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Look, It's Another Relationship Thread!
Since v5 is looming closer and closer every day, I figured that I might as well try to find some friends and enemies for my characters.

Matt Masters Is 6'5" tall and 230 pounds of mostly muscle. He is a quiet, relatively introverted teenager that wants to be a wrestler when he grows up. His height makes him a common target for teasing, and his build makes many assume that he is just a dumb musclehead, despite the fact that he is actually reasonably intelligent. He tends to be quite shy among his fellow students, and usually only talks with people that he is close to. He has a single mom, and lives in a poorer part of town. The only thing that can make Matt angry is someone mistreating a woman or child. He spends most of his time after school either helping out at a family friend's construction site, or volunteering at a center for abused women and children.

For Matt, I would appreciate some people who could be understanding of his shyness and be friendly towards him, as well as some tormentors who would not leave him alone about his abnormal size. A potential love interest would also be nice, although not required.

Adonis Alba is a school bully that loves acting tough. His father is a former pro football player that told him to always find a way to be the best. He joined the school football team in order to follow in his father's footsteps, but was kicked off after a very colorful and disturbingly detailed threat towards a referee. Ever since then, he has been a thug, harassing people in the hallways because he felt like it. He has also had multiple "relationships" that usually only last for one night, and he is always ready to brag about them. He intimidates smaller and weaker students for kicks, and is a disgusting flirt.

For Adonis, I would appreciate some fellow jerks for him to hang out with, as well as some bullying victims and (probably regretful) ex-flings.

Stacey May-Mordetsky is a spoiled rich girl with everything at her disposal. She has long blonde hair and a body to die for, making her immensely popular with male students. She lives in the richest part of town, and her mother constantly showers her with gifts and praise, all the while leaving Stacey's younger brother Jake without any attention whatsoever. Her father is more sensible, as well as better with Jake, but his efforts to make Stacey a better person have been in vain. She believes that she is superior to everyone else, and can't stand not getting her way. She is one of the most promiscuous students in school, having a large amount of one-night stands and guys strung along for her own gain. She has also recently started modeling, which she sees as an easy way to make money, as all she has to do is "be her beautiful self."

For Stacey, I would like some rich, bitchy friends for her to hang out with, as well as some kids she would insult for being poorer, uglier, etc. She also needs a list of ex-flings, preferably a LONG list.

Well, I hope you guys can help me out! I would be most greatful!

Yes, I Know, Another Relationship Thread, But Hear Me Out
With Rachael, Matt might have some friendship with her, being a relatively quiet and inoffensive person himself. If he saw someone trying to take advantage of her doormat-ish nature, he would definitely step in to break it up. Adonis would mostly ignore Rachael, seeing as she doesn't say much or get in his way, but if given the chance, he would treat her like garbage. Stacey would be the type to either pick on Rachael, or take advantage of her due to her dominating personality.

With Claire, Matt would respect her, because he thinks that her movie reviews are well-written and informative, and because she's doing her own thing and is happy with it. Adonis would stay away from her, thinking that she's a freak. Stacey would call her a "movie geek" and a "loudmouth" ,and find her incredibly irritating.

With Laura, Matt would try to be nice to her, because he knows how bad it feels to be shunned by the other students. He would also view her bitchiness as some sort of defense mechanism. Adonis would definitely be someone she has been with, and he would never get tired of telling everyone how he "scored with the easiest girl in school". He would also make sure that everyone knows that "That ain't my kid!", not that they listen to that part. Stacey would NEVER let Laura live down the fact that she got pregnant, and would be one of the biggest spreaders of the rumors about her. She would also be one of Laura's former "friends" in the Bitch Squad.

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas, Happy Chaunakah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays to everyone!

Hope you all have a great day and a great rest of the year!

Kami Reviews Horrible Awful Shit
I saw the wheelchair scene. I was laughing at the horribleness until that...thing showed up. Then my laughter changed to fear.

By the way, I remembered something. Something terrible. A movie. A movie that killed a franchise. Wanna know what that movie is?


I loved the first 3 Home Alone movies, but this...was horrible. Even worse, it was meant as the pilot to a Home Alone TV series!

So yeah, I'm officially requesting Home Alone 4. It's bad. Real bad.

Good reviews so far!

Kami Reviews Horrible Awful Shit
I didn't know there were other reviewers on SOTF! Hi!

Now, I have some requests...

...First, some movies...

The Room: Horrible acting, writing, and editing. Main character has an indeterminate accent. No sense of reason. Dubiously financed. Hilariously bad.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror: "Horror" movie about exploding GIF birds. I don't think that anything else needs to be said. Oh yeah, the acting is WORSE than The Room!

...And some very very bad fanfics...

Artemis' Lover: A love story between the author...and Artemis the cat from Sailor Moon. Yep, you heard that right.

The Prayer Warriors: The Evil Gods Part One: A horrible, HORRIBLE story about a guy named Jerry and his group of "Prayer Warriors" on a quest to fight the leader of the evil "Geek Gods", Percy Jackson! Nobody from the Percy Jackson series is in character, but that's the least of the story's problems. The "heroes" violently kill anyone in their path, and Bible quotes are misquoted and twisted to justify their actions. The author is also violently racist, sexist, homophobic, and intolerant of all other religions besides Christianity. He also calls the people who leave negative reviews "Satanic scum" and says they will burn in hell. It offends everyone who reads it, including Christians, who point out the hippocracy of his story. It's just pure, unfiltered garbage.

Good luck with your reviews! And I agree with Little's reaction to the Twilight story *shudder*

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Dec 15 2011, 11:25 PM
QUESTION: Boys, how would you ask a girl to marry you? Girls, how would you like a guy to propose to you?
Matt: Um, I don't know. Maybe go out to the park and have a nice picnic, and then give her the ring. Probably something like that.

Adonis: Me? Married? What a laugh.

Stacey: He would have to take me on an expensive vacation, with the finest stores and spas available, and he pays for everything. And the ring has to have a huge diamond.

QUESTION: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Football team
Adonis Alba used to be a defensive tackle, but was kicked off the team for multiple penalties and threatening a ref.

v2 Promos
Sorry. I didn't mean to cause any trouble. I just joined, and I've never really been part of a forum before.

I did mean what I said, though, these are really great. It's the closest thing to a SOTF movie!

V5 Concepts Thread
I gotta say, I like Little Boy's concepts. A history buff that wants guys to like her, and a skilled writer that turned his back on his talents. With his track record, I know that these characters are going to be great.

I have also reworked my own characters:

Matt Masters is now 6'7", and weighs 280 pounds. He does various odd jobs for a local construction site (making sure they have enough supplies, etc.) to help his mom pay the bills, as she has a pretty low-paying desk job. He also volunteers at a center for abused women and children (reasons will be explained in his full bio, but it involves his best friend, a girl he met a couple years ago.)

Adonis Alba is still a thuggish bully. He mainly teases, and his violent streak stopped being prevalent in middle school. And when I said that he got kicked off the football team for multiple threats against the ref, I meant multiple threats in the same sentence.

Stacey Mordetsky is still a self-centered brat. While she may not change boyfriends every week, per se, she still changes much more often than any girl her age should. She also recently took up modeling, and that made her even more popular with the male students.

So, what do you guys think?

Introduction Thread
I'm Aura Master Fox. I'm here to write my heart out, but ultimately get overshadowed by everyone else.

Three characters in the works for v5, and considering Second Chances on the Mini.

And yes, I also came here because of TVTropes.

The Reputation Thread
Matt Masters is that freakishly tall kid that doesn't talk much. He became the subject of much ridicule after a desk he was sitting at collapsed with him on it. He seems nice, but people are too afraid of him to ask. He has been sighted after school at a construction site.

Adonis Alba is one of the biggest jerks in school. He used to be on the football team, but got kicked off after an altercation with a referee that became very popular on YouTube. Everyone tries to stay out of his way, due to his impressive rap sheet.

Stacey Mordetsky is a spoiled princess. She constantly brags about her designer clothes, and has a long history of boys, both from school and otherwise. She has recently taken up modeling, giving her a large fanbase among the school's male population.

Single Female Looking for Jerk
One of my characters, Adonis Alba, is a bully, and a mean one at that. I actually had an idea in mind for him about pretty much this exact scenario.

So, whatcha think?

V5 Pregame Tournament!
I actually have two characters that would probably fit in here, but I'll go with my future flagship, Matt Masters. He's training to be a wrestler, y'know.

v5 Bitch Squad
One of my characters, Stacey Mordetsky, would probably fit in here, as she is a stuck-up beauty queen who refuses to interact with "the ugly people."

The only concern is that she might bitch too much at the others!

v2 Promos


Seriously, this may be the greatest thing ever posted on the internet. No lie.

'Second Chances' (Interest Check)
Nov 14 2011, 08:19 PM

By the way, Luis Chezinski was called.

Yes even I'm shocked.
Awww...someone called Luis?

I wanted to RP as him...

Oh, well...

V5 Concepts Thread
This is my first SOTF, as well as my first RP ever, and I would appreciate some feedback on my character ideas. I'm open to criticism, so here it goes...

Matt Masters is a seven-foot tall, 295 pound gentle giant. He is often teased for his height, but never fights back, because his mother always taught him that his strength should be used to protect, not cause harm. He has a single mom, on account of his dad left her while she was pregnant. He is very strong, and works at a construction site in his spare time. He is also training to be a wrestler.

Adonis Alba is a big, bad, bully. He loves to tease students smaller and weaker than he is. He and his buddies are always starting fights and causing trouble around school. His father always told him to be the best, no matter what he has to do, resulting in Adonis' current attitude. He used to be on the football team, but he was kicked off after threatening the referee multiple times.

Stacey Mordetsky is a spoiled, self-centered princess. She has been winning various pageants and beauty contests since she was a child. Her mother is a blatant stage mom, and showers her with praise and gifts, while her younger brother Jake is ignored. Her father is more sensible, wanting her to be less materialistic and trying to build up her brother's self-esteem. She loves using her looks to manipulate the male students, and goes through about one boyfriend a week.

OK guys, those are my characters. I accept your feedback, good or bad. It's the only way I'll get better.