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I'm in, broski.

Survivor: The Cursed Islands - Brahman Tribe Camp
Jake was pretty nervous. Everyone else had already divides up the tasks, and he was the only one not doing anything. If he hadn't been too shy to speak up, then he would probably be doing something useful. If he didn't start working fast, the rest of the tribe would see him as useless or lazy, and they would vote him off first. The only problem was that everyone else was already doing most of the work around camp. R.J. and Owen were making the shelter, Claire was making the fire, and Alcie went to get water. He didn't really know what he could do to be producti-


Jake suddenly realized that no one else on the tribe was looking for food. They needed food if they were going to survive, right? He had actually figred out a way to be useful around camp! He walked towards the forest and called out to his tribemates, trying to make his meek voice as loud as possible.

"Um... I'm going to look for food. I mean, if that's okay with everyone."

Revolutionary Rugga's Shop Shop

Revolutionary Rugga's Shop Shop
I want Magikarp to be the President of the United States.

Survivor: The Cursed Islands - Gwe Tribe Camp
Matt looked around the camp. It was his first official day on Survivor. He was a strong guy, so he expected to do well in the challenges, and he was a nice guy, so he expected to make a lot of friends.

In other words, he was dead in the water.

He had seen the show before, so he knew the deal. Nobody wants a physical guy to make the merge because they'll seem like an immunity threat, and nobody wants a nice guy anywhere NEAR the end, because they'll be a threat for jury votes. If Matt wanted to come anywhere close to winning, he would have to do a lot of work in order to keep himself alive.

His tribemates were beginning to divvy up the tasks. Vergil was calling the shots, Venice was going to get water, and Zubin was starting work on the fire. Matt picked a machete out of their supplies and decided to get to work on the only remaining task.

"I'm gonna get to work finding stuff to make a shelter." He called out to his tribemates. The best way to fit in around camp was to help out, after all.

Rationally Early
Matt took a drink of his punch after clinking glasses with Cassidy. As he lowered his cup from his face, he noticed everyone starting to move. Dave was acting sort of odd and went off to the bathroom for whatever reason, and Cassidy and Sophie went to sit down. Matt thought about sitting down as well. He had been standing around for a while, and his feet could use a break.

Y'know, prom's a lot calmer than I thought it would be. I was afraid that it would be some kind of wild, school-sanctioned party, but it's pretty tame.

Matt went to take another drink from his cup, but nothing happened. He looked in his cup and discovered that in he had downed it all in his first sip. Sheepishly, he grabbed the ladle from the punch bowl and refilled his cup.

Note to self: Take smaller sips.

Survivor: Philippines Discussion
Actually, on Deviantart I heard someone liken them to the Ho'Aku tribe from Survivor Fan Characters 7.

I mean, their last two members are the young alpha male and the cool older lady, they've had a huge losing streak, they reached their final two members by voting out a Survivor alumni named Russell...

Scary, isn't it?

v5 Survivor
Name: Matt Masters

Luxury Item: John Morrison sunglasses

Opening Confessional: "I think that I'll probably be able to help out a lot in challenges and around camp, but the main thing that worries me is that in most seasons they take out big guys like me early. Hopefully things don't go that way this time around."

Visitor: Mother, Amy Masters

Clothing: Brown T-shirt with a gray skeletal dragon design. Worn blue jeans. Brown boots.


Name: Jake Mordetsky

Luxury Item: Sketchbook and pencils

Opening Confessional: "I hope that I can do good in this game. I know I'm smart, but I've never really been camping or played any sports before. I hope my tribemates don't think I'm weak because of that."

Visitor: Father, Bryan Mordetsky

Clothing: Yellow T-shirt. Black cargo shorts. Black-and-yellow sneakers with white socks.

v5 Survivor
I'll throw in Jake Mordetsky and Matt Masters. Brains and brawn.

Survivor: Philippines Discussion
Alright, Episode 3 is over, and it's time for a look at the happenings...

I was ridiculously impressed with Denise, Dana, and RC during the challenge. They turned into female versions of Ozzy and made it look like nothing. It was pretty awesome.

...On the other hand, Russell failed at getting back on the platform TWICE and Angie wasted tons of time on a buoy that was 2 FEET DEEP! Come on, Matsing! You can't be THAT terrible!

A diving mask exploded in Mike Skupin's face. I would say that he is the Boo of Survivor: Phillipines, but even Boo didn't get hurt as often as Skupin does. I seriously think that literally "surviving" will be his biggest challenge out there.

Penner's finally getting an alliance together, so that's cool... but why does it have to be with Jeff Kent, of all people?

Matsing votes off Angie at Tribal Council, which was the only correct decision. Seriously, if they had kicked off Russell, they would have officially become Ulong 2.0, only worse than the original due to a depressing lack of Bobby Jon Drinkard and James Miller (You ain't lyin'!).

Overall, a pretty good episode. I now know that Denise is probably the biggest badass on Matsing, and now that they're down to their strongest competitors, maybe they'll finally start winning things...

Also: Artis finally spoke! Now Carter's the only one without a confessional. No confessional until at least the fourth episode? That'll hurt his edgic score...