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I may not have won the match, but I finally scored my first quadrakill!

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Okay, something weird just happened in one of my games.

I was jungling as Shaco, when all of a sudden I noticed this crazy long shadow fall across the screen. It was moving in these crazy patterns, so I decided to try to find the source.

It turns out that the enemy Udyr's model had glitched out and was stretching out to these crazy proportions. It stopped after a few seconds, but that was still the weirdest thing that I've seen in any of my games.

I wish I had the game recorded so I could show you guys. It was unreal.

Fenris does sprite stuff!
This looks cool! Do you think it would be all right if I requested Bart Cappotelli?

Bart's Appearance

what are friends, are they edible
If Mia's involved in soccer, then she might know Barry, who's a devoted member of the team. They might have some kind of mutual respect for each other due to their tenacity in trying to reach their athletic goals.

guys i need friends ;)
I think Barry could be a potential friend for Alvaro. since they're both on the soccer team and would presumably know each other at least decently well as a result. Barry's laid-back, friendly nature could also be a calming influence for Alvaro.

Rene would probably be friends with Sandra, since they're both fans of stand-up comedy and have a shared hobby of snarking at things.

Friends... foes... something in between?
Since v6 pregame's starting to get closer and closer, I figured that it was about time for me to make a thread for my characters and their potential relationships.

Barry Banks is a player for the school's soccer team, and a devoted one at that. He never misses games or practice except in cases of illness or family emergencies, and always gives his full effort in each one. He has aspirations to go pro after college, so he's always trying to keep himself in the best shape possible.

Outside of soccer, Barry's a very laid-back guy, almost to a fault. He's usually willing to just go with the flow and do whatever his friends are doing as long as it doesn't get in the way of his soccer schedule. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body, and he's rather humble about his own abilities, despite his big aspirations.

If one had to pick a major character flaw of his... it would be that he tends to be pretty gullible. It's pretty easy to pull the wool over his eyes, and people have used this to pull minor pranks on him. He always takes it in good humor, though.

Barry could probably get along with pretty much anyone, but other athletes and people who make big goals for themselves would probably be easiest.

Bart Cappotelli is an obese student who doesn't belong to any groups or clubs on campus. Due to a combination of his appearance, shyness, and a medical condition that causes him to smell bad, he isn't usually seen in large groups. It takes a while for him to really open up to people, so he only has a few friends that he talks to on a regular basis. Outside of his shyness, he's rather friendly and sensitive, but it takes a while for it to actually show.

Even though he doesn't take part in school organizations, he still has goals and ambitions. He's a lifelong fan of cartoons and aspires to break into the business of animation. He practices his art frequently and makes short animations in his spare time for practice. He's also quite opinionated about the topic, and although he prefers to talk about the things he likes about it, he won't shy away from what he views as problems in various shows or current trends as a whole.

Bart's not really the most social guy around, but he still needs a couple of friends. Generally other animation fans or people that wouldn't mind hanging out with a fat smelly guy.

Rene Wolfe is a slightly overweight self-described comedienne-in-training. She tends to not take things too seriously, up to and including herself. She seems to have a smart remark prepared for almost any situation, to the point that one would think she prepares them ahead of time. The truth is, she just has a very quick wit, which is quite useful for her career of choice.

Generally Rene's pretty calm and collected, seemingly not affected by much. And if something does bother her, she usually makes a snarky comment about it and drops the subject. Her overly-casual personality helps her talk to people pretty easily, but she's also had people get mad at her for taking everything so lightly, so it's a bit of a double-edged sword. The fact that her jabs can be a bit too sharp in the eyes of some also tends to rub people the wrong way.

Also, she has a fascination with arachnids, and doesn't really get why anyone would be freaked out by them, aside from the poisonous varieties, of course. She even has a pet tarantula that she keeps in a tank in her room.

Rene could use some friends that like to have a good laugh and don't get offended too easily. However, she could just as easily have some people who don't like her for her humor, so that's a possibility as well.

Well, that's what I've got so far. If you want your characters to have a relationship with any of the above, then say something here. If you want to get into detail about your plans, then feel free to shoot me a PM!

Sansa Drawssssss~
Would you mind drawing one of my v6 concepts, Rene Wolfe?

Description of Rene

Glory to the Bandit Queen

Fallout New Vegas Thread: Mojave, Mo Problems
I got a screengrab of Fallout!Eggman for you guys.

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You have no idea how long it took me to decide on a mustache.

Welcome to New V6 Pregame Staff
Congrats to the new staff!