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This Ain't No Make Believe
Matt stuffed the Skittles back into Jaq's bag and zipped it up. Afterwards, he punched the ground in frustration. How could he have been so stupid? Why didn't he check the bags himself instead of assuming that Jaq had taken hers? That was his problem, he was too nice, too trusting. Now, because of him, there's at least one person with a gun that beyond a shadow of a doubt would be willing to use it.

Not to mention, Cassidy was out there somewhere, and there were other people that were willing to play as well. Picturing her alone faced with someone with intent to kill... no. Matt wouldn't let that happen. He refused to even entertain the possibility. He had screwed up already, he wasn't going to let it get worse. He was going to make sure of that.

Grace asked if he wanted to help her track down Jaq and her friend. Matt slung Jaq's (now technically his) bag over his shoulder and shook his head.

"No. I'm going to look for Cassidy. I have to find her before someone like Jaq does. You can come if you want, but I won't stop until I've found her."

Ducks Love Fireworks
As Adonis watched Biance go through her bag, someone suddenly called out to them. He looked up for a second to see where the voice was coming from. It was some guy named Garrett, who told them not to shoot. Adonis scoffed at this. How were they supposed to shoot when none of them had a gun? This guy must have just arrived, since there was no way he could have missed the laughing fit that he had over the toy lightsaber a couple minutes beforehand.

Adonis turned his attention back to Bianca, who turned out to have roman candles as her weapon. He chuckled. "Nice. You could probably shoot someone with those like an old Tom and Jerry cartoon if you wanted to." He had to admit, they might not be the best weapons to have, but he sure as hell wouldn't want to mess with someone that was pointing a roman candle at him.

He looked back to see if Garrett had come out of the bushes yet. Sure enough, he had. The guy looked to be dressed oddly nice for what was supposed to have been a trip to Disneyland, and those nice clothes sure as hell weren't going to help him out on the island. Adonis changed his tune once he looked down and saw Garrett dragging what appeared to be a shotgun behind him. He had already dealt with one of those today, and he didn't want to see another one so soon. He pointed at the gun and tried to sound tough, but still had a twinge in his voice as he spoke.

"Hey, what the hell is that?"

SOTF Grand Map of Doom!

Just... whoa.

This Ain't No Make Believe
Everything seemed to be going all right. Everyone seemed pretty calm, and Jaq's friend was getting hydrated. However, the scene changed when Jaq yelled "forest" for some reason, and ran off into the woods with her partner. Matt tried to keep an eye on them as they ran, but it wasn't long before they disappeared into the trees. Matt scratched his head at the turn of events. Why did they run off out of nowhere? Did one of them do something to offend them? He didn't get it.

While Matt and the two remaining girls stood by trying to comprehend what happened, the Magician told him to check his bag. He complied and walked over to where his bag was laying. He picked it up and noticed that it seemed lighter than it had been before. He set it back down and unzipped it, thinking that something may have gone wrong. He reached inside and immediately felt something that did not feel familiar, as well as not feeling something that he remembered being there before. He grasped the unknown object and pulled it out, revealing it to be a fairly large bag of Skittles. In a panic, he turned the bag on its side and checked the number.


Matt was shocked. Jaq had run off with his bag, and with it, his gun. He didn't know what her intentions were, and that's what scared him about the situation. She might be more willing to use it than he was. With no idea what else to do, he turned toward his two companions and informed them of his discovery in an uneasy voice.

"Guys... this is Jaq's bag. She took mine."

There Will Be a Short Stopover on the way to Disney Land
Stacey got a short and somewhat confusing speech from Alex about how not playing is good, but people will be playing anyway, which he backpedaled on immediately after finishing, making the whole thing a bit odd. Maybe the guy just wasn't a good public speaker. That would explain the weirdness and unclear message of his lecture, at the very least. Afterward, Alex asked her what her name was, as she still hadn't introduced herself. Stacey considered that a fair request, since the others had given their names, so she decided to answer.

"I'm Stacey Mordetsky. You know, rich girl, loser brother, dad owns a barbecue place... ring any bells?"

Admittedly, her response wasn't worded as nicely as it could have been, but being nice about things wasn't exactly Stacey's strong suit. Plus, considering that she had been kidnapped, Stacey wasn't exactly in a nice mood to begin with.

There Will Be a Short Stopover on the way to Disney Land
Alex seemed to be holding together pretty well. He actually seemed pretty relaxed, which was a little odd, considering the situation. Stacey guessed that he hadn't seen anything like she had seen at the cliffs. It actually sounded like he had been pretty lucky so far. Boy, did Stacey wish that she could stay the same.

Sophie seemed less comfortable, which Stacey assumed was because of seeing that one guy walk off the cliff earlier. Really, she couldn't blame her. Personally, she would give anything to have that image out of her head. Still, she managed to give a straight answer, so at least she was making an attempt to cope. She also said directly that she didn't want to play the game, which made Stacey feel a little more at ease.

Stacey yawned, stretching out her arms and back. Looks like she really did need this rest after all. As she did so, she responded in a more relaxed voice than before. "Yeah, I'm not really feeling the game either. Besides, I couldn't even play if I wanted to."

Ducks Love Fireworks
The conspiracy kid seems pretty pissed off about Adonis laughing at him, which, concerning their current situation, was pretty justified. However, despite a good amount of effort, Adonis couldn't wipe the grin off of his face. Because, honestly, the guy had just walked up carrying a plastic light saber, of all things, and that was easily the funniest thing he had seen all week. In spite of that, Adonis did make his best attempt at an apology.

"Sorry bro, it's just... fuckin' lightsaber, man. It's kinda hard to take you seriously when you're carryin' that around."

Not the best apology in the world, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

At least Bianca still seemed to be in a good mood. From what Adonis heard, she wanted to set off one of her fireworks just for the hell of it. It struck him as sort of odd that she would just waste her weapons like that, but then he remembered that her weapons are fireworks, and therefore completely useless for anything other than being blown up for no real reason. Still, it wouldn't hurt to see what kind of fireworks she had.

"So what's in the bag, Bianca? Cherry bombs, bottle rockets, what are we working with here?"

There Will Be a Short Stopover on the way to Disney Land
Well, the guy greeted Stacey by talking like some kind of supervillain, but he seemed to turn normal immediately afterwards. He introduced himself as Alex and the girl with him as Sophie. Stacey narrowed her eyes a little when she looked at Sophie, as she felt that she had seen her before. After a moment, it hit her. Sophie was the choir girl from back at the cliff!

Damn, didn't expect to run into the same person twice out here.

Still, the two didn't seem particularly aggressive. Hell, Stacey doubted they had even checked their weapons at this point. Feeling somewhat secure, but still a little on edge, she walked over to the couch opposite Alex and Sophie and sat down, placing her bags on the cushion next to her. She decided to make a little small talk, perhaps to draw attention away from the current situation, since she still didn't want to think about it too much.

"So, how have you been so far?"

One Final Very Last Minute Relationship Thread For Psyche
Just making a small not here, but the "May" was dropped from Stacey's name. She's just Stacey Mordetsky now.

This Ain't No Make Believe
Matt nodded to Jaq as she picked up her bag. He turned his attention back to the other boy, who, while not seeming to be in as much pain as he was previously, still looked pretty rough. The guy was struggling to stand, and took Jaq's hand, likely so that she could help support him. He looked like he was doing better, though, he muttered something about being ready to get out of there. He also asked Matt to get him a water bottle from his bag.

Matt nodded, even though the other guy couldn't see him. Once he took a couple steps toward the bag, however, Grace had already reached it and pulled out a water bottle for the guy. Matt took a few steps back to his previous position. He heard Grace say something about sticking together, since a larger group would probably be safer. Matt spoke up and gave his opinion on the matter.

"I'm fine if you guys want to stick with us. It's no trouble, really."

Naft's Critiques
Hmmm... sounds pretty interesting.

Since I feel like I have a lot to improve on, I'll request my most dynamic character, Adonis Alba, if you don't mind.

There Will Be a Short Stopover on the way to Disney Land
((Stacey Mordetsky continued from I Always Hated Chemistry))

Stacey happened upon the hotel after what seemed like hours of walking. She was beginning to think that the island had nothing resembling any sort of civilization, and this was a pleasant surprise to her. A large hotel, pretty old and worn down by the looks of it, but a hotel nonetheless. She hadn't seen any sort of shelter since arriving on the island, and she was hot, sweaty, and tired. So naturally, she decided that it was in her best interests to go in and get some rest.

She pushed open the door and was surprised by what she saw. Marble floors, chandeliers, and fine furniture throughout the lobby. She never imagined that something so beautiful could be found on such an awful island. Sure, the furnishings were a little worse for wear, but that was to be expected considering the location. At last, she had found a decent place to stay on this nightmare of an island.

As she surveyed the area, she caught sight of two other kids in the lobby sitting on the couch. She had been so caught up in admiring the architecture that she hadn't even noticed them. She began to get a little uneasy. The other kids might be armed, and since she had no weapon, she wouldn't stand a chance if they had something like a gun or a sword. She decided that she would try to play nice, see if that would keep them from attacking. She called out to them, trying to sound as non-threatening as possible.

"Hello? Who's all in here?"

This Ain't No Make Believe
All of a sudden, Jaquilyn ran up and hugged Matt like an old friend she hadn't seen in years. This caught Matt off guard, and honestly made him a bit uncomfortable. He didn't really know her very well at all. Pretty much all he knew about her was that she had been on the cheerleading squad with Cassidy, and-

Oh God, I forgot about Cassidy!

In that moment, Matt realized that Cassidy had been on the plane as well. That meant that she was on the island too. He had been awake for the past few minutes, and he had totally forgotten about his girlfriend. He had spent his time freaking out about his own weapon and holding conversations with near-strangers rather than looking for her. He felt like he had let her down in some way by not remembering right away, and the feeling got even worse when Jaq asked if he had seen her. He was too shocked at his own forgetfulnesss to reply.

While Jaq started asking if everyone was OK, the other guy dropped to the ground all of a sudden. Matt wasn't sure what the cause was, but if he dropped that quickly, then it might have been something serious. He walked over to the guy, but a bag caught his foot as he did so. He looked down to see that he had kicked a duffel bag of the same design that the terrorists had given him. He looked back to see another bag where he had been previously, so clearly one of the two had to be his. He pointed to the bags and called out to Jaquilyn.

"Hey Jaq, did you drop your bag?"

Ducks Love Fireworks
So Bianca had fireworks, apparently. Adonis felt a little bad for her. Hell, at least his knife was useful in a fight. Bianca's fireworks couldn't do anything unless someone ate them or something stupid like that. "Damn, that sucks."

At that moment, someone called out to them. Adonis turned his head to see a sort-of-familiar face. He didn't know the guy's name, but he remembered that he was sort of a conspiracy theorist, one of those guys that thins that the government is secretly behind everything. Or maybe it was the aliens, depending on what kind of conspiracies they believed. Adonis wasn't really sure whether this guy was a government guy or an alien guy, though.

What Adonis did notice, however, was what the new guy was holding. Of all the goddamn things in the world, he had a toy lightsaber in his hand. Damn, did the terrorists really want to fuck him over so badly that they gave him that as his weapon? That was even worse than Bianca's fireworks! Hell, at least they explode! Adonis couldn't help himself. He just started laughing on the spot.

Oh, you poor son of a bitch!

During his burst of laughter, Adonis tried to calm himself down enough to say something to the guy, maybe give him a fine greeting. Unfortunately, whenever Adonis looked at him, he only saw the lightsaber in his hands, and he started laughing all over again. Eventually, Adonis stopped laughing and looked at the poor bastard. He could only muster up a few words, still chuckling a bit from the sheer absurdity of the situation.

"Dude... what the fuck?"

I Always Hated Chemistry
((Stacey Mordetsky continued from Sleep, My Dear))

After the long, arduous march down the cliff, Stacey searched for a place to rest. Unfortunately, she didn't think to check her map during her search, and found herself in the middle of a wheat field. Her legs began to get irritated by the long wheat stalks, and she had pulled a few out of the ground in frustration. Eventually, she got too tired to keep going, and plopped her bags in the middle of the field, sitting down beside them.

I'm so glad I don't have hayfever right now.

As she sat on the ground, she couldn't escape the thought that had been plaguing her mind since she left the cliff. There was no way off the island. The only way to make it out was to either be the last person alive. Sure, a bunch of kids had been rescued before, but the terrorists had probably prepared for that this time around. She guessed that they probably had watch towers around the island or some shit to shoot down any boats or planes that come too close.

In an attempt to get her mind off the thought of impending death, she decided to get some food out of her bag. Maybe she would be able to think of something else if she wasn't so hungry. She unzipped her bag and reached inside to find some food. She found a large case, which she assumed was a first aid kit, and moved it to the side of the bag. However, under it, there was a large box that she could see through the rest of the stuff in her bag. She wondered about it for a moment. Was that her weapon? That Danya guy had said that everyone received a weapon. Could hers be inside that box?

After a brief moment of consideration, Stacey started pulling everything out of her bag. Water bottles, tins of crackers, everything between her and the box was placed on the ground next to the bag. Once her bag was empty of everything else, she pulled out the box. It was pretty heavy, so she put it on the ground as she examined it. It was a chemistry set. She stared at it in disbelief. There was no way that this was her actual weapon. She started to look at the other items she had taken out of the bag. Among them was a small note. She grabbed the note and read it to herself.

Children's Chemistry Set: Make Your Own Volcano! Contains vinegar, baking soda, red dye and paper mache volcano.

They had actually assigned her a chemistry set. A children's chemistry set, no less. That meant that she didn't even get any acids or stuff like that. At least that would be useful! What was she supposed to do with this, scare people with a third grade science fair volcano?

She wasn't quite sure how to react. She was feeling so many emotions at the moment. Anger, frustration, disappointment, and fear being the most prominent. Unable to figure out what else to do, she let out a shriek of irritation. She didn't even have a weapon. All she had was a stupid fucking box!

She took some time to take a few deep breaths and compose herself. She ate something she found in her pack called a "food bar". It didn't taste good, but since she had a lot of them left, she accepted that she would just have to get used to it. She repacked her bag, leaving out the chemistry set. She didn't need that useless box weighing her down any more than it already had. Once her bag was nice and packed, she zipped it up and left the wheat field, leaving the chemistry set behind.

I never liked chemistry anyway.

((Stacey Mordetsky continued elsewhere...))

This Ain't No Make Believe
The magician wasn't too keen on Matt's plan to find a stick or something similar to defend himself with until he gets something decent that isn't, well... a gun.

"I know a stick isn't much, but it's the best thing that I can think of right now."

At that moment, they were interrupted by two people coming out of the bushes. He recognized one quickly, Jaquilyn Locke, one of the cheerleaders. The other one... he was admittedly less familiar with, but was holding what seemed to be a knife. His fears were confirmed when the new boy pointed his blade at the ground, leaving no doubt in Matt's mind that it was, in fact, a knife. The guy talked about how "lucky" Matt, Grace, and the magician were. Matt was pretty sure they had heard about either him or Grace having a gun, and was getting pretty nervous about the newcomer's intentions.

He put his hands up and took a step back, attempting to prevent a conflict. "Hey guys, there's no reason to start trouble. We don't mean any harm here."

Ducks Love Fireworks
"Yeah, it's crazy, but its the fuckin' truth." Bianca clearly didn't want to believe what was happening, but Adonis had already been on the wrong end of a gun barrel once, so he knew that it was for real. He felt that the sooner he snapped her out of her shocked state, the better she would be able to keep herself alive. He was trying to come up with some way to calm her down when he remembered his knife.

"Hey, we're not totally screwed yet. I actually got a pretty good weapon. Some kind of knife... thing. What did they give you?" Adonis thought that maybe if she had been given a decent weapon, she would stop freaking out. Pretty much the last thing he needed right now was anything that would attract more attention, so he really needed her to chill out.

Sleep, My Dear
Somehow, everything just fell apart once Michelle was safe. Michelle started bitching out Virgil for saving her life, which didn't really seem like the best way to thank someone. Virgil scolded her before waving goodbye and walking away, while Michelle followed him, and Choir Girl ran away crying. Stacey was left on the cliff wondering what the hell just went down.

Nevertheless, she shook it off and remembered the task at hand: getting her phone. She took off her backpack and placed it on the ground. She knelt down beside it and unzipped it, ready to grab her phone and make the call that would get her out of there. The more she thought about it, the greater it seemed. If she managed to call the cops, and they came to the island, then not only would they save her, but they could catch the terrorists, too! She would be a hero! That would show that stupid talent scout that rejected her! She would be bigger than she ever would have been with him!

As she rifled through her bag, however, it became very apparent that something was very wrong. She saw her clothes, her chapstick, and her makeup case, but her phone was nowhere to be seen. Panicking, she started unzipping the rest of the pockets on her backpack and searching through them as well, on the chance that she had remembered incorrectly and stashed the phone in one of them. All of the pockets yielded the same result, no phone. There was only one possibility left: they had taken her phone.

Stacey screamed in frustration. The thing she had planned on using for her escape had been taken from her. In a huff, she zipped up all the pockets of her backpack and slipped it over her shoulder. Angrily, she grabbed her duffel bag off the ground and walked back down the cliff. She had just wasted the past few minutes of her increasingly short life.

As she walked, despite her angry demeanor, there was a voice in the back of her mind that made her increasingly frightened. A single thought that she didn't want to accept, but knew was true.

There is no escape.

(((Stacey Mordetsky continued in I Always Hated Chemistry))

This Ain't No Make Believe
The girls seemed a little skeptical of Matt's decision to get rid of his weapon so early, especially such a powerful one. But he had made up his mind. He didn't want the gun, and he wasn't going to carry it around any longer than necessary. The first chance he got to get rid of it, he was going to take.

He sighed and picked up the daypack, along with his backpack that was lying beside it, and got to his feet. It was at this point that he realized he absolutely towered above the two girls. He informed them of his decision. "Alright, I'll carry it around for now, but as soon as I get a chance to throw it away, I'm getting rid of it. Besides, I'm pretty sure that I could just find a big stick or something if I wanted to intimidate people."

Ducks Love Fireworks
Suddenly, Bianca Howard popped up from behind a boat. Adonis had mixed feelings about this. On the bright side, she was someone he knew, and she was pretty hot as well. On the downside, however, she was an ex-girlfriend, and he wasn't too sure how happy she'd be to see him. Hopefully she would be happy enough to not want to shove him in the lake, at least.

Fortunately, she didn't seem angry, and she actually sounded concerned about him. She wanted to know what he had been running from, and he was more than happy to tell her.

"There was this... this cowboy asshole..." He said between breaths, pointing into the woods, "And he had this big gun, and he tried to steal my water for some stupid reason. Then he decided he was gonna shoot me, but then Mallory... remember her? Yeah, she threw a water bottle at him and yelled at me to run, so I did." He took another moment to breathe some more. Damn, it had been a while since he had ran like that. He needed to build his stamina back up.

"So yeah, that's pretty much what happened."