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You thought it was Kimiko but it was me, Jerry!
Jerry was dead, and Matt had just left with a specific request not to be followed. Within the span of a few minutes, Bart had lost another group, and now he was alone with a new one that didn't seem to be too happy with his presence. One of them pretty much ignored him, one referred to him dismissively, and the driver, who he assumed was the leader of the group, was the only one to confront him directly. She didn't have too many friendly words for him, though. After her recent lambasting of him for joining with Jerry in the first place, she asked him about his future plans.

"Uh..." He scratched his head as he tried to come up with something, coming away with sweat under his fingernails from his increasingly dampening scalp. "I, uh... don't really know." The words stumbled out of his mouth. "I guess that I'll, uh... try to find my friends again."

At that moment, an idea returned to his head. He hadn't heard Clarice or Kizi's names on the announcements, so they might still be somewhere on the island. He didn't know much about these people, but with their jeep they could probably cover a lot of ground really quickly. It wasn't out of the realm of possibility for them to have seen at least one of the girls.

"Wait!" He said loudly as he reached out, probably a bit startlingly compared to his meekness until that point. "Have you seen Clarice or Kizi anywhere?" He conveyed an expression of strained hope. "It's, uh... kind of important."

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Apr 24 2017, 11:34 PM
Cicada Days
Apr 24 2017, 09:07 AM
That represents Alessio's true enemies, Jonathan Gulley and Richard Nixon.

srs tho thanks for pointing it out prim!
no what I think prim meant was that the fact that Jonathan was listed as Alessio's enemy twice still didn't really convey how much the two hate each other

Posted Image

I think this is a better representation of what Prim had in mind.
I think that you mistakenly left "Undying Hatred of Jonathan Gulley" off of his weapon list.

Welcome To New V6 Staff

You thought it was Kimiko but it was me, Jerry!
Bringing up Jerry brought about instant reminders that the recently deceased had been a pretty unpleasant person, not to mention a killer in his own right. Bart knew all of that. Spending a day with him had made the first detail abundantly clear, and the announcements as well as Jerry's own boasting of his kills meant that the second aspect never left Bart's head for long.

But still, despite those faults, Jerry was a human being. Bart was a believer in the idea that violence never solved anything, despite everything that had taken place since he woke up on the island. Jennifer's death at Nancy's hands was something that should never have happened. It led to the death of one of his friends and, at least in his mind, set the events that led to their alliance break up into motion.

Jerry's death came about suddenly in the middle of a heated confrontation. Bart couldn't calm things down, and he was scared of what would happen next. But even so... did it really have to end so suddenly and violently? It stopped what could have been a brutal fight, yes, but was it the only way?

Bart placed his hand on his head and groaned. He was getting a headache, probably from stress. The driver was grilling him about Jerry, reminding him of all the awful things he already knew about the boy.

"Yeah, uh... I knew. He told me." He said, taking unsteady breaths as he tried to calm his heart rate. "But he said that, uh... he said that I'd be safer if I stayed with him and Matt." He moaned briefly as another jolt of pain struck his head. "So, uh... I just followed them."

He could feel sweat pooling in the spaces between his fingers. He didn't know what the driver would do next, but the questions she was asking left him very afraid of the consequences.

You thought it was Kimiko but it was me, Jerry!
Voices were coming from the jeep, voices that didn't particularly sound pleased with what was going on. If Bart's legs hadn't felt like like jello molds of questionable solidity at the moment, he probably would have turned tail and fled into the woods. Instead, he waited and watched as the driver of the jeep stepped out to survey the scene.

For some reason, his idea of what the driver would look like involved a huge, muscular guy with a beard. He wasn't entirely sure where that idea came from, but it was a safe bet that it had something to do with how big and scary the jeep was, especially when it was barreling towards him. To see the driver revealed as a girl much smaller than himself was quite a shock. He wasn't sure how to react, especially when she asked if he was okay. Bart didn't hear Matt's response, mostly because he was too busy trying to form one of his own from his scrambled thoughts.

"I'm, uh..." He held his hand to his chest, feeling every beat of his acing heart. "I'm okay, but, uh..." He redirected his quivering hand to point at the body of Jerry Fury lying behind the Jeep. "Jerry..."

It wasn't dignified, but it was articulate enough to get the point across.

You thought it was Kimiko but it was me, Jerry!
Bart hastily retracted his hands in response to Jerry's threat, signaling a quick end to his attempt at conflict resolution. He hesitantly stood back, not willing to completely leave Jerry and Matt to their own devices, but afraid of what would happen should he try to get involved again.

The tensions between his companions quickly became the least of his worries as, unlikely as it may sound, he was faced with something even louder and scarier that Jerry: A jeep coming straight for them that showed no intents of stopping. As soon as he caught sight of the oncoming vehicle, he froze like the proverbial deer in the headlights, wide-eyed and staring straight at the heavy metal object hurtling toward him.

His senses returned to him with just enough time for his brain to send a crucial message to the rest of his body: GET OUT OF THE WAY! He dove off to the side, only making it a few feet before hitting the ground and clumsily rolling along in a manner most undignified. Fortune was just barely on his side, as he dodged the jeep by the most minuscule of margins.

When he came to a stop, he reopened his eyes and was greeted with the sight of Jerry lying behind the jeep. Even without looking closer, it was a pretty safe bet that the angry boy was dead, run down by the jeep. He was also aware that had his reflexes been any slower, he could have been in the same position. Speaking of said jeep, Bart was now lying near the driver's-side door. He picked himself up slowly, having a hard time standing on his violently shaking legs.

"H-hello...?" He fearfully called up to the driver, hoping against expectations that they would be merciful.

You thought it was Kimiko but it was me, Jerry!
Okay, things were spinning way, way too far out of hand for Bart's comfort. Jerry was getting in Matt's face, and Matt whipped out his gun in response. With the way this situation was headed, he could see no positive outcome unless something happened very soon to get these two away from each other's throats.

Making the decision to be that something, Bart stepped up to the bickering duo. He couldn't quite get between them for physiological reasons, but he did his best to try to impose himself by holding out his hands to try to create some sort of barrier between the two.

"H-hey guys, come on..." He pleaded with halting breath as his hands shook between them. "Can't you, uh... cool it down a little?"

You thought it was Kimiko but it was me, Jerry!
Bart wearily carried himself over to the others, not wanting to risk making Jerry any madder than he already was. The last day or so had taught him to be very aware of his new ally's volatile temper, and Jerry's kill count gave him a very good reason to avoid provoking him. Despite their claims back at the warehouse, this new alliance did very little to assure Bart that he was safer with them. Actually, it just made him miss his old group even more. At least when they got into an argument, it could be cooled down pretty quickly and without fear of a physical fight breaking out.

Now that he was over here, Bart had two new nicknames: Meat Shield and Moral Support. It wasn't hard to see why they would think of him, considering that he was the weakest, slowest, and most poorly armed of the three. He just wished that they wouldn't admit out loud that he was borderline useless to them. He also wished that he had the courage to admit this to their faces, but that probably wouldn't be happening anytime soon.

Instead, he just meekly followed along with their conversation. "Uh... yeah. That sounds okay, I guess..."

You thought it was Kimiko but it was me, Jerry!
((Bart Cappotelli continued from Let The Darkness Flow Through You))

"Come on..."

Bart softly whined as he struggled to get his leg untangled from the bushes. He tugged at his leg, trying to force it through the thin, grasping branches that had ensnared him. Each time he took a breath between pulls, he wound up taking in an awful stench, like rotting meat in an open dumpster. His stomach was quickly turning sour, but he tensed his jaw and tried his hardest to keep everything down. He didn't want to lose what little food was sitting in his stomach.

At around his fifth or sixth attempt to pull himself free, his leg slipped out of its natural snare and allowed him to rejoin Jerry and Matt. Unfortunately, this also brought him to the source of the smell that had plagued him, an old corpse on the ground. Even though he wasn't as close to it as Matt or Jerry, the sight alone made him even more nauseous. He had seen corpses before on the island, but none of them has smelled quite as bad as this one. That combined with the sound and visual of Jerry retching brought Bart's stomach to its breaking point.

"Uh... uh..." He moaned before heaving the contents of that day's breakfast into a sloppy, oozing pile at his feet. He put his hands on his knees and groaned with anguish as his throat burned from the acidic expulsion.

At this rate, he felt like his own body might do him in before anyone else got the chance.

Let the Darkness Flow Through You
"Um... okay.

Bart meekly followed Matt and Jerry, hoping that whatever happened next would be a little more peaceful than this encounter.

((Bart Capppotelli continued elsewhere...))

The V5 Read-A-Thon
So should I apologize for my v5 characters now or later?

Also, I'll take one.

v7+ concepts
Here's some concepts I have. Most of them are only in their beginning phases, but I feel like I might as well share them now that there's a thread for it and all.

Aleksandra Prudius: A basketball player born to a family of Ukrainian immigrants. In addition to basketball, she also has major interests in art and music, and dabbles in the latter two as well. However, when she gets a little too deep into one of her hobbies, she tends to get tunnel vision and miss things that are happening around her. Socially, she tends to have a lot of difficulty, often struggling to find things to talk about with her classmates and preferring to be left alone rather than negotiate the crowded hallways. When she was in middle school, she was found to be on the autism spectrum, and her parents have been researching the best ways to help her deal with it ever since. She still has no idea what she wants to do after graduation, regularly changing her mind on what hobby she thinks she should pursue as a career.

Tony Spicolli: A foster kid who was adopted out after his parents were found unfit to continue caring for him. He entered the system at 9 years old, and went through a couple of homes before finding his current one. He grew up with major attitude issues, regularly getting into trouble at school and fights with his classmates, which wound up being the reason he went through so many homes. He had the same issues at his current home until they helped him find a good outlet for himself: cooking. Ever since he started down the road to becoming a chef, he has turned his life around, becoming a boisterous yet harmless presence who tries to be something of a "big brother" figure to younger and more vulnerable students.

Kyle Harrison: A wide-eyed, cheerful kid from a religious family. Both at home and at church, Kyle was taught that people should do what they can to help others, which has become internalized as his personal philosophy. In his zeal to help as many people as possible in his lifetime, he decided that he wants to become a doctor. Throwing himself fully into studying, he wants to gain as much knowledge as he can in order to become a powerful force for good later in life. His ultimate goal is to find a way to eradicate harmful diseases from the world and improve health worldwide. Despite his heavy workload of studying, he is always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it.

Rhonda Rollins:A sullen figure who sets herself apart from the crowd. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks with a single parent has given her a fairly dull outlook on the world that she is not shy about sharing. A mechanic-in-training with a love of rock music and indy wrestling, she is usually indulging in one of these interests when not at school, where she actively avoids extracurriculars in order to spend as little time there as possible. She does not have a very large social circle, and does not actively seek to grow it. She can usually be seen either in attendance at a local wrestling event or working on her car at home. Most of the time though, she's not looking to talk.

Those are some characters I have in my head right now. I'm open to comments or criticisms, so feel free to leave some either in the thread or in my PM box if you've got some.