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Bikriki's Charming & Alluring v6 Character Workshop
Sweet! I'll put him on the list. I think Pregame'll help about the details of this relationship

Bikriki's Charming & Alluring v6 Character Workshop
I'm gonna go ahead and mention that Fiyori is female ;)

Before you need to do your spiel, she'd probably react fondly of his flirtations, but in general is a "free spirit" and would prefer him to be more that one friend for parties where nothing serious is going on.

Yeah, no idea on how they would view each other. I mean, I can imagine him playing poker, but aside from that he would view her as a rival

Bikriki's Charming & Alluring v6 Character Workshop
@MrMissMrsSenoraSenorHerrFräulein Random
Yes, though I imagine their shared interest in singing might be of more substance.

Bikriki's Charming & Alluring v6 Character Workshop
Greetings, fellow followers of juvenile jeopardy and hasty homicide.

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General Information


Abby Floyd ++
"Honestly, I think bluegrass is terrible, but... she gives me food."

Alice Baker +
"Don't say sorry without reason, idiot."

Nadia Riva +
"I'd laugh at you if you was to wear that to school, though."

Lily Cadwell +
Another girl appeared - Lola... or Lily, Fiyori wasn't that good with names.

Alessio Rigano +
Some guy called... Guy for now.

Ty Yazzie +++
"Gotta kill some time. Figured I bug you."

Bernadette Thomas ++
The two weren't particular close, no? It was a shame though, Fiyori kinda digged Bee.

Georgia Lee Day +++
The girl was gone. Fiyori breathed deeply once, and then began to laugh.

Enzo Gatti +
Chihuahua? Fiyori looked Enzo into the eyes, her head tilting just a bit in confusion.

Brendan Harte +++
"I'm your state-assigned study buddy. Got the whip down here in the bag."

Frederick Brea ++
If he were someone else, he would get some snappy answer. She'd have to be gentle with Rick, however.

Penelope Fitzgerald +
Fiyori stared over the girl, slowly munching salad.

Astrid Tate +
Oh boy. So Astrid was one of those people.

Rene Wolfe +
Rene, the chubby ghost of Kingman. Oh no, that kinda sounded mean.

Darius van Dyke ++
"Oh... hey Darius. How may I help, pal?"

Jeremy Frasier ++

Jerry Fury +
On the picnic table, Jerry. He was wider than her.

Caedyn Miller +
On more important matters, Caedyn added some fuel - thanks Caedyn!

Bradley Grant ++
All she could hear was the sound of diarrhea being ejected.

Danny Brooks +++
"To think that we could've been friends, and didn't... just because of... what happened. I'd hate to leave school with that memory."

Aiden Slattery +++

Isabel Ramirez +++

Alba Reyes ++

Welcome to New V6 Pregame Staff
so how about dem bribes