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Bastard Mafia Fallout Thread
Sooo, what exactly made the compulsive part of my compulsive role?

everyone took all the witty titles
General Goose
Jan 27 2016, 12:55 PM
((Also looking for friends who would pull pranks on her))

My Friends Are Assholes
There it was! The moment everyone has been waiting for. At least, the moment Fiyori had been waiting for. It almost tired her, seeing all those people talking over each other, yet none accusing Fiyori. Ironic, perhaps. She was used to being prime suspect. Especially with stuff like that.

She took a big step, and lunged towards Jeremy.

Caedyn was working on his front, so Fiyori got up very close to his side. She hoped he'd attack her. She hoped that there was a bit more... attack behind the attack. A bit of logic, stuff that didn't make it so easy to dissect. Then again, with Darius as prosecutor and judge, Fiyori could see why he'd forsake logic. She would, too. Except she wouldn't because that'd be dumb and boring.

Here was to see that Jeremy made up with fortitude with what he lacked in finesse.

"Seriously man? Stealing food? Well, by all means. Because I did take some food. But where I came from, it's called eating. I can show you all about it later, if you want."

A genuine offer, by the way. There were some a new recipe she wanted to try. Got a bunch of pretty exotic herb combinations going on. Could use a test subject.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Oh, Prim - just a short question. I am not going to bother looking in the thread in case you already answered, so this is to you directly.

Do your investigation results come in a certain colour?

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
I suspect it wouldn't be a big secret to say that I am fine with lynching Tobes. Again, I cannot vote for him unless it is the hammer. Which is very dramatic, no?

I suppose I could try and bring up some logical points against him, but for me, this is mostly an issue of tone. Something reads about this homicidal rodent and it reads quite... strange. Cannot put a finger on it, might have to think about this later. After the game.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
So basically, if the cult leader died, penguin would have resumed recruiting powers for one night only, yes? In other words, the cult leader still exists and is not penguin?

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Also kinda important question:

@Mod, how much time do we have left?

My Friends Are Assholes
Ace Detective Darius van Dyke went all Ace Attorney on Jeremy. And to Fiyori's great surprise, Jeremy decided to play the game. There was a name for that. There certainly had to be. That moment when the sane guy just gives up. She loved when that happened, and it happened with Jeremy in that second. Fiyori chuckled at his display, and pondered for a moment. Should she maybe relent a little bit? No reason to drive Jeremy over the top. Then again, he seemed to take it fairly well. Made a suitable victim. Unlike Darius, whose mind was probably breaking. Not that she'd care about him, of course. He was an asshole.

Speaking of assholes, there was Bradley. She felt he deserved some flak, too. But that might make him talk even more. And that'd be an utter catastrophe. The occasional glare into his direction had to do for the moment.

Caedyn's remark was actually helpful. Helped her to decide.

"Fun fact: I was at the party too, and I saw you. Walking. Around. What an amazing twist, eh? So like, maybe try to think of a better alibi next time."

She tried to look stern. Brows furrowed and arms crossed. Cracked a smile at the end though. Oh well.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
We have confirmation that Lena and Tobes are lovers. But that's just it, they are lovers. That role has no bearing on any potential alignment of them, hasn't it?

So, like, personally? I am still for killing him.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread

Would you mind shooting Tobes like, right now this instant? I can already see some super smart reply coming from him that'll sway half the players or at least delay the lynch. And you know, I'd rather we have this piece of information confirmed right now and work from there on.

My Friends Are Assholes
Darius was kinda an idiot. That was an established fact. Darius was also kinda weird. Which, Fiyori guessed, was also established. What would he plan with the peanut butter? Fiyori had not the slightest idea. And frankly, she felt it'd be better for her mind to not know.

Jeremy on the other hand did not seem to be an idiot. At least, not in the way Darius was. You could actually see that moment of resignation in his eyes. That moment he sat down, and the moment he knew that he won't escape so easily. Not without suffering through more of Darius' inane questioning. Darius wasn't particularly good at this detective thing, wasn't he?

There was a moment of Bradley saying something again. This time, his 'joke' was so bland and tiresome, she had to pay him attention. Just to sigh grimmly in his general direction. Nothing more, of course.

On more important matters, Caedyn added some fuel - thanks Caedyn! - because Jeremy's mood was not... energetic enough. Fiyori agreed.

Jerry found himself weirded out, which was worth a smirk. Fiyori licked over her lips. Slowly. Carefully. Made sure every inch was covered.

"Knowing you, it might just as well be 'crazy'."

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
@people who write long profiles,

do you read the ultra-long profiles of other handlers?

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Oh hey I can hammer someone?


My Friends Are Assholes
Darius thought Caedyn was the cultprit. He didn't keep it to his thoughts, because obviously Fiyori wouldn't know it otherwise. Yes, he was very quick to ran towards Caedyn. It was actually quite the view, from where Fiyori was. Darius' face was at the level of Caedyn's chest, roughly. Looked kinda wrong. Not wanting to miss any of the... action, Fiyori trotted towards the pair just to see Caedyn giving his nose a quick lick.

So like, there were plans to keep her laughter down. Something about preserving the dramatic tension of the moment. Or maybe something about keeping her dignity. But that was the point of no return. She let out a bellowing laughter, and it came so sudden. As if somebody pierced a hydrogen-filled balloon with a burning match.

Either way, she was too busy. Too busy with being entertained that she couldn't understand what Bradley said at all. All she could hear was the sound of diarrhea being ejected, accompanied by the painful grunts of the damned.

Strange, no?

Jerry continued the thing that might pass as a conversion by talking about piss. Fiyori was sure there was some context involved, but she kinda missed that. Fortunately, he was graceful enough to offer an explanation of his intent. Not exactly context, but satisfying nonetheless.

Fiyori's eyes darted around the group. There wasn't much point in adding fuel, but...

"Well, Darius... personal opinion, my friend? I think it's Jeremy. You know, it's always the nice ones."

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Jan 6 2016, 04:44 PM
Mostly I'm just fishing for reactions.
I figured you were beginning to grow tired of people... seeming to be undecisive.

Ricky and Gianni's MUGEN challenge!
Well then, I will take part in this!

V6 Pregame Alignment Thread - Double Nothing is Still Nothing Edition
Fiyori Senay is LAWFUL GOOD, obviously. She's an angle. Uh, angel. Nothing but respect for the law and nothing but love for all mankind.

My Friends Are Assholes


"Oha ha ha ha haaa. And here I thought this'd be worth my time."

Actually, Fiyori expected that Darius would ask for his Nintendo. After all, she could remember the stuff that happened. There are people who could hold their liquor, and Fiyori was one of them. Which was good! Seeing shit like this unfolding was, for some parties, the only interesting thing going on.

Jeremy wanted clarifications about what he had to understand about the term 'Nintendo', because people might have thought he was intelligent and he couldn't have none of that. Jerry, on the other hand, 'gently' ripped another one into Darius. Ah, she liked that. People like Darius probably grew pretty bitter over those jokes.

Bradley 'I contribute nothing useful to the existence of mankind' Floyd came too. After experiencing a most difficult moral dilemma - it lasted whole 80 miliseconds - Fiyori decided to just ignore him. Hey, they shared middle names, but that was no reason to like one another.

She was planning to say something, but with so many people, certain dynamics began to flourish. Fiyori laid her head into her hands and grinned. She tried to make it appear innocently, but Cheshire would describe it better.

Caedyn wanted to leave, but seemed like Jerry had beef with her. Ah, teenagers. She knew how people were, and she hoped she'd be proven right once again.

Bastard Mafia Game Thread
Jan 5 2016, 09:46 AM
One more thing, why isn't anyone looking for scumreads on people who are actually quiet and might be PMing? What does everyone think about that?
Communication outside of sanctioned-by-the-gamemaster channels is absolutely forbidden.

The way you speak of quiet people using private messages makes me think that your role's power entails this ability to use PMs. Gut feeling, though.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Personally, I have trouble murdering Undyne.

Not for any emotional reason, mind you ; )