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If Joachim mind it? Rhetoric questions are all fine and nice, but seriously, just sliding off? Well, for that, a place just got free. Joachim's face brightened slightly. He noticed that Megan and the boy with T talked about Tarot cards. Not really sure he could contribute anything from this conversation, he swiftly claimed the spot that just got free.

From there, he could watch the other students. He might know nothing about Tarot cards, but maybe he'll find something interesting in that conversation, if he understands anything, that is. Eitherway, Joachim got his favorite place, so that already was a nice little gain.

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Jan 28 2013, 10:56 PM
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*shoves sleeves up*

What're we waiting for?

Joachim listened to the summary. It sounded... well, it was nothing that immediately chained Joachim. Didn't matter, still sounded like something he could try out.

"...I'll see into it."

He sensed someone approaching, so he turned his head around to see who it was. Megan Something. Joachim remembered that she has something to do with the school band. She waved at the other boy, but didn't step closer. Apparently, she didn't want to interrupt this conversation. Or maybe she too shy and doesn't want to step near Joachim. He turned back to the boy.

"A friend of yours?"

There was this weird tension in the air. Partly caused by the short silence, partly because of one of the most obvious statements ever. Anyway, the recommendation was called "Smoke and Bone". some mix of fantasy and horror.

"...why sh... what is it about?"

It sounded interesting from the genre, and the name, but Joachim wasn't really into the mood to go looking for the book and then being disappointed by a lame story. So better ask now, then find out later.

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Very well, I can throw Aileen Aurora Abdallah in.

The other boy noticed Joachim's presence. He put the book aside and greeted Joachim in a friendly tone. He also noticed that Joachim would have liked to sit in his place. This was true, but since Joachim had no book at hand anyway, it'd be unpolite to occupy the place.

"Yeah, I wanted to sit there, but I have no idea what to read, so..."

Joachim shrugged, not enterly sure how to finish this sentence and looked at the ceiling, as if the words were stuck above his head. He hoped a little that the other boy might have a recommendation, then Joachim would have something to do at least.

[Joachim Lovelace, continued from wherever he came from]

Normally, Joachim preferred the school's own library. It was nice and cozy, and it offered a place to spend the breaks in. Of course, if one is not in school, they cannot enter the school library. That is most annoying if one had an argument with their family, and wants to escape.

Fortunately, public libraries exist.

Joachim strut through the halls, not searching for anything particular. Maybe he'd grap a book that looks interesting. Either way, he first wanted to make sure that his favorite place was free. A little corner, near a window, creating a bright atmosphere. It was a nice place to read, but from time to time, he found someone else there.

There was someone this time. A young male, Joachim knew he went to school with him, but the name escaped him for the moment. Something with T. Whatever his name was, Joachim wasn't really happy about him being here, but it'd be illogical for Joachim to be mad at that boy.

He continued to stare at the boy, not sure if he wanted to approach him.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
Looks like I got my cue to leave the game.

...yeah, I get out now.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
Very well... since day phase will end soon (that came fast), I shall add my vote to this lynch. Maybe it will help.

VOTE: Bacon

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Joachim was relieved that no more incidents occured, and once the bell rang, he quickly packed his belongings and left the room.

[Joachim Lovelace, continued elsewhere]

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
Hm... Rocky said that the last quarter of a bandwagon likely contains scum. It appears to be true, as Alko flipped scum. Now... Mara was the hammer, but he hestitated at first, although pretty much the entire active town voted for Mimi. Sadly, we cannot really ask Zabriel about that, although I think it is an interesting detail.

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
This one is tricky. Due to the "success" of the last lynch and the fact that we are slowly becoming low on numbers make me rather cautious.

At the moment, I only would like to know why Courtney is so conversative with her votes.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
...oops, I totally forgot I had Saul to read. My apolgies for that. However, I request that you put him back on the list, as I think that I won't find motivation to read a whole character's story anytime soon.

Indulgence is really too dark. When I first saw the site I was like "Oh holy crap, no!" because of how unreadable it was.