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Stand Your Ground(s)
For some reason, everything seemed to go to shit once Adonis opened his mouth. The formerly friendly-seeming group were now glaring at him. Some guy came right the hell out of nowhere and pointed a gun at him, another dude pointed a... whatever the hell he was holding at him, and a third guy started sassing him and talking about the cafeteria fight that had gotten him banned from prom. Seriously, was it really necessary to bring that up now?

Man, what did I do to deserve this...

At least one person didn't think that he deserved to die for the crime and starting a conversation. He thought she looked kind of familiar, but he could figure that out once he didn't have three guys looking at him like they wanted to put him through a paper shredder. Adonis decided to try to use the opening provided by the girl's reasoning to dig himself out of this mess.

"Hey, listen to her! I haven't done anything!" There was a noticeable quiver in his voice, clearly caused by the weapons pointed at him. "Besides, I've had a really shitty past couple days, so can't you guys just have a heart and let me in?"

I haven't read enough v5
If you have time, I would appreciate if you read Adonis Alba.

V5 Third Rolls
Stacey Mordetsky has fallen... literally.

Rise and Fall of a Teenage Girl
A squeaky, gasping noise was the next thing that Stacey heard from the girl. Had she done something wrong? She was actually trying to fix things now? What could she be freaking out about now?

Stacey never got an answer to that question, because the girl's next move was to push her as hard as she could. Stacey stumbled back, not expecting the sudden attack. In the process, her foot slipped off the cliff. She tried to catch herself, but was not as lucky as she was last time, and screamed as she tumbled over the edge.

In books and movies, people typically have introspective moments before their deaths, usually taking a look at what they did wrong, or perhaps how they could have been better people. Stacey was not granted that luxury, as her head struck a clump of rock jutting out from the cliff side, knocking her unconscious as well as likely giving her a concussion. If she was concussed, however, she did not have to suffer the effects for long, as she fell to the ground head-first, breaking her neck from the impact. The broken plank landed a few feet away from her body, having been released from her grip when she lost consciousness.

What had started as a simple mistake turned into an argument, which in turn became a tragic misunderstanding with consequences for both parties. Life-changing for one, and fatal for the other.

Stacey Mordetsky never got a chance to apologize, nor a chance to reflect. Just a lonely, pointless death.

G051- Stacey Mordetsky: Deceased
134 Students Remain

Rise and Fall of a Teenage Girl
Damn, now this is just pathetic...

Stacey watched as the girl just burst into tears and repeated the words "I'm sorry" like a broken record. Geez, this girl really wasn't cut out for the game. If she was getting all weepy after just running into somebody, then there was no way she would be able to handle watching people die, much less killing them herself. Stacey figured that it would probably be an act of mercy to just kill her quickly now before things start to get too intense.

She tried to mentally psyche herself up for the kill, to remove all guilt involved with bludgeoning the girl with her plank. As she tried to get in the zone, however, she noticed something that she had forgotten about, and that had given her a lot to think about earlier. In a tree on the hill, she saw a camera.

Stacey remembered that the game was being broadcast. Everything she did, someone would be able to see. Chances were that her parents would find the videos in an attempt to learn what happened to her. Is that what she wanted them to see? Their daughter murdering one of her classmates? She certainly didn't think so. She had hidden so many of her activities back home from them in an attempt to keep from disappointing them. How would they feel if they saw her killing someone, which was undoubtedly worse than drinking, partying, and sleeping around combined?

Shit, I can't do this.

Stacey just couldn't kill the girl. If she did, her parents would be crushed, and she loved them too much to do that to them. She tried to think up a non-violent way to take things, which would be a little difficult now that she had a jagged-ended plank clutched in her hand and the other girl was sobbing uncontrollably, but she was willing to try.

"Look, can you just calm down?" Stacey said while making a wide shrugging gesture, unintentionally brandishing the plank in a somewhat threatening manner.

Rise and Fall of a Teenage Girl
Really? All the girl could say for herself was "Sorry"? Did she even know that she had almost pushed Stacey off the cliff just then? Was she really that ignorant to not look where she was fucking going in the middle of this god-forsaken island? Stacey was almost shaking with rage at this point. She could not believe how dumb this girl was.

"Sorry? That's all you can say? I nearly fell off the edge! You could've killed me!" She screamed at the girl. "What would you say if I died because of you? I don't think that 'Sorry' would be good enough then!"

Stacey tightened her grip on the plank even further. She was getting an urge to just bash the girl over the head with it. It was all just part of the game right? And besides, she had a good reason to be mad at her, so it wasn't like she was just killing some random person. She needed to kill at least one person to win anyway, so it was probably better to just get it over with now, before all the weak players are gone. She stood there and stared, waiting to see the girls next move. As she did so, she went over several justifications for her eventual actions in her head in an attempt to convince herself to go through with it.

It's okay. I have to do this. It's the only way home. It doesn't mean I'm a bad person. I'm just a normal girl in a bad situation.

Rise and Fall of a Teenage Girl
Stacey heard someone coming up behind her. She started to turn around, but by the time she noticed exactly what was happening, it was too late. Another girl had crashed into her, knocking herself to the ground. Stacey fell forward, nearly falling off the edge of the cliff.

Fortunately, she managed to catch herself and avoid falling to what would have likely been certain death. She picked herself up off the ground, turned around, and glared at the girl who had run into her, who was currently stammering out an apology.

"What's wrong with you? You almost killed me!" Stacey accusingly shouted at the girl. She tightly clenched the plank in her hand and stared her down, waiting for an answer.

Stand Your Ground(s)
((Adonis Alba continued from Ducks Love Fireworks))

Adonis Alba had not slept very well the previous night. This was mostly due to the fact that he had tried to sleep in the middle of the forest with no blankets or pillows to speak of. He woke up with back pain and a headache. Not really the way he liked to start his mornings. He had heard the announcements, and he had learned a couple things. First off, some poor bastard decided to kill himself on the first day. Second, and more important, was that the cowboy asshole had apparently showed up on the announcements. If Adonis heard right, then his name was Hansel, and he was one of the killers. Adonis wasn't really surprised. After almost getting robbed by the guy, he really didn't see him as the ethical type.

He had hid out for a few hours, having a small meal of bread and water to keep his strength up. Eventually, he got bored, and set out in search of shelter. He didn't want to have to spend another night outside, so anyplace indoors would be a big plus for him.

After venturing through the trees for a while, he emerged and found a large field and a cafeteria. He noticed a small group heading towards the cafeteria. He wondered for a moment if it would be a good idea to join them. While there was a chance they might attack him, he figured that he would have to have pretty bad luck to have three encounters in a row end in gunfire and fleeing. He decided to just bite the bullet and introduce himself. He ran towards the group and shouted at them.

"Hey! You got room for one more?"

Rise and Fall of a Teenage Girl
((Stacey Mordetsky continued from As If It Even Matters))

Stacey had been alone for a while, wandering around the island. Outside of a couple short interactions with small groups, she hadn't seen anyone else on the island. All of that time alone gave her ample opportunity to think, and all of that thinking had allowed her to come to a simple conclusion about her current situation.

She was homesick.

She missed everything about being back in Seattle. She missed her house, her friends, her parents, hell, even Jake. She wondered if her family even knew what had happened to her. For all they knew, she was off having fun at Disneyland. It might be better if they never knew the truth, and just thought that she died in an airplane crash on the way home or something. However, she knew that that wasn't true, because she knew that the cameras were filming everything she did, and that people would watch what had happened, just like they had every time the terrorists had done this in the past.

The knowledge that her parents and brother were probably going to see her made her question if she would be able to kill even further than she already had. What if their daughter was a murderer? How would they react? Sure, she could tell them that she had to do it to survive, but would it change anything? She didn't think that it would.

Stacey made her way to the top of a large hill. She stood near the edge and looked out towards the horizon. She had a great view of her surroundings, and would definitely have an advantage in spotting any potential attackers before they had a chance to reach her. If she had a gun, she would probably be able to pick them off, but that brought the morality of killing back into play, and she was sick of thinking about that after debating it with herself for the past few hours. She leaned slightly to the side, supporting herself with the broken plank. She seemed to be in a good position, at least for now.

We'll Never Fall, We'll Never Fade
Matt moved over a little so that Leona could look into the window. He heard her snarking about the lack of variety in chairs in the waiting room. "Well, what can you expect?" He joked in return. "It's a hospital. People don't really go there for fun."

Matt jerked his head around when he heard the door open. He got himself into a ready position in case the person coming through was hostile. When he saw who came out of the door, however, any façade of aggression melted away. He saw the one person he knew he could trust on the island. It was Cassidy, who flung herself at him. He caught her, staggering back about a half-step, and hugged her.

"Cassidy, I thought that... I mean, I was just worried that you might've... uh..."

Matt couldn't really figure out what to say, so he stopped trying to form sentences and savored the embrace.

As If It Even Matters
Stacey continued to lie on the docks for a good, long while. She contemplated what she would have to do, and if she would be able to follow through on her decision. Would she kill early, then hide for the rest of the game? Or would she wait until the end, and just kill whoever's left? Besides, if she did decide to kill, would she be able to go through with it when the time came? If she decided to be a pacifist, how would she avoid killing, and would she kill in self-defense if the situation presented itself?

All of these questions stuck in her head, and still no answers.

She got up and walked down the docks. Maybe she would find someone else. Maybe she would go the rest of the day without seeing anyone. She wasn't sure what to expect anymore. Her head was clouded, and she wasn't sure how to clear it. She had only just started thinking hard about the game, so she assumed that she would figure things out as the day went on.

As she walked along, she spotted a camera. She immediately thought of the terrorists, those assholes that caused all of this to happen. If it weren't for them, she wouldn't be in this mess. She wouldn't be wondering if she would have to kill her classmates. She looked down and saw a loose plank that looked ready to snap off at any moment. She crouched down, gripped it with both hands, and pulled. After a good bit of effort, the plank snapped off in her hands. It hadn't come off perfectly, and some of it had broken off, refusing to come loose from the dock.

She considered throwing the plank at the camera, but decided against it after looking it over a little more. Part of it may have broken off, but it was still a decent size, a little longer than her forearm. Plus, since it had broken, the sharp, splintered part could be used to stab someone. It actually looked like a pretty decent weapon. She decided to hold on to it for that reason.

Just in case.

With her newfound weapon, Stacey walked away from the docks. Now that she was armed, she would be more able to make her decision when the time comes. Would she kill, or would she be peaceful?

Stacey still didn't know, but she was ready to find out.

((Stacey Mordetsky continued elsewhere...))

V5 Third Rolls
Aw dang, man. Looks like I've been rolled.

Since I haven't gotten to do much yet with Stacey, I would really appreciate a hero. If you think you have a good death idea, though, then you can PM it to me and we can talk it over.

Ducks Love Fireworks
Adonis was seriously getting creeped out by Garrett, who was still just standing there with his gun in his hand, looking at them. Somehow, Adonis thought that that was creepier than it would've been if he had just been waving his gun around and shouting. At least then he would've know what Garrett was up to.

Adonis saw Garrett pull the trigger on his gun, despite it not pointing at anything from what he could see, and was caught off guard by a loud gunshot that sounded very much like an explosion. He stood there, as if his feet were frozen to the ground, and saw as Garrett disappeared into a massive dust cloud.

Once the shock of what he had just witnessed cleared up, Adonis took a few steps back. He didn't want to be there anymore, not after seeing that. Bianca and the other guy had started talking about leaving, and he decided to voice his opinion on the matter.

"Fuck this, I'm out of here. I don't give a shit what you guys do, but I'm not sticking around here after... whatever that was."

Adonis turned around and started to leave. He began at sort of a jogging pace, but quickened his pace within a few steps, eventually reaching a full-bodied run. He just wanted to get out of there. He didn't care where he ended up, as long as it wasn't where he was now.

((Adonis Alba continued elsewhere...))

Thread Titles
The only one of my characters that has a set theme for their thread titles is Matt, even though I've only named one of his threads thus far. The theme is references to pro wrestling.

For example, "This Ain't No Make Believe" was the name of John Morrison's theme song in WWE.

I hope to list all of his thread titles after v5 (or after his death, whichever comes first). Have fun figuring them out before then!

We'll Never Fall, We'll Never Fade
((Matt Masters continued from This Ain't No Make Believe))

((Light GMing approved by Outfoxd))

It hadn't been a good night for Matt. He and Leona had camped out in the woods, and the lack of mattresses and blankets made for a very uncomfortable rest. Being woken up by screeching loudspeakers wasn't exactly pleasant either, but he assumed that as long as he was on the island, he was going to have to deal with it.

The announcements genuinely shocked him. Eight people had died in the first day? It was bad enough that it apparently began with Dave Russell's suicide, but if Matt had heard the announcement's correctly, someone had already killed twice. He didn't want to believe it. How could someone fall so far so fast? No matter what, he couldn't let himself sink to that level. Killing someone, anyone, is something that he could never imagine himself doing, not even in his worst nightmares.

Fortunately, he learned one good thing from the announcements. Cassidy's name didn't come up at all, and that meant that not only was she still alive, but she hadn't killed anyone either. Matt thanked God for that. He wasn't sure how he would be able to take either of those if they were to happen.

As he and Leona marched on, they saw a building in the distance. As they got closer, it was revealed to be a hospital. Matt, quite confused at this point, walked over to the hospital entrance and leaned on the wall next to the door as he pulled out his map. He had been trying to find the golf course, and he thought that he had read the map correctly the first time, so where could he have gone wrong? Reading the map, he came to the realization that he had managed to somehow go right around the golf course and end up at the hospital. With a look of utter surprise and embarrassment, he folded up his map and stuck it back into his pack, before turning to Leona and chuckling nervously.

"Heh. It looks like I ended up leading us around the golf course rather than into it." He looked at the hospital doors next to him for a moment, contemplating his options. "Still, why don't we take a break and stay here for a couple minutes? This is the first building we've found, so we might as well take advantage of it."

Maybe something will finally go right, and Cassidy will show up. Wishful thinking never hurt anyone, right?

As If It Even Matters
((Stacey Mordetsky continued from There Will Be a Short Stopover on the way to Disney Land))

Stacey walked along the docks, looking out towards the ocean as she did so. After spending so much time in the forest surrounded by trees after leaving the hotel, it was kind of nice to have a change of scenery. She was less appreciative of the docks themselves, as the wood creaked with every step, making her feel as if they would give way and drop her into the water at any moment. She had been walking more slowly and carefully on the docks, but abandoned that quickly once she actually felt the wood bending and shifting beneath her feet.

She made her way back to the thankfully sturdier ramps that led to the shipyard. She sat down and placed her pack beside her as she began to think. After hearing the announcements that morning, she realized how lucky she had been so far. She hadn't run into any killers, and no one she had met had killed anyone so far. The worst thing she had seen was Dave Russell's suicide, and she didn't even see the aftermath of that. Admittedly, she had been in the hotel when it became a Danger Zone, but at least she got a fair warning and time to escape. In all, she had been pretty lucky.

But despite that, her thoughts were troubling her. If she remembered correctly, the last person standing would only be allowed to go home if they killed somebody. What if she won without killing anyone? Would the terrorists kill her themselves, or maybe make her play again with the next school that they kidnap? Trailing off into thought, she began to wonder what she would do if she were to kill somebody.

I could wait until only one person's left, then kill them to make sure I win. But wait... if the last two people kill each other at the same time, then I'm left without a kill, and then the terrorists win. Maybe if I kill someone early, then hide out for the rest of the game. That way, I don't have to worry about killing anyone at the end, and then... wait, what am I thinking?

Stacey clutched her head, as if she were trying to take control of her thoughts. No! Don't think like that! Killing is wrong! I don't care what Danya or anyone else says, I'm not doing it! She clenched her teeth and closed her eyes tightly, still keeping a firm grip on her head. Stop thinking about killing. Just... don't do it.

Finally, she let go and relaxed her muscles. She lay down on the ramp, looking at the sky above. She was conflicted about what to do next. She had lost her old plan when the hotel became a danger zone, and now she had to think up something new. Unfortunately, with her current state of stress, that was proving to be quite difficult. Stacey let out a long, deep sigh.

I'm in way over my head.

Multiplayer Gaming Thread
I've got:

SoulCalibur V
Halo Reach
Skate 3
Dead Rising 2

All on Xbox 360.

Gamertag is Aura Master Fox.

Ducks Love Fireworks
Adonis didn't even take the time to laugh at Garrett's crack about that stupid lightsaber. All he was focused on was that damn gun he had with him. Normally, Adonis viewed himself as the kind of guy that wasn't afraid of anything, but that gun... it scared him. He supposed that it had something to do with his getting held at gunpoint by the cowboy earlier, or perhaps it was just because it was a gun, and humans were just naturally supposed to be afraid of them. Whatever it was, he just didn't like it.

Garrett didn't seem to want any trouble, but Adonis wasn't too trusting. In his opinion, someone that didn't want trouble wouldn't have a gun in his hand. Still, he was trying not to rock the boat too hard for his own sake, so he just tried to roll with it.

"Yeah, we're cool. None of us are playing, so can you just... put that shit away, man? I really don't feel like putting up with any shotguns right now."

This Ain't No Make Believe
Leona. Yeah, that name sounded familiar. Matt made a mental note to avoid forgetting it again.

He pulled the map out of his bag and surveyed it to find a spot to begin their search. He tilted the map so that Leona could see it and pointed to a specific location. "Let's start with the golf course. It's nice and big, and even if we don't find who we're looking for, we can still take a rest in the clubhouse." He folded up the map and put it back in his bag. He started off in the direction of the golf course. As he walked, he turned his head and called back to Leona.

"Come on! We're burning daylight!"

He had to find Cassidy. Every minute he wasted was another minute someone else could find her. Someone with bad intentions. Matt couldn't let that happen. That's why he couldn't waste any time.

((Matt Masters continued elsewhere...))

There Will Be a Short Stopover on the way to Disney Land
"Nah, Jake got sick the day before the trip. He caught a pretty bad cold, and he got one heck of a sore throat, so mom and dad said that it would be best if he didn't go on the trip. He was pretty disappointed about it." Stacey scoffed in a half-joking, half-annoyed way. "Looks like he was actually the lucky one, since he's not in this mess."

Stacey glanced out of a window to see the sun setting. Night was beginning to fall. Fortunately, she happened to be in a pretty nice hotel, and finding a place to stay the night in there surely wouldn't be much of a problem. The only thing she had to worry about was someone killing her in her sleep, but she was pretty sure that Alex and Sophie wouldn't do that. And if someone else snuck in during the night... well, that was just a risk that she would have to take. She wouldn't be able to function properly if she didn't get any sleep, she knew that from experience with all-nighters in the past, where she was barely coherent the next day. She picked up her bags and got off the couch, looking at Alex and Sophie as she did so.

"I'm going to find a room for the night. You guys should probably do the same."

Stacey went off and found a room for herself on the second floor right near the stairs. It was relatively simple, but still quite nice, and definitely the best place she would be able to find to spend the night. She pushed the nightstand against the door in an attempt to keep out any potential intruders. She was pretty sure that nobody in school would be able to break in through a second-story window, so she just left it alone. She yawned and got into bed, curling up under the covers. When she closed her eyes, she thought of home, and in the loving embrace of the bedsheets, for the first time since she arrived on the island, she felt safe. She gently drifted off into a deep sleep.

Stacey woke up the following morning feeling refreshed. She had actually managed to get a decent night's sleep. Surely this would give her the strength to get through another day. She considered just staying in the hotel, perhaps even not bothering to leave her room. After all, it was probably the safest and most comfortable place on the island at the moment. She sat on the edge of the bed and contemplated her decision.

Suddenly, a loud screech pierced the silence. A voice came over the loudspeakers announcing the announcements for the day. Stacey listened intently to see if anyone she knew had died. It turned out that the guy that walked off the cliff was named Dave Russell. Poor guy just couldn't take it, she guessed. Seven other people had died the previous day, and one person had even killed two people. Stacey made a mental note to avoid this Theodore guy. With two kills already, he had to be trouble.

Finally, the Danger Zones were announced. They were the Amusement Park, the Airstrip, and... the Hotel.

"Oh shit." Stacey whispered to herself. She jumped up from the bed as soon as her collar started beeping. She hurriedly gathered her bags and pushed the nightstand out of the way of the door. She burst through the door and ran downstairs, shouting a warning to Alex and Sophie, in case they were still in the building.


Stacey threw open the front door and ran off, not looking back. She hoped that Sophie and Alex got out in time. They had seemed surprisingly nice, considering the situation. Stacey actually wouldn't have minded running across them again at some point. At least they didn't seem like they would get violent if they met again.

At least, that's what she hoped.

((Stacey Mordetsky continued elsewhere...))