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Espi Draws
Could you draw Angie Hart, please?

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
This thread is so cool!

Bu the way, Frogue, would you mind if I requested Lukas Graves? I'd love to see how he'd look in your style!

MW's Tiny Critiques: Strength/Weakness
Yeah, there's definitely a lot that I could've done better with Angie, especially since she wound up being way more passive than I wanted. Thanks for the feedback.

Is it cool if I request Lukas Graves?

General Video Game Discussion Thread
I was playing Skyrim the other day, and as I traversed the roads near Whiterun, I came across M'aiq the Liar and the Old Orc standing next to two dead Sabrecats.

I know that they're random events and all, but I still couldn't shake the feeling that something awesome had happened a minute prior, and I missed all of it.

Yugi's critique thread????
Could you review Lukas Graves, please?

Fenris does sprite stuff!
Dude, you're like a machine! An awesome, sprite-making machine!

Anyway, can I wrap up my SCDos characters by asking for Yumi Nunes?

Fenris does sprite stuff!
Still awesome as always, Fenris!

Is it cool if I jump on the SCDos bandwagon too and request Adonis Alba?

Morde's Back!

I decided to experiment with Mordekaiser after the changes from last patch took place, and, well... turns out he's still a pretty decent midlaner.

Sure, most of the early game was spent running away from the other team's Yasuo and using Flash to jump to the turret as fast as possible when their Yi decided to join the chase as well, but once I was able to grab my first big item, I was able to start effectively pushing the lane. Of course, I had a lot of help from Teemo spreading mushrooms everywhere and GP and Quinn shooting everything in sight.

Anyway, the end result of my build resulted in Morde being a wall of HP and AP that could regenerate over 25 HP a second when out of battle, which kinda made up for his lack of defenses.

Looks like the ol' metalhead hasn't gotten rusty at all.