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Forlorn and Forgotten Knowledge
Seeing Blair again was a major relief. When Rene had gotten separated from her and Noah that morning, she had been sincerely afraid that she wouldn't see or heard from them again until one or both of them wound up on the announcements, provided that she even survived that long in the first place. But now the two of them were together again, like some sort of contrived scene in some movie that Rene would never personally watch because it was obviously created solely to win Oscar nominations.

"Hey Blair, good to see you back." She couldn't really help but drop a friendly greeting there. She knew that this was sheer luck, so she was going to make the best of it.

However, it wasn't long after her initial happy reaction that she started to get a less than comfortable feeling. Rene was not exactly what one would call a social expert, but she could sense some tension in the room once Blair and Caedyn started talking to each other. She didn't know if they had run into each other earlier, or if maybe there was some lingering resentment from school, but whatever it was, she really didn't want to have to deal with it. If she could somehow keep things from escalating, that would be ideal.

"So..." She held up both pointer fingers and alternated them between Blair and Caedyn. "I'm kinda getting the feeling that you two have met before. Am I wrong here?"

Man, I hope that wasn't the wrong move.

V6 Reduced Activity Notices
My anxiety has been acting up very badly as of late, and that damages my focus and ability to work in a big way. Posts will probably be slower as a result.

Forlorn and Forgotten Knowledge
Oh shit. Rene had heard about what happened between Oskar and Jane. Granted, she didn't really have specific details on the event, but the announcements had given her enough of a framework to have the most basic understanding of what went down. Granted, the only thing that she actually knew was that Oskar killed Jane. But hey, since Caedyn knew what really went down, maybe she could fill in some of the blanks for her.

Wait, was she crying now? Oh crap, Rene didn't plan for this. She wasn't much of a comforter. Her first instinct was to try to lighten the mood with a joke, but this probably wasn't an appropriate route to go considering that, you know, people were dead. So new plan, talk about something else, but use a tangent so it isn't super-obvious that she's trying to change the subject.

"Damn, guess I'm not the only one out here with shit luck." She said, resting her elbow on the table and her cheek in her hand. "Everything seemed okay this morning until Nancy showed up and shot up our campsite. My group scattered and I lost track of them. It sucks."

Wait a minute, maybe shifting the discussion to her own problems wasn't the best move. She didn't realize this until after the words had already left her mouth, so she had to play it cool and act like she hadn't just possibly committed something of a faux pas.

Forlorn and Forgotten Knowledge
"What?" Rene was still a little out of it, so she seemed to be a bit surprised by Caedyn's prying. "Yeah, I guess you could say I'm wating for someone. I had this nice little group with me, but we lost each other this morning, so I guess I'm hiding out here and hoping that they'll find me again."

Hold on...

Rene's back stiffened, shooting her straight into perfect posture as she had a revelation. If Caedyn had been outside, then maybe she had seen Blair or Noah somewhere. Sure it was a long shot, but a minute chance at finding out where her friends had gone had to be better than no chance at all. Still in her alerted state, she turned and looked up at the taller girl.

"Hey, while we're on the subject, have you seen Noah or Blair around? Just wondering."

Forlorn and Forgotten Knowledge
Well damn. Looks like the library wasn't so lonely after all. Caedyn was someone that Rene knew pretty well, if the definition of "pretty well" was expended to include people that she knew by proxy of the two of them being involved in the same extracurricular club. Actually, that might have been too harsh. Caedyn had always been pretty all right, at least as far as Rene was concerned. But then again, Rene probably would have said that Nancy had been pretty all right back at school too, and she knew how that went once they hit the island.

However, one thing that Caedyn had working in her favor at that moment was that she was offering a refreshing beverage rather than an injection of hot lead, so Rene was more willing to try to be friendly this time around. "Hey Caedyn. " She pointed at the bottle in the other girl's hand. "Nice. I guess someone around here had to raid the liquor cabinet, right?"

She laughed at her own joke. Not a big laugh, just a short, breathy chuckle. She was not in the right shape or mood for a full-bodied belly laugh at the moment. "Nah, I think I'm gonna pass, though. Got too much going on in my head right now to haze it out, y'know?"

Forlorn and Forgotten Knowledge
((Rene Wolfe continued from Let's Awaken, By the Day))

It had been a few hours since her terrifying encounter with Nancy at the shoreline, but Rene still felt shaken up about it. And really, considering that she had been shot at by someone who clearly had every intent to kill, she was pretty sure that she felt justified in not getting over it so quickly. When she was fleeing with Blair, she was looking over her shoulder at nearly every sound, whether it be in the depths of the jungle or in a wide open plain. She just didn't feel safe.

However, with the sun setting, she needed to find a decent shelter for the night, and she had a damn good feeling that Blair needed one too. Blair had been in a pretty bad way earlier that day, and Rene couldn't imagine that a mad dash across the island had done anything positive for her. So priority one was making sure that they could at least find a halfway-decent resting place for the night.

Enter the asylum. Rene hadn't been there since the first day, and the size of the building admittedly intimidated her. Who knows how many people had come up with the same idea and decided to spend the night there. Probably a few. But the opportunity was there, and Rene knew for a fact that there was some decent shelter inside from previous experience. She just needed to find a nice, empty room where they could rejuvenate themselves for another day of staying alive.

The library was empty, that was for sure. But nice? That may have been a stretch. The place was a mess, with broken furniture, toppled shelves, and books strewn about the floor. It didn't take a genius to figure out that they weren't the first people to find this place. Rene could only look out at the wrecked area in front of her with a shocked sense of awe. Was this place this much of a disaster when the got here, or had her classmates actually done this?

Trying to block the ugly image of the surrounding area from her mind, she sat down in one of the still-intact chairs, head in hand.

"Man, this is a fuckin' mess..."

Why We Fight
Once things quieted down from everyone's initial shock, Bart was pretty sure that he had a decent idea of what was going on. Kimiko was signing something to them. That's what he was assuming, anyway. He didn't know very much sign language outside of maybe a basic phrase or two, but considering how she was making a long series of gestures in absence of speaking or, well, doing anything else in this scenario, he thought that it was a fair assumption. When Clarice responded to her with what seemed to be answers to questions that he hadn't heard, that all but confirmed his theory.

But whether or not he completely understood every little detail of what was going on here, Clarice seemed to be trying to play peacemaker, and he didn't want to do anything that could potentially mess that up. He just stood by and listened, trying to keep track of everything that was said in order to formulate the best way to keep things from boiling over anytime in the near future. Would it work? He honestly couldn't say. That wasn't going to stop him from giving it his best shot, though.

Once there was a lull in the dialogue, he saw an opportunity to try to expand upon the peaceful exchange. Sure, there was no guarantee that he would actually make things any better, but he had enough confidence to believe that he couldn't make things worse. He looked at Kimiko and spoke what had been brewing in his mind.

"Hey, uh... I'm still not totally sure about what's going on..." His words came out without stumbling over themselves, but his inability to remove the nervous pauses in his speech continued to haunt him. "But I don't want to fight. Not you, or anyone. That's, uh... not really something I do."

Let's Awaken, By the Day
More shots, all coming from Nancy. Rene jerked her hand away from the zipper and recoiled at the sound. She didn't see where the bullets hit, but even if they hadn't ended up anywhere near her, that wasn't going to be a comfort when the person who fired said bullets and was almost certainly willing to let a few more fly was still right in front of her. The only good thing about this situation was that Rene hadn't been hit. She had certainly been demoralized and dissuaded from the idea of fighting, though.

Rather, she felt inclined to follow Blair's advice and book it out of there with great haste. She turned around, continuing to look at Nancy for as long as possible before her head followed the rest of her body in pushing itself as far away from the gunslinging fangirl as fast as she could. She caught sight of Blair fleeing and directed herself to follow to the best of her ability.

True, Rene wasn't a particularly fast or athletic person in general, but it's impressive what adrenaline can do for a person given the right circumstances.

((Rene Wolfe continued elsewhere...))

URGENT: BartToons Missing?
Nation of Animation > Important Announcements > BartToons Missing?

Son of a bitch... I guess this is legit.

Great Detective (Admin)
I'm going to be looking for any more information, so keep an eye on this thread. I'll post updates when I find them.

I'm sorry, but there's no way this can be a coincidence.

This is bad. This is real bad.


So we don't know anything else yet?

What else do we need to know? I think we've got a good idea of the situation already.

I just want to hope that we'll see some good news in all of this.

Lady of Blades
Trust me Spellcaster, I want to be optimistic too, but I can't deny that things are not looking good right now.

Is anyone else wondering why the hell a busload of high school kids got nabbed in the first place? That's just fucking weird.

Hell, I don't know. Pretty sure someone needs an ass-kicking for it, though.

Oh yeah, most definitely.

The Sixth Titan
Kinda reminds me of all those kidnappings from a few years ago. Anyone else remember those?

Hen With a Tie
Okay, don't even fucking joke about that, man.

The Sixth Titan
I'm not joking. Just pointing something out.

zIg zAg (Admin)
All right, settle down people. Don't start a fight here.

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