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Friendship is Tragic~
Oh shiiiiiiiii I have so much to respond to sorry folks ;_;

Errything looks good Cae-dot!


Vibing on Abaynesh and Cleo! Real talk: memory thread where they go to a WWE live show or taping together? Yes, yes, maybe?

Babs and Abaynesh totally werks, I think Babs probably doesn't get into her hobbies or anything so much but she likes her ^.^


SECRET LOVERS YOU SAY? Noticed that looking through your profile and hooo I can see something coming out of Keisha interviewing her for an article and them spending time together. Cleo probably parties a bit but not too hardcore, though I can see her getting into it.

Hmm, I think Damion and Keisha might disagree some on specific economic policies but to be honest that's not Damion's main focus so I think they'd get along fine?

Damion's not on the debate team, but Hel is and I could see her really liking Keisha! There might be something there, they might even be partners if you're down.


Ooooh I love the idea that Blaise and Kelly kinda wanna be friends, but Blaise is too extra for Kelly and Kelly is too basic for Blaise, I could see Blaise trying to drag her kicking and screaming into being what they feel is more interesting XD


Hmm, not seeing a ton of overlap between Cleo and Lizzy's interests, but I could see Cleo sticking up for her and biting heads off if she catches people bullying her? She's got a soft spot for wilting flowers.


Hahahahahaha Blaise will tear this bitch apart :3 They're rivals in the gossip/manipulation game I think and if Blaise ever caught wind of Ivy talking shit they would make it a mission to burn her to the ground.

Jeremiah don't have nothing to say to Ivy. Probably quietly hates her if she's always on his case but I don't think he says or does much back, per his usual.

Hel's cursed her at some point. It was a very nice ceremony involving giving her yearbook picture over to the flames and invoking personal ruin upon her soul, only to be disappointed when she realizes that won't work because Ivy doesn't have one~


Yooooooo Blaise and Dante totally could have hooked up at some point, it's how they do. I think they find him amusing in a desperate puppy sort of way and are willing to indulge once. Guts says the experience was disappointingly normal and they ignore him now, but I'm up for other ideas as well!

Hel, Cleo, and Babs are aaaaaaaaaall kinda over Dante in different ways, mostly because he seems to flirt with anything that moves and that's not their jam. Babs is kinda flattered, I think, but never does much more than politely smile and thank him. Cleo laughs at him and flirts back, but nothing's ever gonna happen. I think the first time he tried it with Hel she gave him a blank faced "...okay. Cool. Cool. I'm, uh, I'm gonna go now, okay? Okay."

Also I think Damion kiiiinda quietly digs Dante? He likes the earnestness and the hustle, plus they're on the track team so track buds?


Okay Axel crushing on Hel is kinda fucking cute. I like the idea that it's unresolved, like maybe it's come up and they talked about it a couple times but she's got hang-ups that keep it from being an outright yes or no. Like, we can make this real sad and go with she likes him and has always kinda been interested but doesn't wanna potentially burn the band to the ground if they don't work or her issues wig out. Theeeen Hel's current secret online relationship happens and I'm debating whether he knows and man there is so much juicy juicy drama here, let's do it O_O

Cleo likes guitar boys, she's flirted with him at some point.


Aww, Ian and Jeremiah. I like it. It's interesting because I imagine some of the football bros are among Jeremiah's worst antagonists, but he appreciates having a friend who is actually trying to understand him. Good bro.

Yeah, Damian looooves Ian. Always happy to see oasis in the sea of football suck XD


I think Nia and Jeremiah could actually be really close friends...oh my god I want Jeremiah to learn ASL from Nia, I want that memory thread reeeeaaal bad, it's kinda perfect. Jeremiah's not afraid of questions so much as he is judgement and Nia seems like she gives off this really genuine vibe that I think he'd respond super positively to, so there's something there. Probably something even like a platonic crush on his end.

Hel and Nia is also p. cute, I dunno how they interact yet either but I kinda want something there, I'll get back to you!

The V5 Read-A-Thon
I critiqued Ian three years ago when the game was still going on and my thoughts on his play up to that point have remained pretty much unchanged.

He gets a lot better around Blown Off Course and I think he and Bella have a good dynamic up to that point. His best thread is pretty unquestionably Mata Leao in my opinion, the fight and death with Paulo are great on both ends. I don't feel his chemistry with Juhan and Takeshi was as strong as his with Bella, though, and their threads drag a little bit due to trying to find that vibe again.

Not gonna comment on Glass since I don't think I can really come at it unbiased due to my own involvement and how heavily invested I am in Higu!Bella.

Another please!

The V5 Read-A-Thon
Kaitlyn is the kinda character that makes me kinda wary in-profile. Aloof from peers for the most part, skilled in some particular form of combat, atypically good writer...it's a type that kinda screams "pre-made player insert" at places. I'm glad to see that Kaitlyn doesn't immediately fall into that trap, though it's interesting that she seems to know Alda and Dan right off the bat; granted, they fall into her peer group, but I don't think the whole "being separate from her peers" thing does anything for her as a character or carries over into her game very well, and honestly feels a little bit like the hedging we do sometimes(and that I'm certainly guilty of myself) when we're not really sure we're gonna get a lot of pre-game planning and relationships in or retcon those relationships in during play. It's a safe move and one that we do a lot so it might feel like I'm harping on it, but I feel it does a big disservice to her voice which overall makes a strong social impact in these first few posts. She doesn't seem separate or alienated from her peers, she seems to handle them quite well, and I think that's something folks should bear in mind when they're writing in that sort of security clause.

Kaitlyn jives as the most reasonable person in her first scene trying to get everyone running together and it works really well for her as a character. Alda and Dan are frustrating, but she handles those frustrations fairly smoothly and despite being described as drug-addled and stressed out seems to have a rational grasp on the situation. There's an emphasis on restraint that I appreciate that ends up shining through in the thematic structure as well; AC puts together some big, flowing posts with lots of descriptors and such that paint a very nice area, but is also able to punch things up for dramatic timing like in the smooth DZ exit of Midnight Dreary. It's a good style that I really enjoy looking through. I think her death ends up being a little too rushed there at the end and we lose some of that voice, but man, can I talk about how much I fucking love that Kaitlyn is the one who is calm and leading in her death rather than Miranda? That's just a good dynamic and I wanted more of it, but I am fangirling a lot over the fact that Kaitlyn is the one who tells her to end it, and despite being physically totally out of control for the entirety of their brief fight she has maintained total, accidental emotional/mental control over the flow of the fight. It's pretty fantastic, my only complaint is that we don't get more of it with more meat on the bones.

Would definitely recommend Kaitlyn. She's short, she interacts with some cool cats, and other than some quibbles with things that mostly feel like OOC rushing/uncertainty she's pretty solid. Hit me with another, please!

The V2 Read-o-thon
((I'm gonna go ahead and slap a Trigger Warning for Sexual Violence, Nonconsent, and Genital Mutilation up top here))

I actually really enjoy Zachary's profile. There are moments where it's a little try-hardy and goes overboard from what we'd consider standard these days, but it's about being really good at vidya games rather than, say, being a military sharpshooter or the world's expert in experimental new wave parkour so I'm down to give it a pass. I like the details of including aliases like IM names and such, it brings a personal flair and sells his involvement in the online/gaming scene. I also really like the little description of his voice that's given at the end of his appearance, I'm sure there are other profiles that have done this but this is the first time I've noticed it and while I'd love to have a more thorough description it's something that's lowkey really smart. I'm definitely gonna be stealing that for future profiles.

Pre-game's not too notable for him. One thread that's mostly him paling around with Nich and Andrew after a couple other people appear and vanish without explanation. The thread never concluded, but one thing I do like here is that it reinforces the nature of Zachary as a punching bag and a dude who takes a lot of pain. It's something that's mentioned in his profile as relevant and he keeps on selling it in this thread by having Zed biff it and fail throughout, which provides further excuse for some of the try-hardiness in the profile. There's a real average skater punk vibe to the whole thing and I have no idea how accurate any of the terminology or descriptions are because lol I can't even ride a bike, but at least as far as the conversational/attitude vibe goes Laz does pretty okay here, I'm into it.

Welcome to the Jungle has a NC-17 tag on it. I didn't know what to expect from that going in. Zed's got a classic wake-up sequence with some memories of being kidnapped and convinces himself the whole thing is a game. It's a weird jump, to be honest, and I don't think it works as well as the moments where he thinks this is real. The blue text Laz uses for his thoughts is also suuuuper grating on evolution, unfortunately, so I guess I'm getting used to that.

"((The BS in BSOD doesn't mean Blue Screen, if you get what I mean. ;))"<---This is my favorite OOC text note I've ever read and I'm legitimately disappointed that NAFT never parodied this one when he was doing Weiss. Fukn missed opportunities, folks.

Okay. Sidebar here. I...kinda love the start of this scene. Like, a lot. It's cringey and awkward and no one is happy and that all just sort of works for what's happening. There's some extremely uncomfortable issues of consent that I think could have been handled much, much better, but this is an ugly scene. I don't appreciate Zed's complete shift in tone as things continue because I feel it's stereotypical and problematic as all hell, but some of the ideas at play in the beginning here are pretty obvious issues that would come up in a game like this that we tend to steer away from as a sight and it's framed way, way better than I expected it to be. Where the scene really starts to stumble is about the time the actual dick-munching takes place. There's a lot of flailing in the narrative but honestly Zed plays it off a lot easier than I'd expect and it makes the whole thing kinda difficult to take seriously. Less genital mutilation, more that scene in 21 Jump Street where the guy gets his dick shot off. I mean...dude slathers Neosporin all over his open bloody wound. Don't do that kids. That's a very bad idea. The execution just isn't there on this one.

Ignoring that, I also quite like the dynamic that Zachary and Nich have in this thread, and there's some decent payoff to the videogame theming that's going on with the "You Found: Cat's Claw!" and "Nich Joined Your Team" thoughts that pop up here. I would have liked to see more of this before now, but it justifies the turn, and if it wasn't for all the physical pain I could even buy in that that's why Zed's taking having his dick bit off so comparatively well. The cheeky bit in Improvising about the lack of background music being eerie is another good thought for this theme. I think it helps his aggressiveness in Don't Panic, though I wish we could have seen A and B line up a little more directly because I feel like the implication is that Zed is still in video game mode and is playing to win and that's not 100% clear until the latter half of this thread. I also think he belabors talking about "save-points" way too much. It starts off kinda funny and then just keeps cropping up every post or two. Maybe it pays off in the future, we'll see.

""Al- most- done...AAGH!" It was becoming impossible to tell if Zed was either or both of reeling from or enjoying what he was doing."<---I'm leaving this line of Zed trying to patch up the gaping hole where his dick used to be here because I don't have the words to discuss how I feel about it and I just, I just need people to know it happened, okay? Okay.

"Stay calm...it's not like they'd have out-and-out yaoi in video games these days...it's probably going to be censored like that Hot Coffee thing..."<---Also this. I dunno where Zed's latent bicuriosity is supposed to stem from but it jumps out of nowhere in Pale Shelter. It's kind of interesting in a way and I'd like to have seen it elaborated on as more than a physical comedy goof because "consequence-free videogame as space to explore my sexuality" is a decent plot thread that I could have gotten on board with, but unfortunately it seems like it was just played for laughs, which is another problematic element of Zachary's story. It continues on into his death, which...man, V2 culture is weird about multiple characters from the same handler meeting, OOC notes, all that jazz, and Stopping For The Night is a mash-up of exactly why I'm glad we've moved on from that for the most part as a site because I find it very difficult to read and keep track of, there's just too much.

All in all, Zach's pretty readable and has moments where his story is very interesting! It's full of problematic issues mainly around his relationship with Andrew there at the end and the initial scene with Venus, but there's some good stuff in here and I particularly like how he played most of the videogame stuff. There's a lot of room for improvement but I mean, just based on how much I wrote going through him I'd say there's a lot to dissect here and that makes him worth reading. I'd recommend him for learning purposes alone and I think you'll have an alright to decent time along the way as well.

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The V2 Read-o-thon
Boop boop be doop I was told there was a single kid left so this feels like an appropriate time for a
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The Veil: Erosion Interest Check
Ye, time and such is a thing that I feel is best worked out once we have schedules on the table. My schedule is a little wild right now since I'm still at the 'bucks but I should be settling into something more stable soon and I like to devote my free time to tabletops XD

The Veil: Erosion Interest Check
We should not allow it to be believed that all scientific progress can be reduced to mechanisms, machines, gearings, even though such machinery also has its beauty. Neither do I believe that the spirit of adventure runs any risk of disappearing in our world. -Marie Curie

The Veil comes at you with a simple proposition: The real world and the digital world are everbecoming interchangeable, and in this futuristic cyberpunk setting that has become so true that there is nothing the majority of people touch that has not been bathed and recast in data. Life is defined by an ever-present connection to an alternate reality wireless network known as The Veil that is engulfing more and more of society, unlocking abilities to do or be just about anything or anyone in this brave new world. But the Veil never comes free. Exploitation by institutions of power, new unwieldy inequalities on social frontiers, and questions of identity, personhood, and the nature of existence are common themes within the Veil as the old world is slowly eaten away by a bold new setting. In Erosion, however, these themes are a little more direct: the consumption of our world by the Veil is not a cultural phenomenon, but an all too literal process.

The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses. -Utah Phillips

When the Veil came for us, it was an experiment: take the uninhabitable parts of our world and turn them into something we can use. Eat away their materials and reforge them into a digitally malleable space for those who know how to handle it. Experimental spaces that were never meant to amount to much, until it became clear that know how meant more than playing with skins and programming birds to sing the Top 40. With the right finesse, you could create inhabitable structures. Weapons. Food. All seemingly out of nothing in a way that nobody but the companies that snatched up every one of those breakthrough methods could understand. And as the fundamentals of human existence were revolutionized one corporation at a time, uninhabitable space wasn't enough. Why use anything from the "real" world when mass produced and flawless digital copies were massively outstripping it? And if those jobs are no longer viable, why work here? And if the Veil can sustain your professional life, why can't it sustain your personal life as well?

Why do we even need a "real" world at all?

Over the last century, more and more of our world has sunk into the Veil. Every major population center has been remade in its image, as has much of the surrounding world. The majority of the world's population is constantly plugged in, and even those who aren't see the colorless, basic, neat structure of the Veil's holdings in their skyline no matter how far they run. Many have greeted this change with open arms. For the average person, unemployment, hunger, homelessness, illness, and crime have never been lower. There are, however, those that argue that these benefits come at the cost of the essence of humanity and the history of our world. Few within the Veil remember what the Grand Canyon truly looked like with 100% accuracy through the haze of a thousand remixes, recolors, and reimaginings, or what it was like to feel a razor on their skin rather than select how they would like their body hair to appear that morning. There is no resistance from the outside world, though; the power of the Veil is too great for that. Those that are committed to tearing it down work from within the system from shadows and behind masks to unravel it thread by thread. Every day they struggle against it, and every day it only seems to spread further in complete ignorance to their existence, but they will not retreat. Not while there is a square inch of their world left untouched by gray uniformity.


In Erosion, you will play as a team of mercenaries caught in the middle of this conflict. As the Veil is highly collaborative, which side you are on, to what degree, and why will depend on what the group decides during character creation, and the goal of the game is to explore the dueling ideologies just as much as it is to find your part in resolving them.

To give a small idea of what play looks like, The Veil is a non-traditional system in the Powered By The Apocalypse ruleset. To create characters you will select one of twelve Playbooks(essentially classes) and assign attribute values to the emotions Powerful, Scared, Joyful, Sad, Peaceful, and Mad rather than typical character stats. These emotions, known as States, are what you will roll whenever you want to accomplish something, which gives all Playbooks and concepts a great deal of flexibility in what they can accomplish. The full rulebook is available in the Discord channel here. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, pop on over!

I'm looking to run the game with up to 5-6 players at max, and three at minimum. One seat's already taken, but all others are currently up for grabs! Folks who just wanna watch are also welcome. Post here or prod me over in the discord if you're interested, and we'll work from there to find a group with compatible schedules. And of course, let me know if you have any questions~

Current players:

DM: Paige
1. Robert
2. Zetsu
3. Jimmydalad

Aloha's V7 Fursona Cabana

V7 Foncept Clash Prompts
the callouts in that prompt tho

Okay homegirl, you've got me thirsty. I don't wanna flood your queue with my clown car of kids all at once though, so what kinda good good do you have in mind for Blaise and Hel if that's alright?

Goshou Resort
"Fiyori shot me while Alba held me at gun point," Caedyn stated dryly without looking away. "So you can take that moral outrage and shove it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up your butthole, big guy."

Lili's commentary did get her to smirk and turn her head though, without acknowledging Arthur. "You, though. I like you. You get it." She put her hands behind her head and stared at Fiyori's screen, waiting for Jae's response. "And I like this. I'd rather she shot him in his cunt face, but she's probably still gonna. She tricked me too."

There was something comfortable about this whole thing. She didn't feel the need to justify herself or play games or manipulate anybody. There wasn't anything else to lose or gain anymore. She'd bit it, and it turned out what was waiting for her was pretty chill regardless of everything that'd happened. So why get anymore worked up? Sure, she was anxious. Sure, she had questions. But right now she might as well have some snacks and watch what was left of her classmates murder each other. Even if she had anyone left down there that she really cared about, they were just gonna wind up here anyway, and that was better than being down here. That thought coupled with Kimiko's dead body in the corner of the screen made her grimace and let out a groan.

"Ugh, I hope that bitch isn't coming up here too. Killed my girlfriend. Talk about awkward."

Goshou Resort
Caedyn's gaze turned slowly from the screens to the quivering boy to her side. Even as the light from the screens lit up her face she looked completely disinterested. One long, slow blink was the only movement he got out of her at first. She let the silence, and his impotent rage, hang between them for a few moments before she spoke. "We all knew her, dumbass. We went to the same school. You aren't special. What, were you stalking her or something? You kinda seem like the type."

And then her gaze was back on the screens with a dismissive wave. "Fuck off with all the white knight bullshit. We're dead. You can't do anything to me. Even if we weren't..." She glanced at him in the corner of her vision and laughed a little. "Yeah, no." Caedyn brushed a hair out of her face and gave her full attention back to the screens, seeming to forget anyone else was there anymore\

Goshou Resort

Caedyn frowned up at the few remaining lit screens from her sprawled out position on the couch. "Ugh. Pleeeeaaaase shoot Jae in his stupid cunt face, Fi. I almost couldn't be mad about you killing me anymore if you pull that off." Probably wasn't happening, though. From the look of things she was on the run while Alba played the big brave hero. Ja, it must be nice to have a meatshield. It was nice when she had a meatshield. If she saw Oskar around here somewhere she was gonna rant at him until he killed himself a second time.

Nobody else here was of any interest to her. Some girl she didn't know was grilling people for information but it was kinda...fucking duh, yeah, what do you think's going on? From the look of it they all had their own screen so she should have figured that out. If Caedyn had to place a bet she'd figure her for one of the who walked up on the wrong person or threw themselves off a roof or something in the first couple of days. Nobody here seemed like they had the guts to actually make it that far unless they were really, really lucky.

Why the fuck was she stuck here with them?

She'd been great. Kimiko had gotten the drop on her that one time, but that was it. If it hadn't been two on one on top of Fi getting so, so crazy lucky, she'd be the one out there shooting Jae in the face while Fi and Alba tried to figure this place out. It just wasn't fair. Did everybody end up here? Or was it a sorting hat kinda scene where everybody got lumped into arbitrary groups? Like Oskar, or Bridgette, or Cass, or Jeremy.

Or Jasmine.

Caedyn wasn't sure how to feel about that one.

The thought was shoved out of her head as her eyes flicked over to focus on Alba's screen. "God I hope they leave you bleeding out," she mumbled grumpily to herself.

Aloha's V7 Fursona Cabana
Aug 16 2017, 07:18 PM
Apologies to Pippin, I think I made Lyra's fursona too cute
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Aloha's V7 Fursona Cabana
I endorse this project so so so so so wholeheartedly. I'll let the queue fill up with others first tho, cuz you already did one for me XD

V7 Foncept Clash Prompts
Aug 15 2017, 04:15 AM
Phillip Olivares is a gentle, mild-mannered Christian Juggalo who would like you all to know about the gloriously subtle and nuanced morality play of the Dark Carnival. Also he sometimes wears a ridiculous rainbow top hat with a propeller on top.
I dunno how I missed what is undoubtedly the greatest character in SotF history but I'm really glad he'll be gracing our lives. I'm also looking forward to when he unexpectedly dies in the middle of his profile.

For my part, hit me with something for the saddest boy Jeremiah Rumple!

Fenris & Yugikun Do Sprites!
this thread is so hype, I'm out of characters other than the fat stack I already threw at Yugi but I'm real happy to see this *_*

Plush Wants To Read Your Dead Things!


Will is such a fantastic example of the duality of the TV universe. Like, just staring at this post and seeing in the same breath both someone being a top notch SotF expert in a world full of SotF fans who is also absolutely disgusted at the idea of killing shouldn't work, right? But it does, because that's what TV is. Desensitization and decentralization. These themes dominate Will's story; he's a guy who knows what to do in a very technical sense but doesn't have any idea how to get there. The product of a culture resulting in genuinely nice people like him being obsessed with watching other die and that in no way preparing them for facing death themselves. It really makes me grin when people nail
culture fit like this in a Mini, especially for TV, and it's one of Will's greatest strengths right out of the gate.

Will also signs in social settings. Every time he comes across someone he knows you can see the charm oozing off of him, and the thing is that it all comes off as very genuine. Will loves his friends and loves being around them, and I think this relationship ends up carrying through strongest with Erik. It's notable that Erik's death is the exception to the problem I'm gonna discuss below with Will's inaction; this post earns Will doing nothing. There's weight and thought and decision and ultimately fear pushing him along into effective paralysis and it's so, so neatly done, I think this is one of Will's finest scenes and shows how well his emotional range connects when it's given purpose.


Will should have tried to do something to Alice at the end of Rosebud. Him bouncing out of nowhere starts this chain of action where Will thinks about doing harm or externalizing some of his anger, but it never really advances beyond words and in the moment it's hard to see why. We know Will doesn't want to hurt people consciously, but given that his reaction to Alice killing Isaiah is way more rage than terror I would have loved to see that slip and start him down a different path.

Something similar comes up in the intro to Eat Fresh. Will goes on a camera rant about how the show is evil and I just don't feel he's earned it yet. For all that great sticking that Sansa does in Will's intro, I feel like it falls apart too soon. Why is the show, specifically, evil here? Why is what happened a function of his situation, one which he had mostly come to terms with before, rather than being laid squarely on Alice? Why isn't that anger going in an actionable direction? The problem with this moment is that there's no goal, and it fades as quickly as it came. He's right on to getting buddy buddy with Erik and forgetting about trying to convince people that this show is a bad thing. Will's arc is lost and muddled here without clear direction forward or a clear payoff that we as readers can cheer. I think one of the places this hits hardest is going into The Jellies Experience. We see that change-up, that fear back with Erik's death, and we see that promise to be better in Will's opening post, and then we're right back to the same old guy. When death finally comes for will he's begging Gene, a known killer, exactly the sort of thing he earlier decried as evil, to just stop attacking him. He doesn't resist. He doesn't even try to get away. And I feel like that denies the growth his narrative has been promising us this entire time.


That roster tho. I wish it'd come up more. It's a really neat tool that could have had some interesting implications but it only gets referenced a time or two. It doesn't really detract from his story, but man do I wish Will had capitalized on that more.

Maybe in a year I'll do another one of these

Still three spots in the current queue! Red's gonna have to tell me who his character he wanted critiqued was, though.

Introduction Thread
Eeeeeey welcome back Fenris ^.^ I'm your friendly neighborhood Paige and I'll be handling your tour today. You know the deal here for the most part. If you have Discord and wanna pop over to the server that's where we do most of our chatting these days. V7 is in the planning stage if you want to peek in on all that good good, and SCDos just launched a few days ago over on Mini. It's too late to submit characters for that one, but adoptions might come up if you want to keep an eye on it. Good to see you around again friend, feel free to tap me or one of the other mods if you have questions!

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
Adding in Ty Yazzie alongside Caedyn then!

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
Caedyn Miller wants to get all up in yo shit :3