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Let the Darkness Flow Through You
On the bright side, Bart appreciated that Jerry and Matt were trying to make him feel better, or at least he thought they were. Unfortunately, Jerry not only referred to himself as a seasoned killer in the process, but the very recent memory of him laying Alan flat was still extremely fresh in Bart's mind. That kind of undercut their sincerity and made Bart question if he should really trust their attempts at diplomacy.

... But at the same time, they had a point in how there was safety in numbers. Three people were harder to ambush than one and they would have a much better chance at fighting back an attacker if they had the advantage in that department. But then again, the numbers game didn't really do much for them when Nancy showed up at the radio tower...

Bart shuddered as the image of Jennifer flashed into his mind again. He slowly put his hands down and looked between Jerry and Matt for a few moments, formulating a response in his mind.

"... So, uh... I'm gonna be okay with you guys, then?"

SOTF MTG Cardsmith
Would it be all right if I requested one for Rene?

Let the Darkness Flow Through You
Bart had to admit that these guys had a pretty good point. The island was only getting more dangerous as more people wound up killing, and he was definitely not intimidating enough on his own to make someone stand down. At least if he stuck around these two, he would have a decent numbers advantage should things start spinning out of control.

In addition, considering that one of them had just knocked out an armed man with his bare hands, Bart was fairly confident that he was not negotiating from a position of power.

"Okay, uh... I guess I can stay with you guys." The words practically fell out of his mouth in shaking, disjointed fashion. "Um... if you're all right with it, I mean."

He was going to end it off there, but he realized something else that would probably be important if he was considering sticking around for a while.

"So, uh... what are your names again?"

V6 Eleventh Rolls
Rene Wolfe has left the building.

Another Disappointment of Many
When it ended, Rene Wolfe felt no pain.

G039: Rene Wolfe- Deceased
51 Students Remaining

Another Disappointment of Many
Rene gingerly shifted her position as the laid in the garden, letting her head rest in the dirt. She wouldn't usually be comfortable with doing something so obviously filthy, but she had long since discovered that she was willing to compromise her idea of comfort when the situation demanded it. She felt her arm acting up again, trying her best to ignore it and inevitably failing when she felt it stiffen.

She nodded slowly in response to Blair's apology. "Don't worry about it." She paused and took a moment to catch her breath. "You didn't do anything. Thanks, though." Her eyes were starting to water. She wasn't sure whether it was from the pain or because she was getting emotional. She had experienced just about every emotional reaction aside from crying so far, so she couldn't count out that possibility.

Rene yawned. She was starting to feel really tired, probably a side effect of the venom. She blinked, letting a couple of tears break free and roll across her face. She could feel her eyes quickly getting heavier. Despite this, she still kept her eyes on Blair. She wanted to tell her friend something, let her know that she felt like resting her eyes, but her mouth felt like it was locked shut.

Her eyes closed, her pain faded, and Rene fell into a very deep sleep.

Another Disappointment of Many
The last couple hours had not been kind to Rene. Her bite had worsened significantly, to the point that most of her palm had turned red and begin to swell. She couldn't curl her fingers anymore without feeling a shock all the way up her arm and down her back, so she mostly left that arm limp, moving it as little as possible.

These past few days with Blair had been the longest time she had ever spent with anyone outside of her own family, and for the most part, it had sucked. However, the only parts she could pick out that didn't suck had involved Blair and Noah. If they hadn't been around, then this whole ordeal would have been even more miserable than it already was. So really, she had them to thank for pretty much every even slightly positive emotion she had felt at any point during the past week.

She turned to Blair in response to her inquiry. "Oh, you know. I've been better." She grinned and laughed a bit, although her hearty chuckles had become a tired, wheezy guffaw at this point. She felt exhausted at this point, but didn't want to make Blair worry any more than she probably already was. Unfortunately, she had a pretty good feeling that she wasn't doing a particularly good job of acting. Looks like theater club experience couldn't overcome spider venom.

She felt a strong surge in her shoulder, causing her to visibly tense her arm and back for a good few seconds before relaxing once more. Those spasms had become more common and intense as time went on, and they were pretty impossible to hide by now. Once that incident cleared up, she tried to keep her conversation going, considering it was the closest thing to normalcy she could maintain.

"You holding up all right?"

Another Disappointment of Many
Rene smiled back. She had to force it a bit, since her hand still felt like it had been freshly dipped in acid, but she couldn't help but return the sentiment. "Hey, thanks. That means a lot."

She sat down on a big rock, not really sure what else to do. For now, she felt like all she could do was wait, hope for the best, and brace for the flash of hot lead that may very likely be in her future.

Another Disappointment of Many
Rene shrugged. "Hell, I don't know. I guess that if I feel like I'm starting to go I'll just..." She waved her hand about in a nonspecific manner. "Maybe there can be a..."

She sighed. "Look, I haven't really thought it out. I never thought I would need to put a plan in place for something like this, you know?" Her eyes wandered around a bit while she tried to come up with a good plan for them to follow. When that failed, she just said the first thing that came to mind.

"Look, I'll just... I'll let you know, okay?"

Another Disappointment of Many
Rene nodded along with Blair. If nothing else, she was glad to see that they were in agreement.

"If you've gotta do it, then I want you to take my shit and run, all right?" She told her companion. "If it's not gonna be helping me, then I want it to keep you alive, all right?"

Her eyes fell to the ground for a moment as she considered the other reason she had for wanting Blair to do the deed. It was still for a good reason, but it sure would feel weird saying it out loud.

"Plus, they said you've gotta kill someone if you wanna get out, right?" She said in a softer tone, only just then reconnecting her eyes with Blair's. "If you take me out, then all you gotta do is stay alive from now on."

She winced as she felt another strong jolt of pain, this time making her arm twitch a bit. She wasn't sure whether it was a genuine muscle spasm or just a flinch, but either way it didn't give her confidence about her future.

Another Disappointment of Many
The situation was definitely not good. They were reduced to waiting to see if Rene died of a spider bite, with no option to prevent it if that was the case. Rene was wracking her brain prying to come up with something, occasionally being interrupted by surges of pain. No matter how much she tried to think it over, she couldn't come up with anything helpful.

... Well, there was one idea that she had, but she wasn't sure if Blair would like it too much.

"Hold on." She tried to assure Blair as she reached into her bag with her good hand. She rustled around until she felt a familiar metallic item on her fingers. "Hey I just wanna tell you that if I start to slip..." She took hold of it and pulled it out, revealing the gun. She held it by the barrel and extended the grip towards Blair.

"You know what I'm saying, right?"

Let the Darkness Flow Through You

It was difficult for Bart to come up with words to describe what he had just seen. The angry guy started yelling about killing people, and the guy with the pipe started taunting him, acting like he was trying to start a fight. Then the angry guy yelled again and laid him out with one punch before continuing to yell at the newly-unconscious guy. The bearded guy started going through the first guy's stuff, then both remaining guys seemed to remember that he had been standing right there through that whole incident.

If Bart hadn't felt nervous about sticking around before, he was terrified of the prospect now. He felt that all it would take was for him to say the wrong thing, and they would descend upon him just like they had gone after the other guy. Bart had no intentions of being that aggressive, of course, but he still feared that he may wind up accidentally sending the wrong message

"Can I just, uh... go?" He requested shakily. "Please?"

Another Disappointment of Many
"I don't know." Rene said. "If it was a black widow, then I'd be a hundred percent fucked, but for now..." She took a long, deep sigh as she mentally recounted her very limited options. "I guess we're just gonna have to wait and see."

Yes, it was probably one of the worst answers that she could have given, but it's not like she had much choice. If she lied and said she'd be fine, it wouldn't even take an hour for Blair to find out that she was lying. Hell, it might only be a few minutes before the really bad symptoms started showing up.

She looked at her hand again. Still getting redder and starting to feel a little stiff around the bite marks.

Another Disappointment of Many
Rene sighed. Blair was trying to be optimistic, but it was painfully obvious that she was forcing it.

"Fringed ornamental tarantula." She recited from memory. "Much more venomous than the usual tarantula. Bites can cause intense pain, muscle spasms and..." She trailed off. She knew all of the known symptoms, but she didn't want to verbalize the last few, mostly because they would involve expressing what she already knew would probably happen to her in the near future.

"... yeah.' She mumbled. She looked down, to the side, and all around, seemingly doing whatever she could to avoid looking Blair in the face and tell her that she was probably dying now. She looked at her hand again. The area around it was already starting to turn red, and it still hurt like a bandit. The process was already getting started. She was expecting to see swelling any minute.

Another Disappointment of Many
Rene turned her attention from her bag back to the bite on her hand. She knew that the effects of the spider that bit her weren't as widely known as those of a black widow or brown recluse but she had heard the symptoms. Pain, comas, and of course, death. And there was nothing at her disposal that could stop any of it.

Blair came over to her, and she looked up. Her friend was obviously startled and concerned, and Rene had neither the heart nor the will to keep her in the dark for any longer than necessary. She held up her bitten hand and explained the situation in a low, soft voice, with none of her usual energy present.

"I don't have antivenom."

Another Disappointment of Many
((Skipping to get death started))

Rene nodded to Johnny. "Yeah, same for us too." She replied. "Not a whole lot of good days lately."

She took a bandage out of its pack and applied it to her finger, taking special care to ensure that it was fastened securely. Once she thought she had a good fit she closed up her kit and bend her finger a little to test the flexibility of the bandage. It was a bit stiff, but manageable enough. She smiled at her dressed cut and moved to get up.

She placed her hand on the ground to help push herself up, but felt something strange. She could feel something fuzzy under her hand for a few moments before she felt a sharp pain shooting from her palm all the way up her arm She yelped as she pulled her hand away to see a large spider under it.

She squinted at the spider to get a better look at it before it scurried away. It was big and hairy, with a black and white color scheme, almost resembling zebra stripes in a way. She had seen a spider like that before during one of her research projects. She just had to remember...

... Oh. Oh crap. She recognized it. A fringed ornamental tarantula. A venomous spider.

She flipped her hand to look at the palm, and her eyes immediately widened with panic. Two blood spots at the heel of her palm. She had been bitten.

"Oh crap, oh crap..." Rene muttered frantically as she reopened her first aid kit. She needed antivenom, and she needed it fast. She moved things around took things out, and did everything she could to find something that could dispel the venom before it took its toll on her. There was bandages, tape, asprin, scissors, and a bunch of other stuff that she didn't even know the name of nor use for. But in spite of all of that, she couldn't find an antivenom.

Her arms fell limply to her side as she looked down at the kit. There was nothing she could do.

V6 Eleventh Rolls
Rene's death is already planned, so no ideas are necessary.

Another Disappointment of Many
Johnny came around the corner and wow did Blair seem pissed. Rene couldn't really make out any reason for why she was so angry, but she had to remember that when one spends a night sleeping in a subpar garden filled with finger-stabbing thorny vines, they were allowed to have bad mornings if they damn well felt like it.

She continued with the removal of her first aid kit so that she could deal with her lightly injured finger. She popped it open and looked up at Johnny, who still seemed to be pretty confused about the whole situation.

"So how is it?"

What the hell, might as well at least try to be friendly.

V6 Eleventh Rolls
Well that's not the best way to start the morning...

I really think I'm starting to hit my stride with Rene's story, and I'm having a lot of fun writing her to boot. So if anyone would be willing to throw a Hero Card her way, it would be much appreciated.

Another Disappointment of Many
Okay, the cut wasn't bleeding so much now, but she figured she should still probably get a bandage on the thing before it got a chance to become infected. She had been relatively lucky so far in terms of the whole staying alive and relatively uninjured thing, but she was in no mood to try to push her luck, not even with a little scrape.

She unzipped her bag and was making a reach for her first aid kit when she heard a voice. Was it calling out to her? She had no idea. She paused what she was doing and looked around. She saw Blair looking fairly alert, so she could presume that she wasn't the only one who heard it. That was good. At least she could feel relatively secure in the fact that she was not currently losing her mind.

That still left Rene with the dilemma of what to do about their unwanted interloper, though. Should she say something back? That was a risky move. What if they were dangerous? That would only draw their attention.

... Then she realized that she had probably already drawn some attention when she cried out after pricking her finger on a thorn. She rolled her eyes at the way this situation was unfolding. Now that she felt there was no point in pretending not to hear, she gave the most apathetic, half-hearted reply she had available.