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Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Well well. That certainly changes things, eh? For the moment I'm going to take that as legit.

FoS: Casey
FoS: Vinny

We're still standing about with two claimed townies, two claimed neutrals, and three unknown. By our count we're missing a townie and two mafia.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
I'll be honest, I'm not 100% sure right now. Dom's post strikes me as the most scummy, but unless there's a twist to the lyncher role this time around then I don't even know what angle to approach that from. I don't like the repeated bandwagon on Pippin simply because he has, at the least, piped up a few times. We're not working on inactives, and unless my essay-addled memory is working against me more than usual no real reason has been given towards lynching him other than lack of activity.

I'm also not sure what other roles are left for the townies or the mafia. I'd assume we still have two mafia at large, but the count is still all over the place. We have one confirmed town, two claimed neutrals, and four unknown quantities. Out of these we have a possible two mafia. How many other anti-town, non-mafia roles there are escape me. Here's hoping there aren't any more, but given the usual count there are probably only about three more townie roles. This would fit our current math: Three town, two neutral, two mafia. Dom and Gwbii, if their roles are correct, can hopefully be counted towards town since their victory conditions are already fulfilled.

If you have a role-claim, go ahead and drop the bomb. The Mafia already knows who the three townies are, it's probably about time we even the playing field a bit.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
A Mafia that's just two goons and a roleblocker? I'm not buying it.

FoS: Sickness

I don't think we're just looking at third party roles. I think Sickness is probably mafia. Now, I'm not sure what your angle is, Dom. Maybe there's some twist to the Lyncher role, or we're just banking on a smaller mafia, but something smells rotten in the state of Denmark, eh?

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread

Also, Present.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Random-lynch is better than no lynch at this point, the mafia's numbers have got to be running pretty thin.

Vote: Pippin

Evolution Final Interest Check
Color me interested, I'll register as soon as I get more settled over lunch.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Present und accounted for.

Honestly, I've had a gut feeling about Sickness the last couple phases as well. I've got nothing to go on here but a bad vibe, but that's really all we've got in general, ain't it?

FoS: Sickness

v5 Rules of Thumb
Ignoring the inherent infeasibility of an otherwise innocent teenager being able to murder anyone, even a sociopath, in cold-blood, I'd like to examine game-theory for a moment: Role-playing is the responsibility of the handler, not the concept. At the conceptual stage these rules are being written by a high-school student who has no actual experience implementing any of them. At the role-playing level, they must be viewed by the handler through that lens. Is it realistic to actually run the game by these rules, to the letter? No. Does it make sense to leave rules like "Shoot the psycho, no questions asked" out when writing an uninformed survival guide? Double-no. That's the nature of the beast, though. Everything about a concept should in theory be dictated on a case by case level. Rather than operating on the philosophy of "My character will always do X", it would seem more logical to say "My character thinks they will always do X." Just my 2 cents.

v5 Rules of Thumb
Rule 16: You're a fighter, not a lover. Last-chance romances are distracting, and force you into a no-win situation.

The Reputation Thread
Garrett wouldn't have much of a reputation at all, given his mostly neutral existence. At most his reputation would be a footnote to Albert's.

Albert on the other hand, being a transferred homeschooler, would probably be regarded as an oddity. He's insanely sheltered and usually pretty quiet when he's not playing music. Garrett basically does everything he can to preserve Albert's innocence and would probably step in if someone messed with him, which either lays a neon "OFF-LIMITS" sign above his head or a giant bullseye on his back, depending on how each character reacts to such things. To most though I see him as sort of a K.K. Slider-esque entity, without much purpose outside of his music. He'll play anything you want as long as he's heard it, and that's about where the relationship would begin and end for most, given his innate shyness and Garrett's protective discouragement of people who try to open him up.

Lee, on the other hand, would probably have the sort of reputation that nobody openly talks about. Nobody has a good idea of just how much he knows, but most people realize that he's pretty well informed. He's been known to be a helpful source of information on occasion, but anyone who's been busted or had their reputation damaged by a supposedly safe secret has come to suspect he had a hand in it somehow. He doesn't discuss or flaunt his budding hacktivism with anyone, preferring to keep what little knowledge he has under-wraps. He's still a bit of a class clown though, and not quiet by any stretch of the imagination.

v5 Rules of Thumb
Honestly, this idea does not seem far-fetched at all to me. This is the kind of thing I would do. Granted, I'm one odd duck, but still, people like this exist. These lists aren't all that uncommon in my circle of friends, and if there was a chance of it actually happening then I know at least half of the guys I know would take a note-book full of these "rules" with them during any sort of group trip.

What is most interesting to me about this concept is watching it breakdown. I mean, realistically these rules will inevitably fail. You can bet Columbus had rules about not trusting people and only working with them as much as you have to given his personality type, but that fell apart right quick, didn't it? No matter how prepared you think you are for something like this, you can never really handle it, and that realization could be a truly powerful thematic moment.

Pokemon Mafia V2: Game Thread
Hmmm. Honestly, our random pressure tactic appears to be turning up some great results thus far. With that in mind:

FoS: Pippin, who should be back now if I'm reading the aways correctly.