"We tried to be better, but we aren't. I don't think anyone could last more than a week here if they weren't willing to do bad things." - Alba Reyes

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Once I manage to get myself to the point where I can play ranked matches, I'd be glad to play some rounds.

All right, I'm in! Thanks for the help, everyone!

Um... I know I probably should've asked this already... but does it cost anything to play?

I'm considering getting into League of Legends, but I'm a little indecisive as to who I should play as. I've read through the character list and got a short list set up, but I would appreciate some advice from people that are familiar with the game.

Here's the characters I'm considering:


As you can probably tell, I tend to go for the more dark/weird characters.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Mar 12 2014, 08:24 PM
While we're on this:

I hate that there's no space before the "Deceased" tag in the profile headers. Hate it. Would anyone be bummed if we added a space for V6?
I agree. We need a space.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
I think that Mid-Point Evaluations should be renamed to something else, like Game Evaluations.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Adonis Alba, because I think that he has the best character arc out of all my characters, and comes the closest to having a complete story.

The Alignment Thread V5 - Halfway Mark
Matt Masters is Lawful Good. The first thing he wanted to do after finding his weapon (and freaking out over it due to his fear of guns) was get rid of it by submerging it in the nearest body of water. Not to mention, his primary goal was to protect Cassidy from the moment they met up on the island. Heck, even when he was fighting with Travis, his goal was only to knock Travis out and escape rather than kill him. The guy never wanted to hurt anybody, even under extreme circumstances.

Stacey Mordetsky is True Neutral. She spent a lot of time alone with her thoughts, and was really conflicted about whether or not she should play. Once she made the decision not to play, she died almost immediately. She didn't really have any direct effect for good, evil, law, or chaos. As a result, she lands pretty much in neutral territory.

Adonis Alba is Chaotic Neutral. He's still a jerk, but that doesn't really earn too many evil points when there's murderers running around. From the beginning, we's solidly against playing, but he can't find any groups or allies due to how much everyone hates him from school. Not to mention, the one fight he does get into is only sparked because he knows that his opponent is a previous killer, and one that doesn't plan on stopping. He's still as chaotic as he was in pre-game, but he can't really be considered evil.

V5's Halfway Point
This game is really flying by, isn't it? It feels like just yesterday I was writing out the first draft of Matt's profile.

V3 Read-A-Thon
Julia Lauper looks like a stereotypical goth at first. She's a loner, she's rebellious, and she's extremely pale. Despite that, her profile is pretty decent. It has some things that would be a bit of a concern these days, and a lot of things could definitely use more explanation, but compared to the likes of Joshua Goodman and Lucy Arber, it's downright sane.

Her first thread is one of the tiniest oneshots I've ever seen, wherein she wakes up in a swamp, looks through her bags, then decides to go to the caves. End thread. If nothing else, it explained what she planned on doing next.

In her next thread, Julia reaches her desired caves, and after musing for a bit about how lovely caves are, she drops a bomb. You see, Julia had always sort of wanted to kill someone. Not only that, she found the idea of joining Danya's crew to be rather amusing! It is at this point that realize I'm reading about a wannabe psychopath. She spends the rest of the thread mentally going over her plans to murder people until Quale Hutchinson mistakes her for a vampire and throws a flashlight at her, which causes everyone else to flee the thread, with Julia herself leaving after Danya declares the caves a DZ.

In her third and final thread, Julia has inexplicably changed from a calculating wannabe-murderer to a paranoid mess. Then Zabriel offers her death rights to Chase, who never claimed them, and goes inactive. Over a month later, Megami takes over and kills her off with Jordan Redfield in a post that, despite being well-written and containing a good fight scene, really emphasizes how drastically her character changed from one thread to the next with no buildup whatsoever.

Overall, I wouldn't give Julia Lauper a passing grade. Her personality on the island differs wildly from thread to thread. She began as a girl contemplating her situation, turned into a misanthropic wannabe assassin, then became a paranoid wreck, all in the span of three threads. This caused reading her story to come off as disjointed and bizarre. Fortunately, Julia was just a speed bump for Zabriel, who has vastly improved and is now doing bigger and better things with Takeshi Yoshikawa in v5.

Another character, if you please.