"We tried to be better, but we aren't. I don't think anyone could last more than a week here if they weren't willing to do bad things." - Alba Reyes

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General Video Game Discussion Thread
Fighting Legion by moonlight.

Mourning love by daylight.

Always ready for a gunfight.

He is the one named Craig Boone.

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Turtle Draws Things
Could I have an Angie Hart please?

Hate to post another game report so soon, but I just have to point out this badass of a Master Yi that I played with. The guy capped off the game with 2 Pentakills in a row. That's the stuff of legend right there.

Holy crap, those stats...

Whew, just had one of the most nail-biting games I've experienced yet. I legit had no idea who would win until that final push happened.

Results and stuff

I've been playing around with the free-to-play characters in order to figure out what playstyle suits me best.

It turns out that my best character is Skarner, of all champions. I had no idea that that crystal scorpion dude was such a badass if he gets the right build.

V6 Concepts Thread
All right, I've got some blueprints laid out right here. Any criticism would be appreciated.

Barry Banks- Barry is a talented member of the school soccer team. He's been playing since he was a kid, and wants to go pro once he graduates. However, he is very humble about his skill, and has a tendency to brush off particularly spectacular plays as "just good luck". He is a very pleasant person to be around in general thanks to his friendly personality. He is also very trusting, but this trait is a double-edged sword for him, as it has caused him to be a victim of pranks by fellow students time and time again.

Bart Cappotelli- An obese Italian-blooded student with a rough-looking face, acne scars, and a medical condition that causes him to smell bad no matter how much he washes. Despite all that, Bart is an extremely friendly and good-hearted person. He isn't part of any school clubs or teams, but he is an animation enthusiast, with Gravity Falls as his favorite show of all time. He isn't totally sure what he wants to do for a living yet, but he's leaning toward a career in animation.

Rene Wolfe- Rene is an overweight comedienne-in-training. She always seems to have a joke or quip for any given situation, even when one isn't quite appropriate. She takes any opportunity she can to practice her routine, and has taken the stage at school talent shows multiple times. However, her only issue with school shows is that she has to "reign in" her more raunchy material. Also, she loves spiders, and doesn't really get why other people would be afraid of them.

The SOTF Theme/Genre discussion
Stacey followed the theme of self-reflection. On the island, she examined her life and who she was as a person. She slowly came to realize that she had the potential to be a lot better than she was. However, when she snapped at Yukiko, it represented her falling back into the self-centered, nasty personality that she had become known for in school, and that failing is what ultimately caused her death.

Adonis' theme was consequences. He was a complete jerk in school, and that came back to bite him when he was unable to find an alliance. This showed best in Stand Your Ground(s), where he is refused entry into an alliance due to his reputation. His realization comes in his last thread, when he figures out a way to use his flaws of anger and glory-hounding in a more positive way by fighting players, but is killed before he can do so. His realization of how all of the consequences of his actions led him to his fate, as well as the knowledge that he was unable to make up for them, is what keeps him from being proud of his life in his final moments.

Matt's theme was the old "hero complex" trope. His entire goal was to find Cassidy and protect her. While he did succeed in saving her from Travis, he wound up dying in the process. He pretty much existed to be a bodyguard, never thinking of his own safety, but willing to put his life on the line for others. While his intentions were noble, it resulted in his death the first time he tried to intervene.

I'd like to think that I'm slowly getting better at League of Legends.

At least now I know not to waste gold buying swords for Morgana.

Apr 1 2014, 01:57 AM
The April Fool's mode is the best thing.
What's April Fool's mode?