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General Video Game Discussion Thread
I just read about Dead Rising 3.

It's... pretty messed up compared to the rest of the series.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Grim Wolf
Nov 27 2013, 06:06 PM
I actually never wear helmets? Like ME2 didn't have the optional helmet in cutscenes feature, so I never wore one. I did in ME3 since they had that function.
I never use helmets in ME2, only the visor. Can't have Fishface Shepard's face obscured, after all!

The General Music Thread
Nov 26 2013, 06:55 PM
Aura Master Fox
Nov 26 2013, 06:04 PM
Has anyone else here heard Tay Zonday's rendition of the Pokemon theme song?
I have not! Link? The Pokemon theme is pretty nostalgic for me.

The General Music Thread
Has anyone else here heard Tay Zonday's rendition of the Pokemon theme song?

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Okay, since no one's opposed Flare's claim yet, I'm inclined to believe him. Oz was a regular player in seasons 2-4, and he appeared in all but one episode in season 3. Personally, I think that there is likely an Oz in this game, and since no one's counterclaimed, I'd say that Flare's probably telling the truth.

Besides, we've had a 2x Bulletproof Townie before: Alexis Allwell from SOTF-TV Mafia.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Personally, I'm holding off going to New Vegas for as long as possible (with the exception of doing The King's missions, because he's awesome). I want to make sure I have accomplished everything I can and have the party setup I want before going into the main event.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
So... does anyone else love using create-a-character features way too much?

General Video Game Discussion Thread
I am running about 5 different games of Fallout: New Vegas at the same time, all with different characters and skillsets. Despite that, none of them have made it to New Vegas itself yet.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Finally beat Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. About to jump into Justice For All. Wish me luck, folks...

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
There's only three explanations for Flare surviving a hit from Imehal.

1. A lucky doctor block.

2. Flare is the Godfather.

3. Flare is a Bulletproof Townie.

Now, let's think rationally. Is there any Buffy character that would be a feasible Bulletproof Townie? If not, then Godfather's looking like our best bet.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
And to answer your question, DocBalance, there is a scum role that's usually nightkill-immune other than the serial killer.

... It's the Godfather.

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Wow. Didn't really expect Ime to be he other lover. Sucks that we're losing her at the end of the phase, since she's one of our strongest townies.

Alright Ime, you have the floor. Tell us what you learned in the past two night phases. Maybe we can shine a light on this case.

Unified Site Restoration Timeline and Plan
Matt's death thread disappeared. What do I do now?

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Okay, I have a plan. If the lover is bound by a "die if the other lover dies" rule, then I move that they reveal themselves so that we don't potentially waste a lynch on them.

How do you guys feel about this?

Buffy Mafia Game Thread
Okay, first things first, was Angelus romantically involved with anyone on the show, or is Angel pretty much out only guess for the lover?

The Fox, the Wolf, and the Lamb
The knife flew and hit Adonis square in the heart. His expression one of pure shock as he realized what had happened. He had been tricked. There was no way that they were going to let him leave alive. He had just been too late to realize it. His grip on his dagger loosened and it dropped to the ground, followed shortly by his knees, then his whole body. Moments ago, he had been high and mighty. Now he was just another punk at death's door.

This wasn't how things were supposed to happen. He wasn't supposed to die yet. There were so many things he could have done. He could've gone vigilante. He could've joined up with a crew. He could've tried to escape. He could've done anything... anything but get killed by some fucking asshole with a knife that shoots.

Adonis couldn't hold on any longer. His world was fading out. He thought about everything. His dad, his mom, his so-called friends, the school, his regrets. Fuck, there were a lot of regrets... so many things he could have done differently. He could've kept himself from getting kicked off the football team, kept himself from getting banned from prom, all this shit he could've prevented, but didn't. If he had only changed a few things, then he might've been able to stay at the cafeteria. Then he wouldn't have been in this mess. At the very least, he would've had some backup. All those regrets, and so little time to think about them.

Adonis stopped moving, and his breathing stopped moments afterward. He had finally departed this world, leaving behind nothing but a life full of regret.

B043: Adonis Alba- Deceased
123 Students Remain

The Fox, the Wolf, and the Lamb
Joachim recovered from being cut a lot faster than Adonis thought he would, so he had to give him credit for that. Unfortunately, Joachim's immediate response had been attempting to stab him in the heart. Adonis had to think quick. One millisecond too late and he'd have a knife sticking out of his heart. Acting on instinct alone, he shot his hand out and managed to catch Joachim by the wrist, the knife just inches from his chest. Adonis had a look of genuine surprise on his face. He hadn't expected to actually grab Joachim's stabbing hand moments before impact.

Holy fuck, I am a badass.

Still keeping a firm grip on Joachim's wrist, Adonis brought his dagger up and pointed it towards Joachim's neck. The battle had been won. He smirked as he made his final remark.

"Sorry bro. Looks like the game's over."


... But Harold does.

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I Promise You Forever
The girls agreed that taking a break was the best idea at the time. Finally, a chance to relax and not worry for just a brief moment. Now they could take some time to talk, maybe about what life was back home, or perhaps just sit around for a while. To be honest, Matt hadn't really came up with any ideas as to what to do after suggesting they stay put for a while, but he was sure that something would come up.

Still, they hadn't exactly picked the most pleasant place to take five. Matt appreciated the fact that Cassidy wanted to go to the park, but this park wasn't exactly what he had in mind. It honestly resembled a garbage dump more than a park in his mind. Still, he wouldn't complain. A reprieve is a reprieve, and in this situation one was very much appreciated.

As Matt was contemplating the park, Cassidy took his hand and asked him to come with her. A little mystified, but intrigued as well, he accepted. "Okay." They took a few steps towards the gazebo, and Matt tried to figure out exactly what Cassidy had in mind. With this thought weighing on him, he just came out and asked her.

"Um... sorry for asking, but where are we going?"

The Fox, the Wolf, and the Lamb
((GMing of Joachim approved by Bikriki))

Adonis' grin only grew. Joachim actually wanted to fight him. The fight wasn't even fair. Adonis was bigger than him, tougher than him, hell, probably faster than him, too. Joachim had practically signed his death warrant by agreeing to fight, but whatever. It's not like Adonis cared. He was finally getting his chance to be a badass. Killing a killer would be the perfect way to show that he was the big man on the island. No more scaredy-cat Adonis. From now on, only knife-wielding badass Adonis.

Adonis and Joachim both dashed forward and lunged with their weapons. Joachim tried a downward slash aimed at Adonis' shoulder, but the ex-footballer dodged just in the nick of time. In response, he slashed at Joachim's chest. The cut wasn't well-aimed, but it hit its mark and certainly did its job. The obsidian blade sliced through Joachim's shirt and left a painful cut in his chest. After the attack, Adonis checked his dagger to see if he had drawn blood. Sure enough, there was a little bit of blood at the tip.

I'll have to go deeper next time. Then I'll have it in the bag.

Adonis stood by for a moment, knife at the ready and poised to react to whatever Joachim pulled next.