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Survivor: Philippines Discussion
Well... stuff certainly happened this episode.

Abi-Maria seems to be going slightly off the rails. RC may want to consider a new alliance partner.

Skupin hurt himself again. I swear he's hurt himself more in these two episodes than Boo did in all of Fiji.

Penner got the idol! If he plays his cards just right, he may get himself right back into this game.

Well, Matsing lost again, and they kicked off Roxy. Personally, I think that they should have booted Angie due to her dragging them down in the challenge, but apparently they had other ideas.

Matsing is a total disaster of a tribe. I hope they don't end up getting Ulonged.

The Mafia Waiting List
Sorry, guys, I have to cancel King of the Hill Mafia. I had a massive computer problem yesterday and I could only save the necessary files.

How I Spent My Suspension
With the heat finally off of him, Adonis finally resumed his game of skee-ball. He was beginning to rack up a very good score. In no time, he was down to his last ball. As long as he didn't screw up and get a 10, then he would at least tie the high score.

"Oh come on!"

The sudden outburst broke Adonis' concentration, causing his throw to go off balance. His ball flew up the ramp at an awkward angle, hitting the board right outside of the 20-point ring and rolling down to the 10-point hole. Game over.

Dammit! Why does that keep happening?

Adonis fished around his pocket for another token, only to come up empty. No more tokens means no more skee-ball, and no more skee-ball means no more shots at the high score. He irritably grabbed the tickets that the machine ejected and walked away from the game. Today was not a victory for Adonis Alba.

Maybe I can at least get something outta these tickets...

((Adonis Alba continued elsewhere...))

Survivor: Philippines Discussion
Well, crap. The person I was most excited about this season ended up getting sent home first.

Well, at least Penner's still there...

Rationally Early
Matt let Cassidy, Sophie, and Dave have a go at the refreshments table first before he grabbed anything. Sophie got a few plates and filled them with various desserts from the table, and Cassidy got herself some punch, as well as filling up a glass for him. She smiled at him, and he smiled back.

Matt took a hard look at the refreshment table for himself. He saw finger sandwiches, vegtables, cheese plates, and little hot dogs on toothpicks, which he honestly did not know actually existed until this point. Loading a tray with a couple sandwiches, cheese cubes, and tiny sausages, he turned around to see Cassidy looking at Dave and Sophie. Apparently something had happened, or one of them had said something, but Matt had been too busy focusing on the refreshments to notice what had occurred. Noticing that Cassidy was holding her glass in the air, Matt did the least awkward thing he could think of in this situation and lightly tapped his glass against Cassidy's.


How I Spent My Suspension
One by one, the group of students that had congregated near Adonis started to back off. Sean first, then the tiny blonde girl shortly after. Ripley gave him some words, but she turned away too. The redhead, the smallest of the whole group, was the last to look away. She seemed to be focused on Ripley now, for whatever reason. Still, at least no one was giving him shit anymore. A couple moments ago, they were all looking at him as if he was going to chuck one of the skee-balls at their heads. He clearly sounded annoyed when he opened his mouth to speak.

"Can I get back to my game now?"

Persy decides to draw
If you don't mind, I'd like to request Yumi Nunes from The Program v2.