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Taking Requests for Character Art
Would it be okay if I requested my SC2 cast, Adonis and Yumi?

Candice was confident in her supply, but Bryony was fresh out. It didn't take any more provocation than that for Alice to reopen her pack and take another look at her remaining food. There wasn't much to speak of. One and a half bottles of water, about three-quarters of a piece of bread, and a slightly smushed energy bar. Not glamorous or filling by any stretch of the imagination, but it was food, and food kept her alive.

And it was going to keep Bree alive too.

With a bit of hesitation, Alice tore off almost half of her bread chunk and removed the half-empty bottle of water from her pack. She stood up with a little difficulty, trying to focus on her stronger leg, and brought the foodstuffs over to Bryony. She tapped her hungry friend on the shoulder and extended the items in her hand to her, holding them almost directly in her face.

"Take it." She instructed. "It's better than nothing."

V6 Reduced Activity Notices
I'm back and ready to devote attention to this again.

V6 Reduced Activity Notices
I'll be on a family vacation for the next week, so I won't be able to stick around much.

((Alice Baker continued from Tea Party with Death at Dawn))

Finally got it...

Alice limped onto the scene a bit late. The wound on her leg had reopened recently, so she had fallen a bit behind as she took the time to redress it. She had hoped that would be the end of it, but she had woken up to discover that the bandage had been bled through again. On the bright side, she was becoming a natural at tending to her own injuries, but the fact that her wound was not healing well did little to give her confidence.

She had listened to her group's concerns about their food supplies, and took a little time to search through her own bags to find out how well she was doing. Her rations were, to put it nicely, bare-bones. By her approximation, she had enough to last maybe a day and a half, possibly even two days if she stretched it. Either way, it wasn't a huge amount. "Not much on my end. Maybe a little over a day's worth." She reported.

She stepped out of the way while Sandra left for... whatever reason she may have had. She flinched a little as she put more weight on her newly re-bandaged leg and slowly brought herself into a sitting position. She looked between her two companions, both of whom seemed to be feeling the effects of a spartan, barely-filling diet. She placed her hand on her pack, slowly sliding towards the zipper, wondering if what she was about to ask was really the wisest option. But looking at the others, she really couldn't avoid it.

"Do you want to split some of mine?"

Tea Party with Death at Dawn
Yeah, Sandra had the right idea. Maybe it was better if they got a move on now instead of sticking around. They needed to get prepared, find some supplies and arms. They couldn't accomplish that by just sitting still.

Alice sat up, wincing a bit as she put pressure on her injured leg. She walked to catch up with Sandra, feeling a jolt every time her freshly bandaged leg hit the ground. Maybe it would have been better if she had given herself more time to rest, but this was not a normal situation where she could wait to heal. The rest of the island would keep moving no matter what she did, so it was in her best interest to be proactive.

She retained some quiet concerns over the ordeal, but figured that they could wait until they reached their next destination, wherever it was.

((Alice Baker continued elsewhere...))

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
Rene looks incredible! Thanks Kotorikun!

Who are these people?

Yeah, all of those sound pretty good! I'll send you a PM to talk more about it.

V7 Sprites!
These are cool! Would it be all right if I requested Aleksandra?

Aleksandra Prudius

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
Whoa, that looks really good!

Would it be okay if I requested Rene?

Rene Wolfe