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It looks like this phase is between Deamon and decoy for the lynch, and I'm trying to weigh their statements. While Deamon has thrown out a few statements to defend himself, I don't think that decoy has said much of anything yet this day phase. I cannot place a vote yet, as I have not heard both sides attempt to defend themselves. Whoever comes off as the most honorable, I will spare. The other shall receive my vote.

The fact that a cult is on the loose is quite frightening indeed. Such a dishonorable group should not be taken lightly, and we must take action to ensure that they are eliminated soon, or else the town may be forced into a no-win situation.

Personally, I think that MurderWeasel came up with some good points on why the cult should be a top priority this phase, and he also put forth some good arguments for penguin_alien being the new cult recruiter. I'm going to throw out a...

FoS: penguin_alien

... and let her try to explain herself before I lay down my vote. But she had better have a very good explanation.

EWBOP: I am voting for honor!

Well... the argument against Laurels seems to make the most sense to me... so, in this late in the phase, I suppose that it is in my best interests to vote for the most suspicious player.

Vote: Laurels

Amendment to the Staff Heirarchy System
Look on the bright side. Since you're purple, you're the same color as Mace Windu's lightsaber. Do you know what that means?

That means that the staff, at least on this site, now possesses the power of Samuel L. Jackson.

Amendment to the Staff Heirarchy System
I like the new color for the staff names. I like purple. Purple is good.

Okay, now that Slam's been outed as an honorable doctor, I'm immediately leery at the people who were busing him so hard last day phase, despite the very reasonable doubt of his scumminess, not to mention all the logical arguments pointing towards him not being scum.

By the way, does anyone else think that we should be worried about this "vote thief" fellow running around? Sure, the wiki says that they're usually town aligned, but he/she just stopped the most prominent player from voting, which seems quite suspect to me.

A Predictable Climax
Jake Mordetsky sat alone in the living room of his family's mansion. His dad was working the graveyard shift at the restaurant to serve anyone who was going to eat after prom, his mother was off on a spa weekend with her friends, and Stacey, of course, was at the prom. For now, he had the house all to himself, and he was making the most of it. He had cooked some Pizza Rolls and hooked his laptop up to the TV so he could watch Robot Wars on the big screen. Seeing his favorite robots and matches on the family's plasma screen was a truly beautiful sight to him.

He had been watching Robot Wars all night, and he had finally reached one of his all-time favorite heats. Series 4, heat I. The beginning of Stinger's incredible underdog story, going from a first round elimination in the last Wars to a Grand finalist in the Fourth Wars. He had always liked Stinger, so that made the heat all the more satisfying to watch. He smiled and ate a Pizza Roll as Craig Charles opened the episode. Jake may not have been asked to the prom, but he couldn't imagine his night having gone any better.

Stacey Mordetsky got out of Travis' car after they pulled into the driveway. She had suggested to him that they come to her house after prom. She smoothed out the wrinkles that the seat belt had caused her dress. She had a good feeling when she picked out her dress for prom, and by the way Travis had been staring at her all night, she knew that she had made the right choice. She knew that he was probably a sure thing anyway, but she wanted a dress that would ensure that they would spend the hours after prom night together.

Stacey opened the door and walked into the house. Judging by the lack of cars in the garage, Jake was still the only one home. That was great as far as Stacey was concerned. He wouldn't get in her and Travis' way. She knew that he would just keep sitting on the couch and watching his show. Stacey didn't give out compliments very often, especially to Jake, but she had to admit that he was good at staying out of the way. She beckoned Travis inside while standing in the doorway.

"Come on, Travis. Let's go."

Urgh... everything's moving so fast in so many different directions...

I was feeling good about the Slam lynch until he pulled the doctor claim. Now I'm not too sure what to think. He's pretty much guaranteed to be nightkilled within the next couple phases if he's telling the truth, so lynching him immediately might not be the best idea. He's running on borrowed time at best. If he's the doctor, he dies in a couple nights. If he's scum, we lynch him after he's survived too long to realistically be an unprotected and revealed doctor.

Just my two cents on the matter. Now let us please continue our investigation with honor.

While I have not been able to unearth any new clues in our investigation, I have to agree that the Slam and Espional come off as the two most dishonorable characters thus far. If no new information comes in the next 24 hours, then I will gladly pitch in my vote to help the cause.

We're gonna miss you, bro. You were a cool dude.

MurderWeasel's line of logic has intrigued me, and I feel that Espional needs to come up with some answers. Claiming that someone else is the doctor, especially so close to the end of the day phase is either an idiotic move for town, or an incredibly transparent Mafia move. Either way, it is not very honorable at all.

Also, his posting restriction is sticking out to me now. At first I thought that he was an uneducated hillbilly or something of the sort, but does anyone think that it could belong to the Callous Curmudgeon? Maybe the dentures mentioned in the flavor text make him talk funny, hence the phonetic spelling and misspelling of words. Thoughts?