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A Safe Bet...
So it looked like everything would work out. Travis was clearly overjoyed to be going to prom with Stacey, and Stacey was happy just to finally get a date to prom. It took WAY longer than she thought it would.

Stacey noticed Travis leaning in for a kiss. As he leaned closer, Stacey could smell the mint on his breath more strongly.

Minty breath? Trying to kiss me? He definitely used breath spray...

Now, she wasn't 100% up to date on the school rules regarding shows of public affection, but she didn't want to risk getting in trouble and suspended from prom. Now THAT would suck. Stacey put her hand in front of Travis' lips. After she did so, she replied to his advances the best way she knew how.

"Save it for prom, tiger."

Tiger in the Night
The girls seemed pleased that Jake wanted to help. They weren't telling him to leave them alone or that he was a little weirdo, they just semed nice. Jake was calmed down a little by the revelation. He also now knew for a fact that the first girl was Summer Simms, as he remembered that she was one of his sister's friends.

Then another guy came in. The new guy was tall and skinny, and Jake didn't have a clue who he was. Then again, not knowing the guy's name wasn't much of a surprise to Jake, and neither was the guy getting Jake's name wrong. Fortunately, Summer corrected him pretty quickly. She also brought up the fact that he built robots, and the other girl seemed to notice pretty quickly. Jake felt like they were trying to draw him into their conversation. He meekly replied to their inquiry.

"Well, uh, I've only built one so far... but I might make another... someday..."

He almost regretted speaking immediately afterward. What if they thought he was being too cocky or self-important? What if they didn't care what he had to say? Jake tried to expel the negative thoughts from his mind. It was just a simple conversation. They weren't expecting him to be the best conversationalist in the world. He repeated that in his mind in order to make sure that he understood it. There was no pressure to be perfect here.

As soon as he was done mentally berating himself, Summer asked if someone could hold her posters for her. Jake raised his hand and replied softly.

"I'll do it if you want me to."

A Safe Bet...
"Heh, mmmyeah. He does sound familiar."

Travis was obviously trying to play it cool, but Stacey knew that she had gotten to him. His smile didn't hide anything. He was putty in her hands, and she knew it. The two of them were inches apart at this point, and Stacey could even smell Travis' breath. It smelled strangely... minty.

I swear, if this kid actually used some breath spray before he talked to me...

Travis leaned in and whispered something in her ear.

"Soooo, Stace... Wanna go to the dance with me?"

Travis leaned back and Stacey looked into his eyes. Their eyes were locked so intently that if one didn't know that they were simply hormone-crazed teenagers, then one could swear that it was true love. Stacey leaned in close and whispered back in Travis' ear.

"Oh, you know I do."

Introduction Thread
Go to your profile, move the mouse pointer over to the Profile Options, and click on Edit Profile. Type whatever you want into the Member Title line. Click Save Changes and your title will be changed.

I hope that this helps.

Tiger in the Night
((Jake Mordetsky continued from Test Drive))

Jake wandered into the Student Center, still trying to build up the courage to talk to the other students. Other than Alex and Zubin, Jake rarely, if ever talked while he was in school. Heck, most of the other students probably wouldn't even recognize his voice if he did speak. Still, he had a free period, so he might as well spend it trying to socialize, however likely it was to end in disaster.

He saw a girl taking down some posters. They were the posters that Summer Simms used when she was running in the student election. Jake couldn't remember what she ran for, but he did remember that she didn't win. He deduced that Summer was probably the one taking down the posters.

Jake noticed another girl helping to take down the posters as well. However, he had no idea who this girl was. He didn't know most of the other students on sight other than his sister, his friends, and the extremely well-known students, such as star athletes. Still, Jake figured that helping take down the posters was probably the polite thing to do. Nervously, he approached the girls.

"Um... I could help with the posters. I-I mean, only if you want me to..."

Cheerleader Assemble!
Stacey May-Mordetsky is an ex-cheerleader. She quit because it was too much work.

Some of the other cheerleaders might not like that too much.

A Safe Bet...
"Heheh, I think I have someone in mind, yes. There is this gorgeous blonde girl in my class, who I really like."

Stacey was loving this. She knew that Travis was talking about her. Sure, there were a lot of other blonde girls in school, but he had said gorgeous, and no one fit that description better than she did. She also noticed the way he was eyeing her body. He wasn't even trying to look her in the eyes. Stacey was fully aware that Travis was pretty much eye-humping her in the middle of the hallway. If she didn't know that he was talking about her before, she knew for sure now.

Travis looked her in the eye again, as if he hadn't just been ogling every last inch of her like a horny old man. He clearly knew that she knew that he had been checking her out.

"Soooooo, how about you, Stace? Do you have anyone in mind yourself?"

Stacey expected him to ask about prom. You don't usually stare at someone like that around prom season if you don't want to ask them to prom. Stacey decided that she wanted to toy with him a little bit. She was going to say yes, of course, but she wanted to entice him.

"Well, there was someone I was thinking of..." Stacey inched closer to Travis with every word, speaking slowly and clearly. "He has dark hair... he dresses nicely... he has a thing for weed..." Stacey was now inches away from Travis. She looked at him seductively with her blue eyes.

"Know who I'm talking about?"

A Safe Bet...
Stacey watched Travis as he tried to play innocent. His smile and wink were so cheesy that she almost laughed in his face. However, she kept herself composed in anticipation of what he would say next.

"... But, you know, actually - I was looking for you!"

Oh, so he was looking for me? Well, I can't really blame him. I am fabulous, aren't I?

"I won't beat around the bush like some sort of pussy... So, I was just wondering.... do you have a date for prom yet?"

Stacey expected this. Clearly, Travis only wanted to go to prom with her because he thought that she would sleep with him. His smirk confirmed it. However, unlike most girls, Stacey had no problem with this. To her, prom night was all about the action that happens once you leave the prom. Well, that and being Prom Queen, of course.

"Oh, no. Nobody's asked me to prom yet." Stacey responded in her best "innocent" voice. She then spoke to Travis again, this time speaking in a slower, flirty tone.

"Are you thinking of going with anyone?"

A Safe Bet...
((Stacey Mordetsky continued from High Fashion, High Prices))

Stacey walked through the hallways, just like she would any other school day. Despite keeping up her typical flirty demeanor, she was livid. She was absolutely irritated by one simple fact.

No one had asked her to the prom yet.

Stacey couldn't believe the idiocy of her classmates. She was rich, sexy, and practically a sure thing in bed! Any guy would jump at the chance for someone like her, wouldn't they? She should be fighting off guys with a stick! Instead, she had been practically ignored all week while all the other girls were getting asked to prom. Surely the guys didn't prefer those dumpy wallflowers over her, did they?

As she continued to walk, she noticed Travis Webster in the hall. He was pretty good-looking, and she knew that he had a... reputation with the girls in Aurora High. If he didn't have a date for prom, then her problems would be solved. After all, there's NO way that a guy like him would ever reject a girl like her. She continued to walk up to him, trying to put a little extra strut in her walk to entice him. She finally spoke to him, keeping her flirty attitude.

"Oh hi, Travis. It's just lovely to see you."

((GMing approved by Psychadelic.))

Adonis Alba had been hit in the face with mashed potatoes. He did not like getting hit in the face with mashed potatoes. He was pissed off, and he was going to make sure that Kyran Dean regretted ever throwing that handful of potatoes. He didn't pay any attention to the erupting food fight happening around him. He was completely focused on Kyran. Kyran had actually dared Adonis to hit him. Adonis smirked. Kyran had just made the worst decision of his life.

As soon as Kyran finished speaking, Adonis looked at him for a moment before throwing a right hook at his face. His fist collided hard with Kyran's cheek, stunning him. The last time he hit somebody like that, the guy ran away like a scared deer. Surely Kyran wasn't going to actually fight Adonis. He would get slaughtered! Adonis looked at Kyran and chuckled.

"There. I hit you. Whatcha gonna do about it?"

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
I meant to post here a while ago, but I never got around to it. So to make up for it, I'm posting now.

In response to the question regarding a hander's favorite character to post with, the most fun character for me has been, surprisingly, Adonis Alba. It's weird, because I created him as pretty much the complete opposite of myself appearance-wise, skill-wise, and personality-wise. He evolved from the boorish bully I had in my head into a show-offy jerk that keeps getting more ridiculous while still remaining (somewhat) realistic. His posts seem to flow like a river from my mind to the page, and that's pretty rare for me. I hope that he's as much fun to read as he is to write.

I also have a question for everyone else: Do you have your eye on any characters in particular for v5?

I'm personally interested in the rivalry between Owen Veveris and Naomi Bell. The possibilities that could unfold between the two on the island are incredible. Plus, if they already hated each other before the game, imagine what it would be like if they ended up being the final two...

There's just so much potential I see that it makes me really excited for v5 to begin in earnest.

High Fashion, High Prices
((Skipping because Stacey has to be somewhere else soon.))

Everything was going perfectly. Stacey had pointed out the two freaks in the store, and the entire Bitch Squad had pounced like a pack of well-manicured wolves. Miranda immediately went for Frank. She brought up Jasper Rourke, so she basically called Frank gay. Kat jumped in right after that, with a more subtle jab at Frank. Well, more subtle than Miranda had been, at least.

However, despite their fun at the expense of the tattooed students, there was one thing that Stacey had not expected.

"'Least Cisco here knows how to shop fancy...and not outta the strip club dumpster."

...And that was the razor-sharp tongue of Eliza Patton.

Strip club dumpster? How dare that tramp insult my designer clothes! This outfit is worth more than her life! She has no right to insult me!

Stacey's thoughts were clouded by rage. Eliza had NO right to say anything about fashion with her choice in clothing, and Stacey would not let what she had just said go by without retaliation!

"Listen here you piece of street trash!" Stacey screamed as she pointed her finger threateningly at Eliza. "I spent more money on this outfit than you spend on clothes in a year! You have no right to talk about me that way, you tattooed WHORE!"

Stacey's shrieking voice caused the eyes of everyone in the store to turn in her direction. Feeling embarrassed, she dropped everything she found in the store on a shelf to her right and brushed her hair back with her hand, trying to regain composure.

"Girls, I think that the air just became a bit too... trashy." She glanced disgustedly at Eliza as she said the word 'trashy.' "I think I'll be going now."

Stacey stormed out of the store, irate over the events that had just taken place.

((Stacey Mordetsky continued elsewhere...))

Little's Buddies (Thread V2)
I'd like for Jake Mordetsky to be a part of the orbiting group as one of Alex Ripley's friends, if nobody minds.

The Gift of Giving
After Cassidy left, Matt was alone with his thoughts. He had met a new friend, and that was something that didn't happen every day. It was something to be cherished. He checked his phone to make sure that Cassidy's number had been saved. He was relieved to find that it was. Matt went back to the home screen on his phone, and was unpleasantly surprised by the reading on the clock.

It was now only ten minutes until SmackDown began.

Matt hastily dismounted the steps and ran home in a full sprint.

((Matt Masters continued elsewhere...))

The Gift of Giving
Matt watched as Cassidy entered her number into his phone. Once she finished, she handed the phone back to him and smiled. They had a great time talking to each other, but it was time for them both to go home. Cassidy stepped off of the stairs and didn't turn around until she reached the sidewalk. As she turned, she waved to him.

"I'll see ya later!"

Matt smiled and waved back at her from the steps.

I'll see you, too."

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Well... at least I made it to Night 3 this time instead of dying on Day 3.

That's progress... I guess...

The Gift of Giving
Matt watched as Cassidy pressed a few buttons on her phone before holding it out to him.

"So... could I get your number?

At that moment, Matt realized that she had been dropping hints that just flew right over his head. Seriously, what kind of idiot wouldn't know that a girl wanted his number? Matt shrugged off that thought. The fact that he didn't get the hint didn't make her not like him. At least, he didn't think it did. Refocusing his attention on Cassidy, he smiled and answered.


Matt entered his number into Cassidy's phone, being careful not to hit two buttons at once with his large fingers. After around ten seconds, his number was set in Cassidy's phone.

"There you go."

Matt pressed a few buttons on his phone, sending it to the New Contact screen, and handed it over to Cassidy. He was a little nervous, since he had never asked a girl for her number before.

"Um... can I have your number, too?"

The Gift of Giving
"Well, I gotta head home. It's getting dark and I got things to do."

Matt nodded. It looked like the conversation was wrapping up. After all, the sun was setting and the streets weren't particularly a safe place to be at night. Besides, he had some things to do, too. Well, more like things to watch, but still, he was on a schedule nonetheless.

"Maybe we could talk again sometime?"

Cassidy actually wanted to talk to him again. Matt didn't take a lot of time to think about his response, because he already knew what he was going to say.

"Yeah. I'd like that."

A party, you say? Wtth drinking and girls?

Adonis Alba is already there.

Mean Kids, Bullies & Volatile Personalities
Stacey May-Mordetsky is definitely on this list. She's a total spoiled brat that puts down anyone that is not up to her "standards", which is pretty much 90% of the school.