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V5 Second Announcement
Adonis Alba: A fuck-up right to the bitter end.

Aura Has a Blog
Well... actually I've only ever beaten one Legend of Zelda game, Wind Waker. I did really enjoy it, though.

Right now I'm in the middle of a 3-part article about Sonic Riders. I'm looking at the worst gears in the game, then the best, then the Chaos Emerald. After that, I'm doing another 3-parter where I rank all of the robots from the first series of Robot Wars.

V5 Second Announcement
I'm waiting until only Joachim and Jaq are left in "Interstice of Time" so that they can do a timeskip. Then Adonis will enter and everything will proceed as planned.

Aura Has a Blog
Hey everyone. I started a blog recently, and I've been working on it ever since (hence my erratic posting schedule). I thought that you might want to see it, so I decided to make a thread here explaining it.

Basically, I write about video games, food and writing, but I'm planning on branching out to also having articles on anime, wrestling, reality TV, and combat robots.

The blog is here, in case you're interested. Feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you.

~ Aura

V5 Second Announcement
Hey. I've got Adonis' death all planned out, but the thread I need is still clearing out. Could I get maybe a two-day extension on his death?

Stand Your Ground(s)
((Since Adonis is rolled and death rights are nabbed, I'll be getting him out of your hair now))

So it turns out that Corey doesn't like Adonis. Big fuckin' surprise. Plus, apparently letting Adonis into their group would make everyone else attack them, even though Corey and his gang are the only people who've reacted to him that way other than the asshole cowboy on the island.

Adonis just shrugged and responded. "Fine. I can see when I'm not wanted. Have fun in your little hidey-hole. Just don't leave everyone else for dead just because you don't like 'em, all right?"

Adonis turned around and left. He didn't need to take Corey's crap. He could find his own way to survive. He was tough enough to get by, and he knew it.

((Adonis Alba continued elsewhere...))

We'll Never Fall, We'll Never Fade
Matt nodded when Cassidy mentioned the park. "Sounds good. Let's head out."

He diligently followed along, making sure to keep up with Cassidy whilst keeping tabs on Leona. It wouldn't do to lose someone in the middle of the forest, after all.

((Matt Masters continued elsewhere...))

BDA Quote Nomination: Thread #2
"And don't- don't even think about tryin' to fuckin' threaten me again"

Stand Your Ground(s)
Adonis stood there dumbfounded as everyone except the guy with the shotgun started filing into the cafeteria. They were totally ignoring him! They were completely willing to just leave him to die out there! He threw up his hands and called out one more time in a last-ditch effort to get some shelter.

"Come on! I already had to deal with Hansel the cowboy and a guy with a gun bigger than I am! Then you guys have to point guns at me and shut me out? Come on, I just need someplace to calm down and hide out for a while. Is that too much to ask?"

He continued to stand in front of the cafeteria doors, in hopes that someone would have a change of heart and let him in.

V5 Second Announcement
Aw, man... two rolls in a row?

I've just hit a turning point in Adonis' story, and I really, really want him to stay alive, so Hero Cards would be very, very much appreciated.

We'll Never Fall, We'll Never Fade
Matt stood by as Cassidy backed off for a moment, beaming like the sun. She started to talk to Leona, and Matt realized that it might look weird that he was just walking with another girl. Now, Matt wouldn't dream of cheating on Cassidy, and he was pretty sure that she knew that as well. Still, he felt that he had to explain the current situation.

"Uh... Cassidy, this is Leona. She's looking for someone, too, and I thought that it would be best if we all searched together."

He held Cassidy's hand when she reached out towards his. At least one thing on this island was going well at the moment.