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Reflections on a Prom Night
A short amount of time passed, and Matt and Cassidy's liplock was still going strong. Cassidy put her legs up in an apparent attempt to get onto Matt's lap, and he helped her along the way by lifting her onto his lap. The kiss continued as though they hadn't shifted position at all. The lip contact only broke when Cassidy gently tugged at the hair at the back of his head.


Matt saw as Cassidy looked slightly downward for a moment before virtually lunging at his neck. The result was Matt recieving an odd tickling sensation on his neck, no doubt on the spot where Cassidy's lips had planted themselves.

... Well, this is new...

He really didn't know what to make of the new development. Having his neck kissed was a new feeling, and a strange one at that, but it was also a good feeling. Despite how comfortable his current situation was, he knew that saying pretty much anything could potentially kill the mood. Even though he knew this, something posessed him to open his mouth to speak anyway. However, he couldn't think of anything to say, so all that came out was an awkward "Uh" sound.

His face flushed. He hoped that he hadn't ruined the moment right then and there.

Reflections on a Prom Night
No response from Cassidy. No verbal response, anyway. She gripped Matt's hand and moved closer to him. Matt tapped his fingers on the bench nervously. Her silence was a bit unnerving to him, despite her obviously affectionate actions. Was she trying to ignore the question? Maybe she didn't have fun, and was just trying to distract him so that he would forget he asked? Matt's mind was going through a variety of reasons as to why Cassidy hadn't offered a straight-up answer, most of them suggesting that she hadn't had a good time.

These thoughts abruptly ended when Cassidy pulled him in for a kiss. All of his doubts vanished, and he was lost in the moment. All he could think about for the next few seconds was that he was sitting outside on a calm night, kissing his beautiful girlfriend. And he was perfectly content with that, at least for the time being.

Welcome to New Staff
Congratulations to our new moderators! May they lead us to a better and brighter SotF!

Guilty Gear Fallout Thread
Well, despite the plague of inactivity, we can at least say that this game had a pretty interesting ending with the SK/Survivor dual victory.

I also find it funny that this was the game I lasted the longest in, but had the least impact in as well. Contrast that to my shortest showing (MLP Mafia), which is where I played my strongest game.

Here, however, I forgot that I could communicate at night, so I was pretty much a non-factor in the game.

The Alignment thread V5: Welcome to the Hive
Matt Masters is Lawful Good. He likes to help people whenever possible, and he has a lot of respect for authority, always following the rules and avoiding conflict. Everything he does is an attempt to make a difference for the greater good. His generally nice personality also fits this alignment.

Adonis Alba is Chaotic Evil. He flirts with girls, yells at people, and starts fights, all on a whim. He does whatever he wants to, and he doesn't care what anyone else thinks about it. He may have some moments of mellowness, such as when he went to the Castle, but they are far outweighed by the selfish and uncaring actions he takes on a regular basis.

In addition, most of his time in pre-game was spent antagonizing other people just for the hell of it. School staff had to step in twice, once resulting in him getting suspended. Except in rare occasions, he doesn't really seem to care about anyone but himself. Impulsive and selfish, he displays a lot of traits common to the Chaotic and Evil alignments.

Stacey Mordetsky is Lawful Evil. While she mostly operates in the same ego-driven style as Adonis, she has much more order in how she does things. She is part of a group of sorts with her clique of rich girls, and she takes measures to keep her parents from finding out about her lifestyle. She's selfish, but in a very organized way.

Jake Mordetsky is True Neutral. While he's a nice, decent guy, he doesn't do a whole lot. Be it from nervousness or obliviousness, he doesn't really have an effect on much of anything, be it for good or evil, or law or chaos.