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Mimi's Sprite Station v2
If it's not too much trouble, Could you please add Yumi Nunes to the queue?

Rationally Early
All four of them were pretty excited about the night to come. If anything, they would at least have a good night of fun and music, and that sounded just fine to Matt.

He noticed Cassidy grabbing a couple of glasses off the table and extending one towards him. Matt took the glass, said a small word of thanks, and looked towards the refreshment table. He walked over to it in order to get a closer look. He saw various little finger foods on the table, some appeared more appetizing than others. In the middle of the table was a large bowl of punch. Matt was about to grab the ladle of the punch bowl, but he stopped himself. It didn't seem polite to just start drinking the punch before anyone else got a chance. He looked over to the rest of the group and gestured his arm towards the refreshment table.

"Ladies first."

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Well, what can I say. I did what I could, and That's all I could do.

Remember, fellow townies! You can still win! With the power of friendship combined with the Elements of Harmony, you can banish those lousy mafia to oblivion! You can do it, guys!

Survivor: Philippines Discussion
The first episodes of Survivor that I ever saw were at the tail-end of Africa, so I never got to see Michael "Swineslayer" Skupin back in Australia. I'm pretty sure that this is the longest that anyone's ever gone between their initial appearance and return, so let's hope that he's still as enjoyable as ever.

Jonathan Penner, I'm really looking forward to, partially due to his appearances on the Funny 115 (a list of the funniest Survivor moments. If you have some free time, I suggest checking it out.). Last time we saw him was in Micronesia, powering through his last challenge despite a debilitating leg injury. He should be interesting.

The one I'm happiest about is Russell Swan a.k.a. "Good Russell" from Samoa. The guy was a great leader to his tribe, and I was really disappointed when he went out due to pushing himself too hard. His evacuation was one of the saddest Survivor moments that I can remember. If anyone deserves a second chance, it's him.

Survivor: Philippines Discussion
CBS just listed the returning players. What do you think of their choices?

Rationally Early
As Matt looked around the room, he noticed two newcomers approaching himself and Cassidy. The new couple turned out to be Sophie McDowell and Dave Russell. He didn't know Sophie too well, but she seemed pretty nice. Dave, on the other hand, Matt knew quite well. He had seen Dave working at the center occasionally, and he certainly respected anyone that would give their own time to help someone else. Matt smiled and nodded as the two came over to greet them.

"Sophie. Dave. Nice night, isn't it?"

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
Isn't it ironic how Skraal started the game by pretending to be Applejack, and now he's about to get lynched because he (probably) fakeclaimed as Applejack?

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
...I retract my previous statement about Skraal's identity...

VOTE: Skraal

I know of the Elements of Harmony power, penguin_alien explained it to me. I have no doubt that Whirly's telling the truth.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread

Well, I can at least take solace in the fact that my initial guess at Skraal's identity was right.

Being the New Kid Sucks
Jake Mordetsky was just finishing his first day of junior year. It would have been his first day of sophomore year, but he had taken a test over the summer to determine whether he was smart enough to jump directly from freshman to junior, and he passed with flying colors. He had a little extra work compared to the other students, but in the big picture it was worth it to have one less year of school, as well as a one year head start on college.

Pretty much nobody noticed him at Aurora High during his freshman year, mostly due to his tendency to stay away from crowds and not talk very much. The first day of junior year wasn't much different, since he had been staying out of everyone's way just as much as he had done during freshman year. He fully expected to go the rest of high school without being noticed by anyone.

As Jake was making his way down the hall, he tripped over something, sending him crashing to the ground. He felt quite a bit of pain as his heavy backpack landed directly on top of him. With a groan, he lifted himself into a sitting position and saw the oblect he had tripped over, which happened to be someone's foot. Jake looked up and saw that the foot belonged to a much larger, much more intimidating student. He shakily tried to apologize to the larger student.

"Uh... s-sorry..."

How I Spent My Suspension
Well, Sean was mad at Adonis about the fight in the cafeteria. Great, just when he was starting to get over it, someone had to come up and remind him of it. Still, Adonis had to give Sean props for having the balls to come out and tell him off instead of hiding like a wimp. If Adonis were in his situation, he probably would have done the same thing.

What Adonis didn't appreciate, though, was the fact that a small army of girls was beginning to surround Sean. The last thing that Adonis needed right now was even more people telling him how awful he apparently was. He wasn't too familiar with most of the girls, but there was one in the group that he was all too familiar with. That was Alex Ripley, Miss Bully-Hunter herself. She was always getting in his hair whenever he was having a little fun screwing with people, and of all people to be on his back right now, she had to be one of them.

Great. Just freaking fantastic.

Adonis looked at the group of students confronting him. "Look, I know you're pissed and all, but I really don't wanna have to deal with this shit right now. I just wanna play some skee-ball and forget all this crap, so can you just do me a favor and get off my back?"

Mimi's Sprite Station v2
Matt looks AWESOME! I love the detail put into his shirt and pants, it really looks like what I had in mind when I pictured him.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread

Sorry about becoming Karkat for a second, but seriously, we have had way too many roleclaims for Day 2.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
If we're only getting halfway into Season 2, then there's no way that Queen Chrysalis is part of the Mafia, since she only appears in the second season finale.

I'm not feeling the Bikriki bandwagon. It feels a little too similar to what happened to me in v4 Mafia, where I was lynched for voicing my suspicion that there was a serial killer in a Mafia game based on SOTF. Skraal seems far more suspect to me, what with his voting patterns and such.

VOTE: Skraal

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
OK, here's what I got in my one night of night communication:

Slamexo is a hazard to whoever he is not aligned with. Since he is probably town, though, this is a moot point.

The other interesting thing I got has to do with Skraal. In his first post of the first day, where he voted for bacon, he said something strange, and I quote...

Voting for bacon 'cause ah'm hungry.

Now, the way he wrote that seemed to suggest an attempt at a southern drawl, which would lead us to believe that he is either Applejack or Apple Bloom with a posting restriction.


After his first post, all hints of the accent disappeared, so the possibility that it's only the first post of each day phase that's affected mae itself known. Skraal never used the southern accent in a post again, and that makes me a little suspicious. One theory that penguin_alien provided is that he was planning on faking a post restriction, but decided against it after his first post.

I know that all of this probably sounds like "Corbin Bernsen on Celebrity Mole" levels of paranoia, but I think that it deserves to be looked into.

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
...Well, this is a heck of a thing to find after coming home from school...

I guess it's time to come clean. I'm Spike, and I'm the other LOVER.

My bad luck has struck again, and I will once again be eliminated from Mafia early. I'll be sharing my night-chat once I finish my homework. I didn't get much over that one night, but I may be able to help out the town with what I do have.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
I'm afraid that I'm going to have to drop the character I was supposed to read, Autumn O'Leary. I forgot about the Read-a-Thon for a while, and now that I'm going back to college, I'm afraid I won't have the time to read her story in full.

Rationally Early
((Matt Masters has entered the prom))

As Matt walked through the door, he looked around at all of the prom decorations. The teachers had really gone all out in their decorating. There were balloons, chairs, and banners proclaiming that it was prom. The whole room had a feeling about it that Matt himself couldn't really describe.

Matt himself felt somewhat out of place, partially due to his less-than-perfect outfit. He'd had enough money left over to buy some nice pants and shoes, but other than that, all he had was a long-sleeved white shirt with a black suit jacket that Oscar had lent him for the occasion. It wasn't bad, per se, he was actually dressed nicer than he had in years. He just felt a little odd that he was pretty much wearing a hand-me-down jacket at a social event that most high schoolers spend extraordinary amounts of money on.

He looked down at his side and saw Cassidy. Her hair was done perfectly and she was wearing a majestic red dress. In Matt's eyes, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and he considered himself lucky to be at the prom with her. She smiled at him, and he returned the favor with a smile of his own.

"This is so exciting!! Where should we sit??"

Matt surveyed the room. Since almost nobody else was there, pretty much every seat in the room was up for grabs.

"Well, I guess we can sit anywhere we want. Good thing about getting here early's that none of the seats are taken."

My Little Pony Mafia - Game Thread
I don't agree with the bandwagon against Un-Persona because it began with someone going "lynch the newbie" and a bunch of other people just piled on votes for no logical reason. The last thing that we want to do is start the game with a joke lynch.

I say that we all calm down and think about this a little more rationally.

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Okay, I will admit to having a little bit of trouble with realism in pregame, partially due to never actually going to high school (I was homeschooled from the fourth grade up). As a result, I'm not really sure how high school kids interact with one another due to a lack of personal experience. I am aware that a couple of my characters can be pretty outrageous at times (*coughAdoniscoughStaceycough*), but I'm honestly trying my hardest, and I think I'm getting better at it.

Other than my own screw-ups, I haven't really noticed anything in pregame that seems too out of the ordinary. At the very least, there's nothing like the various shenanigans that took place during v3 pregame.