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Sandy was gone - that was about as predictable as Audrey could expect. Honestly, she didn't feel like making him anything like a partner in her endeavors; she knew enough times from group projects that one bad egg can spoil the rest. Audrey wondered whether her rather immature comparison to inane high school classes was a coping mechanism brought upon by her subconscious in a meager attempt to compartmentalize further, in order to prevent her from becoming a stress zombie that was prone to anxiety attacks. Whatever.

Audrey looked to Alvaro, suddenly now noticing the wounds on his face. Her eyes shot wide, her mind now far away from Sandy What's-His-Name. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed, rushing to his side. Many, many long memories of her mother nursing her wounds when she was a little girl rushed to her mind as she quickly brought out her bag. She fished around for the medical kit. "You need to get some help, stat." She propped him up against the wall, quietly urging him to keep his body straight.

"Alright, well..." She remembered that she had to ice the area of the wounds, but she doubted there was any ice. However, there were alcohol pads and bruises hardly ever came without scrapes. That would almost certainly cause more pain than the bruises themselves. Audrey pulled out a bottle of, what was that, ibuprofen? "You should take these," she said, holding out to him another pair of pills - this time painkillers. "Here..." She took a bit of the pads - not too much - and started treating where he had been hit. "How the hell did you get so badly injured, anyway? Are people already... you know, killing each other?" She lifted his chin, holding onto it with her small fingers so she could more clearly see and access his wounds.

"Hey, Danny?" She turned to the larger boy. "Do you know what could've caused wounds like these? Are they bad? Fatal?"

Audrey cringed. She started to get that sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach that she always got whenever she tripped and fell on her metaphorical head; her head in this analogy being her, at the moment, seemingly inept social skills. Sandy did not want to be bothered which, in this life-or-death situation, seemed like a totally reasonable response actually. Her palms started to get sweaty and she could feel the insecurity just welling up inside of her. She was thankful that Danny was being a lot more amicable about the whole thing.

"Better-looking twin, eh? I can see that." Audrey tried to offer her best smile to try and defuse the whole thing. Although, she thought after a moment, flirting might not be the best way to go about it. He was pretty good looking; not totally handsome, but she'd go for it if she were more confident.

After an awkward second, Audrey looked at Sandy as he tried to depart. She wanted allies in this whole affair, she really did. But not someone as volatile as Sandy. "Yeah, okay," she said. "Good luck out there and everything." She mumbled that last one, suddenly not feeling all too hot about her chances out here.

There was hacking fit outside. "Oh, great," she muttered. "What now?" Sandy seemed to have the same idea. Danny went to go investigate immediately, something that Audrey didn't think was the rightest thing to do in that moment. She reached out to try and stop Danny from opening up the door but, well, by the time her hand had latched onto his arm, he'd already swung open the door. Audrey cringed yet again, suddenly holding onto the nunchuks a bit more tightly. Apparently, the kid outside was an eponymous Vacanti from that restaurant Vacanti's. Which was obvious enough given that it was written on his shirt.

"Oh, hey," Audrey spurted out. "I know you - right? Haven't I seen you at the chess club? You're, uh-" Audrey wracked her brain. She hated it when she forgot things. Compartmentalize. Alvaro! "Alvaro!" She snapped her fingers in triumph. "Yeah, uh, you're the, the-" Uh. "-soccer guy with the, and the - restaurant. Vacanti's. I saw you there a couple times. I think." She quieted down, taking a few steps back. Alvaro was always a nice guy from what she could remember.

"Yeah, so... need any cough drops or something? I think I still have some in my jacket somewhere..." She dug through her pockets and pulled out a little pillbox full of cough drops. Audrey always kept a couple in case her asthma started acting up. "I always keep a couple in case my asthma starts acting up," she explained.

Audrey was right - these two were total idiots and completely incapable of doing harm to anybody even if they tried. From what she could tell, one was a guy whose total life experience could be summed up with a canvas and a brush, and the other guy... well, from the clanking and cowering noises coming from other there, he probably didn't have that good of a shot of mounting an offensive. She stepped forward, bumping into something with her foot and causing a bit of a noise and almost tripping her. She cursed at herself silently, suddenly getting a bit sweaty on the back of her neck.

Sandy was screaming something about why they couldn't just leave him alone, which Audrey would have been all for except that Danny seemed to have thrown some stuff at his head. Which Danny then followed up by pointing out Sandy's hypocrisy from earlier. All in all, the paranoia levels were through the roof in this particular room. Audrey knew that she'd have to be the one to defuse the situation, a process which she was glad she'd already managed to start. Compartmentalize.

Audrey approached Danny. "Hey, man..." she said slowly, holding up the nunchucks. "I have no godly idea how to use these things." She waved them in front of her for effect; they were a lot heavier than they looked when Michaelangelo was using them; then again, she wasn't a pizza-eating mutant turtle so maybe he had the edge over her in this department. "But I'm guessing that none of us got anything particularly useful, especially for this situation or someone would have died by now."

"Guys, let's not pretend that any of us is a credible threat right now, alright?" Audrey got close enough to Danny to hold out a hand to shake. She turned to where Sandy's voice was coming from. "Seriously, dude, it's all cool." Actually, it wasn't if Audrey's sweat levels were any indication of the room's heat. "But we're not gonna hurt you! Promise! We can even, like, I dunno form an alliance or something."

She cleared her throat. "I'm Audrey, by the way. Audrey Reyes. I do theater stuff behind the scenes. You've probably seen me around the school; I'm the one that's always lugging around that big camera. Had a big project to go make a movie and all that?" She was babbling. Stop it, Audrey. Stop it. "Anyway, uh, let's just all chill and, you know, plan how to not die for a few more days. You're a nice guy, right, Sandy? At least, I think you are from what I've seen in art club. So, truce?" Babble, babble, babble. Audrey had half the mind to just knock Danny out with the nunchucks and bolt from this place as fast as possible, but something told her that that would just end in tragedy.

Audrey was pretty well-known around the household as a vibrant dreamer. So, when terrorists kidnapped her entire class and killed her teachers, she figured she must have been in an extremely detailed nightmare. When she was lulled back to sleep by the gas, Audrey managed to maintain that illusion - at least until she woke up again. With a loud, loud ringing in her ears. And the sounds of frantic teenagers.

Her eyes popped open about as quickly as they could. She still felt groggy and there was a pain in the back of her head that she assumed must have been from the toxins used to knock her out. She groaned lightly, trying to assess her situation. Which was difficult (or easy, depending on your definition) considering the two inhabitants present with her. Her head whipped around, noting that her body was placed against a wall in the corner, invisible to anyone who wasn't paying too much attention. Either the terrorists were really lazy and just dropped her wherever, or she'd tossed and turned in her sleep - which she would have wont to do. At the moment, though, Audrey knew there were two choices she could make here: stay quiet and let the altercation sort itself, or step in and try to create some sort order. From what she'd observed thus far, it didn't seem like these two boys were actually capable of harming each other - what with the squeaking and light cursing being thrown around.

Audrey muttered some arcane expletive under her breath. She was cursed with pretenses of false heroics.


Her eyes were drawn to the duffel bag next to her which, upon closer examination, beheld her name and "number." Blegh. Audrey decided she didn't like this Orwellian death game one bit. Shifting into a sitting position, she rifled through it. Supplies and a first aid kit and... nunchucks? Great. "Compartmentalize," Audrey whispered to herself. "Compartmentalize, compartmentalize, compartmentalize..." Audrey stood up, nunchucks in hand. Goddammit, what was she doing? She was supposed to see Mad Max in a few days, not stuck here of all places.

"Hey!" She waved the nunchucks in front of her, pretending like she had any idea how to use them. "I swear to God, you two better stop making noise or people who actually want to hurt other people are going to be here very fast!" She stepped forward. "Come on, you two. Calm the hell down! Is that you, Sandy? You're the kid from the art club, right? Seriously, call a truce or something! Peace and love, that's what we artists do, right?"

Of course, Audrey had no idea if she would have any effect on them - or whether or not she would get shot or grenaded at any moment - but she was compartmentalizing, compartmentalizing, compartmentalizing. She needed to exert that can-do attitude that had been ever so useful at the theater. Or she would die - at which point she hoped she'd made enough peace with God that he'd be totally chill with her going to heaven.