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Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
I am honestly not sure if voting people to get them to react is a working strategy.

Either way, lynching someone who lurks is a waste of time, as it could possibly yield less information (as the lurker has made little opinion known, you cannot connect these dots with the flip on their death). That aside, we still have two days so I'll keep thinking whom I'd place my vote on.

The Mafia Waiting List
Holy Roman Mafia is in development, 18ish player but flexible

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Riki stays here since nothing has changed since the last time I mentioned him. @Riki, what are your opinions on Flare and Frogue now?

As for Frogue, his initial aggression did not appear unusual to me, because it is not. He is very argumentative. The fact that he is silent now is actually more interesting. I would be willing to believe that he is simply a bit worn out from typing a bunch these last days. However, I would appreciate short bursts of his thoughts (simple stuff, like "kill the goose"), simply to keep the game going and to pin him down on opinions.

If you want to know whether I am considering him scum or town, I am leaning towards none of these. Meaning, I have no clear read.

As for Flare, I have yet to form a comprehensive opinion. I am currently reading through his ISO and I like his vote on frogue. I don't agree with it on a material level, but I enjoy his willingness to go over the matter again and change his opinion.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Oh no my post - fucking WiFi.

anyway, I wanted to make two dumb jokes and a serious point:

I concede that my writing appears non-committal, however I am blaming my current education. There was something else I wrote but I forgot by now.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
I find it odd that my actions - literally only this (My earlier comment disregarded due to jokey nature) - towards Zetsu is considered a "hard push".

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Oh, and before I forget

I asked Brackie a question here which he answered here.

My reaction to this is mellow but ambivalent. The fact that Brackie "called out" these pointless question still makes me leery, because at the point of his sarcastic remark quite a few other questions were being asked, and I really did not feel that the game was in any danger of suffering due to these pointless questions.

That aside @Paige, who is "Gramps" again?

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
I would like to add to the pressure and ask you, Zetsu, where fogu asked you a joke quesiton. The one example you delivered as far as I can see was here, but that one may be sarcastic, but not directed at you.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Actually now that I looked at it again I am irked.

Brackie sarcastically throws in the questions asked in this thread are "pointless". This appears to me as if they were trying to frame the narrative a certain way. Prim's sheepish agreement to this point doesn't sit well with me either.

@Brackie, please elaborate your definition of a pointless question, or alternatively explain what makes a question not pointless.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
i'm assuming that candy/lore's trolling me but she has no history of feuding with me and there's nothing to trace this back to. felt a bit like a forced meme, but marking it down as banter

I mean, you know who you are talking about. Lore is nothing but forced memes.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
....there is a test?

...will this be on the test too?

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
I denounce Gianni


Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
I have received my role!

The Greatest Sideshow on Earth
She felt a slight of regret. For what she was not sure, because the term 'slight' and 'regret' were most unfitting to describe the rush of feelings she had when she saw what was once Tessa.

Lucilly averted her eyes. She averted them for all the hours that came. Out of eyes, out of mind, it was said. A futile hope, perhaps even realized by Lucilly herself. Yet she did not look. She did not look at Tessa. Not at the bloody heap that remained. She dared not to look at Jaime or Amanda or Emma or Kaitlyn. She dared not to look at sky or the earth, nor the buildings on the ground or the sea far away.

She had, of course, not closed them. Not to the physical reality, but her soul was long departed from this truth.

Lucilly slept uneasy. That she slept at all, a majestic wonder. She had, however, suffered and suffered from an onslaught of dreams. Rather, than to speak of dreams - a term which implied a vague story, as surreal as it may be - she saw pictures.

She saw Tessa, and she saw blood. She saw something, something like a neck that was not. Just a vague body of stinking blood, of bone and meat what was once a beautiful human. What was once a human. She saw it. She saw it again. And again. And again. And again and forever and it was an image that would never leave her. Not when waking, not when dying.

Then came morning. With it, came another announcement. Lucilly heard it not. With it, however, came another realization. A realization not made by her but by Jamie, or perhaps Emma. Lucilly felt it was wrong for her to say. Yet she grasped what was said. Kaitlyn was gone, but the meaning of it escaped Lucilly nonetheless. Oh, she would have enjoyed to know whether it was good or bad, or if it was of no meaning at all, but she could just not know.

Lucilly waited for a moment. She saw the sea again. Not in front of her eyes, but she saw it. She took her bag.

"Yes, yes. I am here. Awake. If you..."

She moved towards the door, for a moment she looked Emma into the eyes. They locked but it was dark and Lucilly could not truly see them.

"...if you excuse me, I would need a moment for myself. To, you know, do the thing."

Lucilly curtsied, and in a second, where no one watched but the Lord, Lucilly went away.

[Lucilly Peterson, continued in Im' Just a Soul Whose Misunderstood]

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
There were many meanings behind the simple word 'what'. All of them varying based on how the word was spoken. How it was pronounced. The pitch, the tempo, the volume. The context, of course. And there were so many meanings to be found in writing. The version of 'what', that would have described Fiyori the best... well, that would have been just that.


Perhaps a little period at the end would have underscored her bemused state even more. But anyway, Fiyori was befuddled. Confused, a bit, for a moment, but mostly her mind short-circuited for a second. Why? Because of a single thing, a single sentence - a part of one at least - which Georgia Lee dared to utter.

'I'm glad you can see'

Fiyori sighed. She cracked a knuckle. She cracked a second, and it was a bit louder. She imagined it would calm her. If she imagined it was the sound of GLD's bones snapping. Thought it would make her less mad, but in fact, it made her really mad in the first place.


That was her answer. To Georgia Lee's request, too, but also to her whole person.

Fiyori took a half step back, she regained it, and took another. She moved with the back towards the kitchen corner, but her face still fixated on Georgia Lee's.

"Listen here you little shit.

You, you of all people, have no right to talk to me like that. Not after what you've done."

Fiyori's heart was pounding. And as disgusting as it was, she felt it in her throat. Felt the blood pulsating in it. Felt like it was about to burst out all at once. At any moment.

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
"You do what?"

Oh. That caught her off guard.

Fiyori was so absorbed in Georgia Lee, that she forgot she asked Olivia a question. Or, perhaps attempted to ask, but then gave up before anything of substance came out of her.

"I mean, of course. I wanted to ask you if you have... something like a cloth for me to clean my glasses. Please."

The funny thing was. She didn't notice it. The dust and the dirt collected on the specs over the few last days. They were kinda there, and Fiyori was in some way aware. But she didn't really contemplate them. Not until she herself gave it attention. It kinda irritated her now. Now, that she really saw it.

She grabbed unto the edge of her poncho. Maybe she could've used it to do some rough cleaning. Maybe. Fiyori looked away from Georgia Lee, and gave Olivia a smile. Maybe, she would, all circumstances aside, try her best and portray a friendly face for her.

It was raining.

Fiyori's head turned to the side. And she mustered the outside. It was, indeed raining. Fiyori could hear the rain fall and drop on the ground. Soft, faint, but present now that she knew. She could hear the occasional gust of wind howl. And she could hear it scatter on the hospital's wall. She moved a step to the window's side, but then halted. Her face turned to look at the shovel in GLD's hand. Then her eyes went up, and she saw something strange, something almost frightening in her ally's face.

Joy. Simply joy.

Fiyori let out a surprised gasp. That face had not been one Fiyori ever would have dared to see. It was another puzzle piece stemming from the great enigma that was Georgia Lee's heart, but for some reason. For some reason she wished was not existing, Fiyori caught herself smiling too. Genuinely, she relaxed the tense muscles of her face. The coy grin she gave Georgia Lee Day was sincere, a contrast to the polite smile she gave Olivia. For a moment, all was right again. For a moment, Fiyori smiled with Georgia Lee, and it was proof of a simple - maybe childish - moment of happiness they both shared.

"Yes, yes it is."

But then it was over. Because Fiyori knew. She knew she could not trust Georgia Lee. She could not trust her, and she could not love her.

Her face hardened, and she forced herself to look away.

Battle Royale Mafia Sign-Ups
I am socially pressured to say in

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
A few moments ago, Fiyori made a mental note of how - were the roles reversed - GLD would chide Fiyori for her actions. It came up again, in her mind, when Georgia Lee strutted to the door. The girl didn't bother asking Fiyori at all. Whether she thought it was a good idea, or what they should do now. It made her fucking salty, but she managed to hold her back so far and she won't let go because of that.

Still, Fiyori was a bit surprised. She would have, if asked, admitted to it. She knew Olivia Fischer. You knew - Fiyori knew everyone at Cochise, if not necessarily by name. But no, she knew Olivia. One of the smaller students, Fiyori would even out 5 feet as 'too high' of an estimate. Were somebody to place Olivia directly in front of Fiyori, the girl could engage in literal navel-gazing.

Fiyori leaned into the main room, saw Georgia Lee hugging Olivia. Saw it, and felt some sort of revulsion. She gulped it down, and walked towards the door. Perhaps it would have been the friendly, or maybe the polite thing if Fiyori smiled at Olivia. Gave her a wave of the hand, maybe a hug too. Some sort of welcoming gesture in accord with Georgia Lee's. Would've been nice, but Fiyori was looking at the back of her temporary ally.

She didn't believe it. Not a single inch of it. Georgia Lee Day, the woman Fiyori knew, would not simply hug somebody. And no, Fiyori did not believe that Olivia Fischer was the one exception to the rule. That hug, it was a form of manipulation. Something to lure Olivia in, to prepare her for her future role as an ally. As a momentary tool to advance Georgia Lee Day's interests. It was also a message, to Fiyori.

She hated it. But she knew what it was. She could see the shovel grasped firmly in her palms. She could see the eyes that followed Fiyori out of the periphery.

"Olivia..." Fiyori didn't look at the new arrival. "Do you... I mean, welcome."

The Greatest Sideshow on Earth
Lucilly would have done well to ignore the rain - or perhaps the drizzle - and she had done quite well for a while, until something. What something was, or rather what the sentence would be to constitute 'something' was unknown to her.

Something about the current situation of her concerned her. An understatement, and even Lucilly realized as such. Still, there was something even concerning that concerned her. Being concerned, of course, Lucilly would have to do something to stop being concerned.

She looked up to the sky. It was gray, and grayer yet. A few drops fell and splattered into her face. She ignored a few of them, but mind the ones which fell in her eyes.

The thing that concerned her, Lucilly realized, was the fact that she could not hear. Oh, her ears were fine and working as well as they always did, but standing by the door as she did, it was impossible to get a clear sight (listening sight?) of what was within the room.

Lucilly turned around, and stepped into the door frame.

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Lisa Toner (TV2)

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Fiyori Senay (v6)
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