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Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Mafia Fallout Thread
Jul 28 2015, 11:44 AM
Because I'm an idiot.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Yeah, I'm on board for this plan.

Vote: Un-Persona

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Uh... okay. This threw me for a loop.

I investigated Un-Persona, and he flipped scum.

So, uh... that's a thing, I guess.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
I'm pretty positive that Un's town, although I'll investigate him this phase if you want.

Also, since everyone else seems to be doing it...


Vote: MK Kilmarnock

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
I'd really like it if Vyse made a full claim, honestly. Unless it's something viable, then I'm not changing my vote.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Okay, I think I'm more on MK's side in this debate now... even though he's confirmed non-town.

Man, this is an unusual game...

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
I have to say, Vyse is making a pretty good argument here. I mean, MK's already confirmed non-town, so is his word really that trustworthy?

What do the rest of you think?

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
I admit I'm a little sketchy about this plan, but if everyone else wants to do it, then I might as well...

Vote: Vyse

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Man, I don't think I'm ever going to get over how weird it is to have Ibuki killing people...

Anyway, I investigated Vyse last night, and he came back Town. I was suspicious because he was filling in for DUckyB, who we were really suspicious of, but Vyse immediately voted with us to take out Ime.

So yeah, I'm not sure whether to read this as a legit townie or a potential Godfather.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Yeah, if we have a protective role, then I'd really appreciate it if they would target me tonight. I have a feeling that I won't be left in the game much longer otherwise.

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
This one's probably your best work yet. I love how he looks horrified at himself.

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
This thread has made today a wonderful day.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
By claiming to be a Survivor, MK has not only destroyed Ime's JOAT claim, but his own townclaim as well. He proved that Ime could not have possibly used a Lie Detector ability to prove him to be town, because he just straight-up said that he isn't town.

The First Mistake
"A band?" Barry said between mouthfuls of pizza. "That's cool. I never was much good at music myself. I could play the heck out of a triangle in first grade, though." He chuckled at his own joke before taking a bite out of the crust.

Things really settled down after everyone stopped joking. The air seemed to get more chill, and they all just seemed to be appreciating the moment. Or maybe Barry was just doing that, and he liked to imagine that the others were as well. Either way, it was relaxing. A pretty nice moment, all things considered.

... A nice moment that faded away all too soon, and the last piece of pizza crust disappeared into his mouth and began its long journey through his digestive system. Faced with a clean tray, he now ha a decision to make. Stick around and chat, or walk out and get ready for his next class. He checked the clock. He still had enough time to get everything in order with a few minutes to spare. Yeah, that seemed like a good plan.

"All right, I think that's it for me." He said to the group, getting out of his seat. "Thanks for the chat. It was pretty fun." He brought his tray to the return area and walked out of the cafeteria, off to prepare for the latter half of the school day.

((Barry Banks continued elsewhere...))

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
MK Kilmarnock
Jul 13 2015, 03:56 AM
This kind of wrecks your spoiler, so I guess I have to post mine in a spoiler as well:

Spoiler: click to toggle
That's true, but...

Spoiler: click to toggle

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Um... really? Chiaki Nanami as the survivor?

Well... I know that flavor hasn't meant much this game, but if there was a survivor, then I don't think it would be...

Spoiler: click to toggle

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
I've noticed that you keep saying that I waited until we got confirmation that Bikriki would be modkilled before coming forward with my claim.

To that, I'd like to point out that I specifically said that I wanted to wait until we heard Ime's "Lie Detector" results before posting my claim.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Okay, I'm going to clarify why I've never placed a vote on Ime despite knowing that she was scum since Night 1.

See, I'm an extremely paranoid player, and I thought that if I made it obvious that I was aiming for her, then the scum would pick up on that and nightkill me before I got to reveal my findings. That's why I basically made myself into a nonfactor each round, while still making enough posts to avoid being modkilled.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
I am 100% confident in my claim, and I'm positive that this plan can lead the town to endgame. So with that...

Vote: Imehal

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Honestly, I was already planning to target MK for investigation last round because I was suspicious of how hard he was defending Imehal and gunning for Unpy. The fact that it happened in the same round that Ime did the Lie Detector gambit? That was just luck, honestly. But it did provide some decent backup for my claim.