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Fantastic milestone
This calls for a celebratory GIF!

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Reflections on a Prom Night
((Matt Masters continued from Rationally Early))

Matt sat on a bench right outside the school doors. He and Cassidy had just walked out of the prom, and it was beginning to get late. He checked his phone, and the screen displayed the time as 10:45 PM. He couldn't afford a limo, so Oscar had driven them to prom as a favor. He hoped that Cassidy wasn't too disappointed about her ride to the prom being an old pickup truck.

He started to think, did he really give Cassidy the best prom night possible? There was no limo and chauffeur, instead having a pickup truck and his boss. There was no fancy dinner, instead just a modest meal with her parents. Not much flash in what is typically seen on TV shows as the most extravagant night in a high school student's life. Was she really okay with a relatively pedestrian experience?

He turned to her. She was sitting next to him on the bench, still looking as gorgeous as ever in her dress. "Oscar said he'd be here at 11 to pick us up. We've got about fifteen minutes to waste."

He mentally kicked himself. That was not what he meant to say! He had been friends with her for months, and he still couln't stop being awkward. It was pretty darn embarrassing, to say the least. He took a breath and spoke again.

"So... what do you think? About the prom, I mean."

SOTF Endurance
Y'know what, I remember watching Endurance back in the day, I'm gonna give this a shot.

Matt Masters and Jake Mordetsky are in!

Guilty Gear Mafia: Game Thread
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Made it to Day 6. Don't care.

Rationally Early
((Sorry to cut in line, but Matt has somewhere he needs to go.))

Matt placed the ladle back into the punch bowl and looked at his cup. He slowly brought it up to his mouth and tilted it back, enough to get a taste, but not so much as to guzzle the whole thing in one gulp again.

Okay, I think I actually tasted it this time.

"Hey Matt, wanna get a pic?"

Matt looked up from the cup he had been oh so carefully handling to see Cassidy coming toward him. There was someone snapping pictures of the promgoers, and Cassidy wanted to get a shot of the two of them together.


Matt set his cup of punch down on the table and followed Cassidy to the picture-taker, hand in hand.

((Matt Masters continued elsewhere...))