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Stacey May-Mordetsky
OK, I think I've just about got it...


V5 Pregame Tournament!
No problem, broski.

Little's New Art Thread~
*sniff* Don't die, Dutchy, DON'T DIE!

Seriously, you are still awesome. Keep up the awesomeness!

Holly Draws!
Forget the pants, the belt, and the buckle. I want that hair!

It's so purple...

Stacey May-Mordetsky
Thanks for the criticism. I think that I fixed Stacey. Now she's believable!


Also, I have a quick question. Am I allowed to use Jake as an NPC? He won't be on the island, but he ties into Stacey's story, and I have plans involving him and another one of my characters, too.

A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks
(Adonis Alba: Start)

Adonis hadn't been to the school gym in a long time. The last time he remembered going there was right before he got kicked off the football team. For bullcrap reasons, he might add. That stupid ref couldn't call a game right to save his life. Adonis just called him out, and what did he get? A chewing-out from the coach and a banning from the team. He was the best damn player they had, but they still cut him loose.

Whatever, their loss.

The ex-footballer walked into the gym and saw two people working out. That chick from the wrestling team was on the treadmill. Personally, Adonis never really cared about her. She was just too muscle-y for him. He didn't care much for girl aheletes in the first place. Unless they were gymnasts. Or cheerleaders. Or hot. This girl was none of these things, so Adonis didn't pay her any mind. Instead, he turned his attention to the other person in the gym.

Cody Patton. His old football teammate. Or ex-teammate, more accurately. Adonis and Cody used to hang out all the time, partying and picking on dorks, but after Adonis got kicked off the team, they didn't see each other much. Adonis became a full-time partier and drinker, while Cody kept working out like a beast. Just like he was now. Pretty much the only things that they had in common anymore were their natural athleticism and hobby of picking on weaker kids. Adonis doesn't even really know if Cody hates him after the ref incident or not. A lot of the other guys on the team did. Maybe he should talk to him and figure this out.

"Well if it isn't Aurora High's new football superstar! Remember me? You know, the old star?"

In retrospect, there are probably nicer ways of starting a conversation.

Stacey May-Mordetsky
Name: Stacey May-Mordetsky
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Fashion, money, sex, modeling, being the center of attention.

Appearance: Stacey stands around 5'6" and weighs about 145 pounds. She is Caucasian, but with a tan from living in California for most of her life. Her face is blessed with very elegant features, with her seductive blue eyes, dainty nose, and full lips. She has long, bleach-blonde hair that reaches her mid-back. She keeps her bangs cut and her hair obscures her ears. Her body has a slim, but toned figure, with perfectly sculpted D-cup breasts that she is not shy about showing off. She also has long legs and shapely hips. Her attire usually consists of either tight or low-cut tops to accentuate her sizable chest, and short shorts or miniskirts. She is almost never seen without a pair of high heels.

On the day of the class trip, Stacey was wearing a tight pink T-shirt that bares her midriff, blue short shorts, and a pair of heels.

Biography: Carol May was a wealthy heiress with no work ethic. Almost immediately after graduating high school, she wooed Bryan Mordetsky, a twenty-seven-year-old chef and self-made millionaire. A few months after they met, Carol got pregnant. The couple decided to get married to hide the shame of having a child out of wedlock. Unfortunately for them, once everything was set in place for the ceremony, Carol gave birth the day before the two were to be married. Bryan admitted his shame, and as a result, they gave the child both of their last names. So began the life of Stacey May-Mordetsky.

One year later, Carol was pregnant again, and this time gave birth to a son. The boy was named Jake Mordetsky. Bryan was glad that the kids would be able to grow up together, as he had grown up an only child, and had always wished for a brother or sister.

Both of Stacey's parents were very rich, and they lived in a large mansion in Beverly Hills. Whatever Stacey wanted, her mother would give to her. Stacey loved getting new things, and the income from Bryan's chain of successful restaraunts made sure that she could afford virtually anything that sparked her interest.

Stacey's first taste of the spotlight was winning a pageant at the age of four. She loved it. She loved the attention of the crowd and the praise of the judges. She also loved the awards, which she displayed proudly whenever she could. Her mother was overjoyed at her daughter's succcess, and showered her with gifts and praise. Over the years, this behavior would continue, with Stacey winning more pageants and Carol rewarding her more and more. Consequently, Jake was ignored by his mother more and more in accordance with Stacey's success.

As Stacey grew older, she also grew more spoiled. She wanted every piece of designer clothing and every toy on the market, and would throw a tantrum if she did not get what she wanted. Bryan tried often to teach her the value of a dollar and wise spending habits, but Carol would enable Stacey's horrible behavior by buying her whatever she wanted, much to Bryan's chagrin. Stacey always got what she wanted, and that was the way she liked it.

Once Stacey hit her teenage years, she had blossomed into the object of affection for many male students. Her pretty face combined with her shapely body made her immensely popular. Her virginity didn't last through her freshman year of high school. At that point, she realized that she could use her looks to get what she wanted from people. To her, sex was a tool that made people give her things. Also, she just really enjoyed it. Tales of her promiscuity were common around school, and that just made things easier for her. She would string along guys for a while to get them to buy things for her, then dump them unceremoniously. Of course, sometimes she just looks for a night of fun, which someone is always ready to give her.

Consequently, as Stacey's popularity rose, her attitude deteriorated rapidly. She barely cared about her schoolwork, getting low C's and D's more often than not. Her friends always enjoyed being around her, as she always had the newest fashions and the latest gossip, and was more than willing to share her knowledge in these areas. However, she looked down on virtually everyone else outside of her "inner circle", and shunned the less popular kids when she wasn't outright insulting them. This caused the school to be very divided on their opinion of her, with the popular kids loving her, while the unpopular kids wished that she would just go away.

Incidentally, Jake became a completely different person than Stacey. He inherited his father's brown hair and brown eyes, and is rather scruffy-looking compared to his sister. His mother barely paid any attention to him growing up in favor of Stacey, causing him to have extremely low self-esteem. He is very introverted and spends most of his time either watching old episodes of "Robot Wars" or building his own robots in the garage. Bryan is supportive of his hobby, and tries to work with Jake to improve his self-esteem.

In her sophomore year, the Mordetsky family moved to Seattle so that Bryan could open a new restaraunt there. He encouraged his kids to make friends with the local teens. Stacey easily fit in with the popular crowd, while Jake had a harder time fitting in anywhere due to his self-esteem issues.

Stacey easily got to the top of the Aurora High social ladder with her looks and money. Her extravagant parties at her family mansion helped to solidify that. She also went out for the cheerleading team, and her natural flexibility allowed her to easily make the squad. However, despite loving the attention, she hated the work involved, and quit very quickly. She wasted no time getting back to her old tricks, getting in the back seat of a football player's car within a week. Her reputation keeps her popular with the men, but less so with the girls. Rumors of porn and prostitution quickly spread throughout the school, but Stacey's popularity seemed undeterred.

Stacey's home life is quite interesting, to say the least. Her mother acts as though she can do no wrong, and constantly praises her. Her father desperately wants her to be more practical, and tries his hardest to make her more responsible, but to no avail. Her brother Jake has almost no self-esteem and spends most of his time alone. Stacey thinks that Jake's social awkwardness reflects negatively on her, and she constantly hounds him about it, while Jake is too nervous and shy to defend himself from his sister's verbal attacks. Bryan has tried painstakingly to get the siblings to get along, but his efforts always end in disaster. Carol, on the other hand, always takes Stacey's side in arguments, as she is the "golden child" of the family, while Jake is always the odd man out. Bryan wishes more than anything that his kids could just live together without incident.

Recently, Stacey took a modeling contract with a famous photographer. She is becoming well-known around town, and her popularity with local boys is even higher than before. She loves the attention and the free clothes that come with the job. Best of all, she gets paid just for "being her beautiful self".

Stacey honestly believes that she is better than everyone else because she is richer, more beautiful, and just all around better. Her ego is the size of her native California, and she doesn't do a good job of hiding it. Her classmates' opinions on her are very divided. For every person that thinks she's sexy, there's another person that thinks she's a slutty attention-whore.

Advantages: Stacey's sex appeal is her biggest weapon. She could likely manipulate some of the more weak-willed male students to protect her. She is also quite flexible, which may help in a treacherous situation.
Disadvantages: Stacey hates work, plain and simple. She's going to want everyone else to carry her own weight. She also hates getting dirty, which will likely be an issue on an island in the middle of nowhere. She has almost a complete lack of book smarts, having skated through life solely on her looks. She isn't very physically strong.

Good morning, Matt!
The stadium was packed with cheering fans. All the lights in the arena were shining. A large man in a black singlet adorned with skulls stood in the center of the ring, taunting the fans, who responded with rousing jeers. The man told of how he had been the World Heavyweight Champion for six months, and that he was going to be champion for the next six months, and the six months after that, and so on. He issued a challenge for anyone backstage to come fight him for his title. At first, no one seemed to answer, and the heel laughed. But then, all of a sudden...

...The lights turned blue, and swirled around the entrance ramp. As this happened, "Hero" by Skillet started playing over the loudspeakers. The crowd erupted into cheers. The villain looked at the entrance ramp in shock as his archenemy revealed himself. A tall, muscular teenager walked onto the stage, and raised his fist in the air, drawing further cheers from the crowd.

"Now making his way to the ring, from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 230 pounds...Matt Masters!

Matt walked down the ramp, high-fiving fans at ringside, and entered the ring. His nemesis staring him dead in the eyes. This was going to be a good fight.

The nameless man began by rushing recklessly at Matt, who casually sidestepped out of the way. The frustrated fighter then swung his fist wildly, missing the teenage giant by a mile. Matt capitalized on this by delivering a powerful kick to his attacker's gut. While the large brawler recovered from the blow, Matt ran towards the ropes, rebounding off of them and holding out his arm for a clothesline. His opponent was caught off guard, and was knocked for a loop by the powerful attack. It was time to finish this.

Matt grabbed he large man and lifted him over his head into a suplex maneuver. He held the pose for a few seconds as the crowd chanted for him. Matt shifted his weight and dropped himself to the ground with his rival in tow, landing directly on top of the other fighter.

The referee came in to count the pin. This was it, Matt was going to be the Champion!


(Matt Masters: Start)

Matt Masters reached over and turned off his alarm clock. It had just interrupted his favorite dream, the one where he's a professional wrestler and he defeats the biggest bad guy in the company to become the champion.

Maybe it'll happen for real someday, but not today.

Matt got his six-foot-five frame out of bed and stretched. A new year had just started, and the school year was half over. He couldn't really complain. Once he finished school he would be able to attend a training camp to become a wrestler. That was his ultimate dream.

But today was not that day. Not yet.

He went downstairs to get some breakfast before starting his day. Most important meal of the day, and all that jazz. He looked around and realized that his mom wasn't home. She must have left for work early, and Matt would have to fend for himself. Looking around, he saw a note on the microwave. He picked the note off and read it.


Had to leave early for work. I put your breakfast in the microwave. Have a great day!


Matt set the note down and opened the microwave door. Inside was a decently sized breakfast burrito. From the looks and smell of it, it contained eggs, cheese, sausage, and bacon. He wasted no time picking it up and taking a bite. It was cooked perfectly. Not too hot, but not too cold. Just the way he liked it.

"Thanks, mom. You're a lifesaver."

Matt opened the door, burrito in hand, and left the house.

(Matt Masters continued in A Gold Dubloon for the First One to Find the Right Toy)

Sports Team and Club Members (WAIT 48 HOURS AFTER APPROVAL TO POST HERE)
Adonis Alba is an ex-member of the football team, kicked off for unsportsmanlike behavior.

Just thought you might like to know.

How do you come up with your character names?
OK, Time to tell the tale of how my characters got their names...

Matt Masters was a name that I got from combining the names of two professional wrestlers together, TNA's Matt Morgan and WWE's Chris Masters. Ironically, both of them are powerhouse, big-guy wrestlers, just like my character. Matt was originally created for submit-your-own character Total Drama fanfics, but all the stories he got accepted to got ditched quickly, so I just decided to bring him to SOTF and write for him myself.

Adonis Alba was another mash-up name. I picked Adonis because it was the name of a villain that appeared very briefly in an episode of Teen Titans that used his large size to be a jackass towards beachgoers. His last name comes from the fact that the final boss of one of the Ace Attorney games has the surname "Alba". (I won't mention which game, as I do not wish to spoil it for anyone.)

Stacey May-Mordetsky was half-made up. I tried to think of a name that seemed to fit a snobby, blonde, rich girl, and Stacey seemed to fit the bill. Her last name, Mordetsky, came from when I used to send her to submit-your-own-character fanfics in the Total Drama fandom. I actually created her younger brother, Jake, first, as an overshadowed, shy, nerdy kid, and I thought that "Mordetsky" sounded like a perfectly good last name for a geek. When I created Stacey along with him, however, the last name didn't seem to fit her image, so I took another rich-person cliche' and hyphenated it! The "May" part of the name comes from another corner of the Ace Attorney rogues gallery, from a character whose personality seems to fit Stacey's almost perfectly.

V4 Endgame
Looks like Ilario got to save someone after all...

Seriously, guys, this was great. TDS, Rocky, MK Kilmarnock, faceinabook, and KillerVole, thank you all so much for such a fantastic Endgame. I can't think of any better way for me to have been introduced to SOTF.

I will see you all in v5 pregame!

Drawn Pictures
Thank you for the picture of Matt. You are awesome.

By the way, I was wondering if you could draw my second character, Adonis Alba, if it's not too much trouble.

Keep up the great work, man.

Adonis Alba

Adonis Alba
Name: Adonis Alba
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Girls, partying, bullying, football.

Appearance: Adonis is 6'0" and 180 pounds, and has a pretty well-toned body. He isn't too bad in the looks department, with short blond hair and blue eyes. His face is clean-shaven aside from his eyebrows, which are as gold-colored as his hair. He has very solid-looking features, aside from his slightly crooked nose that he fractured in his freshman year. He generally wears clothes from the mall, usually either plain shirts or shirts with the logo of a sports team. He exclusively wears blue jeans, and has a closet full of them. He also seems to always have whatever brand of sneakers are in demand. On occasion, he breaks out his old letterman jacket.

On the day of the class trip, Adonis was wearing a Seattle Seahawks jersey with "Alba" written across the back, blue jeans, and black sneakers.

Biography: Francis Alba was the perfect All-American boy. He excelled in all of his classes, and led the Aurora High football team to two consecutive championships as quarterback. He later went on to play in the NFL, joining the Seattle Seahawks, and throughout his twelve-year career, he was consistently overachieving on the field while still finding time to do some charity work on the side. At age thirty-four, Francis decided to retire from football to get married to his high school sweetheart and long term girlfriend, Kyrie Stone, and raise a family.

Francis and Kyrie got married two months later, and went back to their childhood neighborhood to settle down. Within a month, they discovered that Kyrie was pregnant, and both were overjoyed. They spent the next nine months preparing for their baby, and discussing how they would raise him. When the time came for delivery, however, there was a problem. The baby made it through OK, but Kyrie suffered unexpected heart palpatations during the delivery, and did not survive. Francis was heartbroken, but he had enough money saved from his NFL days to raise the child on his own. Francis wanted to give his son a name that would inspire him to be strong, and so Adonis Alba was born.

Adonis was raised in the same upper-middle class neighborhood that Francis grew up in. Francis wanted to be the best father that he possibly could to Adonis, but he knew that it would be difficult without Kyrie. Francis did everything that he could to make sure that Adonis was healthy and happy growing up. Thanks to a very prosperous football career combined with a lifetime of smart saving, money was no worry, so he could provide his son with whatever he needed. They had a good relationship all throughout Adonis' childhood.

Early in life, Adonis seemed like a relatively normal child from a behavioral standpoint. It didn't take very long for him to take a shine to sports, tossing a football ever since he was three. Adonis' sporting career started in kindergarten when he joined a T-ball team. He would regularly send balls flying to the outfield, and the coaches were impressed by the atheletic ability posessed by such a young child. As Adonis grew older, he joined Little League, which he dominated. He also regularly played football in the park and excelled in gym class.

Adonis began playing football in middle school, and despite his skill, this is where problem began to appear. He was far better at football than he was at baseball, but his attitude was atrocious. He believed that as the son of a local hero, he should recieve better treatment than everyone else. His grades slipped from their former B level to low C's and D's, and his attitude degraded along with them. The school was hesitant to punish him, however, because he kept winning games for the team, getting the school positive attention. This came to a head during a game in his junior year of high school, when Adonis turned into an absolute terror. He taunted absolutely everyone in the locker room, was ludicrously aggressive in the game, and was finally ejected after theatening a referee multiple times within the same sentence. After the game, the coach decided that enough was enough, and Adonis was kicked off of the team. Many of his teammates severed all ties with him, seeing him as a disgrace to the team.

Adonis was initially outraged about being kicked off the team, but he soon realized that he could now fully indulge in his other passion: Girls. Adonis had used his position on the football team to get a laundry list of girls in the past, but he now used his reputation as a "bad boy" to experience a similar amount of success with women. Almost all of his relationships don't last more than one night, and he doesn't regret any of them. One of his favorite memories is a certain encounter with Kat Tolstoff and Laura Nyquist that he loves retelling time and time again. To him, as long as a girl meets his standards, he'll hit on them. This habit has gotten him branded as a horny, disgusting flirt in some circles, while other girls are still mesmerized that he is the son of an NFL great.

After being kicked off the football team, Adonis began to pick up more girls from parties, viewing parties as "A gold mine of hot chicks and booze". He always drinks a lot at parties, then he looks for a girl who has consumed an equal amount. As long as he can get some alcohol in his system and a notch on his bedpost, he doesn't complain.

Adonis' relationship with his father has also been strained in recent years. Francis has tried to talk to him about the possible consequences of his actions, such as driving drunk or getting a girl pregnant, but Adonis ignores his lectures and refuses to change his ways. Francis commonly wonders if Kyrie would have been able to control their son.

These days, Adonis is just another thug in the hallways, harassing younger and smaller students, and all the while looking for some girl to get into bed with. He believes that he is building on his father's great legacy, but he is actually dragging it through the mud. Adonis sees himself as the king of Aurora High, but in reality, he's just a lowlife with a famous dad.

Advantages: Adonis has his father's natural athleticism, so he is more physically able than many of his peers. In addition, his intimidating reputation could scare other students away from him.
Disadvantages: His reputation could be a detriment as well, as he has tormented a good amount of the school's population, which could lead to him easily being killed by a bullying victim or a scorned one-night stand. His addiction to women could also come back to bite him, as his lustful mind could distract him from an armed enemy. Despite his atheletic prowess, his partying lifestyle has taken a toll on his body, so his stamina isn't quite what it used to be.

Matt Masters
Gotcha. EDITED!

V5 Pregame Tournament!
Matt's still ready to rumble!

Matt Masters
Thanks for the criticisms, I think that I got it fixed now.


Drawn Pictures
I would be honored if you would draw Matt Masters

From what I've seen on this thread, you are a good artist. Keep up the good work.

Matt Masters
Name: Matt Masters
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Professional Wrestling, volunteering, music, Botchamania.

Appearance: Matt is 6'5" and weighs 230 pounds, mostly muscle due to a lot of working out. He is Caucasian, but posesses a slight tan. He has very short brown hair with a little bit of stubble on his chin. He has blue eyes that he inherited from his mother, and a somewhat angular nose. His face, as a whole, is very solid, with well-defined features. He's not a pretty boy, but he's not ugly either. He has a tattoo of a cross on his back and a large scar on his right arm from a construction accident. His body is incredibly well toned and when combined with his size he looks more like an MMA fighter than a high school student.

Matt's attire usually consists of old, worn-out looking clothes combined with WWE merchandise. On the day of the school trip, he was wearing a dark brown T-shirt with a skeletal dragon design on the front, old, worn-out blue jeans, and brown work boots. He also had a Big Show stocking cap in his bag, in case it got cold on the trip.

Biography: Amy Masters was a lovely young girl fresh out of college with aspirations to become a singer. She worked hard to get a job as a secretary to pay the bills until she got her big break. Everything was going well for her until one night, where she met a guy at a club. One thing led to another, and a week and a half later, Amy discovered that she was pregnant.

She found the father a few days later at the same club where they first met and told him of her pregnancy. The man immediately shunned her and her child, leaving her alone with her unborn baby. Amy immediately decided to keep the child, and take responsibility for him or her. Nine months later, Matthew Christopher Masters was born at the local hospital.

Matt lived all his life in relative poverty. They could always get by and pay the bills, but not by much. He encountered difficulties quite early on as a child, as he grew quicker than most other kids, resulting in a lot of teasing from his peers. He never fought back, however, as his mother always taught him that he should never use his strength to hurt people. Matt continued to endure this proverbial punching-bag lifestyle all throughout his school days.

One day, young Matt saw a WWE program on TV, and he immediately knew what he wanted to do with his life. He loved the physicality, the excitement, and the story behind the matches. Most of all, he loved the matches where the hero would overcome all odds to defeat the bad guy, and win the title. Matt always wanted to be that "good guy" wrestler, the one that the fans cheered and the kids looked up to. His childhood playtime almost always consisted of him playing the role of the hero, pinning the invisible villain while the imaginary fans cheered. As soon as he turned 13, he began working out so that he could get in shape and be strong enough to become a wrestler once he graduated high school. Even today, he still tunes in to the WWE every week to see John Cena fight whatever devious heel they put him up against.

At 15, Matt made his first good friend, a girl named Angel White. She was a girl from the neighboorhood that became Matt's best friend fairly quickly thanks to their similar interests. Angel lived alone with her father, who was an aggressive drunk that was physically and mentally abusive. She often went to Matt's house as a sanctuary, and Amy always set aside an extra place at the dinner table for her. Matt felt a compulsion to look out for the girl, and almost never left her side. The two's friendship was very strong, and many people joked that they were dating. While Matt did genuinely love Angel, it was more of a brother-sister-style bond than a romantic love.

Everything changed one morning, however, when Angel came to Matt's house a complete wreck. I turned out that her father's abuse had worsened over the previous months, and she no longer felt safe anywhere. Amy managed to get her to stay with them, promising to call social services. Angel left that night to gather her things from her house while her father slept. She never returned, and the next morning she was found dead, choked to death by her father. The crime scene made it blatantly obvious that Angel's father was the culprit, and he was sent to death row.

Even though Angel's father was arrested, Matt was still distraught over the whole event. Angel was his best friend, the only person outside of his family that he truly cared about, and the horrid things that her father did to her haunted him, because in his mind, he failed to protect her. Matt was very depressed for quite a while after her death, and has still not forgotten that terrible day.

At 16, Matt began to notice Amy struggling to pay the bills, and set off to search for an after-school job. A family friend, Oscar Cardenas, offered Matt a job helping out at the construction site that he ran. Matt began to help at the site after school, checking their plans and making sure they have the tools required. His strength even allowed him to help hauling boards and pipes occasionally. Matt's new job allowed him to help out his mom, as well as giving him a little bit of spending money.

Another scarring event happened about a year after Matt started working at the site. A worker was fired for not only being a sub-par worker, but also spending more time ogling girls on the sidewalk than actually working. The next day, the disgruntled ex-employee brought a gun to the site and started shooting, killing one worker before being subdued. Matt hid behind a car during the whole event, and has been terrified of guns ever since. It took a while for him to muster up the courage to return to the construction site, but Oscar didn't hold it against him, as he understood how traumatic the experience had been for Matt.

Matt still felt like an outcast among his peers in high school, as he was still much taller than the majority of them. He desperately wanted to do something to avoid just being "the freakishly huge kid". Eventually, a flyer caught his eye. It was a notice for a center for abused women and children that needed volunteers. Remembering what had happened to Angel, Matt immediately started volunteering. He became well-known around the center for his big size and even bigger heart. When he helped people, the feeling that he felt was indescribable, but it was a good feeling. He was finally doing something that he was proud of.

On a different note, Matt has recently become quite interested in the internet series "Botchamania", featuring some of the biggest botches in wrestling history. The humorous videos often help him unwind from a long day at work or the volunteer center, and he even bought a Botchamania T-shirt to spread the word to his fellow classmates.

Advantages: Matt is incredibly strong, and very tough to boot. He knows quite a few wrestling moves, which could prove very useful in a fight. Matt's impressive size could also make people want to ally with him, seeing him as a powerful ally.
Disadvantages: Matt doesn't like to hurt people, and certainly does not want to kill anybody. His fear of guns could also be a hindrance if he is assigned a gun as a weapon. He has a protector's mindset, and may recklessly put himself in danger to protect his friends.

Look, It's Another Relationship Thread!
OK, I've been putting this off for way too long:

@ Megami

Sure, Misa sounds like a good friend for Matt.

@ MK Kilmarnock

Matt would...probably not get along with Cody due to Cody's bullying ways. And as a side note, the reason Matt gets picked on is not only his unusual size, but the fact that everyone knows that he won't fight back, because he doesn't believe in using his strength to hurt people.

@ LocoBroJoe

Cassidy having a crush on Matt? Sure, I can go with that.

Joey hitting on Stacey? Well, if Joey has money, she wouldn't have a problem with that at all.

@ Violent-Medic

Mallory could probably be friends with Matt. Allies cut from the same cloth, that sort of thing. I could also see her easily get picked on by Adonis and Stacey, and I look forward to her interactions with any of my characters.

Naomi's interactions with Stacey sound like they could have a lot of potential. Would they be a snooty, condescending tag-team, or would they go into full-on rich girl vs. rich girl combat? We can only wait and see.

@ Fayth

Adonis will probably mess with Mallory, so Max will probably not like him. I could see how Max's scheme to get with girls freshly terrified from Adonis coming on to them would work, but I don't know if he would still be willing to do this if he hates Adonis.

Jamie has a crush on Matt, but she is known to be in a relationship with someone else? Intruguing. Unconventional. I like it. As for Adonis, he probably wouldn't pick on her unless she gives him good reason to (say, puking in the middle of biology class), and if he finds her reasonably attractive, he would probably try to hit on her. I can picture Max Making fun of Matt for a while and making those kinds of comments.

As for Max and Stacey, if he's either rich or good-looking, then she's probably slept with him. It's how she is.

@ teamsleep

Stacey can and will pick on someone for being poor, and Tim seems to fit that bill. I could also see him being friends with Matt. But rather that Matt being influenced by Tim's rants, he would just be used to them by now.

It probably wouldn't be a big shock to anyone if Adonis was a bit racist, so he would not be very nice to Amaranto.

Also, as a note to everyone, I plan on having Stacey's little brother Jake in pregame as an NPC. He is one year younger than the rest of the characters, so he wouldn't share classes with them, but he'll still be in school at lunch and other free periods, and he will be around town. Jake is a nerdy, socially awkward kid that loves robots. He has almost no self-esteem due to his mother ignoring him in favor of Stacey. His father tries to work with him about his issues, but progress is slow.

If you want your characters to interact with Jake or any of my other characters, then just let me know.

Also, if you have any plans involving your character's interactions with mine that you would rather keep secret, then just PM me, and I'll tell you what I think.