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I'll draw your character when I'm bored
Sep 24 2017, 01:12 PM
Empress Plush
Sep 24 2017, 11:00 AM
Yaaaaaa'llllllll if you keep making it impossible for me to decide whether the art or the memes in this thread are more adorable my tiny babby heart is gonna explode <3_<3
i have one for you too

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Paige is not available for comment due to adorbs overload related hospitalization, please enjoy this artistic re-enactment of her opening this post:
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I'll draw your character when I'm bored
Yaaaaaa'llllllll if you keep making it impossible for me to decide whether the art or the memes in this thread are more adorable my tiny babby heart is gonna explode <3_<3

A Desert With Its Life Underground
What was this guy's problem? 'I've been jerking off in the desert since I was sixteen and I've never seen you out here in the giant fucking wasteland of sand dunes that I've claimed complete dominion over.' Clearly he was on about something, but fuck that, so was everybody so he could take a number. And now he out here throwing hoodies at Isaac's car and shit. Where did he get off?

"Now, I know this is gonna sound crazy," he said nice and slow out the window. "But the desert? It's big. Like, real big. Wiiiiiild big. You wouldn't believe. I mean, obviously you don't, that's why we're having this whole conversation, yeah?"

Isaac sighed and put it in park. "I've been out here every night the last couple weeks. I'm scouting locations for the memorial. The fuck else do you want to hear?"

Love Me, Love Me


Cleo thinks Tristan's kinda cute and has probably flirted with him quite a bit but I doubt it's gone much further than that.

Okay Blaise kiiiinda digs Tristan a lot. He's just two-faced and push-overy enough that he doesn't get on their nerves and he's into fashion and he seems fairly interesting even if by Blaise's standards his interests are kinda basic. She digs him and has probably hooked up with him at some point.

Boooooooooi we both know what's going on with Tristan and Hel I'll say no more ;)

I kinda like the idea of Damion and Tristan being a friends that went sour? Like Damion wants to be friends with him and they have a decent relationship at first but Damion does not like two-faced people and would probably confront Tristan about him echoing shitty behavior and I feel like that would Not Go Well?


Blaise likes to gossip but is into pretty much nothing else about Dorothea tbh >.> Also I dunno how well they'd get along given that Blaise is The Very Model Of A Sinner.

Hel does not vibe with religious people and man there is probably a lot of potential gossip about her so I feel like these two do not get along at all.

Babs likes her alright and tries to be polite and even occasionally indulges in gossip when she's feeling like being bad. Prooobably gets hella awkward and smiley and collar pull-y whenever the clash of faith via sexuality conversation comes up.



Damion's also into this one, I think they'd get along well. Hella attracted to her but respects her way too much to even think that she's in his league.

BABS AND ARIANA ARE SISTERS AND WE SHOULD PROBABLY FIGURE THAT OUT MAYBE??? I was kind of thinking that maybe Babs is adopted as the youngest sister in the family late in life? We should PM rap about this sometime and figure out their relationship and if an adoption works or if I should just do some retooling so they're biological sisters, I have some wicked ideas here.

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
Aaaaaah these are so good I'm dying ;_;

Lemme just sliiiiiide Hel in here

Hel's description

The Veil: Erosion Interest Check

Robert, Zetsu, and I are all in and ready to go! We just need one more player. More are welcome, but with one more we can start working on sessions~

A Desert With Its Life Underground
Isaac didn't know why he was here.

There was a lot of stuff Isaac realized he didn't know since everybody disappeared. Disappeared. Comfy word for it. How many times had he wished some of 'em would drop dead and now he couldn't even bring himself to think about what happened in a nice, clear picture? Must be what guilt was like. How the hell did people live with this all the time?

For now he spent a lot of time in his garage working on his new project, and a lot of time out in the desert driving around by himself. It was too hard to be around town. He could feel the looks pouring in on the back of his skull. The pity from people who didn't really know him, and worse the judgement from those that did. Hell, he could practically hear them now: How come all the nice, smart, well-behaved kids got snatched off to die and we're left here with shitty little Isaac Brea to show for it?

Fuck 'em. He didn't owe them anything. He knew where his debt was.

A hoodie crashing against the hood of his truck shook him out of the thought. When had he stopped? Put a pin in that, that was a problem to get back to later. Right this second he just rolled down his window and pinched the bridge of his nose before turning his gaze up to Gary.

"Well Gary, I didn't get the fucking memo that you owned the desert now. My mistake, you just pass me the proper paperwork and I'll be on my way, alright?"

V7 Theme Music
Posted ImageCleo Braithwaite: Werkin Girls-Angel Haze
Posted ImageBlaise d'Aramitz: Blonde Hair, Black Lungs-Sorority Noise
Posted ImageHelena 'Hel" Fury: Bad Liar-Selena Gomez
Jeremiah Rumple: 911/Mr. Lonely-Tyler The Creator
Damian Riccardo Maradona Reyes: Years Of War-Porter Robinson
Barbara "Babs" Mulaney: Might Tell You Tonight-Scissor Sisters

Fenris & Yugikun Do Sprites!
Sliiiiides the rest of her V7 kids all up in there ::eyes:: ::eyes:: ::eyes:: ::eyes::

Hel's Description

Jeremiah's Description

Damian's Description

Babs's Description

Aloha's V7 Fursona Cabana
He is so sad and perfect I love you ;_;

V7 Foncept Clash Prompts
I will! And I'm gonna slide my other three kids in the queue if that's cool >.>

V6 Final Four Congratulations
Congratulations everyone!