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The Most Awkward Question
"What do you mean?"

Did Cassidy really not think that it was weird that she was actually going out with him? Matt might've said something, but Cassidy continued speaking before he could open his mouth.

"You're cool, you're nice..."

Well, I try to be a nice guy, and I guess-

"you're cute..."


Matt couldn't believe it. Cassidy actually liked him for who he was. She thought he was cool, nice, and even cute. His smile returned to his face and he let out a small word of gratitude.


How I Spent My Suspension
OK, only 90 more points and I'll have the top score. I need another 100-pointer.

Adonis rolled his last ball up the ramp and watched it launch towards the 100-point goal, only to bounce off the side and roll all the way back down to 10 points.

Damn it.

Adonis had just begun to reach into his pocket to find another quarter when he heard someone call out to him. He turned around to see none other than the weird pirate kid, Sean Mulcahy. Adonis really wasn't in the mood to be interrupted, and he cartainly didn't want to deal with any shrimps like Mulcahy. That was supposed to be one of the advantages of suspension, not having to deal with little pests pissing you off. Adonis decided that if this kid was going to call him out, then he was going to have to deal with him personally.

"What? You got somethin' to say to me?"

The Most Awkward Question

Wait, what?

"Yes, I would love that."

She said yes! She really said yes!

A grin immediately appeared across Matt's face. "Really?"

Matt felt a bit strange, however. Cassidy was a kind, beautiful cheerleader, and she had decided to go to prom with a giant freak like him.

She could do so much better... Why would she choose me...?

Matt's grin disappeared for a moment, replaced by a confused look. "Why?"

SOTF-TV Mafia: Fallout Thread
Well, I didn't think it was possible, but I actually did worse than last time. At least last time I had a hand in outing a mafia member (At least, I think I had a hand in it), but this time all I did was get team-killed.

Also, I've noticed some eerie parallels in both of the games I've played so far:

1) I always die on the third Day/Night.

2) I always try to return to the game, but get denied for one reason or another.

By the way, I'd like to give Slam props for doing the nigh-impossible and actually winning the game as the Serial Killer.

The Most Awkward Question
"What is it?"

Cassidy leaned in a little closer to him, her voice becoming quieter and softer as she did so. Matt felt even more awkward than he already did. How was he supposed to ask her to prom now? He took a moment to regain his composure, took a deep breath, and began to speak.

"Well, um... you know that prom's coming up soon, and, well... I know that someone's probably asked you already... and it's totally okay if you don't want to... but maybe..." He knew that this was going badly, but he had already laid the cards on the table, and there was no turning back now.

"Would you like to go... with me?"

Wow. Way to go, Matt. Five stars. Totally not awkward or uncomfortable at all.

Tiger in the Night
((Sorry for the wait. Stuff happened, and I lost track...))

Jake was now caught between two girls who each had a hand on one of his shoulders. Deborah had asked him out to eat, and he could feel his muscles tense up immediately afterward.

Huh? DId she just ask me out? Did a girl just ask me out? I'm so confused...

Summer countered the offer by suggesting that the five of them all go out together. In all the confusion that was taking place, Jake had almost forgotten about the other two in the student center. He thought for a while about what he should say, trying to figure out how he could do this without screwing it up. Eventually he spoke up, despite still being nervous.

"Yeah, we could go somewhere. I don't mind."

The Most Awkward Question
Apparently, Cassidy came early to get some book from the library, but someone else had taken the last copy. She sounded like she really wanted to read it, too. Well, at least she was willing to wait for it. Patience is an admirable quality, after all.

"So now I'm just wandering. What are YOU doing here early?"

Matt looked at the sky for a moment before looking back at Cassidy. "Well, there was some really good cloud cover earlier, so I decided to get a head start on walking to school. I ended up getting here a little earlier than I usually do, so I was just sitting out here and waiting for the bell to ring."

Matt stopped talking for a moment. He wondered if now would be a good time to ask her to the prom. His mind was going back and forth between asking and not asking, but eventually he made his choice.

"By the way, I'm glad you're here, because there's something that I wanted to ask you."

Mimi's Sprite Station v2
I would like to suggest Matt Masters for spriting. He'd be wearing the clothes described in his profile, sans the stocking cap.

The Most Awkward Question
Matt had actually managed to get his thoughts off of Cassidy and the prom for a few moments by remembering some Botchamania clips he had watched last night. Scott Steiner's nonsensical mangling of the English language and brought a smile to his face. He continued to remind himself of various clips when he felt a small touch on his sides. He wouldn't have noticed it as much if it hadn't been accompanied by a fit of laughter coming from behind him.

"Wha...?" Matt turned his head to see a familiar blond-haired cheerleader behind him. "Oh, Cassidy, it's you! I didn't know you were here!" He fully turned around, sitting on his knees and resting his arms on the back of the bench.

"So what are you doing here so early?"

How I Spent My Suspension
((Adonis Alba continued from Think Before You Act))

Adonis Alba was still irritated about his suspension. It wasn't so much the suspension itself, oh no. He'd been suspended before, and it never bugged him this much. The problem was that he had been banned from prom. He was a shoo-in for prom king! He was gonna party hard and end the night in a motel room with his super-hot date. But now none of that was going to happen, and he didn't like it.

He fed a token into the Skee-Ball machine and picked up one of the balls that were released. Adonis liked Skee-Ball. Hell, who didn't? It was simple, yet difficult at the same time. The difference between 100 points and 10 points was a little skill and a whole lotta luck. Maybe a couple rounds would help him clear his head. He rolled ball after ball up the ramp and watched his points go up. He was aiming for the high score, but it would take a lot of good rolls to hit it. He watched the last ball go up into the small pocket in the upper right of the board.

Hell yeah, 100 points.

He fed another token into the machine and got ready for another game. He was going to get that high score if it took him all day.

The Most Awkward Question
((Matt Masters continued from The Gift of Giving))

Matt sat on a bench in front of the school. He had gotten to school about twenty minutes early, which was quite a feat considering that he had walked to school. He always walked to school. He found that it gave him a good amount of time to clear his head before he started his classes. On this particular morning, he decided to start walking early because he wanted to take advantage of some very convenient cloud cover in order to make the walk cooler than usual. As a result, he ended up at school far earlier than usual.

As he sat and waited for school to begin, he began to think about all that had happened to him recently. Sure, he had been watching Raw and SmackDown as usual, and he had been helping out at the center and the construction site, but another thing also came to mind.

That thing was Cassidy Kant.

He had only really gotten to know the girl about a month prior, but they really seemed to hit it off. They had talked multiple times since then, and he felt as though they were good friends by this point.

Matt also thought about the upcoming prom season. He had already cast his votes for king and queen, but he didn't have anything else planned out. He didn't have an outfit, he didn't have a ride, and he didn't have a date. He wasn't surprised about being dateless. After all, who would want to go to prom with a giant freak that doesn't even own a car? He began to wonder who he could ask, maybe even...

No, no... Cassidy probably has a date already. I mean, why wouldn't she have one? She's beautiful and everyone likes her. Besides, a girl like her would never go for a guy like me. I'm just some freakishly tall wrestling fanatic. She could do so much better than me.

Matt tried to think about other things as he continued to sit and wait, not having much success.

A Safe Bet...
As soon as Stacey put her fingers to Travis' lips, she heard someone break out into laughter. As she turned, she saw Miles Strickland with a mug in his hand. He seemed to enjoy Travis' attempt at a kiss getting shut down. Stacey really couldn't blame him. It must have looked pretty funny to anyone that happened to pass by. Miles offered some words of advice to Travis and a quick greeting to Stacey before going off on his merry way. The whole time, Travis was still trying to act smooth, and he kept it up even after Miles left.

"Sigh... But prom is so far away... How will I ever contain myself until then?

Stacey stifled a laugh. Travis was speaking in the most pathetic whiny voice she had ever heard. Then, all of a sudden, Travis' voice became much lower and more seductive. He moved close to her again. Stacey swore that at least half of their conversation had been spent with their faces away from each other.

"But I think I'll be able to wait. I mean... If the reward is... substantial enough."

Stacey smirked flirtily. Travis was trying so hard to act sexy that it was hilarious. She knew that he wanted her, so she gave him an answer that she knew would satisfy him.

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that. I'll make sure that it's worth the wait."

((Stacey Mordetsky continued elsewhere...))

Drawn Pictures
Nice picture of Adonis! I could totally picture him with that grin.

If you don't mind, could you also draw Jake Mordetsky and Stacey May-Mordetsky, please?

Think Before You Act
Adonis sat in front of Mrs. Freeman and listened to her lecture, as well as the punishments that she doled out to each boy. Gray got lucky, because he only had to serve detention for the afternoon. Adonis and Kyran, however, ended up with the lion's share of the punishment. Both of them were suspended for a week, and they weren't allowed to go to prom. Adonis was screaming on the inside, but he maintained his composure. He may have been a dense, cocky, bullying meathead, but even he knew not to cross Mrs. Freeman.

Dammit! Prom was gonna kick so much ass, and now I don't even get to go? What a load of bull!

As Mrs. Freeman finished her lecture, the other two boys left, while Adonis sat for another moment to collect his thoughts. He got up and left the office, walking down the halls and through the front door. He knew that he wouldn't be back for another week, he knew that he would get another one of his dad's talks about taking responsibility for his actions, and most importantly, he knew that he wasn't going to prom.

Adonis got in his car and drove home, cursing under his breath the whole time.

((Adonis Alba continued elsewhere...))

Tiger in the Night
Jake stood patiently and watched as Summer gave the other boy a stack of papers. However, just as Summer was about to hand him a stack, a brown-haired girl walked in and suggested that they recycle the paper. Everyone seemed pretty receptive to the idea, and Jake nodded his head in agreement. For some reason, the girl seemed to be looking at him. He personally had no idea what was going on, or who this girl was, but it made him sort of uncomfortable, a feeling that wasn't helped by the next words out of the girl's mouth.

"...Mordetsky? Are you Mordetsky?"

H-how does she know my name?

Jake was now quite uncomfortable with his current situation. The mystery girl knew his name. The situation became even more awkward when Summer and the short-haired girl confirmed that he was, in fact, a Mordetsky. The short-haired girl then apologized for calling Stacey a bitch. Jake didn't really know what to say to that, as he was still trying to unravel the mystery of the girl that had been examining him. Summer called her Deborah, and Jake searched his memories in an attempt to remember someone named Deborah.

Wait... is that...

"...Deborah Vickers?" He blurted out what he thought the girl's name was. He hadn't meant to think out loud. He immediately blushed and looked down at his feet.