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TvTropes Mafia Thread
So, fair warning, I'm extremely tired right now and still piecing through everything. My concern with multi-ball and a potential scum lie detector is that it gives scum potential busing/town cred powers during the day and lets them better direct their shots at night. Like Riki pointed out earlier, a successful scum lynch/push isn't as strong a townread as it usually is, and I feel like if one team does have a lie detector then this strategy puts them in a position to start forming a make-shift town block and rooting out the other team with lynches while hammering away at the town with night kills. It would also give them a better ability to hunt for Town PRs by narrowing the field some. I'm super cautious about anything that could potentially give scum more information, especially in Multi-Ball. A multi-ball set-up is the only one where Scum Lie Detector would be extremely useful, so I feel like it's at least worth considering.

I dunno, though. I'm really worn out right now and I have no idea if I'm making any sense, just trying to contribute and get some discussion going since it feels like we're really spinning our wheels this phase. If everybody's down for this whole "I Am Town" shenanigan, I'll do it, I just think it's an option worth considering and we shouldn't rush into anything blindly when we're playing an odd set-up with a lot of potentially strange interactions.

Flare is pinging me pretty oddly with how aggressively he went after Yugi. Yugi is pretty much 24/7 jokes in Mafia. I'm baffled why anyone took that post seriously, and why Flare felt like it was such a heavy reason to push. I think Deamon did this a little too but I'm too exhausted to look back at the thread, I just wanna post and sleep, I'll check tomorrow or something.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
At work right now, but since we're starting this lie detector train and dealing with Vyse(who is certifiably insane), maybe consider the possibility of a scum lie detector? Giving one faction the ability to weed out scum and town might not be in our favor. I'm not sure one way or the other, but I think we should at least talk about the possibility.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Sep 26 2015, 03:10 PM

Would also like some elaboration from Grim, by the by. Getting goodish vibes off of Riki at the moment, lots of searching for answers and smoothing things out.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Sep 26 2015, 02:43 PM
Kilmarnock and I are in agreement, and that went so poorly last game that I'm actually extremely skeptical of my own train of thought now.

Hey Doc, could you explain this to me? MK doesn't really seem to make a point in the passage you quote, so I don't know what it is exactly you're agreeing with.
's just a joke.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
MK Kilmarnock
Sep 26 2015, 01:21 AM
In reference to Espi's thoughts about being careful about the multiple factions (and I do agree that's what 'multi-ball' means):

The enemy has us surrounded, the poor bastards.

Now we can attack in any direction.
Kilmarnock and I are in agreement, and that went so poorly last game that I'm actually extremely skeptical of my own train of thought now.

I will say that I'm still in favor of the Day One Lynch. I don't think our lynch policy fell apart on Day One, but rather on Day Two when Vyse wouldn't go down. If Vyse had flipped town, I would have been on to MK and MW, both of whom were scum. The problem was that we were denied that flip and so the Vyse debate went on and on for ages. Honestly, we still turned out pretty okay despite that. I don't feel like last game makes any sort of strong case against the Day One Lynch.

Penguin, I've so missed your batshit caginess :) I have no idea what you're doing, but shine on you crazy diamond. I don't have any thoughts on Persy yet, he's slippery and I don't feel like giving him more to work with as far as where his current vagueries are hitting home.

Lore and Prim are both pinging me oddly, but they're newbies so I'll let that slide for now. This is difficult for me because the last time I said that I was talking about Fenris and the bastard played us all for fools until Super Cop D/N swooped in to save the day. Needless to say, I'll be watching both of you O_O

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Aaaaaaaay I have a role now but I have a bunch of tests and assignments due tomorrow so I'm probably not going to say much until Friday. Will try to read and keep up for when I get back.

TvTropes Mafia Thread

is my way of saying that I also don't have a role and thus we should immediately lynch Riki for clearly being scum, the role having bastard.

TvTropes Mafia Sign-Ups
I will also do the thing we are doing

Scrubs Mafia Fallout Thread
So I take it that's an SK win, then?