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Debates and Discourse
Ohohohoho. This was certainly getting interesting. Bradley started drumming his fingers as Mike spoke, careful to pay attention to everything he said. Mike had started talking about anarchy and everything that came with it. It all sounded well and good and reasonable and everything, but there seemed to be some things that Mike was forgetting. Jessica pointed out one of them, the need for order, but Bradley thought there might be a bigger one.

"Right," Bradley said. "Except that not everyone is entirely responsible, nor are they entirely good. I'm glad to see that you're an optimist about people doing the right thing, but the truth is that there are probably more irresponsible people than there are responsible ones, especially in a place like America. I mean, you can't always count on the guy in the power plant to always act the way you said."

Bradley paused and sat forward in his seat, thinking about where to go with this.

"The law exists so that we can protect ourselves from ourselves," Bradley said. "Switching to anarchism now is going to cause just that, anarchy. Chaos at its finest. We can probably expect to see mass looting, violence, gangs erupting, things like that. And who'll be there to stop them at that point? The law enforcement that doesn't exist anymore? And even if they do turn into vigilantes, they'll end up resorting to the methods that the gangs will use."

Bradley mentally sighed in relief. He was getting through this without insulting anyone. This discussion was getting him really riled up. Maybe the whole debate wasn't turning boring after all.

"Call me a cynic," Bradley said, pausing for a second to see if anyone actually would. "But I'm having a hard time balancing the benefits over the consequences. Really, there's too much at stake to risk it. I mean, yeah, you've got the whole humans-join-together-to-survive thing going, but that just proves that people will band together for their own benefit, and not for others' benefit. I know this probably seems like a really tired arguement, but I honestly don't think anarchism will work until we can definitely prove that people won't act selfishly."

Debates and Discourse
(Bradley Edwards - Pregame Start)

Bradley found the whole debate rather boring, if he was to be completely honest. He was leaning forward in his seat, arms on the table, trying to pay attention to what was happening around him. Bradley suppressed a yawn and started skimming through his notes on Fahrenheit 451 to try to keep himself awake. He had to maintain an air of professionalism after all. The last few days hadn't been particularly kind to him, what with trying to repair some old broken relationships over some mistakes he'd made. Mistakes that Bradley was sure everyone was aware of.

Anyway, that kid Colin was speaking his piece. Bradley didn't like him and he was absolutely sure that he had made some disparaging remarks toward the boy in the past, something that Bradley wasn't particularly proud of.

Not that it wasn't understandable considering his incredibly fascist opinions. No, wait wait, back up. That line of thinking is exactly why you feel like such a prick, remember?

Of course, Bradley couldn't help but disagree with what Colin was saying. Colin was completely incorrect. The support of a government which limited knowledge and its pursuit? Unimaginable. If there was something to be preserved in the world, it was knowledge. Ignorance is not bliss, regardless of what people like Colin might say.

Bradley was about to retort, to call Colin out on his unfounded opinions. Instead, he kept his mouth shut. He had to keep that whole superiority-complex business under control, anyway. Bradley's eyes drifted around the room to see if anyone else was feeling the way he felt about the whole situation, eventually resting on Mikko "Mike" Korhonen who was looking like he was about to explode. He was a weird fellow, but smart so Bradley had to give him props for that. His political views, however, weren't exactly in-line with Bradley's.

Sure enough, Mike started his rebuttal. Bradley found himself nodding along to what Mike was saying. It made sense and it reflected views not dissimilar from his own. Then, the anarchist commune comment.

Bradley couldn't help but give a sigh. Mike always had to say something about his political views. Bradley had to question whether it was necessary to really do that, and just why he did it in the first place. Was it because he needed some validation for his political views? Or was it because he wanted to convince everyone that being an anarchist-communist wasn't such a bad thing?

Jessica Murphy retorted to the comment, talking about how the world needs workers in order to run. Once again, Bradley found himself nodding along, even if Jessica said the whole thing a little too awkwardly.

Bradley raised his hand. "I agree with Jessica," Bradley stated. "The world needs its workers to run. If, for example, no one was forced to work in order to gain a wage, how many people do you think would actually work? Not to turn this into a discussion against communism, which it is turning out to be, but the answer is 'not very many'." Bradley paused, somewhat for effect, but mostly to recall a specific quote. "And in the words of Lawrence of Arabia, 'The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.' Sure it might hurt to work, but if you don't, then the world will refuse to run and then where will we be?."

Bradley, of course, had no clue whether anything he just said made any sense. His habit of pulling quotes out of his ass (not to mention out of context) and his tendency to ramble certainly hampered his ability to maintain a proper debate, but he hoped that his point got through. After all, he was just supplanting Jessica's opinion, wasn't he? He just hoped Mike wouldn't take offense, since Bradley had observed that Mike wasn't always the most forgiving of people who disagreed with him.

Hah. We aren't really so different then, are we, Mr. Korhonen?

Bradley Edwards
Name: Bradley Edwards
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th Grade
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Reading, Internet Surfing, Video Games

Appearance: Bradley Edwards is relatively short at 5'5 and weighs around 120 lbs. He is considered to be somewhat scrawny, owing to his non-athletic behavior and his ineptitude at sports. He has short, messy blonde hair as well as large, expressive brown eyes. He has high cheek bones and a sloped nose. His skin tone is relatively pale, mostly because he spends a lot of his time indoors. His complexion is relatively clear, aside from the occasional acne breakout, though those tend to be minor.

Due to his poor eyesight, he wears large framed glasses that have a tendency to make his eyes look bigger than they are. His clothing choices vary slightly, but mainly consist of polo shirts, dress shirts, jeans, and khakis. Their color palette tends to be somewhat dark. His clothes are often colored black, navy blue, gray, crimson, or other similarly dulled colors. Bradley also has the tendency to recycle his clothes due to the fact that he doesn't go shopping all that often. On the day of the kidnapping, he was wearing a black and navy blue sweater-vest over a white button-up shirt. He was also wearing khakis, as well as brown sneakers.

Biography: Bradley was born on January 3rd, 1994 in Seattle, Washington to Timothy Edwards and Audrey Edwards in Harborview Medical Center. Timothy was an office worker that got paid relatively well, while Audrey worked as a nurse in Harborview. The two were high school sweethearts, meeting and falling in love during senior year. Keeping in close contact during their tenures at seperate universities, the two decided to get married once they graduated. Bradley was born as a result, and his life just moved on from there.

Bradley's childhood was relatively normal. He got very good grades and developed an affinity for reading books. It's doubtful that he could remember a time when he didn't read. He made his fair share of friends with the other students throughout his childhood. However, he was always a bit more strict and serious than a lot of his other peers. His often repeated main goal in life was to become like his parents and become successful in life. His parents had always pushed him to become a model student, even if all they really wanted was for him to get high grades and get a good life. During his childhood, whenever he did anything wrong, Bradley could expect a lecture or some sort of reprimand that punished him for doing whatever it was that he had done wrong.

His personality continued to be stiff and serious in junior high. He always continued to study extremely hard and consistently received high grades. On the rare occasions that he did get lower scores, he could expect another reprimand from his parents. He does try his hardest at it, if nothing else. This habit of overly studying does reveal a weakness of sorts in his academic career in that Bradley lacks any sort of participation in extracurricular activities. He also doesn't spend much of his time outside, mostly spending whatever leisure time he permits himself to have on playing video games and internet browsing, along with digging deeper into his books. Most of his time is consumed on focusing on school and academic competitions. He still does make his own bunch of friends, but they're usually those that are like him: smart, serious, and disciplined.

Once again, Bradley's attitude made no change once he got into high school. This was the point when he seriously started becoming more distant in his social life. His grades were still consistently high, but his social life started to run itself dry. He wasn't spending nearly enough time with his friends to maintain a decent social life and his lack of any extracurricular activities made it abundantly clear that he wasn't going to have many friends in high school. This didn't seem to bother Bradley that much, though, which revealed another facet about him that seemed to develop as a direct result of his lack of social interaction.

Bradley was developing a superiority complex, starting to see himself as better than anyone who didn't get grades as well as he did. This usually didn't manifest as anything more than something that Brian kept to himself. Sometimes, though, Brian would be in some sort of heated debate or high-stress situation wherein some of the more negative symptoms of having a superiority complex would show up. Brian would shout or yell at the other person for being ignorant. This would often cause antagonistic feelings to crop up against him and Bradley had returned those feelings with some of his own. During Junior Year and once this had happened enough times, Bradley had come to realize that his supposed superiority was really only causing him to get stressed out even more.

He tried to make amends as best he could, attempting to strengthen his self-control and apologizing to whoever he wronged. Some symptoms still managed to crop up at times, but Bradley does his best to try and lessen them. Most of the more negative symptoms show up during high-stress situations. Bradley does hope that Senior Year would provide him an opportunity to at least try to repair his social life in order to make up for the problems caused by his superiority complex, even if he couldn't bury it entirely.

While Bradley was mostly serious and stiff, he did show a softer and more casual side in the presence of his friends. He also has the tendency to act neurotic about many things, especially his grades. It was only in high school that Bradley started developing his superiority complex. He started acting more snobby and pretentious than he previously had, accidentally, but inevitably, pushing his remaining friends away. Once he started recovering from it, however, they slowly started drifting back to him, though Bradley still hadn't recovered his entire social circle yet.

Advantages: Bradley gets excellent grades, so he is very smart. He's also serious and very determined, so he should be able to keep a level head as he doesn't become extremely stressed.
Disadvantages: Bradley is physically inept, not having kept up with any sports or other physical activities. He is also relatively unpopular, considering his tendency to be condescending to others when he's stressed. That brings up another point, in that he doesn't really handle high-stress situations very well.