... ahem