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Snack Eater
A shower of slight disgust went through Aileen. Sven, the other corpse she touched, was less chilling. Perhaps because he was definitely a fresher corpse than the one she checked at that moment. Or perhaps because Aileen could see Sven, while she was nearly totally blind in the dark.

"...a female. I think these are bullet holes, and... the body is one or two days old, I think?"

She slowly drew near to where the face was. There was only a very dim light, but Aileen's eyes adjusted to the dark. Not enough to see clearly, but enough to recognize the facial structures.

Then she remembered a tidbit from the announcements and realized whom she was looking at.

Aileen did not smile.

"Lauren. Alas, her bag is not on her body."

Aileen grabbed her stick and carefully stood up. Another wave of disgust came when she looked at her sleeves. Only now did the consequences of what she just has done appeared in her thought process.

Well, she'll just had to remember not to place her hand near her face in the next time.

"...maybe it's here, somewhere. But I doubt it."

Snack Eater
Aileen quickly followed Owen into the house. That was a mild mistake, because it made her leg hurt. She muttered a silent "fuck" before mentally cursing Hansel's name again for inflicting this pain on her.

But he'll have to pay later. First, Aileen refocused on the dark corridor in front of her and Owen on her side. She gave him a quick side glance and then continued with scanning the floor and walls. The decorations, she'd call them cheesy. Nothing that would Aileen scare too much usually. Usually.

Knowing that real danger was out and in there made the Haunted House just a tiny bit unsettling. Barely seeing anything made it worse.

"Well, then... let's go."

Aileen went forward, carefully using her stick to check the area in front of her. Occasionally, she would feel a wall, or a slight bump, but these would pose no greater problems. The decorations only got some minimal amounts of attention from Aileen. She had to focus completely on what was before her. Even with Owen nearby, she would be very displeased by suddenly tripping and falling down.

That thought angered her briefly, and the next move with her stick was a bit more powerful.

She hit something soft. Actually, no. That object also had some hard parts. And then there was this odd smell, which...

It took Aileen five seconds to realize what she just poked.

"I found a body. I'll check if there is a bag on it."

Thus she lowered herself, put the stick aside and began to check the cold corpse with her sleeve-covered hands.

Snack Eater
[Aileen Aurora Abdallah, continued
from The Things We Lost In The Fire]

Many, grandious words could be used to describe the many hours that passed since Aileen and Owen encountered Claire, Hansel and Sharon. And how they all left again.

Many, equally grandious words could be used to describe Aileen's feelings and thoughts. Her opinions and her goals.

But one word would be enough.

After Owen and Aileen spend the night in the club house, they had to leave in order to escape the impending danger zone. There was litte direction to where exactly they went. They knew what they needed - Food, Water, Weapons - but how they were supposed to get any of that was a bit unclear.

Aileen proposed searching for corpses who still had their bags. Notthat she would listen to a "No" anyway, but for the first time since a felt eternity, her voice carried a definite amount of doubt. Self-doubt.

It was a strange feeling. An unpleasant one. Like a massive boulder which someone - Hansel - put on all that she was.

However, there was someone who helped her carry that boulder. And that was enough, at least for the moment.

"We should check here."

Aileen pointed her walking stick at the entrance of the haunted mansion.

"Look at the window. Damaged, properly by a fight. Maybe we'll find someone's stuff in the dark."

She looked at Owen. Waited.

Rio Bravo
Zoe responded by calling Joachim's proposal a good idea. She then explained herself a bit more, but Joachim did not really listen. He could swear he just heard something, somewhere. Perhaps just a dusty old object hitting the floor in a not very distant distance. Or perhaps people moving into the school.

Then Zoe cut short her words as a voice rang out.

A familar one.

Joachim first looked at Zoe asking for the names of the intruders, and then at where the voice came from.

"Paris, no?"

Joachim swiftly licked his mischievously smiling, yet dry lips.

Rio Bravo
Joachim slowly blinked his eyes a few times. The darkness in the closet was even more powerful and he saw nearly nothing at first. Zoe explained that she found water. Water she needed as her own supply was as good as empty. Joachim himself slowly began to run out of water. On day one, when he was at the living site, he figured that the water bottles would be enough for a week at least.

Of course, back then, he did not expect the amount of physical activity he would do.

Just the tiniest ray of the outside light fell through one of the full water bottles, creating a momentary, small and short-lived, almost insignificant reflection that allowed Joachim to see the crate at the floor, opened violently with Zoe's machete.

He took five bottles and stored them in his bag as Zoe explained that she'd rather move on as quickly as possible.

"Well, we got water here. And food? We can find some lone student and rob him. Or even a little group, if the situation is right.

...and what about shelter?"

Rio Bravo
[Joachim Lovelace, continued from I believe people can change, but only for the worse]

To be blunt, the fact that Joachim got out of the woods without Zoe stabbing him in the back - or even the front - was surprising. He had some very major doubts regarding her sanity, which made the whole concept of 'mutual assured destruction' a bit less credible to describe what kept these two people from killing each other.

Maybe it was this uncertainity that kept Joachim, though. This meta-stable mind of Zoe, which was hiding something from Joachim, piked his curiousity. She told him her motives, and he told her his. Her's felt... odd, which only intensified Joachim's curiousity. An aura of mystery and danger emitted from Zoe, so to say, and Joachim was drawn to this aura like a cat is drawn to catnip.

Whether he would remember that curiousity tends to kill cats with relative ease was another matter.

At some point, they reached school buildings. Like Zoe, Joachim looked out for any danger before entering the school via a fire exit, though not the one Zoe took.

It became obvious that he entered an elementary school. As much as time nagged at the objects like a dark animal slowly devouring it's unconcious victim, Joachim could muster up some posters instructing the reader on how to eat healthy. There seemed to be at least one in every class room. Addtionally, he found some lunch boxes - less by actually seeing them in the dark and more because he smelled rotten food. Someone opened these recently, maybe Zoe, maybe somebody else.

The dark silence engulfing Joachim was disturbed once he heard somebody have a coughing fit somewhere. Joachim was annoyed for a second. Not because it signaled the presence of another person - hopefully Zoe? - but because it destroyed the eerie atmosphere which Joachim enjoyed. His annoyance was gone when Zoe announced herself, stating that she had found something.

"I'm coming."

It wasn't difficult for Joachim to find Zoe. He felt he was a rather auditive person, who was good at using his ears. He seemed to be correct, as he soon stood before a door, which he slowly opened to find Zoe in a closet.

"You found something?"

The Things We Lost in the Fire
It all seemed so easy in her head. All so easy.

But now there was a searing pain coming from her legs and there was Hansel and Owen and that girl and they all seemed to be frozen in time. She looked at Hansel. Williams. Serial murderer. Fucking cowboy wannabe. And he shot... was that him? Yes, Hansel shot at her.

Hansel shot at her... shot at her...Hansel...

Aileen could hear her name being called out before she went to the ground.


There he was. Saying something. Thinking he is the shit just because he has a gun. Just because she shot her.


Then something else happened, Aileen couldn't make out what. But Hansel was hit. And then she registered another few shots - no, not a shot. That was Hansel smacking his hostage - , and then... he... he took their bags. He bolted. Coward. Son of a bitch. Motherfucker.


I am going to kill you...


Chop your fucking corpse into thousand pieces


Feed them to the animals

Ha- I... I’m so sorry, Aileen...


Slowly, anger faded, leaving only pain behind. Aileen realized that Owen was doing something with her legs. She realized that another person just arrived. Aileen felt as if she had to say something. This was her realm of expertice. Her skills... her duty.

Owen said something, and Aileen nodded.

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I believe people can change, but only for the worse
Zoe admitted that she looked for people as well. Not necessarily very shocking or odd, but Joachim was nonetheless surprised, if very little, by that statement. Perhaps she was not very successful. Or, what Joachim found to be far more likely, she was looking for people whose lifes she wished to take.

'Not dying for somebody's crusade', no?

Joachim wasn't sure whether she heard her name on the announcements, thus could not know whether she has killed someone yet or not. Frankly though, he felt that this question would be answered soon one way or the other.

Then something happened that did surprise Joachim. Startled him, made him take a few steps back and, if ever so slightly, made his grip on the gun tighter. The bodies of the small animals hit the floor. When the first fell, Joachim flinched, but remained vigilant. The girl had a freak-out, and Joachim mind could not bring forth a single idea which would tell him what to do.

Not a single... except for 'Kill her'.

Joachim stared at Zoe... It seemed to be the right way to act. Fuck everything else, just shoot. Or take out the knife and stab her until she is nothing but a mass of flesh laying on the forest ground. Joachim licked his lips, the thought of charging the hysteric girl, try to overcome the dangers a person in such a state of mind would pose... the thought was more than appealing.

But then she calmed down. And then with one question Joachim felt something new.

Can you get me out of this forest?


"Alright, get your things ready and we're going... somewhere else.

And then I'll listen, 'kay?"

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I believe people can change, but only for the worse
At least he was honest. Joachim weakly smirked at that and not for long, either. Still, he took it as some sort of compliment, even if he knew that it was not meant to be one. Grasping for straws, he guessed.

Then she asked him why exactly he was approaching her. ...an actually quite good question. Why was he talking with her again? What was the meaning, the purpose? He wanted to find Jaq, and he could ask Zoe whether she saw his companion. Should ask her, perhaps. But that wasn't the reason he approached her in the first place.

This was certainly the trickiest question, because Joachim did not really know the answer. Which meant that he should improvise.

"Well, I kinda didn't know what to do. I mean, I have to find my ally - Jaquilyn Locke - but aside from that I have no idea what exactly I should do now."

...actually, that seemed to fit very well. No idea what to do know, and he talked to Zoe because he hoped she'd give him some spark, some initial ignition. A reasonable hypothesis, Joachim figured.

The Things We Lost in the Fire
Aileen was taken a bit back by Owen's sudden withdrawal. She realized that, again, something was wrong. Because of course she could not have her happiness. It would make things far too easy.

Then she turned around and her annoyance turned into alertness.

Hansel Williams. Oh, and some girl he's holding hostage, but that wasn't really Aileen's concern. Aileen never liked the wannabe cowboy. For various reasons, but mostly because she found him to be the very definition of 'pathetic' and 'hypocritical'. If he wasn't holding a gun, she'd make fun of him. Saying how funny it was to see that prudish 'good', 'christian' boy turn into a murderer who'd stain the name of his family.

But he had a gun, even if it was pointed at somebody Aileen cared little about, and that meant a different approach was necessary. Slightly different.

His hostage muttered an apology before Owen moved to picking his bag up. Aileen wasn't stopping him, though she was very sure not to give Hansel what he wanted. Owen asked Hansel about his point, then. That was an idiotic question, in Aileen's fair and humble opinion, given how obvious the answer seemed. But maybe it'd have some use.

Aileen took her own bag into her hands, swinging it lightly. Slowly, she went towards Hansel and his hostage, pretending to comply to his wills. But she'll have none of that. The moment Hansel opened his mouth to justify his own heinous behavior, she'd try and crash her bag against Hansel or his gun. If Girl or Owen were competent enough, they'd use this moment of distraction to charge Hansel. If not... well...

then she could only hope that his aim was as shitty as his ability to speak.