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Kyle is pretty heavily involved in charity work and studying, so I think that he and Valerija might be friends, or at the very least acquaintances to some degree.

He might know Maxwell too, since both of them are pretty religious. They don't seem to have too much in common aside from that, though.

MK's kids need friends/enemies
No idea how Wyatt would react to Alexsandra. She's an athlete on one of the school's more well-renowned teams, but she's also extremely shy and a borderline non-presence on the social ladder due to her discomfort regarding social situations.

He would definitely hate Kyle, though. Mostly for being a skinny geek who studies medicine obsessively and goes around being all smiley with people all the time.

Tony... hoo boy. I have a very strong feeling that he and Wyatt would not like each other. Not one bit. Wyatt picks on people, and Tony loudly and openly hates bullies. Can you feel the sparks flying?

Who are these people?
Aleksandra Prudius is a tall Ukranian basketball player-slash-artist-slash-musician who isn't quite sure what she wants to do with her life. She is fairly skilled in all three fields, but regularly shifts between which of her hobbies she is focused on, and ends up concentrating so deeply on whatever passion has her mind at the time that she forgets about the world around her. She is on the autism spectrum, although it took a while for her to be properly diagnosed. She dislikes loud, crowded, and busy areas, and feels uncomfortable in social situations unless she is with someone that she's very close to. Although she is a solid member of the basketball team, her socially anxious nature keeps her from being a major figure in the school. Outside of the team, she almost never hangs around large groups, preferring peaceful, quiet areas. She's definitely not the partying type, although she would probably have a few close friends.

Tony Acardi is a foster kid whose original parents lost custody when he was 9 due to neglect, which sent him on a five-year trip through the system. His rough upbringing spurred a hot temper that he had major difficulty controlling, and every few months there would be an incident hat led to his current family giving him up. It wasn't until he reached his current home that they found a way to redirect his energy in a different, more positive direction: cooking. Tony took to the kitchen like a fish to water, and with something to focus on, he became more mellow in terms of temperament, yet maintained a bombastic personality. Although his freshman year at George Hunter was spent being a terror in the halls, since e gained his new focus he has been a harmless yet always noticeable presence. In an attempt to atone for his past behavior he has tried to be a better, more supportive person, especially towards younger and weaker students, who sometimes aren't really sure what to make of him. This ambition has given him a reputation as a "bully hunter", and he has had more than a few confrontations with the meaner members of the school's population over the years. Most of his afternoons are spent working at a local Mexican restaurant, but when not on the clock, he can often be seen hanging out with his friends.

Kyle Harrison is a religious Christian with a worldview far too bright for his own good. His parents are charity organizers who are wholly devoted to their job, and he drew most of his personality traits from them. Believing that the highest achievement one can reach is helping others in any way they can, Kyle decided that he wants to be a doctor. Not only that, but he wants to find cures for as many diseases as possible. He has no desire to become famous for his work, he just genuinely wants to make the world a better, healthier place. As one would expect from his lofty ambitions, he is very intelligent, and his constant studying only makes him smarter. In contrast to his brain is his physical stature, which is short and scrawny with glasses to correct his poor vision. In terms of personality, Kyle is friendly, open-minded, and talkative... very talkative. He is also extremely earnest, perhaps too much so. His perpetual desire to be helpful has actually caused a few people to view him as an annoying pest who should just leave them alone.

Saffron Fields is a dancer who was born with the index and ring fingers of her left hand paralyzed, causing them to be constantly curled towards her palm. Outwardly friendly and outgoing, she is quite sensitive about her disabled hand and does many subtle things to draw people's attention away from it, such as fixing her hair in a wild new style or wearing shorts to show off her legs. Although her disposition is usually quite sunny, she has a sour side that is revealed when annoyed or harassed. She started dancing as yet another way to make people stop noticing her hand, but she quickly fell in love with the art. Her intense focus on her training has made a her very technically proficient, and she may well be one of the best performers of her craft in her grade. At the moment, she is studying after school at a local contemporary dance studio, and she hopes to sign on with a production company after graduating.

If you think any of your characters would have anything to do with any of these four, feel free to say so!


Tea Party with Death at Dawn
Alice's face was like a mask as she concentrated on treating her leg. She wrapped the bandage around her thigh, working slowly and methodically. She had to make sure that it was tight enough to stop the bleeding, but not so tight that she would lose circulation in her leg. The rest of the world seemed to drop out momentarily as she placed all of her focus on fixing her leg as best she could. Bree and Sandra's conversation was muffled and the environment dulled as she brought the bandage around, every small movement carefully planned.

Once she was confident in her job, she patted her newly-mended leg and closed the first aid kit, returning to reality. She tuned back in to the latter end of her friends' conversation, particularly the acknowledgment that they needed some way to defend themselves. It was a notion that she could agree with, which made it doubly unfortunate that they had zero items that could even pass as improvised weapons between the three of them. And with how long they had been on the island, it was unlikely that most of their remaining classmates had been as unlucky as them.

"Yeah, we need something, and fast." She nodded. "Anyone got a plan?"

She wondered for herself how they could get a weapon, or at least something resembling one, but was forced to put that on hold when Candice Banks walked onto the scene. To tell the truth, Alice wasn't really in a bright and sunny mood, but she forced a smile anyway. They were already injured, so making the situation worse by pissing off a newcomer was definitely not in her best interest.

"Well we've been better, but we're alive."

Tea Party with Death at Dawn
Alice was all set to start patching herself up when Bryony suddenly shot up screaming, alert as ever despite passing out during her treatment just a moment ago. Even though it was distracting as all hell, Alice was glad to see that her friend hadn't quite released her grip on life just yet.

But still, Bree didn't seem to be well quite yet. She was frantic and panicking, and it didn't seem like she was even aware that she had been shot herself. With Sandra embracing their patient, Alice elected to bring Bryony up to speed before moving on. Hopefully Sandra would be able to either keep her calm, or hold her back from another bout of panic. Either way, it would be best to explain things as soon as possible. After all, it wasn't like a hole in the hand was something that could be overlooked for long anyway.

"It's okay Bree. I'm okay, all right? Everything's fine." She said, trying to keep her voice as even and unemotional as possible to avoid upsetting her friend again. "You got shot in the hand, and me and Sandra were just fixing you up. We've got it all wrapped up now, so you should be fine. We just need you to sit down and rest so you can get your strength back, all right? Just relax." She placed her hand on Bree's shoulder. "Relax. We've got this."

She smiled to aid in comforting Bree, then went back to the medical kit, disinfecting her wound. It was bloody, looked rough, and the treatment burned like the devil's favorite hot sauce, but she was pretty sure that she would be all right. She had gotten to it quick enough, so it didn't have a lot of time to get too dirty. She held up a finger, directing her friends to sit tight for a moment while she applied her bandage.

Staff Responsibility/Accountability
Thank you for this opportunity, Staff. I sincerely mean it.

Tea Party with Death at Dawn
It was done, at least for the moment. Bryony's hand had been wrapped to the best of Sandra's ability. Alice wasn't sure how good of a job they had done, but considering their limited supplies and experience, she thought that they had done as well as I could.

She took a look at Sandra's work. She couldn't see any part of the wound exposed, so at least nothing else should be able to get in and infect it. She nodded with approval. "Yeah, it looks good. I guess now we just have to wait for her to wake up."

Alice barely had time to ponder how they should spend their time waiting before she felt a sharp stinging sensation flare up in her leg. Since she had been focusing so much on trying to help Bree, she had almost forgotten about her own injury. Now that she didn't have something else occupying her mind, her own wound made itself known once more.

Bringing a hand to her injured leg and hissing with pain, she reached out and pointed to Sandra's first-aid kit. "Hey, you wouldn't mind passing that over here for a second, would you?

Staff Responsibility/Accountability
Okay, since one of my characters has been brought into the conversation, I suppose that I have to put my two cents in now.

Yes, it can be argued that Bart was indirectly screwed by this situation too, but the thing is, I genuinely forgot that I was allowed to make inactivity avoidance posts. I mentioned that in my appeal, and immediately wrote up a post with Bart once it was his turn again a few minutes later because I thought that it would help my case. It didn't work. I had neglected the rules, and I wound up paying the price.

And even though I'm really, really, really unsatisfied about the way Bart's story ended, I really don't think that I have a leg to stand on to argue against it. It's my fault that he went inactive, and I have to accept it.

Tea Party with Death at Dawn
((Control of Alice Baker granted by Espi))

Bryony sounded completely out of it, and that had Alice worried. She was winging it for the most part when it came to dealing with the bullet wound, but anything that even slightly resembled Bree slipping away was enough to set off an alarm in her head. Once she stopped moving at all, fear of the worst immediately came to the forefront of Alice's mind.

"Hey Bree, we're fixing you up right now, all right?" She said, fully aware that the other girl might not be able to hear her. "Just give us a couple minutes and you'll be good to go." The more she talked, the more she felt that she was only trying to convince herself that everything would be all right at the end of this fiasco.

She looked up from her fallen friend to see a panicked Sandra. This was bad. If they lost their heads, then their chances at saving Bryony would be even worse. "Sandra, focus!" She demanded firmly. "We need to get that wound cleaned up now."

If there was one time in her life when she needed to step up, this was it. She wasn't going to let Bree drift away without a fight.