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Plush Wants To Read Your Dead Things!
Could you read Lukas Graves, if you please?

Bohemian Purgatory
"Mama... just killed a man..."

Rene hummed along to the song as she checked out the refreshment table. The spread actually wasn't too bad, to her surprise. She thought that there would just be some little cocktail weenies, cookies, and the stereotypical punch bowl. All of those were there, of course, but there were also some tiny finger sandwiches, cheese cubes, and other assorted goodies, primarily desserts. Nothing five-star, but far better than what she had expected. Apparently the staff were really going all-out to try to make them feel like royalty tonight.

Well, except for the ugly-as-all-hell star-print tablecloth, but she supposed that she could let that slide.

Once she felt like she had a good take on her tiny plastic plate, Rene scanned the area. People were still trickling in through the doors, and little groups were already forming outside of the dance floor. The dance floor itself was more of an amorphous mass, with people moving in and out, dancing and singing all the while. Basically, they were acting like rowdy teenagers at a dance, which, seeing as that was what they were, was rather unsurprising.

Rene didn't really feel like dancing. Hell, she didn't really feel like sticking around for that long anyway. She was only there to see what was going on before heading to Junko's party. Even though she didn't really care much about the dance, she at least wanted to see what it was like.

Plus, at least they were playing Queen. Looks like someone on the planning committee had taste.

Rene looked out into the crowd and decided to strike up a conversation with the two guys nearest to her, so she'd at least have something to do for the next couple minutes.

"Hey. Pretty exiting event, huh?"

Her words were laced with sarcasm, naturally.

The Toughest Audience
"You know, this one time I threw an empty shoebox, and the corner actually made a little dent in the wall." Rene let out a little half-smirk as she told her story. "Yeah, I'd never seen something with so little substance make such an impact. Of course, that's not true anymore, since Twilight became a big thing and all." She paused, letting the usual post-joke hold for laughter run its course.

However, instead of laughter or applause, she was met with absolute silence, mostly because she was telling these jokes to her own reflection in the bathroom mirror.

Rene sighed and shook her head in disgust, pulling out a pen and scribbling on a notepad. "No, that's never gonna work. Twilight's totally played out. All the jokes about it are cliches now." She muttered to herself as she updated her list. She had been at this for the past half-hour or so. Her parents still hadn't come home from work for the day, so she took advantage of the spare time to practice some material that she had been working on. The empty house was helpful because it prevented the awkward situation of having to talk to her parents about why she was talking to herself in the mirror.

She was starting to feel good about her work. She was getting her stage mannerisms down and tripping over her jokes a lot less than she used to. Her main problem now was the material itself. She had been taking notes every time she came up with a good joke during the day, but now that she was trying them out, she wasn't happy with any of them. She always came up with good quips at school, so why was it that none of her previously prepared jokes were hitting the mark?

She tapped her pen on the next joke on the list before placing the notepad back on the counter and returning to her "performance", using the pen as a stand-in microphone. She paced a bit, thinking about the best way to deliver the joke. She chuckled to herself in an attempt to psyche herself up.

"So you know when an MMA fighter knocks someone out in a fight? You know how everyone after the fight's all like 'wow, you knocked that guy out'? Well I'm like, what's the big deal? Really?" She shrugged with her free hand and arched an eyebrow. "They're trained to do that. It's like being impressed by a waiter serving you a side of fries." Rene then pointed at her reflection. "You know what would impress me? If the waiter knocked out the MMA fighter! Now that's a story I'd want to see!"

End joke, and hold for laughter.

Rene mulled it over in her head, trying to figure out if the joke was as good as it was when she thought of it, and wondering whether her stage antics worked with it or not. Her eyebrows raised a few times and she pursed her lips as she thought over each aspect of the joke. After careful consideration, she picked up her notepad and made a small note.

"Not bad. Got some potential, at least."

She moved the pen down to the next joke and tapped the paper once before setting it back down. She took up her stance once again. Looking out at the "audience", microphone-pen in hand. She took a deep breath and started again.

"Okay, so I went to McDonalds the other day..."

Junko Kurosawa's Anti-SH Party
I think Rene would probably be there.

((Bart Cappotelli continued from The Animator's Dilemma))

Bart had regretted not joining the anime club earlier in the year. He liked animation, plus his parents were concerned about him spending so much time in his room, so it would've been a great way to get out of the house and make them feel a little better. It was a great idea, so he had no idea why he passed on it at the beginning of the semester. It kept bugging him, though. He felt like he had made a mistake. After weeks of thinking it over, he was finally ready to try to fix what he felt he had done wrong.

However, he had no idea if he could actually fix things at this point. He didn't know when club sign-ups officially ended, so he didn't even know if he was allowed to try to join at this point in the semester. Still, he'd rather be able to say that he tried rather than just giving up, so he was heading to the anime club to ask them himself.

As he walked down the halls, he tried to remember which room they were supposed to be in, fingers tapping impatiently on the straps of his backpack as he scanned the walls. Most of the doors were closed and had no light coming from inside, so he was able to rule them out as possibilities. Some doors were open, but had no lights on, like someone had just left and not bothered to close the door behind themselves. All of the vacant rooms started to make Bart wonder if he had missed out on the anime club entirely.

Bart turned a corner and saw something that gave him hope. A door was ajar, and he could see that the lights were on inside the room. With renewed hope, he walked over to the doorway to see if anyone was inside. Upon reaching the room, he saw two girls inside, one of whom was doing something on a laptop. He knocked on the open door with his left hand and raised his right for a friendly greeting.

"Hey, um... is this the anime club?"

The Animator's Dilemma
((Bart Cappotelli: Pregame begin))

Another line. Add more detail to the shirt. Make sure the collar is in the right place. Stay consistent with the previous frames.

Bart sat at his desk, following the instructions in his mind as he drew on his tablet. He had been working on this animation for a while now. Nothing huge, just about a minute-long sequence. He had drawn most of the frames that he needed already thanks to a 3-day weekend, but he still needed to finish the last few before he could start putting them together.

Shirt's done. Now work on the head.

Bart started adding the lines for his character's head, being very careful not to let any lines go out of place or have the head move too far from the previous frame. The last thing he needed was an errant frame creating jerky animation once he put it in motion.

All right, all right... crap.

He messed up. Moved too far to the right. Bart sighed and deleted his last few lines. He hated making small mistakes like this. Once the old lines were gone, he started work again.

As Bart moved onward with his work, there was a knock at his bedroom door, shortly followed by the familiar creaking of the hinges as it opened.

"Bart?" His mother poked her head into the room and called to him. "Lasagna just came out of the oven. It should be cool enough to eat in a few minutes."

Bart turned to face her and called back. "Okay. Thanks mom." Once she closed the door, he returned to his work, only to find that his hand had wandered a bit when he averted his attention, creating a very out-of-place zigzag on his character's face. With another irritated sigh, he got rid of his last few lines and pressed on.

A few more minutes, and he finally had his character's head looking just about right. Perfectly on model, not moving too far from frame to frame, pretty much ideal.

Okay, now time for the face.

With a careful hand, Bart added a face to his character. This should be the simplest step, since he had designed them with simplistic facial features. Problem is, he got too confident about it. One of the eyes wound up elongated, the other was a little too low. With a frustrated grunt, he deleted the face and tried again. This time the eyes were perfect, but the mouth was too small. Another sigh, another deletion, another try.

Now the mouth and eyes were perfectly proportioned, but one eye was too far to the left. Bart deleted the face again, with an annoyed growl under his breath. He had drawn this character a lot in the past, including earlier that day, so why couldn't he just get it perfect?

As Bart's irritation grew, his mother returned to address him. "Bart, the lasagna's had enough time to cool off. Come down and get some."

Bart took a deep sigh and got up from his desk. Maybe all he needed was some dinner, then he would be able to get his drawing back on track. Even if that wasn't the case, he definitely needed a break. He was starting to get a headache, and that would only hurt his focus even more.

He left his unfinished sketch behind and went to the kitchen.

((Bart Cappotelli continued in 4649お願いします!))

Skeletons and Spaghetti
So Penelope was playing Animal Crossing. Eh, Rene never really got the appeal, but she figured that it was kinda like The Sims or American Pie movies in that it was something that was really popular and had tons of fans for reasons that she would never really understand. She was more into Order of Ecclesia lately, and all of her gaming time lately had been spent trying to deal with that freaking giant skeleton at what she sincerely hoped was the end of the latest stage. She hated that thing.

As she mused about possible strategies in her head, shooting each one down for various reasons while working on her second slice of pizza, she completely forgot that there was a conversation going on right next to her. It was when she finished the slice and decided to just look for tips on the fight online that she started paying attention to the rest of the world again, promptly realizing that she had no idea what the other girls at the table were talking about anymore, or if it was even DS-related at all.

Faced with the choice of either abandoning ship entirely or trying to rejoin whatever was going on, she pounced on a brief lull in the conversation and said the first nonspecific phrase that came to mind in hopes of catching back up.