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High Fashion, High Prices
Stacey continued to examine the dress as though she were a scientist analyzing his studies. The dress appeared flawless by her standards, and her standards happened to be VERY high.

"Stacey. What a surprise."

Stacey looked away from the dress to find the source of the voice. It was Miranda Millers. She breathed a small sigh of relief. At least it hadn't been her brother coming to tell her that she had locked her keys in the car again. Miranda was cool as far as Stacey was concerned. No weirdness involved, and she also happened to have a good eye for fashion as well.

"Oh, Miranda, are you shopping today, too?"

"How are you two?"

Stacey turned her head again, this time seeing Mara Montalvo joining their little conversation.

"I'm fine, Mara. Just looking for a dress."

"Right on time. I think we need to find less obvious places to shop."

Jamie Snicket had also arrived. Stacey now had three of her friends in the store with her. It was weird. She hadn't called anyone to say that she was going to the mall, so how did they find her?

"So, what are all you girls doing in here?" Stacey asked. "Trying to find some new clothes? Let me tell you something. Blue and purple are out, so forget about anything in those colors. Red, pink, and black are totally in, though, so find something in one of those."

Stacey smiled. She had not only met her friends in the mall, she could keep them from making huge fashion mistakes.

(Adonis Alba continued from A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks)

Adonis Alba was not in a good mood. He was pissed at Mallory for yelling at him. He was pissed at Mark for butting into his business. And he was pissed at Coach Lomelli most of all, for kicking him out of the gym when he was about to take care of business. And all of that had happened the previous day. Adonis Alba knew how to hold a grudge.

When I find those idiots again, I'm gonna...hey, lunch!

It was at this moment that the ex-jock realized that he wad wandered into the lunchroom during his wrathful plotting. He hadn't eaten since morning, and being angry about something that happened yesterday can really work up an appetite. He went through the lunch line and ended up with something that might have been meatballs and gravy served over mashed potatoes, but looked more like a puddle of brown on top of something gray with lots of tiny meatballs. Adonis looked at his tray and pondered whether or not to eat the substance that had been dumped onto it.

Well, crappy school food still counts as food, right?

He ultimately decided to eat the cafeteria slop. At least the meatballs looked edible.

Adonis took his tray and searched for a table. As he looked around, he noticed someone from the football team. Kyran Dean was the name that came to mind. Adonis always thought he was kind of weird, to be honest. Sure, the guy was a heck of a wide reciever, that he could respect, but he never seemed to hang out with the popular kids. Why not? Having the entire school fawning over you was one of the best things about being on the team! A little strange, but he didn't seem like that bad of a guy.

Next to Dean was some tiny guy that Adonis knew by word of mouth, Gray Emerson. All Adonis knew about this dude was that apparently he does ridiculous things and gets hurt a lot. He could have sworn that he saw the guy try to jump a dumpster on a skateboard once. The guy was definitely nuts, but he didn't seem like the type to try anything funny.

Deciding that their table was as good as any, Adonis walked over and overheard them talking about the elections for class president. Adonis didn't usually care much about politics, but he had seen some of the girls in the running and he was...interested, to say the least.

Simms, Bell, they're both smokin' hot. Pretty hard to choose.

Adonis plopped his lunch tray on Kyran and Gray's table completely unannounced, stating his intentions after already seating himself.

"I'm sitting here."

These guys couldn't possibly be as bad as those dumbasses from the gym, right?

v5 Bitch Squad
All right, everybody, I finally got around to creating Stacey's thread. It's right here.

Sorry for taking so long. All bitches (and Finn) are welcome to join!

High Fashion, High Prices
(Stacey Mordetsky continued from Morning at the Mordetsky Mansion)

Ugh, don't they know that periwinkle blue stopped being in style last season?

Stacey Mordetsky made her way through the racks of clothes in her favorite boutique, Runway. As she glanced at each article of clothing, she silently critiqued them in her mind. Patterns, colors, and fabrics all came into account. If she was going to spend her hard-inherited money on clothes, then she was going to make sure that they were up to her standards. All those years of reading Vogue and Cosmo had given her an acute eye for fashion, and she would not be caught dead in something tacky or out of season.

Happening across the formal wear section, she began scanning the dresses. She would need something sleek, sexy, and form-fitting. No matter what the occasion, she always had to make sure that she was the best-looking person in the room, no exeptions. After a few minutes of searching and judging, she found a red dress that seemed to fit her interests.

Well, red's always in season, and it definitely has that going for it. Hemline's short enough to show off, but long enough to keep a bit of mystery. Neckline's something that I can definitely work with. Looks a little snug, but that's nothing that I can't deal with. Yep, I think that we might have a winner here.

Stacey was convinced that this was the dress for her. She continued to scan it for a few moments longer, just to make sure that there were no imperfections.

A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks
Adonis was all set to throw down with Mark. He noticed Cody trying to talk him down, but he just ignored him. He vaguely heard Mallory start ranting at him, and...did she just call him a dick? Whatever, he'd get to her next. But first, the weightlifting prick was going to pay. NOBODY mouths off to Adonis Alba and gets away with it. However, just as soon as Adonis was about to open his mouth again...

What in hell is going on in here?!"

Coach Lomelli. Quite possibly the single worst person that could possibly show up. The man that ran the gym with an iron fist. Also the man that very clearly remembers the referee incident, as well as the exact reasons as to why Adonis was no longer a member of the school's athletic program. Lomelli basically told him in no uncertain terms to get his ass out of the weight room.

Now, Adonis may have been a bullying meathead that spent a little too much time leering at girls, but even he knew not to mess with Coach Lomelli.

"Fine. My business here was done anyway."

Adonis made his way towards the doors of the gym. Before exiting, however, he sent a pair of dirty glances across the room, one to Mark, and one to Mallory. He then left the gym, taking his attitude with him.

(Adonis Alba continued elsewhere...)

Popular Kids
Stacey May-Mordetsky is popular because of her money, looks, fashion, and the fact that she'll sleep with pretty much any guy that meets her standards (meaning guys who are rich and/or popular).

Her brother, Jake Mordestsky, is a large target for bullying and ridicule by the more popular students. His scrawny frame, lack of any athletic ability, and awkward demeanor don't exactly endear him to the higher tier of the high school hierarchy.

Adonis Alba is a weird case. Half of the student body still thinks that he's awesome thanks to his good looks and still-present athletic talents, but the other half thinks that he's a jackass due to his many, many negative traits. I guess you could say that he's half-popular, half-excommunicated.

v5 Bitch Squad
I'm actually planning on making a thread in the mall with Stacey soon, so the Bitch Squad could meet up there, if you want.

Pregame Tournament Final Roll Call
Sorry, man, but I have to pull Matt out of this. I've kept him from being in anymore pregame threads in anticipation for this, due to not wanting to have to exit a thread abruptly when the tournament starts. As a result, he's not being as developed as I want him to be.

I'm sorry, but I just can't wait anymore.

V5 Concepts Thread
April Fools to you too, Kami.