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Adonis felt pretty confident in his chances. Gray was a lot smaller and weaker than he was, so Adonis could beat him down without breaking a sweat. Everything was in his control until the skinny kid stood up with his tray and...wait, was he going to throw his lunch? This guy was seriously trying to threaten Adonis with mashed potatoes! If Adonis hadn't been unbelievably pissed off at the moment, he would have laughed. If Gray had no chance in a fight against Adonis, then this guy had less than no chance! Adonis' mind began to ponder the current situation.

Man, this could actually be good. I could take down two dudes, looking like some friggin' hero, then Rachael would totally be all over me because of how brave and strong I am! It's perfect!

Fortunately, before Adonis could put his new plan into action, Kyran got between him and the people he wanted to fight. Kyran tried to tell him to calm down, because that would somehow impress Rachael. Adonis knew that that was a load of crap. Girls wanted tough guys, not spineless chumps! With a shout of "Get offa me!", Adonis threw Kyran off of him. Kyran fell onto the table, directly into his own lunch, sending heavy vibrations all across the table. A couple of meatballs fell off of Adonis' tray and rolled across the table like tumbleweeds in the background of an old west standoff. Adonis turned his attention back to the boy wielding the mashed potatoes.

"You throw that tray, and I'm gonna make you regret it, dork."

The Gift of Giving
Angel's name had been enough. Cassidy's reaction was telling. She knew, and she was just as horrified and disgusted at the thought as he was. A cruel twist of fate in the life of someone completely innocent was the only way to describe it.

"D-do you think there's a-a.. Heaven?"

Cassidy's voice was shaky, and she was clearly upset. Matt began to have some regrets about telling her. He hadn't intended for i to affect her this badly. Still, she asked him a question, and he felt he had to give a genuine answer.

"Yeah, I like to think that there is a Heaven. I mean, souls need somewhere to go after the body passes on, right? A good soul will always find its way to Heaven, that's what I believe."

Matt looked up at the sky, deep in thought.

"You know, sometimes I wonder if she's watching me, and if she's proud of what I'm doing."

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread


...Now that I got that out of my system, let's think about this for a second....

We have just lost one of the town's most powerful roles, and we're still pretty much just running off of vague suspicions. Does anyone have anything that might be able to shed some light on this case?

The Gift of Giving
"Well Matt, she sounds wonderful. And I'm sure no matter where she is or what she's going through, she's happy."

Yeah. Where she is. At least nothing can hurt her anymore. Matt managed to smile a little at that thought.

"And she's got a great friend like you looking out for her. I can't imagine her life getting anything but better."

Matt's smile vanished, and he looked back at his shoes, trying to hide his face.


Even though she didn't know it, Cassidy pretty much said the worst thing she possibly could have in that situation. He didn't blame her, after all, she didn't know. But still, that sentence reminded him of all that had happened that fateful morning.

Sirens. Police cars. Her dad in handcuffs. The coroner's van.

Matt shook his head in an attempt to clear the images haunting his mind. Cassidy still stood in front of him, and he had no idea what to say. He tried to form words, but nothing seemed to fit together in his mind. He wanted to say something, he truly did, but he couldn't figure out how to do so without ruining the conversation. He decided to see if she would realize it on her own, and he could avoid telling her altogether. It wasn't a particularly good idea, but it was the only way he could think of to keep the conversation going. He sighed and finally spoke up.

"Maybe you know her. Her name's Angel White."

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
First off, I'm sorry about my annoying super-long post. I felt like I had to excuse my absence. I just ended up putting more detail than necessary. I feel like an idiot, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

As for my reasons for voting Inky? Well, simply put, I was suspicious of him. He was pretty much saying that a random lynch was the best way to go, and that's not a very good thing for the town to do. I just went with my gut, and my gut was wrong.

The Gift of Giving
Why's that?

Matt's face suddenly turned grim. He hadn't expected her to ask. Truth be told, he probably set himself up for that upon saying that his reasons were personal, but still...he wasn't sure he was ready to talk about it. It had been a few years since it had happened, but these sorts of wounds didn't heal easily. He took a deep breath and walked over to Cassidy. His voice was soft and somber as he spoke.

"Well, after freshman year I met this girl in the neighborhood. Her father was a huge drunk, and she always had cuts and bruises that she needed to cover up. My mom would let her spend the day over at our house so that she wouldn't have to face her father so often. Despite what she went through, she always looked on the brighter side of things, and was always lifting people up when they felt down."

Matt looked at his feet. He never really pictured himself actually talking to someone about this.

"I guess she was one of the first people that I could actually consider a good friend."

Prom Ballots
Matt Masters walked over to the ballot box. Prom season had come, and it would be the last time he would ever go to one. As he looked at the ballot, he went through multiple options in his head. He mentally tossed out all the people who had made high school a living hell for the less popular students, which took a large chunk of the popular crowd out of the running. Finally, he put the pencil to the paper and began to write.


Kyran was an athelete that didn't treat other people like dirt. Matt respected that.


Cassidy was one of the kindest, sweetest girls he had ever met. She deserved to be queen.

Matt put his ballot into the box and walked away. He just hoped that his vote made a difference.


Adonis Alba swaggered over to the ballot box, picking up a pencil and thinking hard. Since he knew that he would be prom king, he was trying to figure out who he would like to be his queen. After a few moments of thought, he scribbled his vote on the paper.


Heh. I'd like to spend prom night with her.

In the midst of his impure thoughts, Adonis almost forgot that he had to vote for a king. SInce he couldn't vote for himself, he voted for one of the few people that didn't piss him off.


Hell, if Adonis couldn't get any prom queen action, then Patton should.For all Adonis messes with him, he knew that Patton was a hell of an athlete. Besides, he didn't have to worry, because everyone else would vote for him anyway.

Adonis put his ballot in the box and left, still looking forward to his inevitable crowning.


Stacey May-Mordetsky looked at the ballot box. Since her being queen was a foregone conclusion, she had to decide on a proper king. After a brief moment to consider, she wrote her vote on the card.


She smiled. Miles was pretty cute, and it certainly helped that he had money. He would be a perfect king for one as perfect as herself.

For the queen, Stacey decided to nominate one of her friends. After some thought, she cast her vote.


Stacey had to admit, Mara always looked stunning, and she wouldn't be a half-bad queen.

Stacey placed her vote in the box and struttted away. After all, she had a date tonight, and she needed to get ready.


Jake Mordetsky nervously looked at his ballot. He knew who he was voting for, but he was still not too confident that his vote mattered. With his shaky hand, he wrote out his nominations.



The vote was easy. There weren't too many people in school that were nice to Jake. In fact, Zubin and Alex were the only ones who had actually tried to accept him, and he was grateful for that.

As he slipped his ballot into the box, Jake was still nervous. If Stacey found out that he didn't vote for her, then she would get mad at him again. But there was no way that she could find out, was there? Not unless she asked him, and Jake wasn't a good liar...

The small roboteer sighed. This was going to be a stressful prom season.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Sorry for not posting. I was playing Xenosaga: Episode I and I was grinding the A.G.W.S. simulator at the beginning of the game to get Shion to level 10 and upgrading her Spell Ray, as well as jacking up her Ether Attack stat in order to turn her M.W.S. into an arm-mounted Death Star right off the bat. Afterwards, I watched some "What Would You Do?" on Hulu, and made Coop from Megas XLR on WWE' 12. Also, SmackDown was on tonight, so I had to watch that. Finally, I had to train for the Altador Cup on Neopets.

I take full responsibility for my absence, and I'm sorry for being an inconvenience.

The Gift of Giving
Apparently, Cassidy was just out jogging to keep in shape. Really, Matt hadn't suspected any differently. From the fact that she was carrying headphones, as well as clearly dressed in jogging clothes, the clues were obvious. Still, it never hurts to ask, especially when trying to make conversation. Cassidy seemed interested in what he had to say, which was a relief. He really did not want to bore her to death talking about the center.

"I bet it's nice the kids have somebody to look up to! Is it really rewarding?"

Matt was pretty sure that she was sincere about the "someone to look up to" line, and not just making a joke. It was nice to have someone talk to him without mentioning his ridiculous height. As for her question, though, Matt knew his answer as soon as she asked it.

"Yeah, it feels pretty good. It feels kind of like I'm making a difference. Well, almost, at least." Matt answered with a smile. He looked back over his shoulder at the center.

"Besides, this sort of thing is kind of personal to me."

The age poll!
19 years old. Still watches cartoons and Legends of the Hidden Temple.

What can I say, 90's TV was awesome.

Test Drive
(Jake Mordetsky continued from In Relative Solitude)

Between two neighborhoods in Seattle, there is a quite large vacant lot. The lot is a large section of smoothly paved concrete, as though someone was going to put a basketball court or a parking lot there. No one ever built anything there, however, so it is mainly used as a place for neighborhood barbeques and block parties.

Today, however, there were no barbeques or block parties. Just a scrawny teenage boy with a remote control, and a wedge-shaped robot.

Jake Mordetsky hit the power button on the controller, and Tadakatsu the robot ras ready to roll. Jake gave his commands through his controller, and Tadakatsu faithfully followed them. Reaching speeds nearing 20mph, and executing turns on a dime, the robot was the culmination of Jake's work for the past three years. Constantly being maintained and improved, it was an impressive specimen of robotics. If Robot Wars ever came back, Jake would be ready.

The scruffy robot fan brought his robot back over to him, parking it next to a bench. Jake sat on the bench and took a bottle of water out of his backpack. With his free hand, he turned off the robot's power.

"OK Tadakatsu, take five."

Taking a drink of water, Jake took a moment to relax.

A few minutes later, Jake urned Tadakatsu's power back on, and tested him for a few more minutes before heading home.

((Jake Mordetsky continued elsewhere...))

"C'mon dude, she just wants to eat her lunch and read her book. Leave her in peace."

Adonis jerked his head to look in the direction of the voice that spoke to him. It was Gray, that shrimpy little punk. Who was he to interrupt Adonis? Adonis was a full head taller than this guy! Was he just looking for an ass-kicking, messing with people bigger than him? Dude must have a death wish if he thinks he can go around doing that.

Man, I had it all planned out, too. I'd slide a little closer to her, tell her she smells nice, then slip her my number. It's foolproof! But no, this dumbass had to open his big, stupid mouth!

Adonis stood up and glared at Gray, attempting to intimidate the skater with his size. He spoke with an undertone of anger clearly present in his voice.

"Look, freak. Why don't you mind your own damn business?"

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread

Vote: Inky

Joke lynches are not good, and advocating them is pretty suspicious.

The Mafia Waiting List
King of the Hill Mafia is now 24 players. Roles are set, all that's left is Role PMs, at it's ready.

EDIT: Scratch that, It's 23 players.

SOTF-TV Mafia: Game Thread
Vote: Rocky

Because he created Marvia Jones, the most evil character in TV. He has to be Mafia!

The Gift of Giving
"What brings you to a Women's Shelter?"

Cassidy smiled and laughed as she asked her question. Clearly she was a little confused as to what was going on. Matt couldn't really blame her. After all, it isn't every day you see the school giant sitting outside a women's shelter.

"Well, I volunteer here a couple times a week. Usually I make sure that everything around the center is safe and in working order, and I talk to teen abuse victims. I came by today to bring some toys to the kids that stay here."

Oh, sure, preach your charity work, you big blowhard.

Matt felt somewhat embarrassed about talking to Cassidy about his volunteering. Pretty much nobody outside of his neighborhood knew about it, and he wasn't the type to brag, so he kept quiet about it around the school. He hoped that she wasn't too put off by his unintentional bit of self-promotion. He hastily changed the subject to prevent further discomfort.

"So, what are you doing around here?"

He made his tone as comforting and non-confrontational as possible, but a tiny bit of embarrassment was still present on his voice. After all, he wasn't interrogating her, he was merely curious.

SOTF-TV Mafia: sign-ups
Role recieved!

SOTF v4 Mafia: Fallout thread
I'm gonna be honest, Survivor was the absolute LAST role I expected to be associated with Remi Pierce. I thought that he would be a Jester or a Suicidal Townie (I've heard of that role, and it's a bastard if I've ever seen one).

The Gift of Giving
Matt had forgotten how relaxing watching clouds could be. Within the span of a few seconds, he had seen clouds that looked like a football, a swan, and a soda can. He felt as though he could do this for hours. Taking his eyes off the clouds for a moment, he checked the time on his phone. Yep, still a few minutes past 5. He really could stare at the clouds for another hour if he wanted to.

As he looked up from his watch, however, he saw someone on the sidewalk that looked familiar. It was a girl from school, Cassidy Kant. She was a cheerleader, as far as Matt remembered, but she wasn't spoiled or conceited at all. She was just a really nice, sweet girl. What was she doing around here at this time? Matt decided to be friendly, and gave her a smile and a wave.


SOTF v4 Mafia: Fallout thread
Well, I can't really compare this game to any other games of Mafia, seeing as this was my first one. I'm personally more disgusted with myself and my horrifically incompetent playstyle.

Oh, well. I guess that I can delude myself into thinking that I helped bring down a member of the Mafia, seeing as they were nightkilled right after I was lynched. Small victories, I guess.