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And Then A Star.....
((Rene Wolfe continued from Skeletons and Spaghetti))

Clothes shopping was definitely not very high on Rene's list of enjoyable activities. Most of the time she couldn't find anything she liked, which meant that it almost always came down to her going home and shopping online after having wasted hours searching around town that could have been spent doing other things. More specifically, things that she actually liked to do, and did not do merely out of necessity.

If nothing else, she could at least take comfort in the fact that she only had to do this about twice a year on average.

The selection was, as usual, quite underwhelming, at least from her point of view. She could deal with the options for pants and the like, but she was very particular about shirts. She did not like shirts that were, in her words, "boring". Why take a plain shirt over one that actually has some graphic design work put into it? That philosophy led to her wardrobe containing only two shirts without any designs on them, and those were formal wear. After all, isn't a shirt with, say, a dapper skeleton in a top hat on it better than a solid color or a Coke logo? Rene certainly thought so.

As she expressed silent disapproval over the shirts on display, Rene came across a couple of girls she recognized from school. She wouldn't describe Scarlett and Rea as super-great friends or anything like that, but they seemed pretty all right to her, even if she thought that Rea needed to learn to take a joke every once in a while. Scarlett was trying to call someone named Jerry over of the conversation. Rene decided to stick around for a while. After all, it wasn't like she had anything else to do at the moment.

"Jerry? Nah, name's Rene. Good guess, though."

Skeletons and Spaghetti
Rene just sat there awkwardly for a moment after everyone left. Come to think of it, maybe she should have tried to say something at one point.

Ow well, water under the bridge now. Class started in five minutes, and she would be damned if she was going to hand in her history homework late. She tossed her lunchbag and went on her way.

((Rene Wolfe continued elsewhere))

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
I'd like to apologize for my crippling inactivity over the past few months. A lot of things have been happening for me lately, and I couldn't find the time to work on pregame nearly as much as I'd like.

V6 Roll Call
Barry, Bart, and Rene are all set to go!